New addition to my card collection ♥

Hoarded cards again from our office yesterday. I love my job! Hihi. They’re already for chopping and instead of letting them go to waste I just took them home. We have a box of cards that are already for chopping and I’ll be going through it again for the second time today. Hahaha. These cards are just too cute, funny and pretty just to be chopped off. My card collection just keeps on growing and growing. I already gave some to my friends and some to people I trade letters with. Some I keep to myself and use them on occasions or cut them off and use it to decorate my journal/planner. I’m from the non-cards department but my friend is the planner of the cards department. And she always let me pick cards that I want whenever they have cards that are already for chopping. 

I swear, ever since I started working for Hallmark I learned to appreciate cards again. It’s nice to receive hand-written letters once in a while. I used to make one for my parents on their birthdays and even on valentines day. And now, I started giving cards again to my friends and relatives on their birthdays and other occasions.


[Rabbit] ゴースト par Koala Krash

I’ve always feared uncertainty. I’m the kind of person who likes being organized and goal-oriented. I like thinking ahead and knowing what comes next. I like having a plan. And I know that uncertainty makes life interesting, but it also makes me really uncomfortable. I get uneasy when I think about my future not following the path I want it to follow, and I worry about this quite a lot. I guess I’m just anxiously awaiting for these idealized events of my life to play out. And if they don’t go as planned, then gosh, I don’t know what I’d do.
But I’m reminded to embrace that uncertainty and that good things take time. There’s no turning point where all your problems will disappear and you will start “truly living”. Although it’s good to work towards goals, reaching (or not reaching) them does not determine your worth. And even if things don’t work out the way you’ve planned, it will be okay. With perseverance and tenacity, life seems to find a way to make everything fall into place. At least, it’s been doing that for me so far.
I’d like to thank @littlecitylove for sending me this lovely card, and for finding value and inspiration in my aesthetic and introspective pieces. Little City Love encourages seeking opportunities to connect with others through honest and intimate dialogue. You can check out their beautiful cards and wall prints at It’s an honour for me to be recognized by such an amazing company. So thank you, Little City Love, for reaching out to me because I truly love everything you stand for. // #vscocam #littlecitylove

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