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Hello everyone! Ever since I started this blog at the beginning of this year, people have been so nice and welcoming and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation 💖

What the winner will get:

♥ The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set). One of my all-time favourite tarot decks!

♥ Velvet Tarot Card Drawstring Pouch

♥ Gemstone Pendants x 5: Clear Quartz Heart, Amethyst Heart, Rose Quartz Star, Tiger’s Eye Heart, Smokey Quartz Heart

♥ Two Lined Notebooks

♥ Pack of Stablio Point Fineliner Pens

♥ Set of Coloured Tealights

♥ Teabag Coaster and Teaspoon Set

♥ Handmade (by me!) Coffee and Doughnut Keychain


1. You must be 16 or older (and if you are under 18, you must have parental permission!)

2. You must be following me: thecrossstichwitch

3. Each reblog equals one entry. Likes do not count, but feel free to like this post for bookmarking purposes.

4. People who favourite my etsy shop will receive an extra entry! Message me on tumblr with your etsy profile name so I know it was you!

5. No giveaway or spam blogs.

6. DO NOT tag as giveaway! Tumblr has been known to remove giveaway posts/hide posts tagged as giveaway (to reduce spam posts in the tags I think), so let’s not risk it!!!

7. The winner must respond with their full name and shipping address within 24 hours. If you fail to respond another winner will be chosen in your place.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, so everyone feel free to participate! The giveaway ends 21st of May 2017, at 12 midnight BST (British Summer Time).

Good Luck Everyone!

(this giveaway is not affiliated with in any way).

Ruin an Anime by Making a BAD Knockoff Title

Neon Genesis Evangelion > Xenon Testament Televangelist

Tokyo Ghoul > Shinjuku Banshee > Okinawa Phantom

Your Lie in April > Your Half-Truth in February

Mobile Suit Gundam > Immobile Pajamas Guntank

Initial D > Middle Name T

Fullmetal Alchemist > Totally Aluminum Artificer

Bleach > Oxy Clean

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet > Biggo at da Green Planetoid

Asura Cryin > Asuka is Upset

Highschool of the Dead > Middle School of the Departed

Accel World > Velocity Place

Fate/Stay Night > Destiny/Bed and Breakfast

Pokemon > Pouch Demons

Card Captor Sakura > Poker Abductor Sasuke

Mega Man > Big Guy (for you)

Yuyushiki > Hyaku Shiki > Delta Plus

Char Aznable > Full Frontal > Bigger Longer and Unrated

Naruto > Boruto

You heard me


I’ve received my Jungbrahimovic membership card and goodies today ♡~

C9 had said the shipment would be made after the 16th so I was surprised this morning when I received a text informing me of the delivery later during the day!

Hopefully deliveries will be quick for fans living outside of Korea too ^_^

Whoops, forgot to post about today’s sale!

20% OFF everything once again! Use HAPPYCOUPLE at checkout. Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on May 22nd. Couple this awesome sale with items that have discounts when you buy more than one for bigger savings!

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Spiral Notebooks: $11.99
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Stickers: $2.32 for Small (3.7″ x 3.0″), $5.75 for Medium (5.5″ x 4.4″), $9.27 for Large (8.5″ x 6.8″), $12.99 for Extra Large (14″ x 11.2″)
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Studio Pouches: $20.00
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Sugar Tote Essentials!

Alright, so I’ve had a few questions on what a sugar tote should include, so here it is 💁🏻!

1) make up pouch: concealer, foundation, powder, lipstick, eye liner, & beauty blender

2) wallet: ID/ License, $50 cash, debit/ credit cards, metro cards

3) toiletries pouch: Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, body spray, gum/ mints, lube, 2-3 condoms, make up wipes, feminine wipes, ibuprofen/ midol, tampons/ pads, hair brush, & lotion
[all of which can be found in travel sizes from target/ Walmart/ wherever]

4) a small pocket knife &/ or mace [if you feel necessary]

5) clean panties (PLEASE)

You should always have these things in your tote because you never know when you’ll need these. Your make up or hair may mess up from intimacy. You may want to freshen up after intimacy so you don’t look like you just got dicked down real good few hours ago. Also, I cannot stress this enough, MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS ON/ NEAR YOU AT ALL TIMES! Always give someone your location or GPS location via Find My Friends. Have that designated friend on speed dial. If you want your identity to be concealed from your POT/ SD hide your DL/ ID/ Student ID behind other cards or in other unusual compartments of your wallet. I’ve had a SD venture into my wallet while I was in the bathroom, his excuse was I was putting some money in there. LOL SO CARELESS OF ME!

Make sure you have flats, sweats, a tee shirt, hoodie, and running shoes in your car. You never know when they can come in handy.

Good luck & stay safe sugar babies!

xoxo JeSuisFaux xoxo

Fetch Modi (according to survey)

Will update this post as I receive responses.  (Currently 69 responses.) 

