Some of you might have wondered why I was offline for such a long time…

Truth is, I couldn’t work a lot this year, because I spent most of Spring/Summer in hospital and the hospice, and as a result I have very little money left to keep me going for the rest of the year. Having to move house twice within a few months did not help either. I painted this miniature mainly in hospital, in the hospital’s café. This one means a lot to me, so I have decided to have it professionally printed, and it has turned out marvellous!

Maybe one or two of you find it in their heart to think about purchasing some of them as their Christmas cards this year, instead of buying the usual high street cards? They can actually compete very well, they are of outstanding quality, made of really nice, thick velvety paper stock (400g/m!). 

I hope I can raise some Christmas funds for myself this way, otherwise I will have indeed a very bleak Christmas this year…. I’m slowly trying to get back to full work capacity, but of course it takes time. 

You can purchase them in my Etsy store:

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“Morning found Dr Armitage in a cold sweat of terror and a frenzy of wakeful concentration. He had not left the manuscript all night, but sat at his table under the electric light turning page after page with shaking hands as fast as he could decipher the cryptic text. He had nervously telephoned his wife he would not be home, and when she brought him a breakfast from the house he could scarcely dispose of a mouthful. All that day he read on, now and then halted maddeningly as a reapplication of the complex key became necessary. Lunch and dinner were brought him, but he ate only the smallest fraction of either. Toward the middle of the next night he drowsed off in his chair, but soon woke out of a tangle of nightmares almost as hideous as the truths and menaces to man’s existence that he had uncovered.”

HP Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

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The ‘nuclear football,’ a briefcase containing strike options, secret hideouts, Emergency Alert System procedures, and a card (or 'biscuit’) containing nuclear codes, accompanies the President of the United States at all times. Very rarely, the codes have been accidentally left unsecured– including when Reagan was shot in 1981, and the biscuit was found on the floor of the ER. Source Source 2