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How this deck of cards came to be —>
I am a fan of the body so that helped and I don’t know, suddenly I was following all these amazing people on tumblr who were showcasing their bodies in the most artistic/creative/liberated ways and I wanted to join in on the fun I suppose and it was also a way of showing my respect to these ladies/gentlemen/others for putting themselves out there and rocking it. 
I’m pretty sure most of you already know the 12 brilliant humans that illustrate this deck. If not, I highly encourage you to find out ! 
Enjoy it, don’t be scared to get it dirty ! It’s a sign of a well used deck and true fun (or keep it very clean, if that’s what you’re into) !
I thank a thousand times :
@soulescaper​ (who seems to have changed tumblr name) 
@sextathlon and @eau-trouble (who aren’t here anymore but were some of the first people I followed)
& last but not least @a-littleminx (who also has changed name or moved on to greener pastures :)
If you know these people’s new names
and think they’d want to see this don’t hesitate to tell me !
An enormous thank you to all of you for your permissions and general awesomeness. REALLY.

For you, for your “loved ones” or “kinda tolerated ones” I think this could be a sweetass present :D ( if interested BUY HERE )


New cards and stickers marketing Digimon Adventure Tri Sochitzu which essentially gives away things.

1. Elecmon is returning

2. The Dark Masters are back, yep all 4 of them. Metalseadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon.

3.  Seraphimon and Holydramon are appearing. This does not negate the possibility of a Takeru and Hikari centric movie. Mainly because both of their Digimon mega forms still need to appear on posters. Two posters with Seraphimon and Holydramon especially moving from a Takeru centric movie is overkill. So it’s smart from a marketing standpoint to save those two for another movie. Probably movie 5. Allow Houomon and Sora the spotlight of the poster

4. This movies focus is on Sora and her relationships with Piyomon as well as Taichi and Yamato and the threat of The Dark Masters. As it should, allow all the megas to appear(since they’re facing 4 Mega Digimon) but let Sora be the focus. Save the other mega storylines(Seraphimon/Holydramon and Takeru/Hikari) for movie 5.

TumblrCards (Working Title)

Hi all,

So I thought it was probably time I share what I’ve been working on. About 2 weeks ago I began approaching different blogs (per the request of @codingflumps) to gather interest and help in writing a card game! Flumps had been to busy with life at the time to put anything together, so I took it upon myself to spearhead his idea! Well, after spamming a large number of you (some of the most popular Comp Sci blogs have agreed to help), I have about 27 blogs total currently working on this game. But 27 isn’t enough!! My goal is to get as much of the Tumblr community involved as I can. Especially the Comp Sci “fandom”.

The project will be written in C++. We are using GitHub for open source control and Slack for discussion. Below you will find the link to the GitHub project (which can also be found on my blog) as well as the list of blogs that have signed on to help and allowed me to tag them (a few have asked to remain untagged).

If helping is something you would be interested just shoot me or any of these blogs an IM :)




























If I were to use one screenshot to describe Quick Play, this would be it


it came to me that we have NINE pokegirls now meaning… that’s enough girls for a Love Live! band. and I always thought Serena’s marching band outfit from getta ban ban was adorable and it suits idol outfits pretty well. I’d definitely spend all my love gems on scouting them

(i actually spent an entire weekend of this i am deceased)


Love Live October Ver. Wallpapers


Started this picture about 5 weeks ago and just today, in the middle of my winter holidays, got to finish it. 

Ash and Serena are about 18 years old and are going on their first official date (they had a few ‘non-official’ dates before). A Flabebe decided to bless them.


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