My friend’s brother has been diagnosed with cancer. PLEASE HELP!

We all know and love our dear friend and family member Lewis Turner. Unfortunately Lewis has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive and potentially fatal eye cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland.

With this type of cancer the treatment is typically extreme because doctors remove the eye and the bone behind the eye completely to prevent the cancer from returning and spreading. The cancer has remained stable in Lewis’ eye and has not spread throughout his body yet. The concern is, if it’s left untreated for too long because of its aggressiveness it may spread.

Doctors feel they can remove the cancer from Lewis’ eye without having to remove his eye and bone by using a “Proton Beam” because of the stage in which the cancer is at. Lewis’ local doctor advised him to have the treatment done by the specialists at the MD Anderson Center in Houston, TX because they focus specifically on treating Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland. Since the treatment center is in Houston Lewis’ insurance company told him he would be considered outside his “coverage area” by going down there for treatment. Which means they will not cover any of his expenses.

In short, Lewis needs this Proton treatment immediately if he has any chance to preserve his eye and maintain his quality of life! Since the insurance company is denying him coverage Lewis and his family will have to take on the financial load all by themselves. Because of that, Lewis desperately needs ALL of our love, support and help financially to make this treatment possible and to help him get over this tough hurdle in life.

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“I see and hear everything”

Megan, she’s in my class. She has stage 4 lung cancer (carcinoma) which spread to her uterus and she is going to have a hysterectomy. She’s 29. She has 2 small children. The tumor in her left lung is outside and inside of the organ, on top of that she has asthma. On top of that she currently is battling pneumonia. Two types at once. Her doctor said she wasn’t gonna make it, and she joined my cosmetology class because it’s been a dream of hers to learn this stuff and it was on her bucket list before she dies.

In this picture she is doing her first pedicure (today), I sat and instructed her along. She told me she didn’t have enough gas to get home but she wasn’t worried about it. The lady she did a pedicure on tipped her $5 and I was very glad because that was her gas money to get back home. I hope she makes it through all of her struggles.

Cervical Carcinoma with Adnexa

This TAH-BSO specimen is demonstrated in standard anatomic postion, with the right adnexa on the left side of the image. The right ovary is replaced by a Brenner tumor, the left ovary by a mucinous cystadenoma. The cervical tumor is a non-keratinizing squamous carcinoma.

This case presented de novo in the middle of the night with profuse, bright red, “arterial-type” bleeding, which necessitated an emergency hysterectomy. Therefore, this is a rare “virgin” case of invasive cervical cancer, with no preoperative irradiation.


The cottontail rabbit papilloma virus (CRPV) infects rabbits, causing keratinous carcinomas, typically on or near the animal’s head. These tumors can become large enough that they interfere with the host’s ability to eat, eventually causing starvation. (Source) 



This gnarly looking cell was found on cytology from an ulcerated mass on the prepuce of a 18 year old quarter horse gelding.  The lesion ended up being a carcinoma, likely squamous cell carcinoma, with secondary inflammation.  This cell in particular represents everything a healthy normal cell should never do!  First off, it has three neutrophils WITHIN its cytoplasm - this is termed emperipolesis.  Additionally, there are actually three concentric neoplastic cells present! The first one is dead middle, the second one has an elongated nucleus inappropriately hugging the first cell, and the third cell is the large one with the peripherally placed nucleus which contains everyone else.  Anytime you see craziness like this, think a tumor!
Can ‘Screening’ for ‘HPV Human Papilloma Virus‘ STOP ‘Cancer’ ?

Simply YES. So ‘What is cancer?’ How can I help to stop them from dying !

Opposite is a picture of what ‘cervical cancer’ can look like.

You can help stop 100’s of women dying from cancer. In a moment I will tell you how? but first let me explain… There is evidence to show that even when your GP authourises a smear test the labatories take one look at the date of birth and dispose if under 25.