card inspiration

I just noticed I’m creating a small army of voice RPers off the top of my head I’ve had 4 anons tell me they were inspired by me to do a voice RP blog and I just

Look out fam this is gonna get real lit real fast

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In releation to what I just reblogged Imagine Sakura trying to learn Cantonese but struggling because speaking it is so different than speaking Japanese but she practices and practices and then she finally musters up the courage to try speaking it in front of Syaoran and she does decent but fumbles on a few of the words causing Syaoran to chuckle a bit and this makes her blush profusely but Syaoran simply kisses her on the cheek and whispers “Thank you, you did great”

My prof surprisingly let us have a one-sided cheat sheet for our in-class composition today so I quickly jotted down whatever I thought might be useful before leaving this morning… didn’t end up referring to it at all but that’s okay!

Oh and there’s Leo sneaking into my picture hehe


Ahhh the card from @spartathesheltie came today ❤.
I am so so so happy, the card is so beautiful - wonderful pictures from Sparta and a wonderful and heartwarming text with the most stunning handwriting I have ever seen.
Thank you, thank you really so much.
You and Sparta are so perfect in many ways, we love you two so much ❤.
Please take care, have a wonderful christmas time 🎄.