card registration


Early ‘70s Dodge Challenger at a carshow last weekend. The carshow registration card on the dash said 1973. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think a 383 was offered in ‘73 and the owner wasn’t nearby for me to ask. Anyway, nitpicking aside, it’s a sharp car. Classic Mopar pistol grip shifter for the Torqueflite auto trans.

Paper Organization

Okay so this for the anon from last week who requested this. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you… things have been crazy.

Important Paperwork

First it’s important to identify some of your important paperwork. These are what I keep set aside, but this is not a definitive list!

  • Personal identification like your social security card or immigration information
  • Tax forms I would keep copies of both your last year’s forms and your current forms (original goes to your tax man)
  • Driver related like copies of your insurance information, certifications or disciplinary information
  • Rental related like leases or rental agreements
  • High School/College like degrees and official transcripts
  • Voting info like voter ID cards or other registration info
  • Pay stubs keep these for up to six months
  • Contracts like any agreement you sign with your Internet or electric providers
  • Expensive items/warranties keep receipts for any item over $1,000 just in case

1. Make a folder. This, of course, doesn’t actually have to be a folder. It can be a binder, a box, I actually use an oversized Ziploc bag to store all my important paperwork. The key is that you choose an item that is easy to handle and secure (so that you papers don’t come tumbling out accidentally). 

2. Setting. Find an out of the way place to store this information. I would store it in a private part of your apartment or dorm room, somewhere not easily accessible. Obviously don’t go around telling everyone and their aunt where your documents are.

3. Commit to it. Anytime you receive a piece of important paper, immediately store it in your previously chosen place. Remind yourself that it will only taken a few extra seconds to properly secure your documents, and doing this sets an important precedent. 

4. Proof of residency. Proof of residence is something that any institution from your university to your health insurance provider may ask for. Proof of residence can be in the form of a rental agreement, utility bills, or pay stubs with your address on them. Always scan these documents and send copies to whatever service is requesting them, never send the originals. 

5. Pay stubs. I recommend keeping a backlog of your voided paychecks. Voided, in the sense that you’ve already deposited them into your bank account or had them direct deposited. When applying for insurance or a new apartment, you may be asked to provide several of these paychecks. Since these can stack up and become bulky, I wrap them with a large rubber band and keep them beside my important paper file.

6. Clip together. I like to paperclip together similar documents from different years. For example, I keep my different lease agreements clipped together.

7. Organize. Every six months, devote a half hour or so to organizing your file. Clean out any paperwork that is unnecessary or duplicated. Keep your documents up to date and as easy to navigate as possible. Always remember to black out any personal information on documents before throwing them out. I’ll clean my cats’ litter box, and dispose of my old important documents in a garbage bag with the poop as an added security measure. If you’re going to steal my information I’d like you to have to sort through my cat’s shit first.

I hope this helps!

[FANACCT] 170611 KNK “해달별" Fansign Experience at 제일라아트홀 (Fanboy)

Hi again! 

I’m here with my fanaccount for KNK’s fansign during their “해달별" promotions.

This was a notably important fansign for me because I’m pretty sure this is my last fansign event before I leave Korea on the 22nd…

I’m so sad. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, it was a really awesome event and I’m glad I got to see my favorite group up close and personal again.

I did a video about their fansign before during “U” era too.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

KNK’s fansigns are getting more competitive nowadays, with fans buying more than 10 albums to have a chance to get in. I originally bought 9 albums, but after seeing a fan next to me at the CD store buy 10, I bought 3 more, totaling up to 12 albums overall. And I got in!

On the day of the fansign, I found the building where it was held and headed to the B2 floor. Some fans were waiting to get in, but the staircase and entrance was rather narrow. I showed my Alien Registration Card to verify my identification (though a passport works just as well) and the staff told me to pick a card that was on the table. The assorted cards were all face-down, and this was to determine my seat number. I got number 63. 

I took my seat, but the rows of chairs were all close together and narrow too, not allowing much room. This was a noticeable inconvenience when fans had to squeeze past each other in the rows. I spent a huge amount of time before coming to prepare a fanletter for my bias Seungjun, so I had to write down all the post-its for the members that I would put in my album.

Soon the members appeared and the fansign went underway. They looked so handsome as always, but they look especially good with the suits in this era aghhhh. 

Sorry that my picture’s quality isn’t too good, but this is how the fansign was conducted. The order was: Jihun→Inseong→Seungjun→Youjin→Heejun

MEMBER INTERACTIONS (with pictures and gifs!)

I’ll fast-forward to the interactions I had with each member. I’m sorry that I forgot some things that happened, but in the thick of the moment, it’s hard to process and take in everything that happened (for me). Luckily, I met someone at the fansign that was kind enough to take a video of me when I went through this great experience. I was really nervous again, because they’re my favorite group and this was my last time, so I was even more anxious. 


So leader Jihun was first this time around~ Actually he was rather quiet today as well; when I met him at a fansign last year, he was rather soft-spoken too. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I pointed to the questions I had brought for him on the post-its and told him I was a part of an international KNK fan group on Facebook, and I gathered some questions other Tinkerbells wanted to know about KNK. He was listening and then all of a sudden, said, “Ah. International,” in English. THAT WAS FREAKING CUTE AHH. He was really handsome up-close, though. He looked mature and cool when he was in thinking mode, but then he lapsed into squishy mode when he smiled and it was just adorable.

He really thought deeply about the questions I wrote. I guess he had to think a lot about how to answer them. But another factor was that time was really limited and the staff members were quite strict so they moved our albums to the next member by force, cutting our time short. 

Blue post-it note:
Q: Which member is really the closest to Jihun-hyung…?
A: I’m close with all but umm… Heejun?!
Jihun had some trouble answering this question but dang, I didn’t expect him to think so seriously about it. ㅠㅠ I’m sorry if I had to make you pick a favorite! I know you all love each other LOL. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Where do you draw the inspiration when you make the choreography (for KNK)?
A: There’s just times when suddenly… Ttak! 
I forgot what other little things we said after he answered those, but I had to move on. I gave him high-fives as a farewell and moved over to… Inseong!


Next was my second bias, Inseong. I greeted him by saying, “Inseonggie hyung~” hahaha because he’s just a fun, cool guy. He grinned and asked, “Hyung?” I SWEAR THIS WAS SO REMINISCENT WHEN I FIRST MET HIM in person when he asked me, “Am I hyung?” LOL. But he is just killing the visual game nowadays. He looked especially handsome today. He asked me where I’m from and I told him America, more specifically Hawaii. 

Bottom post-it note:
Q: Is there a place you really want to visit (vacation-wise)?
A: Hawaii

That’s probably why he cleverly wrote his answer as “Hawaii” for my question, but I’m not complaining! Inseong is really easy to talk to. 
I told him that his hairstyle for this concept suits him very well and that he looks really handsome. He was really happy to hear a compliment and ahhh he was just an excited hamster. I assured him that he was already handsome but now, even more. I basically complimented him a lot because he deserves more love and attention!!

Top post-it note:
Q: The most difficult point of this promotion…?

A: Live…!?

He explained that singing live was one of the toughest parts of promotions. I asked why, and he said it’s because he has to sing rather high. I understand him because him singing the chorus in “해달별" while dancing pretty vigorously looked really tiring… But he pulled it off! I told him he was really good and that he’s doing well. I feel like he was insecure a little about his performance as a vocalist and how well he does and I wanted to reassure him. It was time to move on so I told him bye~ Inseong really does have a warm heart and he’s such a nice person please give him lots of affection and reassurance


*sigh* I really can’t express how great and caring Seungjun is. I can tell he truly loves and adores his fans, and it shows from the way he treats them. He said my name like, “Junior?” in a cute tone and I said cutely too, “Seungjunnie-hyung~” AHAHAHAHA. He immediately looked at my questions and more antics ensued.

Blue post-it note:
Q: POKEMON or DIGIMON, you can only choose one
A: *marks Pokemon* but went the extra mile to show his UNCONDITIONAL PREFERENCE FOR DIGIMON LIKE WHAT THE NOOOOOOO

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Is there a member you want to live with for the rest of your life?
A: Inseong Jihun

At first, he took a look at the blue note and I reiterated, “You can only choose one!” Without hesitation, he answered, “Digimon!” I was like WHAT THE HECK, NO YOU CAN’T CHOOSE DIGIMON OVER POKEMON OMGG.

