“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other …”

As we wrap up the regular season and prepare for playoffs …..

It could be that Stan Bowman is just a genius. It could be that Blackhawks scouts are actually Hollywood script writers. It could be sheer luck. But when you stop and think about the exact perfect combination of individuals that the Hawks have brought together over years, it’s hard not to think that there are bigger forces at play.

Some are still there and will remain the heart of this team (Seabs, Keith, Kane, Toews, Hammer, Hossa, Crawford, Krueger). Some were there only briefly but inspired hearts (Kimmo, Vermette). Some were ripped from our arms but will forever be Hawks (Sharp, Shaw, Ladd, Versteeg, Saad, Bicks, Burish, Buff). Some are newer but have already secured their places in the story (Anisimov, Darling, Panarin and more).

Without Kimmo, you have no veteran-who-deserves-a-Cup. Without Panarin, you have no unrestrained puppy dog joy and happiness. Without Sharpy, you have no endless pig-tail pulling of Kane and Toews. Without Shaw, you have no yapping little terrier with a mouth and heart bigger than his body.

Then there are the side stories. Semborski and his very brief but adorable moment in the spotlight. Kane and his streak and Hart/Lindsay/Ross win. Clint and the heartbreaking loss of his light in this world. Toews and his evolution from serious to dorky hippie. Carcillo and his work with Chapter Five in memory of Montador. Bicks moving on and uncovering his MS. And probably even more stories that are private and that we will never know.

Stars align. And whether you believe it to be by fate or a bigger design, all I know, is that I will forever be loyal to those who pull on the Hawks sweater – even if just for a moment – and to the folks that gave them the chance to do so and to win our hearts in the process.

when you consider the blackhawks have, as a team, dealt with this year: rumours to do with Sharpie cheating on his wife with his teammates girlfriends, Steve Montador passing away, Daniel Carcillo having a concussion and dealing with depression, Clint Reif passing away, Duncan Keith separated from his wife, and most likely his child for most of the year and now getting a divorce, and finally, some of their closest friends leaving, and them knowing it was coming with the cap, you wonder how they have the fortitude to even get to the rink to practise by the end of the season

so last week when Kane and Carcillo planted the tree, I commented on the tweet and went on my happy way…

some jerk replied to my tweet about Kane being a rapist.

I called him ‘slandarous/libel’ and reported the tweet. He said something back, I said to check articles and facts, he said something dumb back, so I told him I hope he enjoyed this minuscule amount of attention.

The tweet is gone now :) I feel good. :D

*content sigh*