Zack Fair- The Hanged Man

"The Hanged Man is a willing victim, someone who has chosen the path of sacrifice to accomplish a higher goal. The Hanged Man represents the willingness to forsake the temptations of instant gratification for a higher cause, and because of this willing sacrifice he accomplishes the goals he has in his heart. He is like the ultimate martyr, putting his self-interest aside and giving up his personal needs for the greater good."

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Armored Mutant Deity, Machining Destroyer

G-FC01/022 RRR 甲殻怪神 マシニング・デストロイヤー Armored Mutant Deity, Machining Destroyer
"時空の大混乱。 真っ先に対応したのは犯罪結社だ。(The great time-space distortion. The criminal organization has coped with it from the very beginning.)"
Grade 4 / G Unit / Zoo - Megacolony - Insect
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Stride] (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card [Stride]s onto your [Vanguard Circle].
[Activate] [[Vanguard Circle]] [Once Per Turn]: [[Counter Blast](1) Card with “Machining” in its card name] If you have a Heart Card with “Machining” in its card name, you can choose 1 opponent’s Rearguard, that Unit, during your opponent’s next Standby Phase, cannot [Stand]. And if you have 4 or more Rearguards with “Machining” in their card names, choose 1 of your opponent’s Vanguards, that Unit, during your opponent’s next Standby Phase, cannot [Stand].

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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying hand cut cards like this from me? They would be customizable, shape, size and design wise. 
I can do birthday cards, anniversary cards, valentines cards, Christmas cards, and really any kind of card you would want made!
I’ll be putting some pre-made ones on my etsy in a few days :)
So let me know in the comments below?


Hey Tiny Planet Explorers! One of the many exciting projects I’ve been working on recently is Fable Fights! 

The KickthePJ universe is filled to the brim with all sorts of crazy creatures, so I’ve taken my magical pencils and put together something you’re going to love - a collectable card game!

I’m really proud of Fable Fights so If you’re interested in checking it out, head over to

If you’ve never bought one of my creations before, check out the entire PJ shop!

Tweet me with #FableFights when your pack arrives and get ready to brawl as you become the fable master!


this should speak for itself hehe

a huge group effort went into signing a card for mark to see when he gets out of the hospital. we really love him and we want him to get better soon and take a much needed break! thanks to all those who signed this; we had over 60 people in total sign (that’s more than the number of people who signed the declaration of independence, WOW guys!), and overall it took 24 hours for this card to make it’s full rounds on deviantart and on tumblr.

we hope you feel better, mark! we love you and we want you to know you’re the brightest star and you’re amazing. you helped us— now it’s our turn to help you. we hope this makes you smile! while this isn’t much of your fandom, 60+ people is still quite a few, and i’m amazed at how we all worked together to get this done.

a list of all the lovely people who signed this card can be found on the deviantart post, which is right here! this was quite a task, but i’m so proud that i managed to get so many people to join together for one cause!

also, a side note-

it’s not too late to sign this card, and it’s still sensible to sign until mark is up and going again. therefore, a blank version of the inside of the card can be found here, so whoever reblogs this and still wants to sign can sign here and put a link to it in their rebloggable post for everyone else to sign on! all of the signatures and well-wishes matter! even if you don’t sign, please reblog and like this; i really want mark to see all these people who care for him and want him to know it. c:

and many special thanks to monodes and hittower, whom i personally hunted down to get signatures from hehe-

get well soon, mark. we believe in you! you make all of us happy with your charm and your spirit. we love you!

- love, jay, these signers, and all of your heroes ♡


Never Ending Coldplay Card


So I’ve spent the last week working on three new tokens! The Warrior, Goblin, and Bear tokens are entirely new, and for the first time, the Dragon, snake, and Bird tokens are available online HERE!

They’re a dollar each - I’ll have these at the Prerelease signing on Saturday. I aim to keep adding new tokens in till I can pretty much cover most folks.