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submitted by Ripley

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My EDC is for the urban environment and includes wallet, knife, multitool, flashlight, personal hygiene, tactical pen, battery pack, compass et cetera. This all fits nicely in my 5.11 Tactical Rush MOAB 6. Submitted by Chuck

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Designer, Photographer, Hiker. The Midori notebook has really been great. I have made some of my own inserts and their paper does well even with fountain pens. Atwood tools are a great story of a one man business, harder to get a hold of these days tho. The light is simple and inexpensive, but it’s a small enough company that they pick up the phone if you have a problem. I’ve already had one replaced for free after the bulb on the first one went out after a few years. The knife is simple and nonthreatening. I went through five or six iPhone cases before I found the Magpul. I used my previous one for three years solid. It’s the right amount of rubber without being obtrusive and the rubber is the right amount of sticky, but not so sticky you can’t get it out of your pocket. Hudsalve is amazing stuff, if you don’t know about it look it up. Hillside, Filson, and Tanner Goods are classics in the making. The Leica, Rolex, and Montblanc are about having usable pieces of art in my life every day.


Today my mother-in-law asked me to make a little white drawstring pouch for her to put her breath mints in, so they wouldn’t be loose in her pocket as she worked in the temple. I did, and it was cute, but it was a rush job. She was happy with it and went on her way. I got to thinking, I could do better. 

So I did better and tomorrow she’ll get the improved version. I made a zipper pouch with two sections inside. It can hold a recommend, cash, locker key, cough drops or breath mints. She said she’d tell other workers where she got hers, so I thought I’d get a jump on making a few for immediate availability.

I think these turned out better than the others I did this past week, pictured in my previous post. I think I’ve found my ideal way of making them! I’m almost tempted to pull the others off Etsy and try again. I’m not happy with the quality of that other batch.  We’ll see. 

Submitted by Joseph Renna

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Changed it up a bit today with some Leather and Wood.