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kuklash  asked:

Why is the card Pyramids on the reserved list? It doesn't seem nearly as overpowered and amazing as other reserved list cards.

All uncommon and rare cards from Arabian Nights (which hadn’t already been reprinted at the time) were put on the Reserved List.

Andro Spinx

“You can pay 500 Life Points to Special Summon this card when ‘Pyramid of Light’ is on the field. This card cannot attack during the turn that it is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned. This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. If this card destroys a Defense Position monster as a result of battle, inflict damage to your opponent’s Life Points equal to half of the ATK of the destroyed monster.”

Dungeons and Discord review (spoilers...duh)

Ah! Another Discord episode! I knew that it would be good! 

In the beginning, it opens up to Fluttershy’s Cottage, and we all know when a discord episode usually start, it’s at her house for Tuesday Tea! The way he sneaked up to her quietly and slightly startled her was so cute! Discord is usually a massive spectacle because he wants attention from others. But when it comes to Fluttershy, he just shows up on time for their get-together. 

When he sees her packing, he is immediately excited because he believes Fluttershy was planning to go somewhere with him! He insisted on going to the beach! just the two of them! He even quotes it! “Just the two of us!” 

No mane 6 or princess to come along with them! 

Another piece of evidence for S.S Fluttercord! 

But surprise surprise! Fluttershy has to go because “princess “ship ruiner” Celestia invited her and the mane 6 to Yakistan for a tour! Much to Discord disappointment that he will neither have the beach trip or their weekly Tea time. He shows this to fluttershy who recommends he hang out with Big Mac and Spike instead, to take her place. 

but of course he rather have fluttershy than anyone else! 

Discord stated that he is “awesome” and spike and Big mac are “blah” calling them “side-kicks” not worth his time. But flutter shy still tries to tell him that he would still have fun with them. Like he has fun with her. 

The next scene when he turns into “opposite” discord was very interesting and hilarious! When I first saw the sneak peek, I thought flutter shy was just playing along because he was being sarcastic into saying he would “love to hang out with spike and big mac” and flutter shy suddenly explodes into PG-Cursing, and shouting which makes him afraid and turn her back to normal. 

I thought Fluttershy was playing a joke, but she covered her mouth in surprise of her opposite self. 

Moving on, Fluttershy tries to reverse-phycology him, and gave him this almost “flirty look”! I am not even joking! look at that scene and tell me! 

He even says “Please don’t do that, you’re better than that” 

Me:* takes out long piece of paper that stretches to a mile* Okay, adding that to my fluttercord list.

Even when he says he will think about it, he sneaks into her bag and begged her to take him with her! *intensely scribble on my paper*

Even at the train station, he says goodbye with such a sad face which makes Fluttershy smile sweetly at him until he makes a volcano appear on the train tracks to force her to stay with him. He makes it disappear when she asks him to. Only once mind you! 

*scribbles more* 

Moving along from flutter cord, Discord is alone with Big Mac and Spike who debate about talking with him. Discord shows disdain because he really does not care about them and would rather not hang out with them.

but when he heard they were going to have a guy’s night, he imminently think of  jazz music, dancing and hitting the clubs. But other than that, he finds him self in a imaginary-fantasy role playing game and like every person who has never played before (i tried, I hated it) he is bored. Even when spike explains it to him, discord could care less. He even stacks some cards into a massive pyramid, does his mane, and even goes to bed! 

But spike makes him play anyway, giving him a pop-culture reference to legolas. Suddenly the game changes for the worse when Discord loses his dice roll and spike says he is being laughed at by the guards( and by spike and mac) which makes him annoyed and furious.

Annoyed and angry, he makes Big Mac go into a bubble, making Discord fall back into “semi-evil” but he transports them to a swing 20′s club to spend a real guy’s night and suddenly a pretty pony goes by….*face palm* Big mac seems to have a reaction to her while Discord just notices her. (either he saw her as attractive or was following Big mac’s eyes, one thing is certain. Discord does have a thing for ponies) 

but Spike tells him off, which makes him even more angry and transports them into the actual game! At first, they saw it was fun before they have to face the villains of their games. With Discord as the master story teller. 

this won’t end good. 

In the end, Big Mac and Spike are fearful for their lives and tells Discord to knock it off and how awful he was being which he retorts “than why did you invite me?” 

and he receives a smack in the face with reality because Spike tells him how desperate Discord was to keep Fluttershy with him, practically begging her to stay that she asked Spike and Big Mac to invite him. Since she knew Discord wouldn’t be the one to ask. Spike even said that they felt sorry for him because how alone he was on the train station. (Mind you, no one even said hello or goodbye to discord, other than flutter shy) 

Discord is surprised because he should be the one to feel sorry for them because he is so great and cool, but spike and mac don’t think so. Spike even goes far to say that Discord Is a Weirdo!

