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Sara Carbonero about the future of Iker Casillas:

-It is said that Iker Casillas would be in negotiations with the Sevilla F.C.
-Oh yeah? No. I do not come here to talk to you about that, because I can not and should not, but there is nothing. Our situation remains the same.
-What can you comment that it is possible for your husband to return to play with the Selection. You’ll be excited, right?
-I’m not going to tell you anything, because I’m not the right person.

“If I have to choose, I’ll take the challenge of the Champions League. The fans are very Champions. Twice winning the European Cup is something that has never been achieved in this modern era. It is an exciting challenge. I’ll take the Champions League.”

“It will be a difficult game. Sevilla are very strong at home, have been solid all season struggling to enter Champions League and Europa League semifinals. It will be a nice match.”

“The coach said it and it’s true, it’s easier quoted compete for merit our Champions League and depend Barcelona. Still we have to keep doing is to win in Seville and wait to see what happens in Cordoba.”

Although the situation is uncomfortable I do not think players want down mathematically in their field. To us we expect a very difficult game against a team that is showing very strong side at the Sanchez Pizjuan.”

“There are four teams and each of them have 25 percent of possibilities. We’re going to face Buffon and Pirlo two well-known players worldwide who are cornerstones of Juventus and the Italian national team. Each confrontation against them was very nice, we had joys and sorrows. The positive is that there are two teams with great players, with high level and each with its own style. There are two exciting semifinals for the viewers.”

“The mentality will change. When you’re younger you have more hungry for titles; when your career is wide you like your prize list to grow; and when you are in your last moments you want to win for the joy you give people. I have been privileged to win the most you can win a player and joy you transmit to people is wonderful, something unique.”

Iker Casillas at Hyundai event | 30.04.2015