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Lonely Hearts (Lin/Reader)

*shoves you and this fic in a closet and then locks the door* I know it isn’t Valentine’s Day, but read it anyway (or don’t, i don’t mind)

Length: 1,121

Warnings: None

Note: brief Janthony :)

Valentine’s Day was officially your least favourite holiday. It was ridiculous; overwrought with grand gestures, gluttonous gift-buying and giving. All to pronounce affection that was sure to be wasted. Out of all the times you’d spent Valentine’s Day with someone, you’d broken up with them during the next week.

How wrong it was to assume you’d escape it all with work. Especially when you worked at the only local card shop.

You’ll leave soon, you told yourself, glancing at the clock whilst informing someone very kindly that you couldn’t personalise cards at such short notice. Irritably, you tapped your fingers on the counter, sighing and looking for someone to take over your shift. No one seemed to jump at the chance. Apparently, they all had dates to see.

The bell on the door rung, and, without looking up, you boredly offered your assistance. As the newest customer began to reply, there was a sudden tearful gasp. You spun instinctively, only to see a young woman knelt on the floor, the small velvet box in her hand open. Her partner was nodding desperately.

Your co-worker approached, rolling his eyes. “Do we let them have their moment?” As much as you disliked it, this question had become familiar to your ears. This was perhaps the fourth proposal of the week.

You shrugged, and your co-worker moved swiftly past you and in the opposite direction to the now kissing couple. Well, at least there were no rejections. You weren’t sure you could handle another weeping could-be-fiance.

Another thought crossed your mind. Who proposes in the middle of a card store?

“Who proposes in the middle of a card store?” came a curious voice from your left. You startled. You hadn’t expected to hear your exact thoughts voiced.

You turned to face the customer who had walked in a few moments before. He was watching the couple with a certain interest, as if trying to skeptically figure out why exactly they had chosen this exact moment to unite their love forever.

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Four Acts in Fourteen Cards: A Tarot Spread for Writers

I’ve been drafting and writing a lot of stuff using a four-act structure recently, basically what’s used for most serial TV shows (procedurals, monster-of-the-week shows, sitcoms, etc.,) and I’ve found I really enjoy it; the structure makes for a fast pace and plenty of action, with character growth feeding off of and influencing the events. In preparing for NaNoWriMo, I outlined a series of short stories, which I intend to link together like “episodes” into a overarching “season”. The tricky bit is keeping each episode exciting, meaningful, and distinctive despite the formula.

Enter, tarot. If you’ve looked into tarot cards before, you probably know that they’re a wellspring of ideas and inspiration. I don’t use tarot religiously or spiritually, but I own a few decks for self-reflection and, of course, writing. I drafted this spread idea for NaNo, tested it out, and was quite pleased with the results I got: a start-to-finish story outline that feels satisfying and distinct from my other outlined episodes, done in under half an hour.

I’m recording this spread here for my own later reference, and for any other writers who might find it useful. Please feel free to dissect and remix this idea: play around and use whatever parts are helpful to your process :)

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How I passed A-Level Biology

This is for the anon who was feeling a bit let-down by their AS level biology mark, and asked how I revised.  Prepare for an essay…

First off, a D isn’t far off a C, especially considering the harsh marking this year and the fact that you may have just had an off-day.  There is plenty of scope to make up marks next year in your A2, and in your re-sit.  Ask your teachers to help you do some UMS calculations to see how far you are off each grade.  I had similar results in my AS year and easily made it up with practicals and whatnot.  It sounds like you worked really hard, and the first thing you need to do is recognise that; I’m certainly proud of you!

However, if you want my advice (as you probably do because you, erm, asked for it), this is what I would recommend you do from here on in.  This is because I learn by writing; actually producing words in my own format, repetitively, then reading my own materials. It’s a lot of work, and I have no idea if it’ll work for you, but it was worth it for me.  I got a high A in the end.

~ go through the specification for your exam board.  Write it out in your own words.  Know what you need to know, inside out.

~ divide the spec into understandable chunks - your textbook will help with this e.g. “genetics”.  For each section, RE-CREATE all the following materials, (using your pre-existing notes and extra textbooks if you need them):

~ baseline, detailed notes.  Typed or handwritten, whatever you prefer.  Think of it as writing a textbook, for you.  Explain everything to a depth that someone at GCSE could understand it.  Add photos, diagrams, highlighted words - anything that helps. Spend time on these, as everything else kinda depends on them.