He was so firm, he was like, “Digimon~” in a cute tone and I told him, “Why??” He seemed a bit sympathetic and marked Pokemon, but said, “Digimon~” again and decorated a box around the word Digimon. DANG IT SEUNGJUN. I was like OTL because I came dressed in a Squirtle hoodie because I thought he loved Pokemon more but that happened. I mockingly complained, “I came dressed like this too…” Seungjun chuckled and then proceeded to gently grab my arm and draw a little heart on the Squirtle patch design on my hoodie!!!

SJ: *in a Korean accent* Hearteu~
I internally died at this cute action like I AM NEVER WASHING THIS HOODIE AGAIN LOL

I also made sure to give him the letter I worked on. He then looked at my second post-it, which he thought about for a moment. At first, Seungjun wrote Inseong, so I asked him why. He said because Inseong is funny. BUT THEN LAST MINUTE Seungjun scratches out Inseong’s name and writes Jihun AND HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE A REASON WHY LOL. So that made think like HMMMMM this ship really sails itself huh… Now I had to tell him that this was pretty much my last chance to see them…

Me: Actually, on the 22nd, I’m leaving Korea, so this is my last chance to see you guys. I’m really glad I got to see you guys often while I was here.
SJ: *in a cute pleading voice* Don’t go~ (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Me: I don’t wanna leave either!

And then this happened.

OMG I was so flustered when he asked when I’ll be back with that cheeky smile that I accidentally lapsed into English hahahaha. He probably didn’t understand what I said, but I had to move on ㅠㅠ!! Wait for me Seungjun, I’ll be back!! I really want to cry now… Hahahaha. And it ended cutely because I kept shaking his hand, and then…

Thank goodness. He is the best and he’s always so sweet!!


Okay I’m going to start off my account of Youjin because right when I got to him, he asked me, “Are you a fan of Seungjun?” BWAHAHAHA he called me out!! I told him that I liked all the members but yeah, Seungjun was my fave… If he noticed that, then wow… 

And then it was like another round of deja vu because I told him I was from Hawaii and that he should come, and he replied, “I want to go too!” LIKE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE SAID LAST YEAR AT THE FIRST FANSIGN LOL.

He looked over my questions and I told him they were from other international fans. He got super excited over the Overwatch question and his inner fanboy came out. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Which heroes (do you use) when you play Overwatch?
A: Roadhog, Reinhardt, and… the last part was a bit illegible but I think he wrote the name of a Korean Overwatch player named 후아유. [If anyone wants to help me out with deciphering that, it’d be much appreciated~]

He was so happy when talking about his mains for OW, but I had to tell him that I actually didn’t know the game at all loooool. I wish I could’ve nerded out with him but idk ㅋㅋㅋ He even asked me, “Isn’t Overwatch quite popular in America?” lmaooo which is true but yeah, I’m clueless.

Blue post-it note:
Q: What are you most afraid of??
A: Bugs! 1인칭 horror game.

So Youjin seems to be the least fearful in the group so I also wanted to know what scares him. He wrote “bugs” and I couldn’t believe like this guy didn’t flinch for the ghost prank or a VR zombie slashing him but he’s afraid of insects??



But Youjin is a cool chill guy who loves gaming so hit him up yo


Heejun, Heejun, Heejun. You never know how he’ll be like. I heard from a friend that he’s different every time which is kinda true. The first time I met him, he was comical but on the quiet side, and we were kinda awkward… BUT THIS TIME WAS JUST OMG LOL.
He spoke some English to me even though I was talking to him in Korean which was cute. He said things like, “Where are you from?” and “Really?” Soooo silly. I complimented him on his English pronunciation and I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS UNTIL MY FRIEND SHOWED ME THE FOOTAGE SHE TOOK AND-

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Heejun’s also quite chill but he’s so funny agh.

Yellow post-it note: 
Q: Is there a concept you want to try?
A: BTS’ Blood, Sweat, Tears 
hOLY SHIZ IS IT WEIRD THAT I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE HEEJUN IN THAT KIND OF CONCEPT? he already bares his chest sometimes like omfg and I can totally see him pulling it off like shiz I AM READY

Blue post-it note:
Q: Heejun-ah~ Please write down your favorite color!!
A: Black, gray
Heejun forgot because he even asked himself out loud, “Which colors do I like?” I told him, “Why don’t you know??” HAHAHA. 

I told him I was l was leaving soon and he just replied, “When will you be back?” LOL. IDK, I wish I knew, then I wouldn’t have to leave y’all ㅠㅠ I told him bye and he was like, “bye bye!!!” 

Later on, the members picked random seat numbers from a box and the chosen fans could take a selca with them. SO LUCKYY. I WASN’T CHOSEN BUT UGH IT’S OKKK. 

Then they played 공기, which is a Korean bean game similar to Jacks. Jihun got really competitive and he almost kicked the stage LMAOOOO. Seungjun was really bad at it and he ended up last. Youjin was first, followed by Inseong, Heejun and finally Jihun secured a place by a hair. Seungjun’s punishment was dancing to their title track with aegyo LOOOOOL he tried his best but he looked so awkward omg

And that was it.
My last fansign with them.

I love them so much, because they’re all so wholesome and show their personalities unabashedly. All of them are SO DIFFERENT and the dynamics are just so interesting and charming. 

SORRY I cut it a little at the end but I have to go to class ㅠㅠ I’ll tweak this a bit later maybe but I hope y’all enjoyed this!!!!

I’m thinking about opening an international order for ARMYs who want to order Love Yourself ‘Her’ album. I would be ordering through Aladin in hopes of being able to get into a fansign. While I am currently still sorting out my Alien Registration Card issues, if I am able to open this order, I will post a form here. And (I know this is early), but if I were to get into a fansign, I will be taking suggestions for post-it questions from seven random people who order from me. I would also be open to any other suggestions as to how I could make ordering through me worth it. Thanks so much. It would be great if you could reply to this post if you would ever be interested. I wouldn’t be making any profit from this, so most likely my prices will be lower than that of an online kpop store that sells albums as their business. I would also be willing to sell both wrapped and unwrapped albums (if you want to choose a certain member’s photocard).
- Kylie

The registration card of German serial killer Fritz Haarmann. The underlined part of the document reads: “Executed at 6 o'clock in the morning of 15 April 1925!” The information on the card was appended almost fourty years after his death.

Fritz Haarmann was a German serial killer who was found guilty of 24 murders and sentenced to death by guillotine. He was initially convicted of 27 murders, but was found not guilty in three cases. Haarmann targeted boys and young men and lured them into his apartment before raping, killing and dismembering them. He threw their remains into the river. The Vampire of Hanover stated that he killed most of his victims by tearing their throats with his teeth, earning him his moniker. He requested an expensive cigar and brazilian coffee as his final wish before being led to the scaffold. His alleged last words were: “I am guilty, gentleman, but hard though it may be, I want to die as a man.” followed by: “I repent, but I do not fear death.” However, some sources claim that Haarmann’s last statement was a simple “Good bye!” before the blade decapitated him.

Frightening Parks and How to Find Them

Okay so hear me out. 

A hundred or so years ago, young(ish) auror, Jerry Dandridge, goes out to investigate a routine disturbance. Unfortunately it turns out be vampires and he’s killed and turned. 

Because of reasons MACUSA is disinclined to turn on one of its own, so they register him and let him go on his merry way. Providing he doesn’t cause too big of a ruckus or get noticed by No-Maj’s they leave him to his own devices. 

Along the way, his family marries into some of the more prominent Wizarding families and due to various genetic throwbacks, by the 1920s his identical great great nephew seems to be running his old department. And Jerry likes to check in every now and then and keep tabs on/annoy the guy. They are family after all.

Graves is fed up with his Vampire Uncle showing up all the time and having to keep him entertained and out of trouble. He somehow gets into his head that as crazy and homicidal as Jerry is, maybe he’s just lonely. So he gives him a desk job and gets Tina etc to keep an eye on him.

Hilarity (and possibly murder) ensues.

And sometimes Jerry gets called in as an expert witness for various cases cos he has literally seen it all before. And on one such case…

Percival: Would you please state your name for the record?
Jerry: *sigh* Gary Dandridge.
Percival: My god, Jerry, you can’t even get your own name right?
Jerry: Actually my real name is Gary.
Percival: Gary?
Jerry: Right after I was turned - my Sire, he called me Jerry and I just didn’t think that I should correct him.
Percival: That’s ridiculous! Your name is Jerry!
Jerry: No, legally my name is Gary.
*hands over vampire registration card*
Percival: Gary Dandridge. Jerry Dandridge. Gary Dandridge. Jerry Dandridge. Gary - Jerry - god, they’re both horrible. But Jerry’s better. I’m gonna call you Jerry.
Jerry: *shrugs in resignation*
Percival: Okay Jerry, do you remember a time… *gazes into the distance*… I’m sorry. I can’t get over the Jerry-Gary thing.
Seraphina: Neither can I. Jerry, you can go. We need a five minute break.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I am currently being seen by a psychiatrist for my depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. I want to go ahead and make my dog an ESA. I thought it would be as easy as getting a letter from my psychiatrist but he's telling me I need to get some certificate online as well. All those places seem like scams to me... how did you go about make your dog an ESA?


they are scams. all of them. anything that wants you to register into an “ESA database”, that offers “packages” for members, “ID’s”, “Registration cards”, they are ALL scams. 

all you need is a letter from your psychiatrist. that is literally it. 