 (which is…kinda true)

He feels sad, and leaves. Making Spike and Big Mac feel sorry for him and realize how alone Discord actually is. Flutter shy is really the only friend that truly understands him. She is kind and caring to him and actually like him around her. Because why else will they have tuesday tea every week if she didn’t? Really, Fluttershy is Discord best friend and the mane 6 are his friends too, but he does not hold them highly as he does with flutter shy. When she recommends him to spike and Big Mac, she knew he would be alone and she did not want him to think of her as the only friend he can go to. When she is gone, she wanted him to hang out with someone else so he won’t be so lonely. 

So really….Discord is a big needy potato baby. 

When Spike invites him back, Discord struggles to apologize and say sorry. Which is interesting! because remember back in season 4 with Tirek! when he betrayed everyone but mostly to flutter shy and he says this! 

He said it so easily and sincerely. to her! but when its spike and big mac, he had trouble. It just shows how much he really cares about her. 

With Big Mac and Spike, they just barely became Friends, so he doesn’t really have a deep connection with them to say sorry so easily. 

In the end, they have fun in their magical world and when Fluttershy comes and see him. They both gave each other a nod, almost thanking each other. Which would only strengthen the friendship they have for each other *cough* and also for their ship! *cough cough* 

This episode was so funny, I laughed and I enjoyed his shenanigans and overall fluttercord ness. 

I give it a 9/10!!!! so much fluttercord goodness and Discord! 

Kravitz MacRaven, Private Investigator - Part 1

Here, have a new fic I’m working on:

The kid walked into my life during a slow season. All the mooks were pretending they were happy in their miserable lives and the cops were actually working for once so no one was coming my way.

The kid was quite, not the type of quite that means your up to something, but the kinda quiet that comes from being careful with your words and your body. I’ve known jailbirds that weren’t as quiet as this kid. The only reason I even knew he was there was the breeze from the newly opened door that knocked down my card pyramid.

He was small, young like. Young enough that he should have been in school at that time of day. Young enough that I wondered where his parents were.

“Can I help you kid?” I asked, sure I was about to be asked for directions to whatever other office his parents were in.

“I sure hope so sir,” the kid said with a small smile, like he didn’t want to smile but he just automatically did anyway, “I need you to find evidence that someone is framing my dad for murder and to find him as well.”
I’ve never been quite as flat-footed as I was in that moment. I could only stare at the kid for a full minute before realizing he was serious.

“Let’s start with your name kid. I like to know my clients,” I wasn’t sure what actually happened, but I was pretty sure that it had to be that his dad was now in jail. It didn’t mean I couldn’t poke around, make sure everything was on the up and up for the kid. Plus I could bug Brian over at the precinct for information and taunt him with the fact that I was working a case no one could claim was dirty. It was for a kid after all.

“My name is Angus McDonald. My dad owns a restaurant - Sizzle It Up -and three days ago a whole bunch of regulars just up and died. No ones seen my dad since he dropped me off at school that morning. Me and Grandpa were worried when he didn’t pick me up after closing for the night.”

I reevaluated everything at that point. The Sizzle It Up Massacre was still being kept out of the rags, but people in my line of work talk, as do police. This kid was convinced that it wasn’t the current Number One Suspect, and he wanted to hire me.

I wasn’t about to charge this kid my usual rate, hell’s bells, I would rather not charge him at all, but technically I can’t work a case pro bono. Plus this kid was confident, and from the set of his jaw, his Pops’ had installed some pride in him.

“Alright kid, I’ll take your case. But I ain’t charging you the full amount,” I raised my hand to starve off his protests, “For now let’s say a dollar a week, reevaluated if it takes longer than a month. Once I find your Pops, I’ll discuss back pay with him, okay?”

The kid looked mulish, but nodded.

“Good, now I’m going to need a description of your dad.”

“He’s really tall, and his hair is always tied up, and he, he can goof real good, but he’s actually really nice, and he wouldn’t hurt innocent people, really he wouldn’t!”

The kid started to blubber at that point. I’ve never been good with kids. Never really been good with most interpersonal relations outside of tough love work. And my secretary Noelle was out right now on holiday with her family.

“Uh, I’m sure you’re right,” I said, patting his shoulder, “Don’t worry, I’ll find him and bring him home for you. It’s why you hired me.”