~ quiz.  Every fact you have written in your baselines notes, write a question for.  On a separate sheet, write the answers out in full (these are great for bus journeys).  For example, your notes might say “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.” Your quiz would ask, “How many chromosomes does a human somatic cell have, and how are they organised?”  Your answer sheet would read the same as your notes, “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.”  (See what I mean about repetition now?!)

~ put your specification notes and baselines notes side-by-side.  Create revision cards by withdrawing the knowledge that the spec asks for, from your baselines notes.  Don’t bother writing full sentences or even words; abbreviation like “ind.” for “individual” are handy.  Your brain still reads individual, which is the main thing; but it also sees a much smaller section of writing and thinks “woohoo! Achievable.”  Use different colour pens, different colour cards for each spec section; again, whatever helps you.  (Wilkos is a great place to shop for revision cards, and here in Exeter they do 10% student discount!)

~ do all of the above for every section.  That will cement FACTS into your mind.  Facts are important, but unfortunately at A Level it’s all about the application.  Play the game.  Learn how to pass an exam, by doing the following:

~ try to find past exam questions organised into topics. Depending on your exam board (and how helpful your school is), topic question packs may be very easy or very hard to find.  If so, do the steps below using those question packs.  If not, just do what I’ve written below.

~ print off three copies of each past paper you can find (if your exam board is really new, go back to the old spec and use their papers; just be aware of spec differences), and one copy of each mark scheme.

~ firstly, use the mark scheme to answer each question to your fullest capability.  Write more than you need to.  You literally have all the answers in front of you.  Think WHY the answer is the answer; DON’T just copy the mark-scheme. If you don’t understand anything, consult all your materials (including quizzes), and then ask your teacher for some help in a break time or at the end of class.  

~ do the SAME exam paper, using just your notes and revision cards but no mark scheme.  Mark it using your paper copy and the mark scheme if you still need it. Write out model answers if your actual answer was anything but.  

~ thirdly, do your last copy of the same paper, using just your memory.  Mark it and write out the model answers.  If you don’t feel like you know the paper inside out, repeat whichever step you like.

~ if you did the above using topic question packs, repeat it using the actual mixed up exam papers.

I’m not gonna lie, that is a huge amount of work. The most important final step is: DON’T follow my advice unless you think it would be helpful!!  I have friends who only learn things through reading it out loud, recording themselves saying it and listening back – writing does nothing for them, and the above would be a waste of time.  Only you know how you learn best, and if you’re not sure there are plenty of time-wasting quizzes on the internet to find out.

(Also, environmentalist caveat, please don’t use more paper than you need.  Try printing two pages to a sheet, or double-sided, and recycling anything you don’t need!)

If there’s anything you don’t understand, or if I haven’t explained anything quite right, please get back to me.  As I said, I’m not good with this account but I’ll try to get back to you.  If anyone has any other tips, feel free to send them in!

I wish you – and everyone who reads this – all the best in your studies :)

Love, Becca

How to play ‘Always Sunny’s’ CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games

Photo courtesy FX

Christina Caldwell• College Times

The characters on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are notoriously self-centered. They’re also notoriously drunk, so it would make perfect sense that they would create a horrifically dangerous drinking game centered around their own personal weaknesses that tests (and crosses) the boundaries of friendship.

The game is CharDee MacDennis, a blend of all of the gang’s names, which is broken down into three levels: mind, body and soul.

We can’t in good conscience allow you to play the game as is (it would result in hospitalization), so we’ve adapted it into a safer (but still not totally safe) drinking game that you and your friends can play in the air conditioning.

Disclaimer: We suggest you only play this one with really close friends. Otherwise you might not be friends at the end of it.

The Necessities:

* Beer, wine and the hard liquor of your choice.

* Cheese.

* The “chance” cards from a game of Monopoly.

* Personalized game pieces. Dee and Dennis pasted their faces on old Barbies. Charlie and Mac used an old, grubby figurine of a military man (maybe Hitler?) and a hulking monster, respectively. Create your own. Get real weird with it.

