carbonated soda

TOP eras as i see them with synesthetia

self-titled era: shaking hands. old keyboards. friends that talk behind your back. the feeling you get after staying up too late. being sleepy all day but suddenly feeling awake at night. recovery. reaching the end of a tunnel. slowly lifting your head. realizing you can make a better life for yourself. drawing on your skin. burning old photos. abandoned theme parks. art shows. swimming pools.

RAB era: baseball fields. skinned knees. falling down after running really fast. collapsing at the end of a sports match. rained out events. resting in the shade on a hot day. shaved heads. summertime. the last few weeks of school. only leaving your house if you feel that that day is going to be important. sudden bursts of inspiration. finding creativity you never knew before. worrying about everything. the lump in your throat after you’re trying not to cry. things building up. unspoken words. dogs. hiking. cleats. 

Vessel: sudden fellowship with others. finally reaching out to your friends. the cold rush of air on your face when a door opens. raising your arms towards the sky. finally getting counseling. screaming, but not knowing why. night terrors. pine trees. a feeling of being lost. lonely in a room of people. soda. carbonated water. pink and yellow and red and gray. smiling over sadness. anxiety. butterflies in your stomach. the smile you get when you begin to realize everything will be alright. 

Blurryface: realizing that your friends have helped you, but now is the part of the battle you must fight on your own. blasting music in the car. summer days. hot pavement. empty rooms. moving houses. shouting just to hear an echo. late nights driving. nightmares. graffiti. sirens. doing bad things, but desperately wishing you could do good. doing good but can’t stop thinking about bad things. fighting against the darkness that no one else can see. cracks in the ceiling. basements. spaces where you don’t feel quite real. falling into bed after a long day. the final great battle before the end of the war.

The Smart Way

A long time ago, I worked at a big-box store, pulling boxes off trucks, stacking them on pallets, and sending the pallets out to the sales floor to stock. It was hot, tiring, and not particularly fun, but they paid me, so that was good enough.

I had a coworker that those of us in the warehouse liked to call Crackhead. Crackhead wasn’t really a bad guy, but his choice of vice was really beginning to affect those around him. Unfortunately, he had an industrious, git-‘er-done attitude, which management absolutely loved; if a supervisor told him to run head-first into a brick wall, he’d do it with a smile. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that bad either, at least as far as management is concerned. Except… “charging head-first into a brick wall” was his go-to strategy. If the boxes on the beat-up conveyor belt got stuck, his solution was to shove as hard as he could, slamming the boxes into each other until something broke or fell off and everything started moving again. Of all the breakage we experienced that wasn’t broken in transit, 90% of it was from Crackhead. We lost gallons of paint because he wanted to know what the bottom of the paint box looked like. We lost a case of shampoo because he opened it to see what it smelled like, and dropped it on the cement floor. We even lost our lunch hour once because he somehow broke the time-clock so we couldn’t clock in or out for lunch, and told management that everyone had “totally had taken lunch already” and “oh man, those guys are so lazy, they want two lunch breaks.”

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February: The fall starts easy. I took baby aspirin, and a rusty spoon to my head, and smoked the stale weed my brother left in a broken vase before he left for college. Night comes fast, and tells the creation story. I ignore her this time. I don’t give a fuck about how I was made anymore tell me how I fall apart.

March: Nobody can ever find the raw spot on their leg until they start itching. I remember 6th grade when the mosquito bit my calf. Larvae and laps on the soccer field in early spring. He is oozing into my shoes with the mud.

April: My mother buried my rusty spoon, and took my brown hands. the clothesline was dripping carbonated orange soda sun, the wind was soft, the mice were sleeping warm beneath the floorboards; she spread my tarot on the floor with the forever broken and gnarled thumb she stuck in a blender when she was 5. That spring I walked home alone some nights, the heatwaves followed me like the labored breath of drunk men who don’t take no for an answer, I turned over The Devil and someone dropped a wine glass next door, she gasped, white eyes, the mice began to scrape and scream, the heatwave killed their children like it split my shoulders open and ate the youth inside.