Canon modi

  • Array x2
  • Pictionary x3
  • Match
  • Stack 
  • Miracle

Game modi

  • Dartboard - When an idem was wanted, a dartboard will appear, and darts will have to be thrown at it. The different squares on the dartboard represent different items, and throwing the dart at a specific square gets that item. Less important items take up the larger sections, and more important ones the rings and the bullseyes
  • Rubix Cube - In order to access an item, I need to match the all the colors together. In that time I can grab whatever I need, but I do have a timer. Once I am finished it scrambles in a new form. The solution to it is never the same.  
  • Rhythm Game - The user must tap out a rhythm using any means possible to retrieve the item. The more important the item, the more complex the rhythm.
  • Tetris - a certain number of rows must be cleared the larger the item the more lines
  • Connect the Dots - You have to connect a certain amount of dots in a certain way to unlock your object.
  • 52 Card Pickup - Each item is assigned to a card in a deck (whether it’s a standard playing deck, or a tarot deck, or etc. is to be determined). To pull an item out you must draw that card from the deck. You can play “52 Card Pickup” to release all the items. Jokers are wildcards.
    Magic Eye - Items placed in the sylladex are converted to magic eye pictures. They must be seen in order to be removed.
  • Kaleidoscope -  It is a kaleidoscope, so she rotates it until she can see the item she needs.

Art modi (visual art, music, writing, etc)

  • Photoshop - Each item you captchalogue gets pasted into a photoshop image on its own layer, unlabeled of course. You have to search through every single layer until you find the one with your item on it, then select it.
  • Notebook -  To retrieve an item, I have to write a description of it. If I get it wrong, I have to try again.
  • Scale -  Each item is assigned a note and to release the item you have to hum the right pitch
  • Scenario / RP -  I need to come up with a scenario involving the item I want to retrieve, or I need to act out a scenario it gives me, that somehow relates to the object.
  • Palette -  Each object is assigned a color palette based on its colors, when you need to retrieve all that appears on the card are the three most prevalent colors of the object. 

Skill (?) modi (need better categorization)

  • Shuffle Time - all inventory cards float about the person, backwards. they must keep an eye on the one they want and grab it as it flies about
  • Pun (1) - Once I store something, it cannot be taken out unless I make a pun of said item. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, it just has to happen.
  • Pun (2) - make a pun relating to the object wanted. For further note, if a pun is made that can relate to another object, it ejects them both. Unlimited space.

Knowledge or Memory modi

  • Mind Palace - Stores items in a mental map modeled to look like a place from your imagination or memories. Remember where you left the item and navigate the palace to retrieve it.
  • cmd - Store an item in a location; to fetch, recite the entire file path to that location
  • Dictionary (2) - you say the definition of the object to access it
  • The Rap-crunching Deluxe Special Limited Edition BeatMaster - BeatMaster is the meister of all things cool, and sick raps are no small deal for him; he’s released over 50 albums in his lifetime, and it’s been estimated just over 7/8 of the English language has made an appearance throughout his songs. To celebrate this, a new kind of modus has been released for all you hip youngsters out there with a serious passion for BeatMaster’s hit jams. To retrieve an item, simply recall the line of the song that this item made an appearance in- either with an instrument, voice or tapping out of rhythms. This modus relies heavily on your intense love of BeatMaster’s songs; only the best of his fans can quickly identify which line they must recall at the speed they most likely need the item at. But what if my item doesn’t appear in a song, you ask? Well, it’s easy, really! Just take a few lines that contain words which describe the item and wrap (or should I say, rap?!) it all together to form your own unique-but-still-copyright-of-BeatMaster Mini Groove Bar!

Knowledge or Academic modi

  • Chemical -  I have to balance a chemical equation to access my item. The bigger/more important it is, the more complex the equation.
  • Language - The person using the modus sets the language to something they can’t understand. They then must learn the name of the item in that language, and speak it properly to retrieve it. Once a language has reached a certain level of proficiency, it will automatically change. Limited to languages from the user’s homeworld.

Organization modi

  • Library - Every item becomes a book, which goes into the ‘returned’ bin, in a 'fetch modus world’ sort of thing. In that place, there is a library. I can access any book I want, but I have to find it first. If I keep the place organized, it’s easy, but if I don’t…
    The limit is how many books I can fit on the shelves (including if I can fit the ones in the bin in) and the size of the book changes depending on the size of the object. I just have to open the book and read out what it is to get it.
  • Collector - My modus is represented by a card collector’s case. The captchalog cards go into the sleeves on the pages of the book. Identical or similar cards stack into the same sleeve, i.e. The Wrinklefucker stakes with the Pogohammer but not the Warhammer of Zillywhoo.
  • Alphabet Tree -  Everything is ordered in alphabetical order. It’s similar to Rose’s modus, in that there is a tree for every letter.

Miscellaneous Task modi

  • Cat - every item turns into a cat. make the cat happy to get your item. 10/10 modus.
  • Forecast -  One must describe how and in what scenario they will use this object, and it will not appear until the forecast comes true. Very inconvenient.

