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@littlewitchystar wanted to see the spread I made to predict my future children, so here it is for all to see and try out! I had a reading recently done by @witchcastors that actually matched the response I got from this spread, which was exciting.

If anyone uses this spread, please tag me in it, because I would love to see the response you get!

Numbers 2-6 are separated from card 1 since you can repeat this part of the spread (or entirely skip it) depending on the answer for card 1.

1. NUMBER - The number of children you will have. If the number seems unusually high, put the card’s imagery and meaning into consideration and see if your deck may be providing another sort of answer. Depending on the number, you may repeat cards 2-6 as you please for each child.

2. GENDER* - The gender and/or sex of your child. This is starred because you will need to take both the imagery and meaning of the card into consideration not only to show sex, but to also see how comfortable they feel in traditionally masculine or feminine roles/gender binary. For my spread, it showed that my second born is a son who isn’t afraid to be feminine, and it showed that there may be a chance that my firstborn will be transgender.

3. BIRTH* - How the birthing process may go/how this child comes into your life. I will have a very difficult pregnancy (both emotionally and physically) with my firstborn, but a very easy one with my second. This card is starred because you can pull more than one card for this section. My deck wanted me to pull two cards for each kid. The cards may show that the child is adopted, or comes into your life by other means.

4. CHILD - Your offspring’s childhood summary. It may show what is important to your child at this time, what becomes relevant for this period of time, or your child’s nature at this time.

5. YOUTH - Your offspring’s teenage and young adult years. It may show what is important to your child at this time, what becomes relevant for this period of time, or your child’s nature at this time.

6. ADULT - Your offspring’s adult life. It may show what is important to your child at this time, what becomes relevant for this period of time, or your child’s nature at this time.

Transcript Update

On Saturday, we posted that we think, through the combined powers of Critters, we can clear through all of CRTranscript’s backlog to get Critical Role transcribed and captioned. Since then, we’ve seen a number of new transcribers claiming blocks and giving it a try. What started as around 500 empty five-minute blocks has been whittled down to 391! Critters are amazing.

Incomplete, with sections unclaimed:

If you haven’t given transcribing a try yet, this is a great time to start. In addition to CRT’s directions document that’s linked at the top of every transcription doc, here are some of our tips for making transcribing fun and easy:

  1. Pick a section you enjoy, or have been wanting to rewatch!
  2. Use the YouTube link at the top of the episode’s document.
  3. Using the gear icon on the video, turn the speed down to 0.5x.
  4. Use player’s names (not character names) in all caps when they start talking.
  5. You’re only transcribing spoken words, so don’t worry about writing down any motions or looks.
  6. The only times you use “quotation marks” are when Matt speaks as an NPC or someone quotes someone else.
  7. Don’t agonize over trying to type every um, uh, kind of, or stutter. Those will get cut anyway!
  8. Only transcribe the main conversation, not side chatter. Trying to transcribe crosstalk takes forever!
  9. Need to provide emphasis? Use *asterisks* rather than ALL CAPS or italics.
  10. Have a sound effect? Use something like (lightning crash) rather than (ffsshh).
  11. Can’t hear a word/phrase? Use [JENGA 0:00:00] (with the right timestamp) in the doc and an editor will clear it.
  12. CRT-specific spelling preferences: All right, okay, because, going to, got to, want to. One-ten, 11+
  13. Use a double-dash– for when someone trails off or gets interrupted instead of dots of ellipses…
  14. All done? Go back and relisten to your section at regular speed, fix any spelling/grammar mistakes
  15. Mark your section as complete. Smile, knowing that you just helped make Critical Role accessible to even more Critters!

Thanks to Critical Role Source for this gif!

Birthday! Hwang Minhyun

Masterlist can be found (here)

Genre: A dollop of angst with lots of fluff (new format anyone?)
Inspired by: The ‘flower’ cake part is from an episode in Love Playlist Season 2!
Requested: YES (I’m so sorry anon for taking so long but happy belated!)
A/N: This one is for all the people going through a tough time right now. Specially dedicating this to @jamlesswritings , who had been super supportive as I’m going through a super stressful period right now. Thank you and ilysm Jade <3333 

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.”