Luckily for me, it was at this point that an elderly half-elf hurried into my office, and scooped up Angus.

“Angus! There you are! You can’t go wandering off like that!”

“Sorry Grandpa,” Angus mumbled into his shoulder, “But I had to.”

It was only at this point that his grandpa noticed me. A novel concept really, as more often than not I’m one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room. But that’s what happens when you’re a Goliath with skull sutures as your Marks. I made it works when I went undercover, but still. Kinda hard to ignore someone at 8 foot.

“Kravitz MacRaven. Young Angus just hired me to prove his Pops’ innocence and to find him.”
I stuck out my hand to shake. He didn’t take it.

“Los T. Thyme-McDonald. You ain’t hustling my grandson are you?”

I slowly brought my hand back.

“No sir, we made a deal and I always do my best for my clients.”

He nodded in approval.

And just like that, I had a case to work.

Fallout Characters Who Could Use A Nap
  • Raul. Let the poor man take a load off and get some shuteye his knees hurt.
  • Preston. He works very hard and everyone worries about him and it will make his skin softer; let him nap, he’s done enough.
  • I would say Boone needs to nap but honestly I think the stress and sleep deprivation are better for his emotional state.
  • Hancock has had six naps today, his life is one long series of naps, he is napping right now, he doesn’t need another fucking nap. 
  • Danse has never let one of his colleagues nap in his vicinity if he can help it; fuck Danse and his naps.
  • Cait needs a nap, Cait has needed a nap her entire life, let the burly wife sack out for an hour.
  • If Arcade ever actually got enough sleep his terrible personality would crumble like a soggy card pyramid and the universe would probably implode. Do not let him nap.
  • Nick doesn’t need to nap but I bet he would be supportive if you wanted one.
  • Let Edward Deegan Rest He Does His Best.
The Riddle of Love

(Y/n) gently laid down the last card in her pack completing the card pyramid she had created. She’d been working on some case files for the past three hours and had decided she deserved a break.

She used to do it all the time when she lived with her dad, but ever since she joined the BAU and got her own apartment she hadn’t got the chance to build one.

It was a bonding exercise that her dad’s Councillor had recommended. To help with the stress of becoming a single parent. She sighed thinking about her mum, she missed them both all the time.  

But she was happy with her job, her team was like the family she never had. It was truly wonderful.

Her attention was pulled to Spencer and Derek who were rapidly bickering whilst making their way over to Spencer’s desk. It was probably something stupid but (Y/n) found her self hopelessly in love with Spencer. His hair, his eyes, the way that he subconsciously would wet his lips with his tongue. The man had her heart and he didn’t even know it.  

As they strode past a gust of air knocked over the card pyramid she had spent so long building. Sadly she looked at the slightly sorry looking figures that had frozen by her desk.

“S-Sorry,” muttered Spencer looking down at the pile of cards that lay flat against the desk. Derek tapped her shoulder.

“Sorry, Sweet Cheeks.”  

Solemnly sweeping the cards into a pile and slipping them away into the card board box.

“Sorry about that” Spencer apologized again, his eyes meeting hers. He felt very guilty, and noticed the still rather large pile of case files on her desk. Clearing his throat he gestured to them. “His about we finish the rest together?”  

Her eyes widened “Oh no Spencer I could never ask-” he cut her off.

“I’m not asking, I’m apologising.”


They had been working for around thirty minutes when they finally finished. Smiling at her self, (y/n) looked over at Spencer who too had a proud smile on his face.  

“I swear Hotch gives me more then anyone else,” Spencer shrugged and looked over at her. He’d constantly found himself doing it. She was just so, wonderful, beautiful and completely out of his league.

“How about that card tower?” She smiled and pulled the cards from the box, handing him just about half.

They began to build and Spencer felt her hand brush his.

“I love you”


“Oh um nothing” Spencer awkwardly stood from the seat and walked away quickly. (Y/n) sighed, and returned her eyes to the cards.

Raising from her seat (y/n) gathered her coat up in her arms and sent one last longing look in the direction Spencer had left in. Why couldn’t he just see she loved him?


The next day (y/n) came in early as she normally did, show often woke up early a habit from her childhood. Placing her coat on the back of her chair she noticed a card taped to her desk a message written on it. Slowly she removed  the card and held it up.  

‘Where does Valentine’s Day come after Easter?’

She frowned and placed the card down, she was puzzled, it was clearly a riddle but what was the answer.  Looking around she spotted the book self over in the corner, the thing just sat there and collected dust. Her eyes widened, A Dictionary!  