* Mind, body and soul cards. Mind cards should include brain-ticklers like trivia and puzzles, and “artistry,” which is what the player must draw on the back of their teammate and their teammate must guess what the art is based solely on feel. Body cards include feats of strength, like when the gang draws a card and is forced to fit as many grapes in their mouths as possible within a certain time frame. Spirit cards should include two kinds, emotional battery and public humiliation. Public humiliation cards are essentially dares. Emotional battery cards are used to indicate when it’s time to berate the person who draws it. It should be “deeply personal” stuff that “cuts to the core.”

* A timer.

* A plastic tarp.

Keep in Mind:

1. You should mix the Monopoly cards in randomly with the separate piles of mind, body and soul cards. Stick the three sections in a cardboard box, but be sure to keep them separate.

2. You cannot ask questions, and if you do, your team needs to drink for five seconds. You can ask questions during the two minute break between levels.

3. Once one of the obstacles on the cards is accomplished, the other team must drink. If the obstacle goes unfinished, you have to drink.

4. Cheating is not only accepted but tolerated, though the other team shouldn’t know they’re being tricked. If a team is caught cheating, the other team immediately moves to the next level.

5. If you draw the “Chance: Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200” card, you’ll be forced into a confined space (the show used a dog kennel). You can only be let out if you eat a cake. Nay, the ingredients of a cake. (Skip the raw eggs for this one.)

6. It’s possible for one team to be at one level and the other to be at another. Once one team collects three cards from that level, they move onto the next. The first team to collect cards from all levels wins.

The Wine and Cheese Reception

The wine and cheese reception is your chance to be civilized and clear the air for the disgusting debauchery is about to take place. The reception only allows kind comments and high brow discussion. This will only last for two minutes. After the two minutes, the team smashes their wine glasses and does an intimidating dance, similar to the war dance of the Māori people of New Zealand, the haka. We suggest you use plastic cups for this one. And for good measure, put down a plastic tarp ala Dexter.

Once you’re done, divide yourselves into two teams and draw your first card from the “mind” pile.

Level 1: Mind

This is the wine level. The trivia in this round is left to totally subjective questions (Q: “What is the greatest band in the world?” A: “Chumbawumba.” Q: “Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate?” A: “Because Dennis is a bastard man!”) If you answer wrongly, you drink. If you get it correct, the other team drinks. Try to get creative with this one. As your drawing up your cards, make sure it has questions that no one can reasonably answer with an educated guess. For artistry cards, choose subjects and concepts that are nearly impossible to draw.

Level 2: Body

This is the beer level, and is all about physical endurance. Also, there’s no cursing in this round, so you’ll have to swap out your favorite curse words for PG versions. If you curse, your team drinks.

In this round, an example is when Dennis is forced to put his hand on a dart board and let the other team throw darts around his hand without flinching. This is, of course, really stupid, so think of some physical feats that won’t result in loss of nerve function.

Level 3: Spirit

This is the hard liquor level. Otherwise known as emotional battery, this is where you’ll break your opponent’s spirit so that they’re no longer able to play. Dee is a master at this part of the game since she’s often at the butt end of the gang’s jokes. In fact, she’s so used to it, that she once “held it together without a single tear” during the game, then “cried for a month straight” once it was over.

Really, you should keep this section lighthearted. Maybe there’s something you know your friend is insecure about, but still OK with joking about it every once in a while. You should probably reserve what you actually think about them and their character for, I don’t know, never.

The alternative is to only include public humiliation, or dare cards. This way you can embarrass your opponent but not ruin their self-esteem. Think of some out-of-the-box ones and nab those last three cards on your way to victory! If a team can’t complete their challenge, they take a shot.

The Win

The winners of the game get to smash the other team’s game pieces and get bragging rights for life. 

I mean, yeah, you could just write down the term and definition.

But doing just that in only one color won’t be useful when trying to memorize. 

This guide will show you how to create efficient flashcards!

I will be using 3x5 flashcards in this example. Beforehand, make sure you have flashcards and all of the pens and colors you plan on using.

Click here if the “keep reading” doesn’t work – I’ve changed my URL to studyvet.

