carbuncle figurine

baby!Ignoct head canon #3

After Noctis is attacked by the Marilith, things are touch and go for days. 

He hasn’t woken, and Ignis… Ignis doesn’t know what to do. Ignis, who has been told it is his duty to protect Noctis, can only stand at the foot of his bed as the healers and doctors try to wake him up. 


The King has taken to sleeping in the chair next to the bed, a constant vigil that casts dawn to twilight and back. Carbuncle rests on the bedside, the little wooden figurine standing watch over Noctis…

But once the King has fallen asleep and the Citadel becomes silent, Ignis crawls into the bed next to Noct, careful not to put pressure on his back. His skin’s cold and clammy, and Ignis can only hope that his breath whispered across Noctis’s face can keep him warm.

When he wakes, there is always a blanket draped over him. 

Sometimes the little Carbuncle figurine is tucked in the palm of his hand and he prays to anyone who is listening for Noctis to be safe.

And Ignis waits.

King Regis Headcanon

After finding out the prophecy will be fulfilled through the sacrifice his son, King Regis visits his wife’s grave to tell her the news as a way to mourn his future loss. He spills his tears while holding the Carbuncle figurine, praying the spirit would heal his emotional wounds. It is the one moment he allowed himself to cry over the revelation before refocusing his attention to making sure Noctis would grow up happy.