May: The month of falling out of trees, junior high was gonna shipwreck any day now. There is a fast food place where the milkshakes taste like cough syrup and the skater kids cheat death on 3 feet of concrete stairs. There is a crack in the sidewalk in front of it, and he kick flips on it to break the back of the mother who left him at 13, he breeds violence between his fraying vans and then something in his ankle snaps, my oxygen goes tar black. He bleeds, he. Makes this sound. Like a dog when you step on its foot. I want to hold him, put a butterfly on his cheek, give him a band aid, something, God, something. He looks like he’s in pain. I want to. I don’t know. Help.

I walk away trembling and put my head between my knees behind a dumpster full of shitty milkshakes.

June: The neighbors fuck like rabbits while I’m trying to cry to joy division. I pray for a lightning strike. This type of poetry is for pretty girls, anyway.

July: my birthday flies into the glass of my bedroom window and breaks its neck. mom said the only things you can grow in summer that won’t die are grapefruit and hair, and I made a garden, I cut my chest open for Demeter each full moon. These locks were watered with gulf stream sea spray. I fed them bludgeoned daydreams. I threw my head against church doors trying to send Jesus some red flowers for his funeral, or maybe his birthday, doesn’t really matter, we celebrate both.

August: I got kicked out of high school knocking myself out on my desk. People carved hearts into the enamel, I carved my heart out of my chest and turned it in for my midterm. I slam dunked my skull into the bleachers on game day, and when the bleachers fell, into my history textbook, and when the book was mushy with blood, into the track field. I’m grinning ugly, dancing to the 80’s synth in an empty gym after homecoming, with a nosebleed dripping love songs down my yellow teeth, like words on old gravestones: here lies a moontoothed lover who will never rest in peace, every night she claws her grave and hears the call of western waves.

September: I’m high on concussion flavored car races in a stolen low rider, bluebirds fly in circles around my head after we crash, I wrote a song on a 5 dollar bill called blunt force trauma and it is about skater boys with broken noses, snarls of shaggy Jew fro his friends make fun of, and hands. that graze los angeles highways while he rides asphalt waves, slam his locker, and give the finger to the education system he keeps tripping over like untied shoelaces. he pricks those hands sewing together the lackluster parties private school kids throw. he puts his dewy rose bud lips to the jack daniels bottle, and kicks the drum kit over, gives it mouth to mouth, pump his fists into someone’s chest, gives it a pulse again. hands big enough to steal grapefruit with, the size of my swollen heart. I didn’t know it could get that big but he bumped into me, buzzing like a light saber, sky walking out of the grocery store with a grapefruit. with my heart.

October: do you have a girl do you? have a lover? Jupiter is orbiting around whatever this emotion is called, the rollercoaster one. when you look at me. We spend Halloween turning into werewolves at the library, you were moshing in the kids section, bleaching your hair in punk rock, I was banging my bruised and knuckleheaded love poems into a paperback copy of Romeo and Juliet, brushing my hair with broken glass. That was the first day the blood on our hands was not our own, she shushed us and we laughed. High on Shakespeare and Jupiter gas, we dug our fangs into the dewy decimal system. You ask me my name, I tell you, you smile. We had matching bruises and I floated home.

November: You make me. Feel. You make me feel like I can speak to snakes. You make me feel like my hips have a purpose besides balancing bins of laundry, and bowls of fruit. You make 17 stop feeling like a suicide note no one will read. you make me banshee scream and lick like fire against young pines, when you. dance. when you. kiss her, let her ride your double dutch hips, and your skateboard. She is a new coin, tangy on his numb tongue, and he tucks her in his pocket, his lucky penny. I’m the bubblegum he scrapes off his sneakers and throws into a storm drain.