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“Lifted next to my unknowing boyfriend” haul

E1F baked highlighter blushed gemx2 $9
E1F bronzer palette 6$
E1F blush palette 6$
E1F brow cream in medium brown 3$
(The one i lifted last time was a shade too dark ;( )
E1F baked palette in California 10$

Total: 34$

Sidenote: Target card sections in this area are such a good blindspot, not to mention i secretly used my boyfriend as extra protection without him knowing (oops, he doesnt like me lifting lmao) And E1F is my FAVORITE makeup brand of all time??? For people who dont lift can buy affordable makeup that works sooo well.
(Highly recommend the bronzer palette, its as creamy as my Anastasia)

Birthday Card (Luke imagine)

Summary: You visit the supermarket to find a birthday card when you stumble into an extremely attractive employee 

Word Count: 1k

A/N: This is for @2k13muke and @2k16michael‘s domestic!5sos blurb night! I don’t really know if you can count this as being domestic because I got carried away, but I hope it’s alright! :-)

Originally posted by popecalum

As you step outside your car, you pull your jumper closer around your shoulders. The short walk from the car park to the supermarket moves by sluggishly, the cold air sticking to you. 

The bright lights of your local supermarket cast a glow around you, the neon luminosity brightening the otherwise dark night sky. When you’d realised you didn’t have a birthday card for your roommate you’d rushed down as soon as possible, not wanting her to be in a grump if she woke up tomorrow with no card.

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anonymous asked:

Omg can you write about the day Harry and the missus met in the coffee shop?! I know you're busy with the pregnancy series, but I'd love to read a one shot where Harry meets the love of his life and she spills coffee on his expensive boots ;)

Here’s a little-tiny part of the sneaky flashback to how Harry and the missus first met. I might do a Part Two for this where they go on their first date and she appears with cheap shoes that look almost similar to the ones she ruined. 

(What do you guys think?) 

This is also written in 3rd person, and I’m just testing around with it, haha. x

Harry loved boots.

Fancy boots, suede boots, leather boots and winter boots were just the few he could list that were lined neatly along the wall of his London home. 

With a heavy pocket of his monthly pay and his love for the specific style of shoe, weekly trips to the stores in London were a must, to keep him modern and up to date with the new style gracing the shelves; a style that many would begin to wear to kick of he fashion trend. When Gemma would see a pair that he knew would fit right in with the colours he already had, she would instantly inform him, with a text or an immediate phone-call, of the news and he’d waste no time grabbing his car keys and making the trip to the shopping centre to get what he yearned for.

Online shopping only took place when he felt too lazy to stick on his shoes, grab his car keys and pop to the shops to get the latest shoe, and if he was to be honest, he loved and preferred to sit behind the screen of his Macbook or scroll down the lists upon his phone and look through boots that took his fancy. 

His current ones were his favourite.

After throwing away and bidding farewell to his worn-out, dark brown leather boots that had holes forming at the toes and scratches along the material, he needed new ones to look after and wear and pair with an outfit consisting of black jeans and a coat that kept him warm from the cold days of the month; an outfit that brought attention to his feet because of the contrasting colours - brown suede Chelsea boots brought and delivered and stored, ready to be collected upon his free own time, in the London Yves Saint Laurent store; a store (both online and on the streets) that he’d taken a loving too upon his stumbling arrival to the part of London that he’d never really spent enough time in and, beyond his first visit and a friendly conversation with the one behind the counter, he’d found difficulty in walking the streets outside of the doors and not popping in to see if there had been new stocks sent in of new and needed and loved boots that people were after.

Once the arrival email from Yves Saint Laurent had been sent to him in the hours of the mid-afternoon, he was out of his front door before anyone could say and finish the word boots. His car keys hung around his fingers, his house-keys tucked into his coat pocket with a few tissues stuffed in to suffice and wipe at his running and red and sniffling nose, his phone slipped into his front jean pocket and turned up in case someone from management or one of the boys had tried to contact him to get to the studio for an impromptu recording session. He’d had a tough few days with work running him down to the ground and the winter weather peering around the corners and bringing his immune system down to weak and feeble and tired, and, this was the added bonus to his life that had brought excitement through him.

Excitement that anybody would feel when something they’d been so excited for had been delivered. 