Jogging over to the self she grabbed the dictionary that’s spine was sticking out the most, she opened the over and there as she had predicted was another card.  

'When I look at her, she smiles at me. When I wink at her, she winks at me. When I kiss her, she kisses me back. When I say I love you, she says it back. Who am I?’

My reflection! Running to the girls bathroom she pushed open the door and sure enough a card was taped to the mirror. Grabbing this one a small smile came to her face, this was fun.

'He has married many but has never been married . Who is he?’

The answer was a priest, but (Y/N) didn’t know a priest. Placing the card in her pocket she ran a hand through her hair and left the toilets. “Priest,” She muttered. Who did she know that was a Priest?

“They said you’d find that one hard,” A chuckle came from behind her, turning (y/n) was greeted with the sight of Agent Dominic, a man she had only spoken  to once or twice. “Here, I was a priest before I joined the agency.”

Taking the card from the mans outstretched hand she looked at him a little surprised. “I had no idea,” He shrugged and smiled.  

“Its alright, good luck!” And with those words he walked over leaving her alone with a playing card.  

'In a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron. It can only attack when pulled back?’

Smiling she began to head off to the firing range, before she stopped. Who was leaving these, wasn’t it a little strange? It seemed awfully well planned. Sighing she supposed if she wanted to find out who was behind it she’d finish it.  

Sure enough attached to a pack of ammunition at the firing range was another card.  

'Hides away everyday in her lair, she is brightly colored with wild hair, who is she?’

Well that one was simple, it was obviously Garcia. Making her way to Garcia’s 'lair’ (y/n) slipped the card into her pocket, extremely glad that she woke up so early.  

The room was dark all of the lights had been turned off, (y/n) could hear shuffling and jumped slightly as a voice echoed out in the darkness.

“ Of no use to one,
Yet absolute bliss to two.
The small boy gets it for nothing.
The young man has to lie or work for it.
The old man has to buy it.
The baby’s right,
The lover’s privilege,
The hypocrite’s mask.
To the young girl, faith;
To the married woman, hope;
To the old maid, charity. What am I?”

“A Kiss,” She spoke her voice faltering ever so slightly, not a second after the words left her lips another pair collided with hers. She squealed in shock, eyes wide as (y/n) tried to force the unknown person off of her. The lights however came on and she saw Spencer was the one kissing her.  

He looked terribly embarrassed, (y/n) felt a little guilty. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Placing a finger on his lips (Y/n) tenderly placed her lips on his cheek .  

“I love you too Spence.”  

The signs camping

Aries- *lights up a fire* *refuses help* *pitches tent* *collects firewood* *angry* *red eyes* *destroy Aquarius card pyramid* “I’M DOING WVERYTHING ALONE, YOU USELESS!!!! FUCK YOU ALL”

Taurus- *looking at the stars casually eating a hamburguer* *steps on a stick* “OMG A SNAKE” *runs* “SAVE THE FOOD”

Gemini- “HEY SAG HOW ARE YOU BRO” “HIGH FIVE ARIES” *goes to scorpio* “I don’t like to gossip but have I told you that Sagittarius and Aries met yesterday? I think they may have something but idk, did you watch the Grammy’s? What’s your favorite singer? My hair is ugly? *talks for 3 hours*

Cancer- *hugging teddy bear* “I miss my mom” *listen to Adele for the rest of the night*

Leo- “OKAY LISTEN TO ME YOUR FUCKERS DO WHAT I SAY AND WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN” *leads the way* “Pisces stop trying to feed this fox with our marshmallows”

Virgo- “Oh God we could be dead in a second” *spraying insect repellent* “IS IT MUD? NO WAY, BYE BITCHES” *entering the tent*

Libra- *roasting marshmallows with Capricorn* *flips hair* “Gemini is such a bitch. She told everybody I kissed Pisces, I hate her” *gemini comes* “HI GIRL WANTS TO JOIN US?”

Scorpio- *determined* “Aries come here” ~ten minutes later~ *making out*

Sagittarius- “Aries made out with Scorpio? Oh I don’t care I didn’t like her anyway she was too bitchy” *turns to Aquarius* “LET’S FIND SOME MUSHROOMS?”

Capricorn- *reading book* *makes a joke* *nobody laughs* *sits with Libra* “Hey friend at least YOU like me, right?”