  • When you woke up this morning, you weren’t even thinking whether you had turned one year older but the pile of work waiting for you at the office
  • It had been a stressful week for you as you were studying for your degree while interning at an accounting firm
  • Your boss made you run ridiculous errands all day long like buying her coffee and getting her lunch rather than you know, doing things like balancing accounts on reports or what not
  • It drained all your energy away and you were always looking forward to getting home once you reached the white building
  • To say the least, your day had not started well at all
  • You had accidentally spilt some hot water on yourself when you were making coffee
  • Your oatmeal was also way too sweet as you had put in too much sugar
  • You had to squeeze through the subway since you were running late as usual and you accidentally left your mobile phone on the kitchen counter
  • So you couldn’t even message any of your friends or even worse, your boyfriend, Minhyun
  • Dealing with your boss’ scolding for the nth time, you literally thanked the heavens when it was time for you to head home
  • You usually had birthday plans this time of the year
  • But you had scheduled them with your friends for the weekends as you knew you would be way too exhausted for anything
  • It was a shame but you were planning to just spend the last 5 hours curled up with ice cream and a good book
  • Minhyun had called you the week before, apologizing that he could only see you the next day as his manager had told him he was supposed to guest on a variety show
  • It was tough to be dating an idol but you were understanding since it was the first time he had to cancelled a date with you
  • Even if it was your birthday, you knew better than to ask for him to be with you instead
  • You know how much he appreciates every opportunity considering how much he had struggled with nu'est
  • As his girlfriend, all you wanted was the best for him after all, a birthday was just a birthday
  • But you were still a bit sad when you realized you haven’t received anything in the office like you have seen in the movies where the lead character receives a bouquet of beautiful flowers
  • Considering he had asked you a rather odd question on what flowers do you like the most towards the end of your last video call
  • You walked into your dark and gloomy house and when you switched on the lights
  • You were immediately in awe at your surroundings
  • There were silver and black balloons everywhere - both were your favourite colours
  • There were also arrows stuck on your living room and one pointed at the corner of the room as you walked towards it, a grin plastered on your face
  • There was a fortress built with pillows and a tapestry and as you went inside
  • You noticed how there were a box wrapped with white paper and a card with your name was stuck on it
  • You tore the box open and you read the message of the card on the box
  • “Happy Birthday Princess! This is the first surprise out of the many. Here’s a question for you, do you know what my sweater is made of? No? Well it’s made of Boyfriend material.”
  • You chuckled at your Minhyun’s attempt at a pickup line as you slipped the ash grey cashmere sweater on
  • It was a perfect fit and you could faintly smell his scent as if he had sprayed his cologne on it
  • Your tiredness seemed to slowly fade as you followed the next arrow that was stuck outside the fortress
  • It lead you to the countertop and again, another gift laid there with the same wrapping paper and a card
  • You read the contents of the card out loud again
  • “Babe, when I see you, my temperature rises way past Fahrenheit 451. Happy Birthday again and I love you.”
  • You shook her head but a smile still graced your lips as you opened the second present to reveal a hardcover of Fahrenheit 451
  • Besides the pickup line, it was also a token of you two had met
  • Both of you were actually at the library when you had both reached out for the same book until you shyly let go and he asked for your number
  • Your finger flicked the pages of the book as you proceeded to follow the next arrow
  • You wondered what was coming up next for you as opened the fridge
  • A cake with enchanting flowers laid on it as you plucked the card which laid a section on top of it
  • “You like to eat delicious things so I wanted to give you a ‘flower’ cake rather than just flowers. Also, you look like a cake that I want to get a slice off.”
  • Your tiredness was completely gone by now as you went over to your radio as you went where the next arrow pointed
  • As you clicked play, you hummed to the familiar tune as it was a song you and Minhyun liked to sing in the car
  • But rather than the original artist, you were surprised when you heard Minhyun’s sweet vocals flooded the song instead
  • The song reached the end when Minhyun’s voice cut in again
  • “Love, won’t you open your front door and see your last surprise?”
  • You rushed to the door and you gasped when you see the last person you were expecting standing right in front of you
  • “Wait … why are you here? Don’t … don’t you have work?”
  • “Am I not welcome? Happy Birthday, Princess.”
  • He pouted as he embraced you in his arms and close the door
  • You melted at his warmth, still finding it hard to believe that Hwang Minhyun was here, blood and flesh all present
  • He gently switched to carrying you with both his arms as he brought you over to the fortress he had built hours ago with your spare key
  • Looking at your reaction, it was totally worth it to wait outside your door for the past 30 minutes in the cold since he had to estimate the time you take to open each gift
  • He told you about his day and you proceed to throw punches at him playfully when you realized he had lie to you as he kept avoiding the question
  • He could sense how tired you were as he massaged your shoulders which send shivers to your spine
  • You stared at your boyfriend as you took his hand and played with his fingers
  • Telling how much you loved him and how thankful you were for just being here with you and celebrating your birthday
  • Minhyun caught your gaze and peppered kissed all over your neck and you sighed in content
  • “Just let me love you.”