- (in the US) The person seeking the emotional support animal must have a verifiable disability (the reason cannot just be a need for companionship). The animal is viewed as a “reasonable accommodation” under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (FHA or FHAct) to those housing communities that have a “no pets” rule. 

-  A physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or other mental health professional can provide documentation that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability.

- The documentation is typically a note from a doctor. Such a letter would be the way a person could verify the need for an emotional support animal with his or her landlord.

mine basically looks like this - 

GENERAL SAMPLE LETTER: Prescribes an Emotional Support Animal (the letter should be on the physician’s or mental health provider’s letterhead)*


To Whom It May Concern:
[Full Name of Patient] is my patient and has been under my care since [date]. I am intimately familiar with their history and with the functional limitations imposed by their emotional/mental health-related issue.To help alleviate these challenges and to enhance their day to day functionality, I have prescribed [patient first name] an emotional support animal (in my case, ‘a Jack Russel mix named Knockout). The presence of this animal is necessary for the emotional/mental health of [patient name] and its presence mitigates the symptoms of their disability.


(Physician’s name and title)

*i changed some pronouns (it was made in his/her and it looked clunky to me) and made this general letter a bit more like the one that i have. all that’s important is ‘patient name is in my care and has been prescribed an ESA (can include exactly what animal and the name of it) to mitigate their disability. its presence is necessary to mitigate the symptoms of their disability.’ signed by your psych with contact info for them. 

under the law (if you’re in the US), there are no registrations - not for service dogs and not for ESAs. anything that labels itself as such, no matter how convincing, is a scam. i dealt with some when i first got knockout. just know your laws and know that with ESAs, it is not the ADA (americans with disabilities act) but the FHA (fair housing act) that applies to ESAs.

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is asked a lot but where are you from? and would you be okay with shipping an open and closed cd?

I’m from the U.S. but I am studying abroad in Korea for a year and so the albums (if I am able to do this order) would be from Korea to your country. And yes! If I can do this, I will be allowing people to choose between wrapped and unwrapped albums. This would allow people to have a better chance at getting the member they wish for PCs.

I would be willing to order through u !! u deserve to go to a fansign and id really like to help u

Thank you so much! You don’t know how happy this makes me to hear this. I really hope that I will be able to help you guys get albums and get into the fansign as well! That way your guys’ questions could be answered as well~

If we bought all 4 different versions would all the posters be shipped out in the same tube? How would you organize that? ^v^

Yes it would! As long as you are willing to pay the extra shipping and tube cost. I would most likely order your order in the LOVE set (Aladin sells it in this way). Then I would purchase a tube to ship it in. This would most likely be sent in a larger box with the albums.

Will you be shipping only to the US? 😄 also i hope you can get to the fansign 💚💚

I will be sending to any country that accepts packages from Korea. Thanks so much! Again this is only if I get all of my Alien Registration Card information sorted out~
- Kylie

Carte d’électeur, 1953

Voter registration cards exist since the first revolutionary elections to distinguish between who can vote and who cannot. It became compulsory for the communes to deliver them to citizens for the municipal elections in 1884. Since 1936, the card can be used for every elections.

The card isn’t compulsory to vote - you just need to prove your identity. Before the existence of the identity card, people also used their birth certificate, their internal passport, or their employment record book. They also could be recognized by a third party.

The voter registration card differed from one place to another during a long time: cards had different sizes, forms, and colours.

Myanmar: Who are the Rohingya?

Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya are often described as “the world’s most persecuted minority”.  They are an ethnic group, majority of whom are Muslim, who have lived for centuries in the majority Buddhist Myanmar. Currently, there are about 1.1 million Rohingya who live in the Southeast Asian country. The Rohingya speak Rohingya or Ruaingga, a dialect that is distinct to others spoken in Rakhine State and throughout Myanmar. They are not considered one of the country’s 135 official ethnic groups and have been denied citizenship in Myanmar since 1982, which has effectively rendered them stateless. WATCH: The Rohingya - Silent Abuse (45:33) Nearly all of the Rohingya in Myanmar live in the western coastal state of Rakhine and are not allowed to leave without government permission. It is one the poorest states in the country with ghetto-like camps and a lack of basic services and opportunities. Due to ongoing violence and persecution, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to neighbouring countries either by land or boat over the course of many decades.

Where are the Rohingya from?

Muslims have lived in the area now known as Myanmar since as early as the 12th century, according to many historians and Rohingya groups. The Arakan Rohingya National Organisation has said, “Rohingyas have been living in Arakan from time immemorial,” referring to the area now known as Rakhine. During the more than 100 years of British rule (1824-1948), there was a significant amount of migration of labourers to what is now known as Myanmar from today’s India and Bangladesh. Because the British administered Myanmar as a province of India, such migration was considered internal, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). The migration of labourers was viewed negatively by the majority of the native population. After independence, the government viewed the migration that took place during British rule as “illegal, and it is on this basis that they refuse citizenship to the majority of Rohingya,” HRW said in a 2000 report .  This has led many Buddhists to consider the Rohingya to be Bengali, rejecting the term Rohingya as a recent invention, created for political reasons.

How and why are they being persecuted? And why aren’t they recognised?

Shortly after Myanmar’s independence from the British in 1948, the Union Citizenship Act was passed, defining which ethnicities could gain citizenship. According to a 2015 report  by the International Human Rights Clinic at Yale Law School,  the Rohingya were not included. The act, however, did allow those whose families had lived in Myanmar for at least two generations to apply for identity cards. Rohingya were initially given such identification or even citizenship under the generational provision. During this time, several Rohingya also served in parliament.  READ MORE: The faces of Myanmar’s internally displaced After the 1962 military coup in Myanmar, things changed dramatically for the Rohingya. All citizens were required to obtain national registration cards. The Rohingya, however, were only given foreign identity cards, which limited the jobs and educational opportunities they could pursue and obtain. In 1982, a new citizenship law was passed, which effectively rendered the Rohingya stateless. Under the law, Rohingya were again not recognised as one of the country’s 135 ethnic groups. The law established three levels of citizenship. In order to obtain the most basic level (naturalised citizenship), there must be proof that the person’s family lived in Myanmar prior to 1948, as well as fluency in one of the national languages. Many Rohingya lack such paperwork because it was either unavailable or denied to them. As a result of the law, their rights to study, work, travel, marry, practice their religion and access health services have been and continue to be restricted. The Rohingya cannot vote and even if they jump through the citizenship test hoops, they have to identify as “naturalised” as opposed to Rohingya, and limits are placed on them entering certain professions like medicine, law or running for office. Since the 1970s, a number of crackdowns on the Rohingya in Rakhine State have forced hundreds of thousands to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh, as well as Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. During such crackdowns, refugees have often reported rape, torture, arson and murder by Myanmar security forces. IN PICTURES: Rohingya: Chased from Myanmar, unwelcome in Bangladesh After the killings of nine border police in October 2016, troops started pouring into villages in Rakhine State. The government blamed what it called fighters from an armed Rohingya group. The killings led to a security crackdown on villages where Rohingya lived. During the crackdown, government troops were accused of an array of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killing, rape and arson - allegations the government denied. In November 2016, a UN official accused the government of carrying out “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya. It was not the first time such an accusation has been made. In April 2013, for example, HRW said Myanmar was conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya. The government has consistently denied such accusations. Most recently, Myanmar’s military has imposed a crackdown on the country’s Rohingya population after police posts and an army base were attacked in late August. Residents and activists have described scenes of troops firing indiscriminately at unarmed Rohingya men, women and children. The government, however, has said nearly 100 people were killed after armed men from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) launched a raid on police outposts in the region. Since the violence erupted, rights groups have documented fires burning in at least 10 areas of Myanmar’s Rakhine State. More than 300,000 people have fled the violence, with thousands trapped in a no-man’s land between the two countries, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).  The UN has also said that hundreds of civilians who have tried to enter Bangladesh have been pushed back by patrols. Many have also been detained and forcibly returned to Myanmar. 

