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submitted by Ripley

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My EDC is for the urban environment and includes wallet, knife, multitool, flashlight, personal hygiene, tactical pen, battery pack, compass et cetera. This all fits nicely in my 5.11 Tactical Rush MOAB 6. Submitted by Chuck

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Designer, Photographer, Hiker. The Midori notebook has really been great. I have made some of my own inserts and their paper does well even with fountain pens. Atwood tools are a great story of a one man business, harder to get a hold of these days tho. The light is simple and inexpensive, but it’s a small enough company that they pick up the phone if you have a problem. I’ve already had one replaced for free after the bulb on the first one went out after a few years. The knife is simple and nonthreatening. I went through five or six iPhone cases before I found the Magpul. I used my previous one for three years solid. It’s the right amount of rubber without being obtrusive and the rubber is the right amount of sticky, but not so sticky you can’t get it out of your pocket. Hudsalve is amazing stuff, if you don’t know about it look it up. Hillside, Filson, and Tanner Goods are classics in the making. The Leica, Rolex, and Montblanc are about having usable pieces of art in my life every day.

Submitted by Joseph Renna

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Changed it up a bit today with some Leather and Wood.


Today my mother-in-law asked me to make a little white drawstring pouch for her to put her breath mints in, so they wouldn’t be loose in her pocket as she worked in the temple. I did, and it was cute, but it was a rush job. She was happy with it and went on her way. I got to thinking, I could do better. 

So I did better and tomorrow she’ll get the improved version. I made a zipper pouch with two sections inside. It can hold a recommend, cash, locker key, cough drops or breath mints. She said she’d tell other workers where she got hers, so I thought I’d get a jump on making a few for immediate availability.

I think these turned out better than the others I did this past week, pictured in my previous post. I think I’ve found my ideal way of making them! I’m almost tempted to pull the others off Etsy and try again. I’m not happy with the quality of that other batch.  We’ll see. 

Hey Guy, Throw that Velcro Wallet Away! Are You Ready for these Next-Level Menswear Accessory Pairings?

You’ve got the shoes and belt combo perfected; now try matching sleek wallets with dapper bags!

When it comes to leather accessories, please make sure you’re not using a velcro wallet anymore. Depending on how many cards you carry on the daily, definitely go for sleek leather or cool canvas pieces. If you pack lightly and have a thing for minimal style, do check out these card cases from Michael Kors and their matching dapper bags.

“What? Michael Kors? Aren’t those only for women?”

Nope, definitely not. Now feast your eyes on these badass leather combos:

1) Designer Camo: For gents that have a special place for street style in their hearts.

Bag: Michael Kors Jet Set Camo Travel Carry-On

Card Wallet: Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Card Case

2) Classic Noir: All business, all the time; you can’t go wrong with black.

Bag: Michael Kors Warren Slim Leather Briefcase

Card Wallet: Michael Kors Saffiano Card Carrier

3) Preppy Blue: The combo’s blue hue affords business and casual versatility.

Bag: Michael Kors Windsor Simple Tote

Card Wallet: Michael Kors Jet Set Card Case

Want brown leather variations of the pieces above instead? You’ll find them in the Michael Kors Men’s Bags page!

What designs and colors catch your eyes when choosing menswear accessories? Cool patterns, all-black-everything or bright colors? Let us know!

Wantering Editors

Billetus Carbon Fiber Wallet

A fresh take on the modern card carrier, the Billetus aims to address the uncomfortably sharp edges of a minimalist wallet’s plates by emulating the curved edges of a well-worn leather wallet. Available in two sizes and five colors, the Billetus stays lightweight and as thin as an iPhone 4S, even when full, thanks to a skeletonized design built from carbon fiber, titanium, and 6061 aluminum. Pledge higher and you’ll score a Cardus Openus, a carbon fiber plate which triples as a bottle opener and ruler for added functionality.


Breaking News

Chapter 1/?- Getting the gang together

Words- 1673

Prompt- Paige gets kidnapped by “A” & is beaten up & the whole thing is broadcast to the police & liars. After finally locating the place where paige is held the police rescue her. When they make an arrest later it is revealed that Allison was behind the whole thing & that she’s been A the whole time

The television was on and the family was sitting in the living room watching the news after dinner. Paige had gone home a couple hours ago to have dinner with her family because her dad was actually home right now. Emily’s dad was on leave as well and she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could since she started being the assistant coach and spending her afternoons at the school pool again. A ‘Breaking News’ alert came on and the news anchors started to show video of someone who had been kidnapped recently. It was unusual for a kidnapper to show live video so this was a big deal. That was when everyone in the room sat bolt up and couldn’t breathe.

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