Bowl of heaven for dinner🌿👀 Baked paprika rosemary potatoes, baked broccoli, quinoa and a salad🙆 I’ve really become a fan of potatoes! MY NEW VID IS UP ON YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO!! Filmed my day, some food and a quick cardio/leg/glute workout- the workouts that tone your glutes without giving you chunky thighs👍 #vegan #carbs (at NEW VID📹📹 LINK IN BIO)

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The man had been a home-brewer and was regularly exposed to the brewer’s yeast, the fungus used to ferment beer. He likely had an antibiotics treatment that had killed off his original intestinal flora and replaced it with brewer’s yeast. 

From then on, carb-rich foods such as bread or bagels would ferment after he ate them, making an alcoholic brew in his gut within the next 24 hours.

He took daily anti-fungal medications for six weeks to kill off the yeast and followed a very strict no sugar/carb/alcohol diet, until eventually he was back to normal.


Omg I made sweet potato fries 👀 I can’t believe I used to boil potatoes before baking them when it’s so much easier to just chop (toss with salt, Italian herbs and a little oil) and bake at 450, leave for 25 minutes *flip* 20 more minutes! They are so good they don’t even need keptchup (I’ll still prolly use ketchup tho) 😻✨🍟

Fruit and veg haul by one of my favourite accounts on social media @bonnyrebecca 😍👌🏼🍌🍉🍇 If anyone is keen to see how easy (and delicious) the high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle is check out Bonny Rebecca or @jennacawthray’s you tube videos. You will be amazed at the volume of healthy, high carb, plant based food you can eat - no calorie restriction needed. I am currently eating about 2500 calories a day and my energy is incredible, my digestive issues are sorted and I feel so much happier overall! #gofruityourself #vegetarian #vegan #healthy #BGC30 #rawtill4 #carbs

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