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)


bought jubilee ivy today, named it Andromeda (someone stop me before I buy more plants)

Big Push for CRTranscript!

We’re unabashedly big fans of the work that CRTranscript is doing to ensure that all the episodes of Critical Role are transcribed and have closed captions. We counted how many five-minute blocks remain before the show’s backlog is completely transcribed, and came up with 500. We just crossed 19,000 Twitter followers (thank you, Critters!), and have over 9,000 Tumblr followers (thank you, Critters!). If we assume that about 4,500 of those are people who follow us on both platforms, that’s 23,500 of you!

That means if just one-fortyseventh of you sign up and transcribe a 5-minute block, we can get the whole backlog completely transcribed. Even if you’ve never done it before, give it a try! They have a very clear directions document linked at the top of each transcription document. If you have other questions, they’d be happy to answer. (We at CRStats have also done our fair share of transcribing, so you can also ask us.) Start with Scaldseat, and as that fills up, move onto the rest of the backlog.

Incomplete, with sections unclaimed:

Incomplete, but all sections claimed:

{ this time }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader (john-centric); little more of john x alex

t/w: angst bc john’s sad; mention of racism/prejudice (it’s one line)

a/n: i picture john’s mom as hispanic. i feel like that better explains why he can speak spanish so yeah

john’s in his headspace a little. also i broke up the scenes so it wouldn’t be too confusing. 

summary: our sunshine boy has daddy issues

inbox || masterlist

John shifted a little when he woke up. He stared at the ceiling, let his eyes follow the lines on the walls, thought about how three different lines still managed to meet at one point until he felt like he couldn’t breathe. 

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Travel Altar 🌙🔮

🌼So my favourite time of year is coming up where me and my dad’s side of the family go to the countryside for a week or two and I get to just chill with Mother Nature 🍂. So while I’m there I love to of course practice and get some spell work in but I can’t take my whole Altar with me so Iv made up a Travel altar.


🌸It’s made from an old Winsor and Newton inkwell box, I’m using a Lush soap tin to old all my herbs,
•White Sage
•Lemon Peel
•Ritual Salt
that Iv put in individual little baggies with labels, a tiny spell book by Akasha moon, the hip flask is filled with full moon water and the blue bag hold my very first tarot deck that I got when I was like 12. (All my decks are beaten up like this because they are either passed down from my mother or Iv had them since I was young as gifts from family I try to take great care with them.)


