Dark Elemental, Dokuzork

G-BT04/104 C ダークエレメンタル ドクヅーク Dark Elemental Dokuzork
“すごいねー、『明日から』頑張るんだー。 (It’s amazing, to hold out "until tomorrow”)“
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / No Nation - Cray Elemental - Elemental
Power 7000
Shield 5000
Critical 1
[Activate] [(Rearguard Circle)] [Once Per Turn]: Choose 1 of your Vanguard’s [Limit Break](5) abilities, while this Unit is on the field, it becomes a [Limit Break](4). (An [Activate] that has no cost has its cost paid by declaring it being played.)
[Continuous]: This Unit belongs to every Nation and Clan.

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The Damnation Card

The Damnation Card

You have an eerie and uncanny – some might say downright devilish – luck when it comes to pulling an ace, calling a bluff or striking your target; when the chips fall, coins spin and blood runs, you always walk away laughing.

Prerequisite: Ace Gambler feat, Touch of Corruption class ability

Benefit: Once per round, after you have confirmed the attack roll of a ranged attack with a card, you may expend two daily uses of your touch of corruption to deal both the normal damage of the ranged attack – along with any additional effects, as normal – as well as the damage from one use of your touch of corruption. This special use of touch of corruption always includes your Cruelty, if any.

You may freely spend daily uses of your touch of corruption in lieu of panache, and may likewise spend points of panache to activate your touch of corruption.

Designer’s Note: This feat, when combined with Eldritch Scion and Staff Magus as well as Sworn Blade in Darkness, creates an interesting take on Gambit.

In the Inner Sea, this ability is best known to rakes obedient to Socothbenoth and to Swift Executioners of Fools loyal to Zaebos or to Xsistaid – for whom it is often combined with Weapon of Spiritual Perfection. This talent is also known to some Scythe-Waltzing Reapers dedicated to Magdh, Norgorber or the formless Lord of Entropy, as well.

In any instance, it combines well with Claw and Scale of the Underworld Dragon.



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