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Never Sleeping Again: Part 4


Ronan was awake even earlier than he had been the week before. To be honest, he had never gone to bed. He had made a pyramid of cards with Noah (until Noah accidentally knocked it over), translated some Latin texts for Gansey, listened to 5 dubstep playlists while doing crunches, pushups, pullups, handstands, and any other indoor physical exercise that he could think of. He had ignored fifteen texts and three calls from Joseph Kavinsky, each message more lurid and descriptive than the one before. In the predawn hours he had gone for a walk to St. Agnes and had climbed up to the balcony and nursed a thermos of Sweet Dreams tea. He thought about Adam and tried not to think about Adam because all he had to go on was a few words, a few smiles, and that mystifying statement when he told Adam he’d see him around: Yes, yes you will. Good to meet you, Ronan Lynch. People didn’t say shit like that to him. Cute guys definitely didn’t say that shit to him.

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For future livestream ideas, would the three-episode (18-20) boat arc filler from the 1999 anime be something you would consider doing? It's the most distinctive bit of filler I remember from the old anime, and I'd say it's at least on par with the movies regarding character moments, action, and fanservice. Plus it's a self-contained original story between Trick Tower and Zevil Island too, so I think it would be a fun sample of the strangeness of the 1999 anime for people who haven't seen it.

YES i love this idea, thank you for the suggestion!! i haven’t watched this before so i don’t know what to expect, but i think i did see screenshots of hisoka on the boat being a lonely loser with a bajillion card pyramids in his room so it’s probably worth watching just for that

Fallout Characters Who Could Use A Nap
  • Raul. Let the poor man take a load off and get some shuteye his knees hurt.
  • Preston. He works very hard and everyone worries about him and it will make his skin softer; let him nap, he’s done enough.
  • I would say Boone needs to nap but honestly I think the stress and sleep deprivation are better for his emotional state.
  • Hancock has had six naps today, his life is one long series of naps, he is napping right now, he doesn’t need another fucking nap. 
  • Danse has never let one of his colleagues nap in his vicinity if he can help it; fuck Danse and his naps.
  • Cait needs a nap, Cait has needed a nap her entire life, let the burly wife sack out for an hour.
  • If Arcade ever actually got enough sleep his terrible personality would crumble like a soggy card pyramid and the universe would probably implode. Do not let him nap.
  • Nick doesn’t need to nap but I bet he would be supportive if you wanted one.
  • Let Edward Deegan Rest He Does His Best.
The signs camping

Aries- *lights up a fire* *refuses help* *pitches tent* *collects firewood* *angry* *red eyes* *destroy Aquarius card pyramid* “I’M DOING WVERYTHING ALONE, YOU USELESS!!!! FUCK YOU ALL”

Taurus- *looking at the stars casually eating a hamburguer* *steps on a stick* “OMG A SNAKE” *runs* “SAVE THE FOOD”

Gemini- “HEY SAG HOW ARE YOU BRO” “HIGH FIVE ARIES” *goes to scorpio* “I don’t like to gossip but have I told you that Sagittarius and Aries met yesterday? I think they may have something but idk, did you watch the Grammy’s? What’s your favorite singer? My hair is ugly? *talks for 3 hours*

Cancer- *hugging teddy bear* “I miss my mom” *listen to Adele for the rest of the night*

Leo- “OKAY LISTEN TO ME YOUR FUCKERS DO WHAT I SAY AND WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN” *leads the way* “Pisces stop trying to feed this fox with our marshmallows”

Virgo- “Oh God we could be dead in a second” *spraying insect repellent* “IS IT MUD? NO WAY, BYE BITCHES” *entering the tent*

Libra- *roasting marshmallows with Capricorn* *flips hair* “Gemini is such a bitch. She told everybody I kissed Pisces, I hate her” *gemini comes* “HI GIRL WANTS TO JOIN US?”

Scorpio- *determined* “Aries come here” ~ten minutes later~ *making out*

Sagittarius- “Aries made out with Scorpio? Oh I don’t care I didn’t like her anyway she was too bitchy” *turns to Aquarius* “LET’S FIND SOME MUSHROOMS?”

Capricorn- *reading book* *makes a joke* *nobody laughs* *sits with Libra* “Hey friend at least YOU like me, right?”

Aquarius- *talking to Virgo* “Yeah I do think Aliens really exist but they are some kind of humanoid, you know? Like they can time travel because the human race made them so they became too powerfull and dominated world” *lays in the ground* 

Pisces- *strokes frog* “Hey little butterfly you’re so cute let me give you a name” *catches it* “SIMBA”

The Riddle of Love

(Y/n) gently laid down the last card in her pack completing the card pyramid she had created. She’d been working on some case files for the past three hours and had decided she deserved a break.

She used to do it all the time when she lived with her dad, but ever since she joined the BAU and got her own apartment she hadn’t got the chance to build one.

It was a bonding exercise that her dad’s Councillor had recommended. To help with the stress of becoming a single parent. She sighed thinking about her mum, she missed them both all the time.  

