carbonillas family


Interview with Sara Carbonero on July 5, 2016: 

Recovery and relax with two children: “The truth is that this dress is wide. I’ve recovered but recognize that still need time to wear something with belt. I don’t know how much weight I lost but I must be like I was before, more or less. Even with Lucas, I try to find time for me. When children sleep or are with their father or grandparents, I have time to relax at some point. I didn’t carried any kind of diet.”
Martin and his jealousy: “At first it was much, but for now things gone to be more calm. Martín already understood that there is place for both of them but still has some moments, especially when someone comes and greets Lucas at first. Mostly He is happy with little brother, who is the best gift we can give him for lifetime. Now I organize time for two better, but at first it was little chaotic.”
Lucas: “He is still so little, but I think looks like to Martín, when he was baby. Some people see him much like Iker. Lucas is very good, just like Martín was at his age although he has little growls. From the beginning I give him breast-feed but also bottles, because he’s very greedy.”
Vacations: “We will be in Spain, among Madrid and the villages of Iker and mine. Then we’ll return to Porto. I want to be here in August, because I like city at this time,  but Iker has to join the team soon.
New program and plans: “I feel comfortable despite of my move from the news to entertainment. Although we have script, there is much improvisation. I watch videos and read texts all the time when I’m at home, because every week one contestant will be eliminated from the program. Hopefully it was not my goodbye for news, there could be return. But I’m very comfortable with this project right now because I can’t do daily job with my family from Porto. I see it as an opportunity.”
Third child: “I still want to have another baby, but now it’s too early. I can’t say that would be girl, I’d love to be but I like very much personality of boys too. Martín loves so much his brother, even he gives outbursts of affection and wants to hold Lucas.”