How many Rohingya have fled Myanmar and where have they gone?

Since the late 1970s, nearly one million Rohingya have fled Myanmar due to widespread persecution. According to the most recently available data from the United Nations in May, more than 168,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar since 2012. Following violence that broke out last year, more than 87,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh from October 2016 to July 2017, according to the International Organization for Migration.  WATCH: Fresh violence forces 18,000 Rohingya to cross into Bangladesh (2:40) Many Rohingya also risked their lives trying to get to Malaysia by boat across the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Between 2012 and 2015, more than 112,000 made the dangerous journey. Prior to the violence that began in August, the UN estimated that there are as many as 420,000 Rohingya refugees in Southeast Asia. Additionally, it said there were around 120,000 internally displaced Rohingya. Since the violence in Myanmar’s northwest began, more than 300,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh, UNHCR said. It added that more than 1,000 people, mostly Rohingya, may have been killed in Myanmar. 

What do Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar government say about the Rohingya?

State Chancellor Aung San Suu Kyi, who is the de facto leader of Myanmar, has refused to really discuss the plight of the Rohingya. Aung San Suu Kyi and her government do not recognise the Rohingya as an ethnic group and have blamed violence in Rakhine, and subsequent military crackdowns, on those they call “terrorists”. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate does not have control over the military but has been criticised for her failure to condemn indiscriminate force used by troops, as well as to stand up for the rights of the more than one million Rohingya in Myanmar. OPINION: Aung San Suu Kyi’s inexcusable silence The government has also repeatedly rejected accusations of abuses. In February 2017, the UN published a report that found that government troops “very likely” committed crimes against humanity since renewed military crackdowns began in October 2016. At the time, the government did not directly address the findings of the report and said it had the “the right to defend the country by lawful means” against “increasing terrorist activities”, adding that a domestic investigation was enough. In April, however, Aung San Suu Kyi said in a rare interview with the BBC that the phrase “ethnic cleansing” was “too strong” a term to describe the situation in Rakhine. “I don’t think there is ethnic cleansing going on,” she said. “I think ethnic cleansing is too strong an expression to use for what is happening.” WATCH: Will Myanmar heed advocacy for Rohingya rights? (24:35) In September 2016, Aung San Suu Kyi entrusted former UN chief Kofi Annan with finding ways to heal the long-standing divisions in the region. While many welcomed the commission and its findings, which were released this August, Azeem Ibrahim, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Policy,  argued it was just a way  for Aung San Suu Kyi to “pacify the global public opinion and try to demonstrate to the international community that she is doing what she can to resolve the issue”. Annan was not given the mandate to investigate specific cases of human rights abuses, but rather one for long-term economic development, education and healthcare. When setting up the commission, Aung San Suu Kyi’s government said it would abide by its findings. The commission urged the government to end the highly militarised crackdown on neighbourhoods where Rohingya live, as well as scrap restrictions on movement and citizenship. Following the release of the August report, the government welcomed the commission’s recommendations and said it would give the report “full consideration with the view to carrying out the recommendations to the fullest extent … in line with the situation on the ground”.  On the latest round of violence, Aung San Suu Kyi condemned a “huge iceberg of misinformation” on the crisis, without mentioning the Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh.  The government has often restricted access to northern Rakhine States for journalists and aid workers. Aung San Suu Kyi’s office has also accused aid groups of helping those it considers to be “terrorists”. OPINION: Myanmar needs to get serious about peace In January, Yanghee Lee, a UN special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, said she was denied access to certain parts of Rakhine and was only allowed to speak to Rohingya who had been pre-approved by the government.  The country has also denied visas to members of a UN probe investigating the violence and alleged abuses in Rakhine.

What does Bangladesh say about the Rohingya?

There are nearly half a million Rohingya refugees living in mostly makeshift camps in Bangladesh. The majority remain unregistered. Bangladesh considers most of those who have crossed its borders and are living outside of camps as having “illegally infiltrated” the country. Bangladesh has often tried to prevent Rohingya refugees from crossing its border.  OPINION: Regional actors should take a stand against Myanmar In late January, the country resurrected a plan to relocate tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to a remote island that is prone to flooding and has also been called “uninhabitable” by rights groups. Under the plan, which was originally introduced in 2015, authorities would move undocumented Myanmar nationals to Thengar Char in the Bay of Bengal. Rights groups have decried the proposal, saying the island completely floods during monsoon season. The UN also called the forced relocation “very complex and controversial”. Most recently, Bangladesh’s foreign minister labelled the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar “a genocide”. The country’s National Commission for Human Rights also said it was considering “pressing for a trial against Myanmar, and against the Myanmar army at an international tribunal” on charges of genocide. 

What does the international community say about the Rohingya?

The international community has labelled the Rohingya the “most persecuted minority in the world”. The UN, as well as several rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have consistently decried the treatment of the Rohingya by Myanmar and neighbouring countries. The UN has said that it is “very likely” that the military committed grave human rights abuses in Rakhine that may amount to war crimes, allegations the government denies. OPINION: Only international pressure can save Rohingya now In March, the UN adopted a resolution to set up an independent, international mission to investigate the alleged abuses. It stopped short of calling for a Commission of Inquiry, the UN’s highest level of investigation. The UN investigators must provide a verbal update in September and a full report next year on their findings. Rights groups have criticised the government’s reluctance to accept the UN investigators. Human Rights Watch warned that Myanmar’s government risked getting bracketed with “pariah states” like North Korea and Syria if it did not allow the UN to investigate alleged crimes. READ MORE: Myanmar - UN probe ‘can only aggravate’ Rakhine tension In response to the latest round of violence, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of the risk of ethnic cleansing, calling on Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s security forces to end the violence. In early September, Guterres also warned of a looming “humanitarian catastrophe” if the violence does not end.  UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein urged Myanmar to end its “brutal security operation” against the Rohingya in Rakhine, calling it a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.  Both UN officials said they completely supported the findings of the advisory commission, led by Kofi Annan, and urged the government to fulfil its recommendations. OPINION: The Rohingya crisis and the role of the OIC

What is the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army?

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), formerly known as the al-Yaqeen Faith Movement, released a statement under its new name in March 2017, saying it was obligated to “defend, salvage and protect [the] Rohingya community”. The group said it would do so “with our best capacities as we have the legitimate right under international law to defend ourselves in line with the principle of self defence”. The group is considered a “terrorist” organisation by the Myanmar government.  In its March statement, the ARSA added that it does “not associate with any terrorist group across the world” and does “not commit any form of terrorism against any civilian[s] regardless of their religious and ethnic origin”. The statement also said: “We […] declare loud and clear that our defensive attacks have only been aimed at the oppressive Burmese regime in accordance with international norms and principles until our demands are fulfilled.” The group has claimed responsibility for an attack on police posts and an army base in Rakhine State. According to the government nearly 400 people were killed, the majority of whom were members of the ARSA. Rights groups, however, say hundreds of civilians have been killed by security forces.  Rights group Fortify Rights said it has documented that fighters with the ARSA “are also accused of killing civilians - suspected government 'informants’ - in recent days and months, as well as preventing men and boys from flee Maungdaw Township”.  On September 9, the group declared a month-long unilateral ceasefire in Rakhine to enable aid groups to address the humanitarian crisis in the area.  “ARSA strongly encourages all concerned humanitarian actors resume their humanitarian assistance to all victims of the humanitarian crisis, irrespective of ethnic or religious background during the ceasefire period,” the group said in a statement, adding that it calls on Myanmar’s military to also temporarily lay down arms.  According to the International Crisis group, the ARSA has ties to Rohingya living in Saudi Arabia. The Myanmar government formally categorised the group as a “terrorist” organisation on August 25.
4 Tier Survival
4 Tier Survival

4-Tier Survival. The tiers are as follows:

  • TIER ONE: This is your everyday carry (EDC) on person. You should have this with you 24/7 or as close to 24/7 seven as possible. Basically, if you have pants on, you should have these items with you.
  • TIER TWO: This is your EDC bag. You should have this with you or within reach 24/7. Take it with you to work, the grocery store, running to the gas station, etc. If you walk out the door of your house, it should be with you.
  • TIER THREE: This is your 72 hour kit, bug out bag, SHTF bag, or any of those other catchy names for them. At a minimum you need one. If you only have the funds for one, so be it. But, eventually I would suggest having one for the house, the vehicle and possibly at work if you have the space to store one.
  • TIER FOUR: This is for long term preparedness. This is long-term food and water storage and procurement methods. Always prepare your home to shelter-in-place first. Then, if you have a secondary bug out location, prepare it. Depending on the disaster or emergency you may or may not be able to bug out. On the other hand, you may be forced to evacuate or bug out.

