card commissions

if you’re going through a tough time, just remember these two are cheering you on <3

Big thank you to @needapotion for this lovely tarot card commission of my Lavellan. The card is the Eight of Swords; she was trapped by her own thoughts and self-imposed boundaries due to her fear of failure. She struggled to figure out a way to serve and lead the Inquisition, feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, but the falling blindfold shows her challenging her fear and starting on a path, maybe not the best or most efficient path, but at least it’s a path that goes forward.

Thanks again!

For more cards, check my fire emblem tarot tag.

This is a commissioned work! This card will not be sold with my others (I have a different character set for Temperance in my FE:F major arcana set)!

A butler who knows his place and purpose.
Thank you so much to persorene for commissioning me!!

My commission info can be found here! Fire Emblem (and KH) characters are 10% off.


nanami in otonokizaka uniform commission (and bonus) for @tsumilky
[this is a commission! please do not use/repost/edit]


Full House - Dutch angel dragons

My dutchies made their con debut at fur-eh!
This group of suits was part of a contest I ran last year.  I loved the simple color scheme and the clean designs.
This group was designed by nibolette and made by me

Corresponding suits and names:
Hearts - Rummy
Spades - Spades
Diamonds - Solitaire
Clubs - Blackjack


Hello guys! I have some commission slots open!

type: single character portrait ( bust - up )

price: 37 usd

payment: invoice after the commission is finished

Commissions are fully painted, so they take a bit of time to produce. I regularly sent out sketches and wips, and gladly make edits and corrections according to your desires.*

Shoot me an email with your characters description and references if you want one:

Send me a message via messaging system if you have any questions!

For examples please look through my “art” tag, or my “finished commissions” tag.

Invoices are being sent after the commissioner has seen and approved of the final product.

* i reserve a right to turn down any commission i’m uncomfortable with!!!