But she was happy with her job, her team was like the family she never had. It was truly wonderful.

Her attention was pulled to Spencer and Derek who were rapidly bickering whilst making their way over to Spencer’s desk. It was probably something stupid but (Y/n) found her self hopelessly in love with Spencer. His hair, his eyes, the way that he subconsciously would wet his lips with his tongue. The man had her heart and he didn’t even know it.  

As they strode past a gust of air knocked over the card pyramid she had spent so long building. Sadly she looked at the slightly sorry looking figures that had frozen by her desk.

“S-Sorry,” muttered Spencer looking down at the pile of cards that lay flat against the desk. Derek tapped her shoulder.

“Sorry, Sweet Cheeks.”  

Solemnly sweeping the cards into a pile and slipping them away into the card board box.

“Sorry about that” Spencer apologized again, his eyes meeting hers. He felt very guilty, and noticed the still rather large pile of case files on her desk. Clearing his throat he gestured to them. “His about we finish the rest together?”  

Her eyes widened “Oh no Spencer I could never ask-” he cut her off.

“I’m not asking, I’m apologising.”


They had been working for around thirty minutes when they finally finished. Smiling at her self, (y/n) looked over at Spencer who too had a proud smile on his face.  

“I swear Hotch gives me more then anyone else,” Spencer shrugged and looked over at her. He’d constantly found himself doing it. She was just so, wonderful, beautiful and completely out of his league.

“How about that card tower?” She smiled and pulled the cards from the box, handing him just about half.

They began to build and Spencer felt her hand brush his.

“I love you”


“Oh um nothing” Spencer awkwardly stood from the seat and walked away quickly. (Y/n) sighed, and returned her eyes to the cards.

Raising from her seat (y/n) gathered her coat up in her arms and sent one last longing look in the direction Spencer had left in. Why couldn’t he just see she loved him?


The next day (y/n) came in early as she normally did, show often woke up early a habit from her childhood. Placing her coat on the back of her chair she noticed a card taped to her desk a message written on it. Slowly she removed  the card and held it up.  

‘Where does Valentine’s Day come after Easter?’

She frowned and placed the card down, she was puzzled, it was clearly a riddle but what was the answer.  Looking around she spotted the book self over in the corner, the thing just sat there and collected dust. Her eyes widened, A Dictionary!  

Jogging over to the self she grabbed the dictionary that’s spine was sticking out the most, she opened the over and there as she had predicted was another card.  

'When I look at her, she smiles at me. When I wink at her, she winks at me. When I kiss her, she kisses me back. When I say I love you, she says it back. Who am I?’

My reflection! Running to the girls bathroom she pushed open the door and sure enough a card was taped to the mirror. Grabbing this one a small smile came to her face, this was fun.

'He has married many but has never been married . Who is he?’

The answer was a priest, but (Y/N) didn’t know a priest. Placing the card in her pocket she ran a hand through her hair and left the toilets. “Priest,” She muttered. Who did she know that was a Priest?

“They said you’d find that one hard,” A chuckle came from behind her, turning (y/n) was greeted with the sight of Agent Dominic, a man she had only spoken  to once or twice. “Here, I was a priest before I joined the agency.”

Taking the card from the mans outstretched hand she looked at him a little surprised. “I had no idea,” He shrugged and smiled.  

“Its alright, good luck!” And with those words he walked over leaving her alone with a playing card.  

'In a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron. It can only attack when pulled back?’

Smiling she began to head off to the firing range, before she stopped. Who was leaving these, wasn’t it a little strange? It seemed awfully well planned. Sighing she supposed if she wanted to find out who was behind it she’d finish it.  

Sure enough attached to a pack of ammunition at the firing range was another card.  

'Hides away everyday in her lair, she is brightly colored with wild hair, who is she?’

Well that one was simple, it was obviously Garcia. Making her way to Garcia’s 'lair’ (y/n) slipped the card into her pocket, extremely glad that she woke up so early.  

The room was dark all of the lights had been turned off, (y/n) could hear shuffling and jumped slightly as a voice echoed out in the darkness.

“ Of no use to one,
Yet absolute bliss to two.
The small boy gets it for nothing.
The young man has to lie or work for it.
The old man has to buy it.
The baby’s right,
The lover’s privilege,
The hypocrite’s mask.
To the young girl, faith;
To the married woman, hope;
To the old maid, charity. What am I?”

“A Kiss,” She spoke her voice faltering ever so slightly, not a second after the words left her lips another pair collided with hers. She squealed in shock, eyes wide as (y/n) tried to force the unknown person off of her. The lights however came on and she saw Spencer was the one kissing her.  

He looked terribly embarrassed, (y/n) felt a little guilty. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Placing a finger on his lips (Y/n) tenderly placed her lips on his cheek .  

“I love you too Spence.”  

Long and messy theory (Wings, Run, I Need U, Prologue)

I rewatched everything once again and noticed a lot of things I did not notice earlier, shame on me.

