card games ftw

How to explain anime for non otaku peeps

Noragami: The Japanese adaptation of The Bible where asian Jesus is trying to survive in the 21st century

Magi: Young Harry Potter teams up with a prostitute’s son, a satyr, a slave and a kid from a slightly incestous-sociopathic family JUST to leave them behind to become friends with dude whom he first thinks is a chick and has romantic feelings for a 5 year old.

Highschool DXD: What you wanted highschool to be like

Death Note: What you actually wanted to do while being in highschool

SAO: You in middle school

Sailor Moon: #nohomo the girl version

Vamipre Knight: Twilight the Incest

Owari no Seraph: What Twilight could’ve been like

Inuyasha: Probably the kinkiest anime out there…..

Free!: The story of a hydrosexual kid comming out

Naruto: A DUDE WHO WHO LOVES FOOD SO MUCH HE NAMED HIS KID AFTER NARUTOxBURRITO (But the fact that „Naruto the last movie” isn’t the last movie still fukks me up)

YuGiOh: Legend says they are still playing children’s card games (season zero ftw tbh)

Black Butler: ….and that day 0 fucks were given……

Yuyu Hakusho/Eva: Do you know that extremely annoying/depressing feeling when your fave thing turns into a meme? ……….yeah

Attack on Titan/Tokyo Ghoul: Ironic kinkshaming

School Days: Probably the best social criticism of our time