Before I go any farther in this article I want to give you a great piece of advice:Develop and hone your knowledge, ability and skills over the knives, tools and kits. A vast amount of knowledge and skills with a minimum amount of tools will keep you and your family alive a lot longer than a vast amount of tools and minimum amount knowledge and skills will.This may seem contradictory to what this article is about. But, do not lose sight of this advice. Everyone knows someone who has the newest, best whatever it is but no clue how to use it. This makes them look like a fool. Don’t be a fool.
When creating the tiers, I kept in mind the basic needs of a survival situation, shelter, water, fire, food and I am going to add protection. In a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) situation, protecting yourself, your family, home, supplies and gear could be a paramount priority. The first three tiers will enable you to get to your fourth tier. We all find ourselves away from 
Now, let’s discuss the tools and supplies I feel are needed for each tier. This is by no means the end all, be all list of what is needed. This is what I have come up with for my kits. Feel free to add or take away as you feel necessary. This is based off of my skill set and my family needs. I wanted to condense a lot of information into a single article and basically get you thinking about what you will need. I want you to come up with your own kits. I also wanted to show you that all of the tiers are possible. They will take some time, energy and money, but anyone can do this.
Note: I will not get very technical in the types/brands of items to carry. Use your own judgment; remember, most times you get what you pay for. Also, I go by the mantra, “Two is one, one is none.”
TIER ONE: On-person EDC

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality folding knife of your choice. Make sure it is sharp. You are more likely to injure yourself trying to cut something with a dull knife than you are using a sharp knife.
    • Quality multi-tool. There are many options available. Look at the type of environment you spend the majority of time in, consider your skills, and use this to decide the brand/style of tool you want to carry.
    • Lock picks/Bogota – I choose NOT to carry these as of now. Remember what I said about skills earlier. I know I don’t have the skills needed to use these. Now, once I develop the skills, they will be added to my EDC.
    • Small compass. Just to get a general direction if needed.
    • Pen and small notepad. I personally like the waterproof kind. Nothing like getting caught in the rain and losing everything you have made notes of.
    • Small survival whistle.
    • Cotton bandana.
    • P-38 can opener. I carry one on my key ring. I forget it is even there, until I need it.
  • Cell Phone
    • Pretty self-explanatory. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone that they carry anyway. [JWR Adds: It is important to also keep a 12 VDC cell phone “car charger” handy.]
  • Cordage
    • 550 Cord. There are lots of different, creative ways to carry. There are bracelets, key fobs, zipper pulls, belts, even lacing your boots/shoes with it. Learn how to braid your own items.
  • Fire
    • Small brand name lighter. Cheap and easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Small firesteel. Another cheap, easy to carry way to start a fire.
    • Tinder. Could be a magnesium rod, dryer lint, or any brand of quick tinder that is out on the market now, you should know what works. I prefer magnesium rods; they take up less room and are light.
  • Firearm
    • I am not going to start the never-ending conversation of discussing brands and calibers.
    • Find a gun that you can comfortably carry and shoot.
    • Shoot, a lot.
    • Shoot from behind cover, kneeling, sitting, lying down, standing, off hand, from one yard to 25 yards.
    • Shoot some more.
    • Practice reloading, practice reloading behind cover, practice reloading standing, kneeling, lying down, off hand.
    • Practice some more.
  • Light
    • Small flashlight. I personally look for an LED version that runs off of AA or AAA batteries. Look for one that is waterproof or at the very least water resistant.
    • Keychain LED light. Look for one that has a locking on/off switch. These are easier to use in the fact that they do not have to have constant pressure on the switch to illuminate.
  • USB Drive
    • I use my USB drive to store all types of important documents and other information I run across and want to save. I have encrypted my USB drive in case it falls into the wrong hands. (I strongly suggest doing this.) Also, save the information under nondescript names. In other words, don’t save the file as: “Insurance Papers” or “Social Security Cards”, etc.
    • Birth/Marriage Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Driver’s License
    • Insurance Policies/Cards
    • Vehicle Registrations/Insurance
    • Medical/Shot Record
    • Recent Check Stubs/Bank Statements
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Property Description
    • Another option/addition to this is online file storage. There are many places available on the internet to store files on a remote server and be able to access from any computer or cell phone with internet access.

Some people I have seen carry as much as possible on their keychain. The only thing with that is if you lose your keys, you have lost a lot of your gear. I carry some stuff on my belt, some in pockets and some on a keychain. I have even seen and thought about carrying some items around my neck. Whatever you feel comfortable with and what works for you is best.

Tier two is going to contain pretty much everything from tier one except bigger and better.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife of your choice. Again make sure it is sharp.
    • Sharpening stone.
    • Quality multi-tool. I would look at one to complement the one from tier one. A little larger and possibly features that the other does not have. I personally wouldn’t want the exact same model from tier one. Look at the ones that have the screwdriver possibilities.
    • Small entry bar or pry bar.
    • Larger more reliable compass. Possibly a GPS system if you are so inclined. If you are in a large urban environment, I would have a city map in my EDC bag.
    • Pens and notepad again. Plenty of pens and permanent markers.
    • P-51 can opener.(A scaled-up version of the P-38.)
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • This is where I would keep a wall charger for my cell phone.
    • I would also think about one of the emergency chargers that run off of batteries at this point.
    • I also carry a pay-as-you go phone in my EDC bag. On some occasions when one service is down, others are still up and running. It’s a cheap insurance policy.
    • Radio of some sort. Depends on your location and abilities.
  • Cordage
    • I would carry no less than 25 feet of 550 cord in my EDC bag. The more the better. Again, options here, braid it to take up less space, key fobs, I’ve seen some braided water bottle carriers. Use your imagination
    • I have run across Kevlar cord, no personal experience with it. But, something I will check out.
    • I would toss in some duct tape and electrical tape here. You can take it off of the cardboard roll and roll it onto itself and it takes up very little room.
    • Possibly some wire, picture hanging wire works well.
    • Possibly some zip ties. Various sizes as you see fit.
    • I also have a couple of carabiners clipped to my bag.
  • Fire
    • Another cheap lighter.
    • Larger firesteel.
    • More tinder. Personally I prefer the magnesium, but whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Firearm
    • I personally don’t see the need to carry a second firearm.
    • I would however warrant the carrying of at least two spare magazines for the handgun in tier one.
  • First-Aid
    • Basic first aid kit.
    • Package of quick slotting agent.
    • Basic EMT shears.
    • Basic pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach tablets etc.
    • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
    • Baby wipes.
  • Food
    • I always carry a couple of energy or meal replacement bars in my bag. If nothing else, I may have to work through lunch and need a snack.
    • Some people will toss a freeze-dried meal or MRE if they have room. Personally, I don’t.
    • A small pack of hard candy.
  • Light
    • I personally prefer a headlamp at this stage. You can use a headlamp as a flashlight; you can’t use a flashlight as a headlamp.
    • If you don’t go the headlamp route, choose a higher quality flashlight than tier one.
    • Extra batteries. On the subject of batteries, do your best to acquire electronic items that use the same size of battery.
    • Another keychain light. I have one attached to the inside of my bag to aid in finding items inside in low-light situations.
    • Some people carry chemical light sticks in their EDC bag. I have found battery operated light sticks that also have a small flashlight in one end I prefer to carry.
  • Shelter
    • I keep a packable rain jacket at all times and depending on the weather a packable pair of rain pants. Remember, your clothing is your first form of shelter.
    • I also keep a couple of “survival” blankets in my bag.
    • I keep a couple of contractor style garbage bags as well.
  • Water
    • I have a stainless steel water bottle that stays in my pack at all times. If I am traveling longer than my normal commute, I will toss in a small collapsible water container.
    • Ziploc bags.
    • Two-part chemical water purifier.
    • Filtering drinking straw.
    • Toss in a couple of standard coffee filters to filter sediment if needed.

Now, bear in mind, my EDC bag is not for long-term survival. I feel like I could sustain myself for several days if I needed to with the contents of my pack. However, that is not its intended use. All of the tiers are designed to sustain you until you can “make it” to the next tier.

My EDC bag is the same bag I use for school every day. Granted I cannot carry a weapon or ammunition into the school building. My point is you don’t want all of your Tier Two items to be so big and bulky that you can’t comfortably carry them. All of this stuff is in addition to my school books and papers and tablet. For those of you that are curious, I prefer a messenger style bag. But, again, whatever works for you and is the most comfortable.

