Slightly gory! Yellowstone Grizzly Bear playing with its food just after emerging from hibernation.

Picture by Yellowstone Wolf Project

495M of the Mollie’s pack stands over his bison prey. When he ws collared he weighed 143 pounds, making him one of the largest wolves to be radio collared in YNP. 

Here is a picture of 495M and volunteer Erin Albers to show just how big he was!

  • natgeoVideo by @ronan_donovan // Watch what happens when this bear steps away from his meal…
    Common ravens can make quick work of a carcass as they clamour for scraps of meat that they might eat on the spot, or often fly off to cache the tasty protein pack for later in the winter. Want to see what happens when the bear gets annoyed with the birds, hop over to @ronan_donovan for another video of this same bear.

Carcass - Rot`n`roll