December: I still cower into my pillow and smile a crooked smile, and go red at the cheeks, you. You put the red in my cheeks. I’m here, I’m exploding, why can’t you see me? Just put the bottle down, take your hand from your eyes, I won’t ask you what happened to your face, or how you got that scar, I will just like you and like you. we can buy angels wings in Hollywood, make an apartment out of crumpled homework pages at the bottoms of our dirty backpacks, we can drop out of high school, I will like you and dissect your sadness like frogs in freshman biology I am used to the rotting smell in your ribcage, I reek of it too. I will like you. until I know how to love you.

January: I switch schools, I cut my hair, bleach what little is left. It makes my mother unhappy, she thinks my spirit world is severing ties, she thinks my planets are discordant. I ask somebody back home about him, she says he dropped out and started working on cars.

I come down. Softly.

February (again, again, again): He was born to a rabbi and a beauty queen. I was born to a chemist, and a witch. Ammonia, bleach. Don’t mix them unless you want someone to die. Blood, adolescence, summer saltwater. Don’t mix them unless you want to make somebody wish they were dead.

—  2. a crush. and nothing more.
Stupid coworkers

I used to work at a semi-fast food fried chicken and BBQ establishment. And I worked the kitchen, meaning I was breading the chicken, seasoning the BBQ, making soup, and other things.

Occasionally I would come up front from the bowels of the kitchen to refill a soda cup to keep myself awake.

I heard one of our customers ask for a cup of soda-water, and our cashier acted like that was the most foreign concept known to man. She asked the cashier next to her, and the manager behind the line what soda-water was, and apparently I was the only person in that establishment to know what the fuck soda-water is because I had to stand there for a few seconds before just grabbing a cup, I was decked out in a flour covered apron mind you, and fill a damn cup up with carbonated water from the soda machine and hand it to this guy who seemed so confused why everyone in the restaurant was acting like he was an alien…

School Days

Genre: Slight angst, fluff

Word count: 8k

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Drifting lazily above your head, you laid back on the grass and watched the puffy white clouds go by, finding the different shapes within them. One was obviously supposed to be a dragon, releasing a wisping breath of steam as if it were tired of holding it in all this time. It’s eyes were the pale blue of the sky with the smallest fleck of white that seemed to be staring at you. You never tore your eyes from it. What am I supposed to do now? You silently asked the dragon. His eyes seemed to search yours as you waited for the answer to come to you.

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Monsta X & Periods

Request: “what would monsta x do as boyfriend when you’re having a period cramps, back pains, mood swings and stuff?” -anon

hey guys! i apologize for not being able to post yesterday since i don’t know why we didn’t have any internet connection. anyways, enjoy! if you want to read more, click here!

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  • this big bear wouldn’t know what to do actually
  • at first he’d wonder why you’re became so pale all of a sudden
  • then he’d ask you 
  • to which you’d tell him that you have cramps and backpains
  • he would blink at you for a couple of seconds
  • and ask if what can he do to make the pain go away
  • but you wouldn’t reply
  • he’ll probably search for ways and when he finds the answer
  • he’d go get a hot compress and cuddle with you
  • rubbing your shoulder as you nuzzle onto his neck
  • since you’re on your period, he’d be extremely cautious around you
  • he’d constantly be by your side
  • asking you if you wanted to eat something
  • if you needed more pads or tampons
  • if you wanted to watch the tv or a movie
  • but then you would snap at him
  • he’d be hurt and would be silent for a couple of minutes 
  • but he’d try his best to understand you
  • when you suddenly become happy or clingy
  • he’d be surprised at first but then would get used to it
  • but then, to summarize everything
  • he’d be really caring towards you
  • he’d shower you so much love that you wouldn’t hate your period that much