Let’s start with Jin. Everyone kept arguing if he’s alive or dead. Which MV was the first in th eplot order. I think that there is no particular order. The plot is mixed within all three. I Need U starts with Jin in a white room. Now that Wings are out, I think that Jin shown in that room and Kookie in his is what they experienced after life, or something like that.

Moving on to Prologue and Run I think Jin was some kind of their guardian, angel. They all party and are happy in Run. Jin build a pyramid from card, cards are BTS, they were fine, happy.

But then someone destroyed it. Who? Taehyung, it was Tae who ruined it.

He killed his farther and then the rest collapsed. Do you remeber the scenes after Tae killed him? Jin is shown crying.

He found out about what Taehyung did cuz Tae never told them, he jumped.

Now let’s move one to Wings and Jungkookie, but there is also stuff connected to Jin. I believe it’s not a coincidence that the “Begin” has Jungkook. 

He’s the one who kept noticing Jin in all the MVs and has been wandering alone, looking far and stuff, and he’s the one facing the camera at the end of Run. 
Now, why do I think Wings is happening after his death?

This is shown and there is a sound of a car trying to stop and the sound of a glass breaking. And do you remember how was Kook supposed to die? 

By a car accident. And he wakes up right after he died.

The bed scene looks a lot like Jin’s tho Kookie is in a different room.
Now, why Kookie holds a drawing/painting of Suga?
I think Kookie tried to save him somehow, help him. He blows the flame in Prologue.

He tries to help Suga in Run 

An then we see the fire but within the fire there is a sound of someone underwater. I think Jungkook finds out about Jimin’s and Suga’s death.

Let’s move on to the painting. I do think this is Taehyung on it. Why?

Firt of all, it’s covered in blood and Taehyung was covered in blood in I Need U after killing his father. And second the expression, look at his expression, it matches Taehyung’s. There’s just something in his eyes. Plus the colors on the hair.

Concluding, Jungkook found out about what Taehyung did and now he’s crying. I think he also said either “no” or “ani” like he couldn’t believe it.

Poor Kookie :( And this, I believe those are tears, cuz Tae did not want to kill his afther. He acted on impulse. And he regretted it so he commited suicide.

Last but not really I think Suga will be in the next film. Why?
Cuz his drawing changed into a bird. And Kook put it in an envelope. 

But why would he do that and why Tae’s painting burned? This might explain it:

Wings. Kook went to heaven cuz he died by an accident. You know that christians believe that you can’t go to heaven if you commited a suicide? That would mean the rest went to hell. But maybe Kookie wants to get Suga out of it.

Plus on the logo there are four…..let’s call it orbs. Namjoon didn’t die. We know about Jin’s after life. Taehyung probably went to hell, so they might represent Kookie, Suga, JHope and Jimin, and only the first one has feathers, it’s Jungkook cuz he’s now the angel.

I think that Kookie will try to get them to heaven or something.
I’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense, I tried.

Pyramid Mountain – Jasper National Park, Jasper, Alberta, September 2008

Carl Jung said, “People are looking for an experience of their own value. That is a numinous experience, and that is the thing people are looking for: An archetypal experience that gives them an incorruptible value.”

We have disappeared the divine, hold nothing to be sacred, and are dying for an experience of more than money can buy.

But what would that be? What would be of more value than all the bucks the wealthy accumulate in their search for the same thing we all are seeking?

What is the most valuable thing we can think of?

This is great irony! We live in the wealthiest age the world has ever known and we don’t have a name for what is of absolute value. We have no idea of what that might be. We only know what money can buy.

We are, of all people, most to be pitied.

We walk through numinous reality all the time. We swim in the numinous as fish swim in the sea. And we have lost all sense of the numen. My spell checker even thinks I just misspelled the word.

We have forgotten how to live mythologically, how to be open to the world beyond the conception of our rational mind. We have forgotten where we come from, and don’t know where we are going–and try to compensate ourselves for our loss with money.

We are all manifestations of numinous reality. We carry within us depth beyond sounding. And we don’t go there because we are afraid of what might happen if we did, and besides, nothing good ever came from there, and, to top it off, our money is worthless there.

We are what we seek. And are afraid to want what we have. And will not open ourselves to who we are.

We own the cistern, and are dying of thirst.

Go, as they say, figure.

Pyramid Mountain 04 – Athabasca River, Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park, Alberta, September 2009

In light of the video below, The Incredible Power of Concentration–Miyoko Shida:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a catch-phrase that guides them through their life: Stay With It!

One of AA’s motto’s is: Work The Program!

Be centered in what is important, grounded in what is important, focused on what is important, concentrating on what is important, at-one with what is important:

No. Matter. What.

No matter what is happening, or not happening, or how you feel.

You balance your feather!

You live your life!

You do your work!

You do your best in each situation as it arises and don’t kid yourself about what your best is.

You (in the words of Joseph Campbell) “get in there and do your thing, and don’t worry about the outcome!”