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GUYS! There’s a way for international fans to support Eywitness!

Here’s a link to a twitter post about how you, as a international fan, can buy season 1 of Eyewitness on Amazon!! I just tried it and it totally works so please, if you can, please support the show by following the steps!

I’ll just copy all the steps to here so you don’t have to click the link:

* Go on (the USA website)
* Create an account and register your credit card to your account (it can be a credit card from anywhere in the world)
* Go to the gift card section ‘Gift Cards & Registry’
* Click to send an eGift Card
* Buy yourself (send it to your own email address) a gift card of whatever amount of money you’re gonna need to purchase an episode or the whole season of Eyewitness
* It might take a little while, but you’re gonna recieve the gift card by email
* Go on your Amazon account in the section to redeem a gift card
* Enter the claim code of the gift card so that you can use the money on it with your account
* Go in the payment/credit card section of your account and delete your credit card info (IMPORTANT)
* Now you can go and purchase Eyewitness and it’s gonna automatically use the gift card money to pay for it
* Watch and enjoy!
* With this method, you will only be able to watch the show on amazon.comon a computer

I was a broke college student, too sick to work and hungry for food and money. So in what felt like the ultimate move of desperation, I headed over to eBay to learn how much I could get from pawning off everything I owned. The answer: Not much. But while browsing, I also stumbled onto an area most people have never heard of: the Metaphysical section. Tarot cards and Ouija boards cluttered most of it, and then the truly weird stuff was parked in a section marked “Psychic, Paranormal.” That’s where I saw my first set of “haunted” dolls.

I knew they were fake. Anyone with half a brain would realize that. But I was intrigued by just how many gullible people there could be out there … and even more intrigued by the money. A doll could sell for as little as $20, but most go for upwards of $100. The truly evil looking dolls fetch even higher prices; I’ve seen haunted dolls fool people into coughing up a grand or more.

Not owning any dolls myself, haunted or otherwise, I headed down to somewhere that sold everything, and for cheap: the Salvation Army. I couldn’t afford a proper porcelain doll (I was literally on my last dollar), but a $0.50 teddy bear caught my eye. And just in case the bear itself wasn’t enough, I cooked up something a little extra for the listing – my own Paranormal Activity video.

People ate it up

6 Things You Learn Selling ‘Haunted’ Dolls To People

So the Duane reade I usually lift at has a blind spot by the card section, but today I went and there was a security guard guarding that area??? Does Duane reade have good LP/security because wtf lol…..I was hella mad and kinda scared??do they have me on camera like tf

i get deja vu so often it’s rly disorienting, like at least once every couple weeks i just get overwhelmed with the feeling of having been there/done that before. and for like the most innocuous things like i’ll just be like at the store or something and i’ll look over at a shelf and the feeling will just hit me and i’ll have to stop for a minute and Experience the memory and wonder if i’m having genuine premonitions because i’m being contacted by a powerful extradimensional being who needs to communicate important messages about the greeting card section at walmart


Japanese Park

just a quick sneak peek of the Japanese Park

*Contains a wedding venue, a zen garden, kids creative garden and gardening area, plus a visitor center with chess tables and game cards section for those Sims that are a bit intellectual ^_^~

Download Link available soon!


June is LGBT Pride Month, and in its honor, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular YA books - ever since we’ve added LGBTQIA shelf cards to the YA section, these books have flown off the shelves (we almost never see them!). :) Here are the novels (in no particular order) that have been lately catching our readers attention, if you’re looking for a new summer read!

  • Simon Versus the Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli
  • Everything Leads to You, by Nina LaCour
  • Beauty Queens, by Libba Bray
  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily Danforth
  • Beauty of the Broken, by Tawni Waters
  • None of the Above, by I.W. Gregorio
  • The Difference Between You and Me, by Madeleine George
  • My Best Friend, Maybe, by Caela Carter
  • Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story, by David Levithan
  • Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before, by Karelia Stetz-Waters
  • Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, by Sara Farizan
  • The Summer I Wasn’t Me, by Jessica Verdi
  • One Man Guy, by Michael Barakiva
  • Fan Art, by Sarah Tregay
  • Far from You, by Tess Sharpe
  • We Are All Made of Molecules, by Susan Nielsen

I actually have an office at university but I’ve noticed that the same space every day distracts me and leads to constant procrastinating. So on tuesday I decided to work in my office tl lunch and then I’ll go to the library. I’ll do work stuff (research, proofreading etc.) til lunch and work on my dissertation in the afternoons.

..and I’m kind of using a different system for my notes and it helps. Just writing down tiny ideas and tasks on post its and stick them to file cards. I’ve also made some file cards for different sections/chapters of my thesis so I won’t lose focus on what’s important.

I got more work done in the last the days then in the last months! 

How to get Pokemon Go for iOS if you’re not American:

I know a lot of iPhone users from countries outside the US are sad that they can’t play Pokemon Go, so I figured I’d post instructions on how to go about getting the game if you aren’t American.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and log out of your current Apple account
  2. Go to the iTunes store and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a flag signifying your current region. Change it to the US.
  3. Search for Pokemon Go in the iTunes store and click Get. It’s important that you do this otherwise iTunes will ask you for your credit card information when you sign up for a new account.
  4. iTunes will ask you to log into your Apple account. Don’t do this. Instead, click Create A New Apple ID.
  5. Fill out your basic account information then move onto the payment screen.
  6. For payment options, select None and skip over the credit card information section straight to the Billing Address.
  7. Fill out the Billing Address using an American address and ZIP code. Make sure the address and the ZIP code match. For example, 10001 is the ZIP code for New York City, or 90210 is the ZIP code for Beverly Hills (I use this one all the time lol).
  8. Create your fake Apple ID.
  9. On your phone, sign out of your Apple account then sign into your American apple account.
  10. Go to the App Store and download Pokemon Go.
  11. Once Pokemon Go has been downloaded, you can switch back to your usual Apple account and the game will still be there.

And now you have Pokemon Go. Have fun!

Revision Tips

I love using cue cards for my law degree! I find it so helpful to have a catalogue of all the cases that we cover that I can just flick through when I’m writing an essay, or revising for exams.

I bought myself an organiser from a stationery shop and use stickers to separate it into each topic we cover. Within the sections, the cards are organised by each sub-topic, in the order we have learnt them in.

On the front of each card, I write the name of the parties, the year and the citation (this is really useful when it comes to writing essays).

On the other side of the card, I write the basics of the case on the top and further detail on the bottom. From looking at past exam papers I’ve found that you rarely need to know the specifics of a case, just what you can use it to illustrate, but I think it’s nice to have this information anyway. I use the different colours just to make things a bit more interesting.

I hope this helps those of you who were asking about how I remember so many cases on my degree. I think you could adapt this method for pretty much any degree where you have to remember lots of specific things.