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  • wonho would seriously hate that time of the month
  • since he knows how your mood drastically changes every single minute
  • and how much pain it brings to you
  • he’ll be the type of boyfriend who’ll give you a period kit every single month
  • like a box filled with chocolates, a pack of pads/tampons, and other unhealthy stuff
  • but then he’ll by your side always
  • especially when you have cramps and back pains
  • he’ll always have a hot compress by his side and would with you until the pain goes away
  • he’ll even offer to cook you something 
  • well that something would be ramen
  • he’ll also buy you ice cream and other fruits 
  • and also the foods that you’re craving
  • but then in the midst of eating
  • you’ll sudden burst out crying
  • making him look at you weirdly but then would panic
  • he’d go to your side right away and would pull you into a tight hug
  • asking you what’s wrong
  • or he’ll just let you cry your heart out
  • and try to make you stop crying by making his meme face at you
  • which would make you laugh really hard
  • but then there would be times when you just wanted to be alone
  • and you’d snap at him for no reason
  • of course he’d be hurt and mad at the same time
  • don’t touch me, leave me alone.”
  • “okay.”
  • “babe, can you hold my hand?”
  • he’ll be really confused with your words and actions
  • but then he’d still do whatever you tell him
  • since he loves you a lot like a lot a lot

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  • idk if this boy would function that well around you
  • but then despite you asking him for a lot of things to buy
  • he’d actually whine but then would do what you ask him to do
  • by the minute you call him to tell him about you having your period
  • he’d immediately buy the things needed 
  • and would barge into your house with a lot of things prepared
  • he would act normal around you
  • and when u need something from him
  • you’ll find him asleep on the couch with the hot compress on his hand
  • since he’s waiting for you to tell him about your cramps
  • but then when he sees you really pale
  • he’d hurriedly go to your side and put the hot compress on your lower abdomen
  • before cuddling you into his arms
  • playing with the strands of your hair
  • but then he would fall asleep 
  • if ever you get mad or irritate at him for no reason
  • he’d also get mad since he doesn’t get it
  • like he’s done nothing wrong
  • and you’re barking at him
  • so the two of you would play the silent game for one hour
  • before you go to him and act cutely with you
  • why are you mad?”
  • “>___>”
  • “hey, chae hyungwon, what’s wrong?”
  • “you got mad at me for no reason. i’m so hurt right now, woman.”
  • but then everything would be okay after you give him a kiss

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  • he’d be more prepared than you tho
  • like literally
  • whenever you go grocery shopping together
  • he’d already get a lot of snacks
  • and probably five packs of pads or tampos
  • babe, why are you getting a lot of pads?”
  • “it’s for your upcoming period.”
  • “what? but it’s still two week–”
  • “ssssshhh, you don’t have to speak. you need to be prepared beforehand.”
  • “who’s the one–”
  • “sshh, i know it’s hard. now, let’s go get some shampoo.”
  • and when that time comes, he’ll be by your side when you felt something
  • he would already know so he won’t ask you anything about it
  • when you get out of the bathroom, you would pout at him 
  • and he’ll open both of his arms to hug you
  • it’s that time already?”
  • “yeah…”
  • and whenever the two of you would go out
  • and your cramps would occur, you would curse and curl up on your seat
  • to which he would come prepared
  • he would have this painkillers for cramps and make you drink it
  • and he’ll also have a hot compress on his bag 
  • but then when you get mad at him for no reason
  • he wouldn’t mind and would smile at you despite your hurtful remarks
  • ugh, just shut the fck up minhyuk.”
  • “aww babe, you’re so sweet. do you want some ice cream?”

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  • this mama would know what to do
  • cramps? it’s either he’ll make you lie down and he’d place a hot compress on it
  • or make you take a warm bath with him assisting you *wink wink*
  • or maybe just make you drink pain killers
  • you’re craving something?
  • don’t worry, he’s prepared
  • kihyun would probably cook for you or just buy something if he feels lazy
  • but then you would always ask him to cook for you
  • to which he can’t say no to
  • from time to time, he’d shower you with kisses
  • and even compliments
  • despite how savage or mean you are to him
  • but then when you get emotional because of a movie or a mere photo
  • he would wrap you in a blanket and hug you tightly
  • hey, what wrong?”
  • “*hick*….. the dog died and and…”
  • “aww, sssssshhh, don’t cry baby. it’s just a movie.”
  • “but still *wails*…..”
  • “okay, okay, enough. do you want oppa to get you some ice cream?”
  • “yes please.”
  • he’d be pretty understanding but then there would be times
  • when he couldn’t help but snap at you
  • and would regret it right after he sees you teary-eyed
  • which would end up with him asking for forgiveness
  • and yeah, he’ll probably become your slave just because of what he just said