With a tissue in his hand, wiping at his running nose, he’d entered the store with wide arms and a coat tail caught up in the wind. A box on the glass counter-top that he knew had a pair of brown suede boots calling his name, awaiting for his feet to be slid into the thick and tight constraints. And with an a-okay from the receptionist behind the counter in removing the shoes from the box, he’d toed off his buckled boots and let them fall haphazardly to the shiny and tiled floor of the store, his eager and selfish hands immediately grabbing the shoes and sliding them over his socked feet without an hesitation making it’s way over his limbs. 

He was eager to have them on his feet. 

Eager to wear them in and make them as comfortable as his others. 

Eager to show people just how lovely and luscious he though they were.

And with an internal and guttural groan followed by a quiet yet audible verbal thank-you to the receptionist, he was out of the shop in no time. A new and bright and happy grin on his pink and plump lips, his cheeks rosy red and his teeth showing, dimples popping and ready to make people weak at the knees; the tissue from before was now stuck into his hand to wipe at the bridge of his nose, to save himself from papped shots that had him be the talk of town because he’d ‘snotted and made a fool of himself’. He’d thrown his old boots in the front footwall of his car, before he’d jogged across the road, a Starbucks cup of tea seemingly desired and causing a craving in his tummy - and he had the time to waste in the coffee house. 

Dodging puddles and hopping over fresh gum stuck to the gravel of the pavement, he’d made it across the small one-way road without a scuff or a mark on the toes of his new boots, and with a palm flat against the window of the door, he pushed the barricade open and stepped foot inside the building. Much needed warmth flushing his body immediately, a sigh leaving his mouth as the yellow-filtered lights shadowed his figure. His nose tingling and his cheeks becoming more flushed by the moment, with his eyes set on one seat in the seating area that gave him the privacy he desired - he really didn’t want to meet fans when he was sick, because the last thing he wanted to do was give someone a dreaded cold. It was a nearly empty coffee house, with 2 queuing for a warm beverage and a couple sat at one table by the window, so, he hadn’t run the risk of bumping into anybody or come to the trouble of having a seat stolen from him.

He’d stood as the third customer in the queue, behind a man with glasses and earphones hanging down his chest, poking up from the neck of his t-shirt as well as directly behind a girl who stood with her head down in a book that must have been interesting because, when her bag fell from her shoulder and hung from the joint of her elbow, she did nothing but leave it without adjusting it back up her shoulder. To Harry’s preferences and his opinions, she’d taken a risky deal about bringing the new E.L James book out in public, the current named book ‘50 Shades of Grey’ being the conversation topic for many women who had been excited about the Christian Grey era, but, who was he to judge? 

He’d read the book himself, per request of Gemma.

A blush could be seen on her cheeks when it was her time to order, and he swore, he felt his heart skip a beat when her order rolled off of her tongue. A caramel cappuccino to have in, paired with a slice of carrot cake and a packet of brownies that she hesitantly reached for. You had a sweet voice - as sweet as the sugar he’d put in his cup of tea - and it was one he felt he could listen to on a daily basis. 

One he could imagine saying yes to his proposal of going on a date, one he could imagine saying yes to his proposal of becoming his wife, one he could imagine saying I do at the alter on your wedding day, and one he could imagine reading to your children when it was time for them to go to sleep.

He didn’t want to jump the gun and, he wasn’t one to jump in and sweep a stranger off their feet, he felt a different feeling with her - a stranger of which he knew nothing about. 

Her name was (Y/N), given as an response to what the order would be named under. And, now he knew her name, he wanted to know more.

“Mr Styles, hello. How may I help you?” The young barista questioned as (Y/N) moved from her space with her book clutched tightly in her hand. He’d expected her to show admiration or give him her attention, much like others would do when he was named in public, heads turning almost immediately turning to confirm their minds wanders. 

But nothing was given to him. And his brain had been planted with the thought that maybe she wasn’t into him or maybe she hadn’t the bother to give him the time of day because of his status. Maybe if he wasn’t famous and part of a worldwide-known boyband, she’d have looked up at the claim of his presence.

“Would you like your usual?”

He was pulled from his thoughts, his trance, his swimming mind.

“Of course. Thank you,” Harry smiled, pulling his wallet from his coat pocket and pulling his card from a section inside. “It’s cold out there today.”

“Everyone who’s come in has complained,” the young barista laughed, her hand clutching a pen and writing his name on the side of the paper cup, “have you been up to anything nice today?”

