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So, do you like Glee? I was just wondering, because you seem pretty famous, and I want to know how many famous people like Glee.

I’m not really all that famous, but yes, I do like Glee.

Though I’m not sure how the next season’s going to do, since most the characters are graduating…

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He smiled. "That's what I just returned from doing. Thanks to you, though, Amon was stopped before he could take away my bending. And for that, I wanted to show my thanks." He held out his palm, and with a small crackle a fiery rose danced in his hand before diminishing. "Sorry it couldn't last longer, but it was the only thing I could think of."

Korra watched the flames till they dissipated, she smiled “Wow, that was beautiful, even if it was just for a short time. Im glad I could stop it before others like you were affected.” She said happily. 

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A teen bender was walking down the street wearing a crimson tunic beneath a black sweatshirt. He was also wearing poofy, baggy black pants that went down to his ankles, meeting his black sandals. When he saw the avatar walking down the street, he ran up to her. "Avatar Korra! I wanted to thank you for what you did! Amon's forces had captured me, but when the equalists were driven away I was freed by Lin Beifong."

Korra met the gaze of the male and smiled at his statement “Hey, no sweat it. Im glad I could help. I think you should be thanking Lin though! If she’s the one who actually came to your aid.”