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  • it’ll be hard to convince this to stay 
  • he wouldn’t want to doesn’t want to experience your wrath 
  • but then he would eventually stay by your side 
  • since you’ll guilt trip him 
  • and when he’s by your side
  • he’d be on the edge
  • jooheon.”
  • “yes ma’am?”
  • “why are you calling me ma’am?”
  • “i don’t know ma’am.”
  • “babe, calm down. what’s wrong with you?”
  • “nothing ma’am.”
  • “say ma’am one more time and you won’t get any kisses from me.”
  • “oh, what did i say babe?”
  • when ever you get your period cramps or even back pain
  • he’d start to panic
  • asking you what to do
  • and you’d tell him and he’d act on it real fast
  • babe what should i do?!” he’s screaming btw
  • “*in pain* uh…. get the hot compress…”
  • “w-where?!” 
  • “in my room.”
  • but then when your mood changes real fast
  • he’d look at you weirdly
  • as if you ate something to make you high
  • are you okay?”
  • “what do you mean by are you okay?”
  • “are you making fun of me?”
  • “how could you?”
  • “b-babe I’m just asking if you’re okay or what not! *cries*

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  • well, changkyun would be prepared than ever
  • searching for things to do during your period
  • read a book about periods and what not
  • what to do and what not to do
  • what to give you and what not to give you
  • babe, can you get me some cola?”
  • “no, according to the book that i’ve read, carbonated drinks like sodas can affect your cramping and–”
  • “okay, can you just get me some water?”
  • “alright.”
  • he’d be really strict when it comes to foods that could worsen your cramps and what not
  • but then he’d be really sweet
  • like when you’d just ask him to buy some fruits
  • he’d come home with flowers with him
  • but there would be a lot of leaves than flowers.
  • a flower for my princess.”
  • “babe, what’s this?”
  • “flowers *blinks innocently*”
  • “babe, these are leaves.”
  • “and flowers.”
  • “okay… thanks.”
  • whenever your mood changes really quick
  • he’d also go along with it
  • like it’d be you who’s going to look at him weirdly
  • but then with him around
  • you’d be laughing really hard and would also cry a lot since he’d make you watch emotional movies
  • so that the two of you can cry together.

I have a headcanon that the zones can get especially boring for fun ghoul, so he spends a lot of time with the girl making up card games out of an old deck that are definitely missing some cards. Ghoul and the girl always beg the other guys to play. The games often make little sense and are extremely intricate, and the guys sometimes play for carbons and soda, but usually they just gamble with buttons and beads. Jet almost always wins, and Party sometimes steals the buttons when he thinks no one is looking.

House Aesthetics III
  • Gryffindor: an unbridled scream filling your chest and echoing across the fields; Neoclassical architecture; “challenge accepted”; smudged red lipstick; wildfires; favorite novels with ripped and folded pages; hoarse shouts; drunkenly singing karaoke, arms slung around one another; telling a joke but laughing midway through; neck kisses
  • Hufflepuff: The feeling after a lingering hug where you want to hold on tighter; marshmallows over a fire; the sun on your back; oversized sweaters; standing your ground with your arms around a loved one; earthquakes; Sunday afternoons at the park; carbonated soda bubbles; a dollop of whipped cream on your cheek; eskimo kisses
  • Ravenclaw: The epiphany that only comes from hours of research; dust clouds; chapped lips; goosebumps along your arms after listening to a beautiful song; worn pencils; messy scrawls for lecture notes; eyes brightening at the mention of a certain subject; Gothic architecture; books stuffed with post-it notes; empty libraries; tornadoes; forehead kisses
  • Slytherin: A confident, smooth one-liner rolling off your tongue; shivering under layers of blankets; neatly trimmed nails; eyes always searching the room for something, or someone; tsunamis; (subconsciously) wrapping someone around your finger; deep, wine red lipstick; street corners of a deserted town; snarky comments in the back of the classroom; pecks on the cheek