“I just popped opposite to grab my new boots. Trying to wear them in as we speak,” Harry chuckled, looking down at his still fresh, still unmarked, still tight around his feet brown suede boots. “Could I get a chocolate muffin on the side with that? I’ve not eaten much today and I feel like going off my diet.”

“A diet, Harry? You have to be joking,” she laughed, setting the cup on the side, ready to be filled with his order. “Feel free to go and sit down. We’ll bring everything over for you, if you’d like.”

“No, no. It’s more than okay. I’m going to pop to the toilet anyway,” he smiled slipping his card into the machine and pushing his pin in; he was thankful that payment was so simple these days. 

With a smile given to the barista, he walked around the counter and made his way to the side door marked W.C, the door closing behind him and locking it with a click. 

As Harry went about his business, flushed the chain and washed his hands, he shrugged his coat off and let the sleeves of his shirt flat out from being crinkled beneath the thick and heavy sleeves of his coat, his arms flushed with the cold air, before he pushed open the door and made his way over to the counter, his coat hanging over his forearm as he saw his named cup sitting with hot water steaming inside. His fingertips were itching and tingling for the warmth he could imagine fro the steam emitting from the rim, and, he could just reach out and grab it in his hold. 

A soft thank-you could be heard from beside him, and Harry knew that (Y/N) wasn’t even partially aware of his presence behind her, and with his body reaching forward for the paper cup of water and her body turning on her heels, he’d not expected to be covered in her beverage. His white t-shirt stained brown, his black jeans patterned with dark spots of liquid and his boots wet and already smelling like coffee. 

He looked up to scold her, his chest constricting as he caught sight of her features; she stared at him in awe as well as shock as well a look that he thought was going to end up in her leaking a few tears and dabbing at his shirt with shaking hands.

“Oh, my god. I am so sorry,” she panicked, her eyes bug-eyed and her lips agape. As she gulped nervously, unclear about his reaction. She examined her damage, gasping loudly when she looked down at his speckled and stained boots; boots she knew were brand new and fresh on his feet. “Oh, my god. Your boots. I heard they were new. Oh my god, I am so sorry, Harry. Please, let me buy you a new pair, and a new coffee, and-”

“Hey, hey. Stop it, love. It’s more than okay,” Harry stated, “please, don’t worry about it.”

“But, you’re probably wearing such expensive clothes. I can afford to pay for them. I’ll save up my months pay and I can buy you some new ones and they’ll be exactly what you have on now,” she panicked, his hands coming to cup her shoulders, “I’m so clumsy today. I tripped over at work and people laughed at me, and I dropped my notes into a puddle and people just stared at me, and I just spilt my coffee over Harry Styles.”

A snicker left Harry’s lips.

“(Y/N), please. It’s okay,” he cooed, rubbing his thumbs against the curves of her shoulder. “Please, don’t worry.”

“But, you’ll be walking around in coffee-smelling boots,” she explained, looking down at the suede material and internally groaned at the sight. She was only fresh out of college education, a new intern job on her hands and she wasn’t exposed to the handfuls of cash and triple figure payments made to her account, and she couldn’t begin to imagine just how much the shoes on his feet cost - he’d been in the public eye for 2 years already, and, she felt threatened and poor when it came to thinking about the money he’d earned by doing his dream job. “I really am so sorry, Harry.”

“(Y/N), please. I have my old boots in the car, so, it’s fine. I was going home after this cup of tea anyway, so, I wouldn’t be walking have coffee-drenched socks for long,” he snickered and pulled his hands away from her body, “let me buy you a new coffee?”

“No, no. I couldn’t, Harry. I should be doing things for you. To make up for my clumsiness,” she whispered, your chin ducking down to her chest, “I honestly cannot believe I just spilt coffee over you.”

“(Y/N), seriously,” Harry smiled in amusement, “don’t worry about it.

Call Out Post To Hallmark

Why aren’t there any options for queer relationships in the greeting card section?

I wanna see cute cards for lesbians and gays and nonbinary people , nice alternative options other then “ straight” or “ heteronormative ” !

Does anyone know of other greeting card companies that provide such options?


I found this hidden gem in a used book store the other day.

It’s got the original Redwall printed as three books, plus a poster and a set of trading cards. The cards have the cover art of the books on the front, with a little description of each book on the back, although they only go through Eulalia!, so the last three books aren’t included.