TIER THREE: Larger rucksack or backpack

A lot of people would call this the 72 hour kit. I feel that this is a bit of a misnomer. Granted, 72 hours is a good figure for most people to shoot for. However, I feel that in this stage of the game, you should be able to carry enough to survive indefinitely.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Quality fixed blade knife. If you want you can double up from tier two. Depends on your requirements. Remember, two is one, one is none.
    • Small quality folding shovel.
    • Quality hatchet.
    • Small machete. If you feel that your knife is up to the task of clearing brush, no need for one. Also, if you are in a true bug out situation where people could be looking for you, you don’t want to clear a highway through the brush.
    • Some type of saw or saw blades. There are some nice pocket chain saws on the market now. Or you could carry blades and fashion your own handle or frame.
    • Tools for forced entry if warranted. Pry bars, bolt cutters, etc.
    • Tool kit. Depends on your location and environment. At the bare minimum carry enough tools to repair anything that you are depending on in a survival situation.
  • Cell Phone/Communications
    • Depending on the level of the disaster cell phones may or may or may not be working.
    • Again, depending on your location and abilities, depends on the type of communications you should carry.
    • One thing I have not seen widely talked about is two way radios. Obviously this would be if more than one person is in your party. However, now you start talking about batteries and chargers.
  • Cordage
    • At least 100 feet of 550 cord.
    • Depending on your environment, climbing rope, harness and gear may be warranted.
    • Tape, electrical and duct.
    • Zip ties, various sizes
    • Wire, picture wire.
    • Carabiners, various sizes.
  • Fire
    • Cheap lighter.
    • Firesteel.
    • Tinder.
    • Camp stove. Small, lightweight, portable. A lot of good information about this out there. Pay special attention to the type of fuel that the stove you select uses.
  • Firearm

This depends on the type of situation you are in. I will list the types of firearms I would have, not necessarily carry, and reasons why. If this is a true bug out situation obviously the adults in your party could carry at least one, more than likely two, long guns.

  • We have already discussed a handgun.
  • “Modern Sporting Rifle”. Be it an AR based platform, an AK-47, Mini-14 etc. I personally like the AR platform. However, A’s can be a bit finicky if not properly cleaned and maintained. Something you may not be able to do well in a TEOTWAWKI situation. So, I would grab an AK-47. Whatever your budget and preference lead you to.
  • .22 caliber rifle. There are many options, I personally recommend the Ruger 10-22. There are several collapsible stocks available. This is for hunting small game.
  • Home defense shotgun. I would suggest a 12 gauge. The options and setups are endless. You can go as mild or as wild as your budget and imagination allow. This is not something I would necessarily always grab. However, this is something I feel that no home should be without. The sound of a shell racking into the chamber of a pump shotgun is a sound that will deter most people without even firing a shot.
  • Extra magazines and ammunition.
  • First-Aid
    • More advanced first aid kit. There are pre-made ones on the market or come up with your own.
    • Quick clotting agent.
    • EMT Shears.
    • Pain relievers, fever reducers, upset stomach pills, etc.
    • A week’s supply of any prescription medications.
    • Any supply of antibiotics or narcotics that you can procure.
    • Knowledge of natural/herbal remedies. Here is a great area where knowledge can help you a lot longer than supplies can.
  • Food
    • If you want to put in a three day supply of freeze-dried meals or MRE’s. Go for it. But here is where procuring your own food will come in handy.
    • I would suggest some type of mess style kit for cooking. Again, your choice.
    • Fishing kit. Fishing line, assortment of hooks, sinkers and artificial bait if desired.
    • Fishing “yo-yo” traps. Can be set and left alone to catch fish while you are doing some other task. I feel these are a necessity. They are light and take up little room.
    • Snare kit. I would suggest several pre-made snares and supplies to create more.
    • Traps. Connibear style traps, an assortment of sizes. 4-6 is all you should need.
    • Frog gigs. Could also be used for spearing fish, depending on your location.
    • You also have a firearm for taking small or large game.
    • Knowledge of wild edibles in your area or bug out location.
  • Light
    • Again, I would suggest a headlamp and extra batteries.
    • Use your discretion for what else you may want/need.
  • Shelter
    • Two changes of clothes. One for warm weather and one for cool/cold weather. Again depending on your environment.
    • I would suggest at least 3 pair of underwear and 6 pair of socks.
    • Packable rain gear.
    • Quality bivy style shelter or tarp.
    • Quality sleeping bag. Again, do some research. See what fits your needs and budget.
    • Sleeping pad if wanted.
    • Possibly a pocket style hammock.
  • Water
    • Stainless steel water bottle.
    • Chemical water treatment.
    • Water filter/purifier. Again, look at your budget and needs. There are several nice options out there.
    • Coffee filters for straining out sediment.
    • Collapsible water storage.

TIER FOUR: Long term preparedness.
Even though this is the largest of all the tiers, I will probably go into the least amount of detail. There are many great sources of information concerning long term preparedness, being one of the best, if not the best, in my opinion.

  • Blades/Tools
    • Obviously any blade or tool previously discussed. Except full size versions.
    • An ax, saws, shovels, garden hoes, rakes, etc.
    • Possibly a plow, seeder, etc, for planting a garden.
    • Variety of hand tools.
    • Automotive tools, carpentry tools, etc.
    • Sewing machine, needles, thread, clothing patterns, etc.
    • Begin thinking of ways you can use your tools and knowledge to develop a skill that can be used for trade or barter.
  • Communication
    • Short wave radios, ham radios, etc.
    • Two way radios.
  • Cordage
    • Large amounts of any cordage or supplies under cordage already discussed.
  • Fire
    • Cast iron stove.
    • Fireplace.
    • Begin thinking now about how you will be heating your home in the winter. Think about how you will be cooking your meals. Also, think about how you will get fuel for your fire.
  • Firearms
    • We discussed in tier three the types of firearms I felt were needed.
    • Begin thinking about amount of ammo you can and are willing to stockpile.
    • Begin thinking about reloading your own ammunition. Begin thinking about stockpiling supplies. This can be turned into great bartering items.
  • First Aid
    • Begin developing a large first aid supply. Think about what you will need to do without a doctor present. Suture kits, surgical kit, trauma kit, etc. There will be no running to the emergency room.
    • Begin thinking about dental supplies. Again, there will possibly be no dentists to go to.
    • Again, knowledge is key in this situation. There are some good books about this type of thing. Take a first aid class, learn CPR. Learn as much as you possibly can.
    • Study about and begin stockpiling medications.
  • Food
    • There are many more articles to be written and read on this subject alone.
    • Start developing a small reserve of foods that you eat on a regular basis that have a long shelf life. Start with a week; go to a month, then three months, then a year, then longer.
    • Begin thinking now about storage. A year’s supply of food for your family will take up a considerable amount of space.
    • Expand on the amount of items you have from tier three. Increase the number of traps and snares you have.
    • Think about obtaining a variety of seeds to plant in your garden.
    • Again, there is a vast amount of information to be found on this subject alone. The main thing I want you to understand is this is doable, on any income. Start small and work your way up to larger quantities.
    • Do not get yourself into a financial burden by going out and buying a year’s supply of food at one time.
  • Light
    • Begin obtaining lanterns, fuel, mantles, etc.
    • Begin thinking about candles and candle making.
    • If you are so inclined, begin thinking about solar panels for your home or shelter location.
  • Shelter
    • Begin making those small repairs to your home. Things that may be fairly quickly and easily fixed now may not be so easily fixed later. I’m not talking kitchen remodeling; I’m talking leaky faucets, broken windows, drafty doors, etc.
    • Think about having a metal roof installed if you don’t have one already.
    • This is the time to think about a secondary survival location. A remote, rural location. Think of this as an investment. It could be used now as a vacation spot. Use it later as a retirement home.
  • Water
    • Begin storing water. Think not only about drinking, but also cooking and cleaning.
    • Again, start small. Begin with a few days worth; then weeks and months.
    • Start thinking about long-term procurement and storage. Gutters that empty into water storage, etc. Think also about purification on a large scale.
  • Miscellaneous Things to Thing About
    • Sit down and make a list of normal, everyday things that you do around your house, cleaning, washing, “personal” business, entertainment, etc.
    • These are activities that require items that you will not be able to run down to the store to get.
    • Toiletries. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene, etc.
    • Cleaning. Bleach, disinfectant, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Entertainment. Cards, board games, puzzles, books, etc.
    • Think about large quantity storage of fuel; for cooking, heating, anything with an internal combustion engine, etc.

Again, I have very briefly touched on long term preparedness. There are numerous articles and books on long term preparedness. Read them. This is meant merely as a primer to get you thinking about long term survival.

