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Phantom Thief vs. Private Detective

 It’s Lupin and he’s got Sholmes! =P NO wait!! It’s Sholmes that’s got Lupin captured! =) But then again he’s already got one free hand…then who the heck’s got who? Either way, there’s now doubt these two ikemen are very popular among the ladies, always making sure to present themselves with an introduction card! Ahem! This illustration was used for the Animate bonuses released with the Code:Realize fan disk in 2016, including a clear file, a mirror & bromide card. Will you be on the side of the law or the outlaw with a good heart? =)  You decide =P

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don’t yell at cashiers if they are asking you to sign up for a charge/debit card - their employers are pushing them to ask everyone

don’t yell at cashiers if they’re taking too long folding your clothes in your bags - their managers are telling them not to ball up your shit bc it shows you care

don’t yell at cashiers bc they are taking a while to scan your card- machines fuck up

don’t yell at cashiers pls


Musical『Touken Ranbu』Shouri no Gaika [勝利の凱歌]: CD Versions - M-Card Scans!

I decided to scan the front part of the M-Cards you get when purchasing the CD Versions of Shouri no Gaika! I have been playing around with the editing and I was able to get the colour to come out better than ANY of my previous scans xD They still do have some lines in a few of them, but that’s because my scanner hates me xD

The M-Cards allow you to download the Photoshoot Making videos and even the extra Shouri no Gaika PV Making too! And I will be scanning the Jackets for the CD Versions at a later date!!


(They have been watermarked, but you can save these to your computer/phone)


I just wanted to announce that buying the Company Program was definitely one of the better decisions I’ve ever made, and this is officially my absolute favorite photograph of Raúl Esparza.

Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.3

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

Word Count: 5,997

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

I can’t believe I’m doing this again, you think to yourself. You close your eyes, and listen to the engine of the crowded bus, as you were currently on your way to pay mister ‘Kookie’ a visit. You start to slowly replay the scenes of Jin yelling at you, to desperately go back and meet the prostitute…

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Of Sunsets and Tattoos

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Character(s): Reader X Changkyun

Genre: smut, pwp

Warning(s): praise!kink, pierced!chankgyun (is that a warning?), tatted!changkyun, breathplay, semipubluc sex

Length: 7k

Summary: In which you go to get a piercing and find that it isn’t so scary when you’re piercer is a cute boy with lots of tattoos

Friends are useless. 

You understand the truth behind these words when Minhyuk and Kihyun corner you after work an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon, smiles much too wide to mean anything good.

“So,” Kihyun begins, inspecting his fingernails with a smirk, “Remember last Thursday when you said I’d be too much of a wimp to ever get a piercing?”

You roll your eyes, pushing him back a little bit with a shove. “That’s because you are a wim–”

“False!” Minhyuk interrupts, eyes glinting. “He is no longer Yoo Kihyun, wimp extraordinaire–”

“I resent that!” Kihyun interrupts, voice indignant.

“–but rather, Yoo Kihyun, hardcore, punk rocker with an ear piercing.”

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