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So..A lot more people were interest in my idea of The MTG Community Award Show!

Here is a list of potential categories I liked the best! Feel free to reblog and add more please!

Best Overall Card In The Set
Best New Character
Best New Mechanic
Best Magic Story
Best Planeswalker
Best Flavor Text
Best Card Art
Most Likely To Be a Standard Staple
Most Likely To Be a Modern Staple
Most Likely To Be An EDH Staple
Best Meme From The Community
Best Potential EDH Commander
Best Common/Uncommon/Rare/Mythic

Keep in mind, these are still potential, I’d love to have more! Also I’m still figuring out logistics for voting and what not, but thankfully we have until the end of the Amonkhet Story to finalize everything :p Just let me know what y’all think!


The Anchor & The Anchored

If there’s one thing I love as much as Sterek—it’s Dragon Age haha
Decided to make a paired tarot card rendition of these two. I have couple of more ideas so I’ll see if I can finish em’ up soon :’D

Ways to Strengthen Your Magic

Every now and then, magic can fade. In order to keep it strong and healthy, you have to exercise it. Of course there will always be times when something else is more important than your craft, but there is always a little something you can do to keep it going.

-Whisper an incantation over your lil’ cup of tea.

-Pray to your deities as you fall asleep at night.

-Carry a tiny crystal in your pocket.

-Scribble a quick happiness sigil on your arm before school or work.

-Give your pets some treats you have bewitched.

-Recite affirmations when you get ready to go somewhere in the mirror.

-Light a stick of incense while you’re cleaning or just sitting around.

-Add little thoughts to your grimoire.

-Sleep with your tarot cards.

-Play some witchy music.

-Set out a couple jars to collect rain water.

-Cleanse your home while cleaning.

-Set aside at least one day a month to devote entirely to your craft.

Hope all of you guys enjoyed and if you’d like more ideas then feel free to request! In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!


Christmas Hanamaru 彡☆

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