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I've read that your followers said that you deserve to go to the fansign because of the albums. Does that mean that you can't go to a fanmeeting unless you buy an album and a ticket is in there? Aren't there fanmeeting tickets you can buy like for concerts? Thank you for answering 💕

There will be multiple fansign events for the comeback, but since I want to make sure that everyone gets the special photocard which only comes with first press (first round of albums printed by Big Hit), I wanted to try to get everything organized for this fansign. There are 100 people allowed into the fansign and it is basically a lottery based on the number of albums you buy. I could buy 500 albums and still not get in, but definitely the more albums purchased, the better chance you have to get in. As this is only for fans in Korea, I wanted to use this opportunity to attempt to get into a fansign while helping fans through our blog buy albums to support BTS.

Do you know how long it’ll take for your information to get sorted out? I’d really love to order from you!

I’m contacting my study abroad program advisor at this very minute and I’ll post soon as to whether or not I’ll be able to hold this international order for the first fansign. If I can’t get the first fansign, I will most likely be able to hold orders for one of the fansigns! (I really want to get this sorted for Aladin though since I want to get you guys the special photocard…) So my advisor just replied and said that they don’t know how long it will take…I will let you guys know if I can hold this order or not as soon as possible. In the meantime, please don’t wait for me. If you really want an album with the special first press photocard please order now! I don’t want you guys to miss out…

I would be totally fine with this giving you a chance to attend a fansign if you don’t make profit tbh, and i like that you’re upfront about it, a lot of ppl who do GO don’t even mention fansigns/profits, like they’re doing it out of the goodwill of their heart. But if you don’t make profit, maybe you should write the questions you want on the post it? unless you don’t have any idea lol, plus they have to be short questions.

Thank you so so much. You don’t know how much it means to me to read this kind of message. I definitely don’t want to take any money from ARMYs. This is meant to be a win win win situation. You guys would be able to purchase albums at a flat price of just album cost + shipping cost, it would contribute to BTS album sales, I might be able to go to a fansign, and maybe even give post-its with questions from you guys (or maybe we can work out a letters thing). I know I’m getting ahead of myself since I don’t even know when I will get my Alien Registration Card, but I just wanted to let you guys know of this potential opportunity~
- Kylie

Useless fact

Singapore citizens and permanent residents born before the year 2000 are assigned the letter “S” on their National Registration Identity Card as  it is 19th letter of the alphabet, it was reinterpreted as denoting that the person was born in the 1900s (1900–1999).

Singapore citizens and permanent residents born in and after 2000 are assigned the letter “T” as it is the 20th letter of the alphabet, denoting that the person was born in the years 2000 to 2099.

Resource List

I’ve made a page to collect posts that may or may not be useful for those who are about to study abroad in South Korea. Some of these might be more useful for those who are going to Ewha Womans University though. I’m going to add more links and keep this list as updated as possible.

Note: not all of these are mine.

Application Process

How to get to Ewha from the Airport

Housing & Dorms

Classes at Ewha

  • How to register for classes
    Please note as that as of spring 2015 Ewha will offer TWO types of Korean classes (not to be confused with levels), academic and practical Korean. Academic Korean is still Mon-Thu period 1-2 but practical Korean is Tue and Thu period 6-7. 
  • Advice on learning Korean
    Sort of. I did my best.



Buster Keaton’s WW1 Draft Registration Card

“Keaton served in the United States Army in France with the 40th Infantry Division during World War I. His unit remained intact and was not broken up to provide replacements, as happened to some other late-arriving divisions. During his time in uniform, he suffered an ear infection that permanently impaired his hearing.” 


Name in full Joseph F. Keaton
Age 21
Home address 368 W 50th St,  New York, N.Y.
Date of birth 10/4/1895
Intention Natino Bonna (essentially means just volunteering)
Where were you born? Picquy, Kansas, USA
What is your present trade, occupation or office? Motion Picture Performer
By whom employed? Roscoe Arbuckle
Where employed? 431 Broadway*
Married or Single? Single

Registrar’s Report
Tall, medium or short? Medium
Slender, medium or stout? Slender

Dated June 5, 1917.
*= unsure

Thank you to @bussielove for noting the correction to 368 W 50th St!


(Refers to the Oikawa hanger special chapter.)

Whoops I wasn’t aware of seijou week earlier, but here’s something random me and piyocchi came up with to contribute.

The alien registration card thing is used for registering foreigners residing in another country. I’m not really sure if it’s still used but for the sake of this strip let us not think about it too much.

How to Stay at a Hotel

Now that I’m leaving my front desk position for greener pastures, I thought I’d put together a list of the dos and don’ts of staying at a hotel.

  • If you’re coming in to to town for a big event, try to book at least 6 months in advance. If you’re not sure how many nights or rooms you’ll need, book more. They will be gone quicker than you think.
  • PSA: if you book online through Expedia, Priceline, et. al, we can’t do a goddamn thing about your rate. We charge them and they charge you. Something wrong with the room? Be prepared to play phone tag with Expedia and our hotel for the next month trying to get that money back.
  • And for the love of God, if you book online please pay attention to what site it is. It is disturbing how many people will blindly enter their credit card information in the first thing they see on Google.
  • On that note, hotels lose money when you book online. We hate third party booking sites. If the time you’re coming in for isn’t busy, you can usually negotiate your way to a similar rate over the phone. Hotels can’t match online prices, but they can get pretty close. And it’s a hell of a lot easier to fix if there’s an issue with the room or billing.
  • Rates change. Rates can change from day to day, from week to week, from month to month. Busier the hotel, higher the rates. So it’s entirely reasonable that you could’ve stayed at a hotel a year ago and paid $79 a night, and the rate jumps up to $110 for a busy weekend. Not much we can do about it. 
  • If you’re coming in to town for a hospital visit, mention that over the phone when you make the reservation! Most hotels have deals with local hospitals.
  • If we’re sold out, we’re sold out. We can’t make rooms appear. Being a member doesn’t make rooms appear. If there’s a big event in town, don’t hold your breath for a cancelation. Find alternative lodgings.
  • Special requests? Let us know BEFORE you check in. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee anything, especially if the hotel is full during that time.
  • There are different classes of hotels. The stars refer to the amount of amenities, quality, and services. Less stars = less services; more stars = more services. A 1, 2 or 3 star hotel is not a “bad hotel,” just expect less frills.
  • When you call to reserve a room and we take your credit card information, that does not pay for the room then and there, that just guarantees the reservation.
  • If you want to use your credit card to pay for someone else’s room, you need to communicate that clearly to the hotel. Because anyone who checks into a room won’t be let in without an ID and a matching credit card on the spot unless you’ve set up something in advance.
  • You need a valid credit card to check in. This is 2015. No checks. No prepaid cards. A card with your name on it, that matches the name on your ID. 
  • Make sure you tell your bank before you travel. This will prevent your credit card from declining when you try to check in.
  • Please, please read the registration card thoroughly before you get to your room. Yes, I know it’s boring, but those words you’re putting your initials and signature next to are you agreeing to certain things that you will be held accountable for later. It’s also easier to fix incorrect dates on a reservation at check in then it is once you’re already here.
  • If you sign the agreement not to smoke in the hotel and you smoke in the hotel, you’re getting charged. “I didn’t read the thing” isn’t a valid excuse.
  • While the front desk person is explaining things on the registration card, please, please, please don’t grab the pen out of their hands. This is so rude.
  • If you notice something wrong with the room, don’t wait until checkout to report it. We can’t do anything about it when you’re leaving. Something doesn’t look right? Don’t put up with it! Tell the front desk right away and we’ll fix it for you.
  • Don’t ask for the room “for just a few hours.” Not gonna happen. You’re paying full price. Get your sex freak on and stay the whole night. You’ll get free breakfast in the morning.
  • Your phone and credit cards demagnetize your room keys. Don’t put them next to each other.
  • If you lose your room key and need a new one, you will be asked to prove your identity at the front desk. We don’t do this to be difficult – it’s a security issue.
  • You will receive better service the better you treat the hotel employees. If you’re an asshole, staff is going to be less willing to go out of their way to help you. And we will talk about you behind your back. And give you a shitty room. 
  • Looking for something to do or good places to eat? Ask the front desk! We’re local, we know where to go. You’ll get better recommendations than searching online. 
  • Also, don’t try and hide your weed under the mattress. I don’t know why people think we won’t look there. And you will be charged for smoking in the room.
  • PSA: Dirtiest thing in the room is the remote. It gets cleaned in between guests, but depending on the hotel sometimes it gets overlooked. It happens. But use a tissue to touch the buttons.
  • If you need a late checkout, let the front desk staff know. If your stuff is in the room after checkout time, we’ll assume you’re staying another night and will charge you for it.
  • If something was wrong with the room and you couldn’t let staff know until checkout, calmly explain why it was a problem and you’ll likely get a discount. Don’t yell or scream or immediately ask to speak to the manager (see point about assholes, above).
  • READ THE BILL BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I can’t stress this enough. It’s infinitely easier to fix a bill when you’re there in person. 
  • If the bill looks higher than what you thought, did you include taxes in your estimate? Consider this before anything else.
  • And for the record, yes you have to pay taxes and no I can’t lower how high the taxes are. That’s a federal crime. Stop asking.
  • If you enjoyed your stay, please fill out the online survey we send to you! People often only respond to negative stays, and we really need the positive responses as well! It helps the employees. 

