Crash bought the gun.

Crash walked into the store. 

Crash took the gun into the store

Crash pointed the gun at Max

Crash pulled the trigger. 

Crash could have easily taken off the safety. 

Carter never wanted him to buy the gun in the first place. 

Carter Didn’t make him bring the gun.

Carter didn’t force him to pull the trigger on Max. 

This is all on Crash. 

Stop blaming Carter.

#fbf September 26, 2007. The day I sold my beloved VW Beetle, Morticia. I was terrified to be car-less since I’d been driving cars for 20 years; but within days I knew it was one of the greatest decisions of my life and I never once regretted it. I’ve become a fast walker, enjoyed figuring out the maze of subways and most importantly have become a cyclist. I use my bike to get everywhere (as long as it’s 50 degrees). I hope I never need to rely on a car again. #dontdriverideinstead #bikesnotcars #volkswagen #carcash #Manhattan

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