And the Tuesday stream result is another completed commission work done for lafaiette of her Lavellan in Tarot Arcana; Queen of Cups!

Those who missed the stream but would love to see can do it on my stream channel the whole session!

This one was fun to work with and she could be sister of Sanaa for sure, even tho many details are different, but they share some similar traits visually. Just to clear it up! :>

‘Ask’ Overdue

Funny how I only do this series once every year because apparently, I don’t answer questions dropped in my ‘ask box’ every now and then. Sorry I may blog a lot of things, but I’m also very reserved so I filter the ones I only respond to. I suggest don’t ask anonymously so I can holla you back quickly – it imposes me to hit reply, plus I can be more open to you if I know your name at the very least. But in case you asked long ago yet it’s still left unanswered up to now, it means two things: your question is too personal or you’re harassing me anonymously for being a bully so I blocked you from asking. Cool? Now on to my answers:

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The signs on a bad day
  • Aries:easily irritated, aggressive, jealous, needs their freedom and space
  • Taurus:doesn't give a shit about anything, hard to talk to, stubborn
  • Gemini:easily depressed, questions everything, insecurity, fickle
  • Cancer:wants to be alone, uncommunicative, competitive
  • Leo:criticizes everything, melodramatic, feels alone
  • Virgo:bad attitude, self-pitying, freaks out easily, very lazy
  • Libra:manipulative, dishonest, cold, sarcastic, nonchalant
  • Scorpio:explosive, revengeful, secretive, obsessive
  • Sagittarius:reckless, sarcastic, flaky, extremely harsh
  • Capricorn:feeling attacked, bossy, criticizes everyone and everything
  • Aquarius:too opinionated, wants to be alone, detached, guarded
  • Pisces:easily frustrated, out of touch with reality, gullible