There you be! Now you know how to stay at a hotel without pissing off every single employee you come into contact with. Enjoy your stay!

Daegu Survival Guide

So I am updating this post to include many of the new and exciting things in Colorful Daegu. Here we go!

Dear Epiker,

Congratulations you made it through the long process. This is a guide answering many of your questions about getting through your first month. This is real stuff. No fluff. And strictly from my own personal experiences and talking with my friends. 

Gifts for Principal etc.

Guess what!? You don’t have to bring gifts. What I would advise is waiting until your first paycheck and then buying a cake or basket of fruit for the lounge. It surprises them and its equal for everyone to share. Sometimes giving gifts can get complicated. You really won’t know how many co-teachers you will have…I have 6 plus other teachers I really like. So, just wait. Fruit or dessert is always nice. 

ARC- Alien Registration Card

If you’re from the USA, this is like your Social Security card. Keep it with you at all times. Or remember your number. This card allows you to get a cellphone and bank account. It takes between 7-10 business days to receive this card after you register a the immigration office. As soon as you arrive in Daegu, tell your co-teach that you want to head over to immigration. Rememebr to take your passport, contract, and a two photos (passprt sized). Now, I did not need my ARC to get a phone or bank account. I just needed proof that I registered for one. It depends on your co-teacher’s “connections”. When you want to buy train tickets to another city you will need this card. To buy concert tickets you will need this card. THIS CARD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. 


Korea is the land of Samsung and LG, so you will be just fine. Just get a cellphone in Korea! The Arrival Store is too expensive (you can get most of that stuff here for a lot less). Bringing an unlocked phone may cost you too because you have to break your contract and pay money for that. And you get to pick your phone number!! Yippee!

Bank Account

If you are coming to Daegu, you will more than likely be banking with Daegu Bank. Here are some other banks: Nonghyup, KB, and KEB. All are pretty good, however, I have noticed that Nonghyup people have the VISA logo that we Daegu bank people don’t have. Which sucks, cause as you know can’t order from America or anywhere without the VISA logo.

Hours of operation are M-F 9-4:30. 24 hour ATM service. And make sure you get a check card…not just an ATM card. The gray/silver card is the card you want.

 AGAIN It does not have VISA or MASTERCARD on it…just fyi. You can pay bills at the ATM…choose English option…then transfer…choose the bank you want to transfer to (only Korean banks) put in the account number….then the amount…and confirm. DONE. You can set up money transfers to your home bank. make sure you ask your co-teacher for help with this while at the bank so that you understand fees involved. 

Your Apartment

Your landlord may not speak any English. So make sure your co-teacher gets the following information for you.

-How to turn on the air/heat

-How to use the washer

-How to turn on/off hot water

-Internet cost; if you have WiFi

-How bills should be paid

-When your bills will come

-How to contact the landlord if you need anything.

-Trash! how to get rid of it; where to put it. Trash is very different in Korea. You may need to separate it. Also ask where to buy trash bags and the food can. 


I suggest downloading the Daegu Bus App on your smartphone or the Naver Daegu Bus App if your Korean is pretty good. Or just use good old Google Maps…type in destination and you’re set. 

Important: Banwaldong and Jungangro are the main downtown areas. We go clubbing here, meet with friends for dinner, go shopping, take Korean classes at the YMCA here. So much stuff here. You will probably spend 90% of your free time here. 

Subway~Daegu, as of right now, has two rail lines. The red and the green.  A blue is being added. You will need a bus card. There are many oprtion for a bus pass which are pictured below…the Yellow pass is the basic Daegu bus pass. The Toppass can be used anywhere…Seoul, Busan, and Daegu. I have not used it in other provinces yet,

There are machines to load the card in every station. Its the “Add Value Machine” Select English for your fist few times.  Some people use their bank cards as their bus card. You can ask for this at your bank when you sign up for an account…and please please please ask them how to load that card using a ATM. 

Buses~ A bit more complicated but remember RED BUSES ARE RAPIDBUSES (see the pic below)

…they get you to your destination a lot faster. And all of them go downtown. 


We get insurance!! Yay!! Ok so for those going to be living in Daegu, Hyosung Hospital is extremely foreigner friendly. Ms. Gu is awesome and there is no wait because hey we are a small population here. Hyosung is the best place especially for women. 

1. Hyosung Byung-won (효성 병원)  Suseong-gu

Ms. Gu: 053-766-7073

OBGYN: 9:00am-8:00pm / IM: 9:00am-6:00pm / PED: 9:00am-7:00pm

2. Fatima Byung-won (파티마 병원)



3. Keiymyung University Hospital

4. Yeungnam University Hospital

 Dentist: Dr. Kenneth Lee

 Banwaldong Station exit 12, KEB building, 7th floor


 Glasses/Contacts- Walk into any glasses store. They are everywhere!!!!! 

Bring medicines that you like from home. You may not find them here. Bring a month’s supply or more for until you can find what you need. There are pharmacies literally everywhere, so you can get basic pharmacy stuff.

Women: If you have certain feminine hygiene products or birth control that you use, bring at least 2-3 months supply to get you through until you find what you need. You will need a prescription from a Korean doctor for these pills if you plan to get them here.


Shopping: Homeplus, Emart, Daebec Mart, Costco

Or local mom and pop places that will be around your neighborhood. 

Downtown has food galore!! Just be careful about what you eat. Sometimes things are not labeled so please know what you are allergic to. Every week my friends and I seem to find a new place to eat here are some of our favorites:

Traveler’s Bar & Grill $: All American Burgers, Fish and Chips, Vegetarian options, etc. Trivia Night here is awesome!

Seolbing/Korean Dessert Cafe

Mr. Pig $: All you can eat meat!!! Korean Style do-it-yourself BBQ

Little Italia $: Authentic Italian Food + Really Hot Chef

Tara $$$: Indian style Food

Ashley’s $$: Buffet style

Sharonis Resaturant $$: Buffet, Sushi, Pizza, All you need in the world. 

Pan-Asia $$: Food from all over Asia

I would advise you to pick up the monthly magazine “The Compass” for details about restaurants. It also has maps of downtown which you will need for probably your first eight months here. No, I’m serious.


Dalseong Park

Palgonsan Mountain

Apsan Mountain

Duryu Park

Suseong Lake and Park

Feb. 28 Joongang Memorial Park



You can find survival Korean everywhere online…USE THEM! Know how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you. If you want to take Korean classes there are too many ways. One way is the YMCA. You can join language exchange groups too, one cf which is CulCom. Very easy to find on Facebook. 


You will be dealing with people staring and touching you. People saying things that will not fly in the US, UK, South Africa, etc.  Be patient, you will find your footing. 

If there is anything you need to know, just ask. We all started at the same place, so we can all help each other. 

World War I Draft Registration Card for Louis Armstrong, 09/12/1918.

Item From: Records of the Selective Service System ( World War I). (1917-07/15/1919).

This draft card for an 18 year old Louis Armstrong shows his occupation as a musician. It also shows that he was born on July 4rth 1900, and mentions his mother May Armstrong .


[ENG] Haikyuu LN Vol 2 - Invasion of the Cats
External image

(So I tried my hand on translating the haikyuu light novel. this particular chapter tells about nekoma and their journey from tokyo to miyagi. please be aware that my translation isn’t 100% accurate as i’m not really fluent in japanese. There’s also T/N everywhere because some words are better left in Japanese, I think. Ugh.)

2nd of May, early morning. Tokyo station.

A group of people wearing red jerseys boarded the shinkansen heading to Tohoku. The stand out appearance attracted a lot of looks inside the car, but they paid no heed and instead looking for their seat number while walking. Yes, all of them were members of Nekoma Volleyball club who were heading to Karasuno.

“13C…… Here,” The captain, Kuroo, and Kozume found their seats and sat and the shinkansen slowly started to move.

Keep reading