May 19th excerpt:

A piece of shredded lettuce as long as his arm landed within an inch of Jacob when Dean took a particularly large bite, and Jacob flinched, coming right out of his thoughts. He shot a flat look upwards as an automatic reaction, but quickly returned to focusing on his food. At least nothing had actually landed on him.

When he’d wolfed down a decent portion of the food Dean gave him, Jacob set the remainder aside and picked up the bottle cap again. Giving it one more try, he found that it had settled enough for him to drink it without the carbonation posing a problem.

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Punch Drunk Recreation

Originally posted by cypher127

Pairing: Ten/Reader

Genre: Fluff/touch of angst

Summary:Ten doesn’t know why he’s sits on his roof at 11 PM, every night. He doesn’t know why you’re always in your backyard, fists beating your leather clad punching bag. He supposes they’re for the same reason.

Author’s note:  I’m writing this because I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow and I didn’t want to be writing it while I’m high off of oxy. Ten is also precious!!!! That’s all, enjoy your days my lovely humans (: 

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Sparkling Potatoes- Easy Recipe Spell

Cooking is one of my all-time favorite things. It’s fun, creative, and you’re rewarded with delicious food! It’s also a great way for a discreet witch to practice their craft. This recipe is a family favorite, and can easily be customized to your intent. 

You will need: 

Vessel to cook potatoes inOven to put vessel in Potatoes of your choiceButter (vegans can use a vegan butter or other oil of choice)Spices to match your intent1 can of Sprite/7-Up/ any lemon-lime soda (trust me) 

Step 1: 

Set your oven to 350 F/ 176 C. Use butter or oil to grease the bottom of your cooking vessel. I usually use a cast iron skillet, but whatever works best for your oven. 

Step 2: 

Dice your potatoes and spread them evenly in the pan. I like using potatoes for spells because they’re something of a blank slate. You can manipulate the flavoring and texture to your intent. 

Step 3: 

Add a few pats of butter/vegan butter to the potatoes. Butter is a good source of fats, which stores energy and keeps us warm. I like using this when doing family spells as reinforcement of warmth and safety through hardship. 

Step 4: 

This is the fun part- adding spices! This is where you can customize based on intent. I use salt and pepper for balance and duality, garlic for protection, basil, to improve peace and harmony, and paprika to bolster creative/professional energy. 

Step 5: 

Open your can of lemon-lime soda. This may sound weird, but the carbonation in the soda breaks down the starches in the potatoes, making them super soft, and they don’t infuse the flavor of the soda into the potatoes. Pour the soda into the pan, until the potatoes are about half covered. The bubbles are the final magical oomph for the spell. If you have any final incantations/intents, use it now. 

Step 6: 

Bake the potatoes in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the cubes are fork tender. Enjoy your delicious food and your spell. 

Many blessings! - Kate

Guys, may I recommend a refreshing adult beverage for these warmer days? 

  • Freeze your usual soda/pop/carbonated mixer of choice in an ice tray. 
  • Pop about 5 or 6 of those little suckers in the blender.
  • Add a shot of your alcohol of choice (I used coke cola and bourbon). 
  • Blend that shit up and then mm, tasty adult slushy. 

(6 ice cubes measures about 2 ounces of liquid, and I’m currently trying out freezing half a cup in a tupperware container for double batches. So it’d be easy to freeze more and make larger batches for a group.)