🌺inside the altar box is two mesh bags, the green on holds spare spell bags, some necklaces for encouragements, the larger black one holds,
•White Sage Cones (I love white sage)
•Pentagram Necklace


🌻In the small compartment on the right it holds mini lavender incense, a clear and rose Quartz, a Amethyst and a small deck of cards. In the front section Iv got a cinnamon wand, a cat pen, small pocket knife and a ring Iv had since


For me I don’t need to take things like:
•Dishes to burn
•Mixing bowls
•Candle holders


As I’m staying in a place that has all them things to hand but I’m super proud of my travel altar and will go on to adapt and use this along side my main altar at home, I’ll also be taking my normal BOS and Grimoire to take notes etc.

How I passed A-Level Biology

This is for the anon who was feeling a bit let-down by their AS level biology mark, and asked how I revised.  Prepare for an essay…

First off, a D isn’t far off a C, especially considering the harsh marking this year and the fact that you may have just had an off-day.  There is plenty of scope to make up marks next year in your A2, and in your re-sit.  Ask your teachers to help you do some UMS calculations to see how far you are off each grade.  I had similar results in my AS year and easily made it up with practicals and whatnot.  It sounds like you worked really hard, and the first thing you need to do is recognise that; I’m certainly proud of you!

However, if you want my advice (as you probably do because you, erm, asked for it), this is what I would recommend you do from here on in.  This is because I learn by writing; actually producing words in my own format, repetitively, then reading my own materials. It’s a lot of work, and I have no idea if it’ll work for you, but it was worth it for me.  I got a high A in the end.

~ go through the specification for your exam board.  Write it out in your own words.  Know what you need to know, inside out.

~ divide the spec into understandable chunks - your textbook will help with this e.g. “genetics”.  For each section, RE-CREATE all the following materials, (using your pre-existing notes and extra textbooks if you need them):

~ baseline, detailed notes.  Typed or handwritten, whatever you prefer.  Think of it as writing a textbook, for you.  Explain everything to a depth that someone at GCSE could understand it.  Add photos, diagrams, highlighted words - anything that helps. Spend time on these, as everything else kinda depends on them.

~ quiz.  Every fact you have written in your baselines notes, write a question for.  On a separate sheet, write the answers out in full (these are great for bus journeys).  For example, your notes might say “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.” Your quiz would ask, “How many chromosomes does a human somatic cell have, and how are they organised?”  Your answer sheet would read the same as your notes, “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.”  (See what I mean about repetition now?!)

~ put your specification notes and baselines notes side-by-side.  Create revision cards by withdrawing the knowledge that the spec asks for, from your baselines notes.  Don’t bother writing full sentences or even words; abbreviation like “ind.” for “individual” are handy.  Your brain still reads individual, which is the main thing; but it also sees a much smaller section of writing and thinks “woohoo! Achievable.”  Use different colour pens, different colour cards for each spec section; again, whatever helps you.  (Wilkos is a great place to shop for revision cards, and here in Exeter they do 10% student discount!)

~ do all of the above for every section.  That will cement FACTS into your mind.  Facts are important, but unfortunately at A Level it’s all about the application.  Play the game.  Learn how to pass an exam, by doing the following:

~ try to find past exam questions organised into topics. Depending on your exam board (and how helpful your school is), topic question packs may be very easy or very hard to find.  If so, do the steps below using those question packs.  If not, just do what I’ve written below.

~ print off three copies of each past paper you can find (if your exam board is really new, go back to the old spec and use their papers; just be aware of spec differences), and one copy of each mark scheme.

~ firstly, use the mark scheme to answer each question to your fullest capability.  Write more than you need to.  You literally have all the answers in front of you.  Think WHY the answer is the answer; DON’T just copy the mark-scheme. If you don’t understand anything, consult all your materials (including quizzes), and then ask your teacher for some help in a break time or at the end of class.  

~ do the SAME exam paper, using just your notes and revision cards but no mark scheme.  Mark it using your paper copy and the mark scheme if you still need it. Write out model answers if your actual answer was anything but.  