Random (or Externally Determined) modi

  • Roulette - The item you want and one will be flipped over and cloned once. A random third and fourth item will be put into the mix. Then select of the cards. 50% chance of being right.
  • Coin - flip a coin, it’s not rocket science
  • Ghost - If something dies near you, it’s ghost will follow you around until you need to fetch something or other, and it will choose which thing you get to fetch.
  • Satchel - semi-organized bag of garbage, reach in and hope you get what you were aiming for
  • Tarot - Draws a card. The card contains the item most needed at that particular time, or may be more importantly needed in the near future. 

Basic Storage modi

  • Pack - Similar to inventory from many mmo’s; main inventory has a set amount of slots, which cannot be added to or subtracted from. Instead, Pack Cards can be added to the deck, which add new inventory tabs.
  • Alphabetical Order - everything gets sorted in alphabetical order pretty simple really
  • Backpack (1) - There are multiple stacks of cards, a main pouch, front pouch, two side pouches, and an inner hidden pouch. The main pouch stack requires top cards to be pulled first, unless the object is particularly small. The inner pouch stack cannot be accessed until the main stack is at least half empty. The side pouch stacks can carry one or two small items that can be accessed at will. The front pouch stack can only carry small items, can carry many, but are accessed randomly, so have fun digging around.
  • Backpack (2) - If the individual item can fit into a backpack, I can carry it.
  • Dictionary (1) - I have nearly infinite space, but each card can only be used to store one item ever. For example, a card that stored a pen in the past can only store pens in the future as well, even if it is empty currently. All cards are alphabetised and must be individually selected.
  • Pipboy - instead of requiring cards to carry thing everything has a weight value and if you go above the amount you can carry you move dreadfully slow, works as a computing device so you can communicate with your allies and it wont get lost cause it’s always attached to your arm, you can view your current weapons and clothes in it as well and listen to music from it if you’d like

moutonrose  asked:

I don't have anyone to yell about this with and I thought you'd appreciate it! I was at the Korean supermarket near my house today and they have a little stall with kpop goodies (stickers, photo cards, makeup pouches you name it) and they also have albums and THEY HAD THE GROWL REPACKAGE PHOTO BOOK THING AND I GOT YIXING'S PHOTO CARD AND ALL OF CHINA LINE IS THERE AND I'M GONNA FRIGGIN' LOSE IT. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it because MY BOYS. MY CHINA BAES.

!!!!!!! UMMMMM ur living my dream :( im so happy for you photocards are so fun and chinaline makes my hear b-b-b-beat :(


Inspired by swampseer (but not nearly as pretty) I made a teal and green pocket for my tarot deck :)

The goal behind this project is to get my cards out! I’m so nervous about the power of my cards that I usually have them in a special box, hidden in a drawer. But no more! Now they can safely sleep with me and travel around in my bag :)


Are you already pondering potential Christmas presents for the Cumberperson in your life? If so, you may be interested to know that I’ve just updated my Field Guide To The Common Cumberbatch collection to include mini-Benedicts from Hamlet, Black Mass, the Sherlock special, and even Richard III from the forthcoming Hollow Crown 2. These little Batches adorn a wide range of products, including a poster or print, t-shirt, tote bag, cushion, mug, laptop skin or pouch, card or notebook.

Fortunately, mini-Benedicts do not require feeding or maintenance and can be happily stored in a dark cupboard until the festive season or beyond…

Today, I fucked up by trying to possess a valid train ticket.

I have a deal with the company I work for where they pay for my train fair, i.e. I buy a monthly ticket, give it to the secretary and then get reimbursed for it. So every first of the month I buy the ticket at the ticket machine before getting on the train and for the rest of the month just keept it in the same slot in my wallet. Unfortunately due to friction during the course of every month the writing on the ticket fades more and more and four weeks in the letters are just barely visible.

I had received multiple complaints from the ticket inspectors (understandably, I basically showed them a white piece of paper at the end of the month). Once I had almost been thrown off the train.

After about half a year of this I have an idea, friction won’t be able to harm something that is laminated, right? The tickets are small enough to fit into the standard business card size lamination pouches of which my company has plenty lying around, perfect!

So feeling pretty good for having this genius idea I set everything up and wait for my little problem to disappear as the pouch with the ticket gets slowly pulled into the machine.

About 20 second later I see the ticket appearing on the other side, but wait, why is there just a laminated black bar coming out and where the hell is my ticket?

Then it hits me, thermal paper!!

The thing about lamination machines is, you can’t just stop them, you can’t just rip the whole thing out; no, I had about a minute of watching the true ingeniousness of my idea unfold.

So I take the damn thing, go to customer service to try to explain the situation, but after the first sentence she turns her head and says to her colleague ‘Great, another one!’ Apparently two weeks earlier someone had the same idea as me!

I get a replacement ticket with an hand-written note stapled to my black bar for the rest of the month and head home to my family.

At the dinner table I struggle whether to tell this embarassing but also quite funny story. In the end I decide to tell them.

And here it comes: when I was finished with my story and expected to be made fun of, my dad says 'Funny, the same thing happened to me two weeks ago!’

Too Long; Didnt Read > tried to laminate a train ticket that was printed on thermal paper, ended up with a black bar; turns out my dad had the same idea two weeks prior

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