Aquarius- *talking to Virgo* “Yeah I do think Aliens really exist but they are some kind of humanoid, you know? Like they can time travel because the human race made them so they became too powerfull and dominated world” *lays in the ground* 

Pisces- *strokes frog* “Hey little butterfly you’re so cute let me give you a name” *catches it* “SIMBA”

Ancient Egyptian Themed Games
  • Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb (Hidden Object Game)
  • Ancient Quest of Saqqarah (Match-3)
  • Ankh Franchise (Point and Click Adventure)
  • Brickshooter Egypt (Block based puzzle)
  • Children of the Nile (City Building)
  • Choice of Alexandria (Text Adventure)
  • Curse of Mermos (Action)
  • Dale Hardshovel (Puzzle)
  • Discovr Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb (VR)
  • Egyptian Settlement Gold (City Builder)
  • Egyptian Senet
  • Egypt Trilogy
  • Empire of the Gods (Card)
  • Hexus (Puzzle)
  • Imhotep, Pyramid Builder
  • Jewels of Cleopatra
  • Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris
  • Luxor Franchise (Match-3, Cards)
  • The Mummy Returns
  • Pharaoh (City Building)
  • Pharaoh Rebirth (A)
  • Pharaonic (RPG)
  • Pre-Civilization Egypt (Strat)
  • Pyramid Raid (Platformer)
  • Relic Alone (Puzzle)
  • The Scorpion King: The Sword of Osiris
  • Scarab Tales (Puzzle)
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
  • Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
  • TriJinx: A Kristine Kross Mystery (Match-3)

I am currently updating the WOC and MOC lists and I put this together while updating the Egyptian sections.

sorry i’m so lame,
but one thing i know with certainty is i loved you more than anything i had ever laid my unworthy hands on…
and i guess i understand why i’m lame,
why i’m this lame,
falling slowly into the web of my emotions,
as a frail little insect.
sorry i can’t pin me down,
i don’t know how to stand or maintain posture in front of you.
like blowing into pyramid of cards,
i fall every time.
i lose my balance, i slur my words, i lose it all.
because you have it. you own all of it.

i don’t have me.
you have me.
maybe you’re carrying me around in you somewhere, maybe that’s what i search for when i look at you. maybe it’s me,
concealed within the beauty of your projections.
maybe it’s me
somewhere in between the jewels you spit out of that pretty mouth,
that pretty voice.

there are little resources here, and thus i was obligated to flee.
i never knew crossing a border would be this hard.
i’ll never tear through your walls — i’ll stay in the wrong side,
wrong land, and this will all have killed me.

i don’t know what lies awaiting in the other side, but it has got to be better than this.
i don’t know you, in fact i don’t know anything at all,
but i know there’d be nothing more beautiful than just to be with you.
maybe not even talking, just laying with you.

pouring myself over you.
moon spilling in.
me waking up alone.

—  Words from a Person that Never Ever mattered, by Noah Palermo.

Ok guys, so I have a “theory”, if I can call the atrocity I have in mind that. 
Anyway, it seems to work, so I want to share it with you, to see if you can give me evidence it’s not like I think (and I hope so, honestly).

So, according to my little tiny brain, Jin killed them all. I know it could sound ridiculous, but killing them doesn’t mean directly and physically making them drowning (Taehyung), setting them on fire (Suga) and so on. I mean psychically pushing them to commit suicide, maybe even instigating the group’s conflicts. 

In the I NEED U mv, Jimin is in a bath tub and suffocates himself. In the RUN mv, it’s Jin that pushes him in it while partying in the bathroom.  

For Jungkook, we know he was hit by a car. At the end of the RUN mv, we see this: 

someone in a car is approaching, and Jungkook is the only one who notices. Behind him we see 5 people: Jin is not one of them. I think he is probably the one driving, as we always see only him at the wheel.

I don’t have any physical evidence for the others, but if you pay attention, Jin is never seen with the others while running from the police/painting graffiti ecc. The focus is on him only when he is making a pyramid of cards and Taehyung destroys it and when he’s sitting alone in the grass, or when he’s in the car waiting for the others to finish their stunt in the tunnel. Jin never participates. 

It’s like he sensed something was off from the beginning and when he understands everything is going to collapse, he runs away. 

So the group’s unity is cracking, their bond is not as solid as it was, as we can see here, where Jungkook is left alone at the end, or when Jungkook and Suga are fighting.

So, Jin could have run away, as well as he could be the only one who survived. Maybe he even pushed the other to suicide, consciously or not, but the point is that he is the only one left and whatever he’s done, the group (or at least Jimin) has excluded him from his memories. 

I know it’s a messy and incomplete hypothesis, but I’m trying to figure out its meaning. Please please please, help me