~ thirdly, do your last copy of the same paper, using just your memory.  Mark it and write out the model answers.  If you don’t feel like you know the paper inside out, repeat whichever step you like.

~ if you did the above using topic question packs, repeat it using the actual mixed up exam papers.

I’m not gonna lie, that is a huge amount of work. The most important final step is: DON’T follow my advice unless you think it would be helpful!!  I have friends who only learn things through reading it out loud, recording themselves saying it and listening back – writing does nothing for them, and the above would be a waste of time.  Only you know how you learn best, and if you’re not sure there are plenty of time-wasting quizzes on the internet to find out.

(Also, environmentalist caveat, please don’t use more paper than you need.  Try printing two pages to a sheet, or double-sided, and recycling anything you don’t need!)

If there’s anything you don’t understand, or if I haven’t explained anything quite right, please get back to me.  As I said, I’m not good with this account but I’ll try to get back to you.  If anyone has any other tips, feel free to send them in!

I wish you – and everyone who reads this – all the best in your studies :)

Love, Becca

Four Acts in Fourteen Cards: A Tarot Spread for Writers

I’ve been drafting and writing a lot of stuff using a four-act structure recently, basically what’s used for most serial TV shows (procedurals, monster-of-the-week shows, sitcoms, etc.,) and I’ve found I really enjoy it; the structure makes for a fast pace and plenty of action, with character growth feeding off of and influencing the events. In preparing for NaNoWriMo, I outlined a series of short stories, which I intend to link together like “episodes” into a overarching “season”. The tricky bit is keeping each episode exciting, meaningful, and distinctive despite the formula.

Enter, tarot. If you’ve looked into tarot cards before, you probably know that they’re a wellspring of ideas and inspiration. I don’t use tarot religiously or spiritually, but I own a few decks for self-reflection and, of course, writing. I drafted this spread idea for NaNo, tested it out, and was quite pleased with the results I got: a start-to-finish story outline that feels satisfying and distinct from my other outlined episodes, done in under half an hour.

I’m recording this spread here for my own later reference, and for any other writers who might find it useful. Please feel free to dissect and remix this idea: play around and use whatever parts are helpful to your process :)

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I mean, yeah, you could just write down the term and definition.

But doing just that in only one color won’t be useful when trying to memorize. 

This guide will show you how to create efficient flashcards!

I will be using 3x5 flashcards in this example. Beforehand, make sure you have flashcards and all of the pens and colors you plan on using.

Click here if the “keep reading” doesn’t work – I’ve changed my URL to studyvet.

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How to play ‘Always Sunny’s’ CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games

Photo courtesy FX

Christina Caldwell• College Times

The characters on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are notoriously self-centered. They’re also notoriously drunk, so it would make perfect sense that they would create a horrifically dangerous drinking game centered around their own personal weaknesses that tests (and crosses) the boundaries of friendship.

The game is CharDee MacDennis, a blend of all of the gang’s names, which is broken down into three levels: mind, body and soul.

We can’t in good conscience allow you to play the game as is (it would result in hospitalization), so we’ve adapted it into a safer (but still not totally safe) drinking game that you and your friends can play in the air conditioning.

Disclaimer: We suggest you only play this one with really close friends. Otherwise you might not be friends at the end of it.

The Necessities:

* Beer, wine and the hard liquor of your choice.

* Cheese.

* The “chance” cards from a game of Monopoly.

* Personalized game pieces. Dee and Dennis pasted their faces on old Barbies. Charlie and Mac used an old, grubby figurine of a military man (maybe Hitler?) and a hulking monster, respectively. Create your own. Get real weird with it.

* Mind, body and soul cards. Mind cards should include brain-ticklers like trivia and puzzles, and “artistry,” which is what the player must draw on the back of their teammate and their teammate must guess what the art is based solely on feel. Body cards include feats of strength, like when the gang draws a card and is forced to fit as many grapes in their mouths as possible within a certain time frame. Spirit cards should include two kinds, emotional battery and public humiliation. Public humiliation cards are essentially dares. Emotional battery cards are used to indicate when it’s time to berate the person who draws it. It should be “deeply personal” stuff that “cuts to the core.”

* A timer.

* A plastic tarp.

Keep in Mind:

1. You should mix the Monopoly cards in randomly with the separate piles of mind, body and soul cards. Stick the three sections in a cardboard box, but be sure to keep them separate.

2. You cannot ask questions, and if you do, your team needs to drink for five seconds. You can ask questions during the two minute break between levels.

3. Once one of the obstacles on the cards is accomplished, the other team must drink. If the obstacle goes unfinished, you have to drink.

4. Cheating is not only accepted but tolerated, though the other team shouldn’t know they’re being tricked. If a team is caught cheating, the other team immediately moves to the next level.

5. If you draw the “Chance: Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200” card, you’ll be forced into a confined space (the show used a dog kennel). You can only be let out if you eat a cake. Nay, the ingredients of a cake. (Skip the raw eggs for this one.)

6. It’s possible for one team to be at one level and the other to be at another. Once one team collects three cards from that level, they move onto the next. The first team to collect cards from all levels wins.

The Wine and Cheese Reception

The wine and cheese reception is your chance to be civilized and clear the air for the disgusting debauchery is about to take place. The reception only allows kind comments and high brow discussion. This will only last for two minutes. After the two minutes, the team smashes their wine glasses and does an intimidating dance, similar to the war dance of the Māori people of New Zealand, the haka. We suggest you use plastic cups for this one. And for good measure, put down a plastic tarp ala Dexter.

Once you’re done, divide yourselves into two teams and draw your first card from the “mind” pile.

Level 1: Mind

This is the wine level. The trivia in this round is left to totally subjective questions (Q: “What is the greatest band in the world?” A: “Chumbawumba.” Q: “Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate?” A: “Because Dennis is a bastard man!”) If you answer wrongly, you drink. If you get it correct, the other team drinks. Try to get creative with this one. As your drawing up your cards, make sure it has questions that no one can reasonably answer with an educated guess. For artistry cards, choose subjects and concepts that are nearly impossible to draw.

Level 2: Body

This is the beer level, and is all about physical endurance. Also, there’s no cursing in this round, so you’ll have to swap out your favorite curse words for PG versions. If you curse, your team drinks.

In this round, an example is when Dennis is forced to put his hand on a dart board and let the other team throw darts around his hand without flinching. This is, of course, really stupid, so think of some physical feats that won’t result in loss of nerve function.

Level 3: Spirit

This is the hard liquor level. Otherwise known as emotional battery, this is where you’ll break your opponent’s spirit so that they’re no longer able to play. Dee is a master at this part of the game since she’s often at the butt end of the gang’s jokes. In fact, she’s so used to it, that she once “held it together without a single tear” during the game, then “cried for a month straight” once it was over.

Really, you should keep this section lighthearted. Maybe there’s something you know your friend is insecure about, but still OK with joking about it every once in a while. You should probably reserve what you actually think about them and their character for, I don’t know, never.

The alternative is to only include public humiliation, or dare cards. This way you can embarrass your opponent but not ruin their self-esteem. Think of some out-of-the-box ones and nab those last three cards on your way to victory! If a team can’t complete their challenge, they take a shot.

The Win

The winners of the game get to smash the other team’s game pieces and get bragging rights for life. 

Transcript Update 2

Thanks to @RoochArffer for this artwork!

Five Minute Blocks Unclaimed: 358

Time to focus on getting Episode 108 claimed!

Incomplete, with sections unclaimed:

Themed-day: September 2017 banlist

It’s a bit belated, but nonetheless….It’s time to celebrate (for better or worse) the latest TCG banlist changes with one card from each section of the list that’s made its respective way up or down the list (as all of the Banned cards have already been previously posted).

Hope you enjoy today’s posts and have a great rest of your day. Look forward to next Monday…