Serapuchi Chapter 3

i decided to do the third chapter since i haven’t seen anytranslations of it, so here are some rough translations by me (chinese scans) there are most likely mistakes, so feel free to correct me :D

Honor Student - Mitsuba   Debut!!

Guren : Did that vampire finally leave….We can then continue class then…oh?

Guren: Did he return with weapons….!?

Guren : Enough of you!

Mitsuba : ……!?
Guren : Ah…sorry

Shinoa : Teacher Guren made Mitsuba cry ~
Mitsuba : I didn’t cry!!

Shinoa : Don’t say that right now, just do a good act of crying
Mitsuba : Eh?

Shinoa : Either they give the students the teaching material, or we will loudly denounce the teacher!
Mitsuba : That’s just too much!

Shinoa : We will go see the cafeteria cashier at lunch break.
Guren: Don’t blackmail the teacher.

Yuu: …Who is that person?
Yoichi : Yuu was sleeping during self-introductions

Mitsuba : To forget me is just too much~  I am the senior member, *Mitsuba <3

Mitsuba : Shinoa, you…
Shinoa : [Senior member *Mitsuba <3]

Kimizuki : This is full of troublesome people
Yoichi : Kimizuki, are you qualified to say that?
Kimizuki : What did you say?
Yoichi : Ahahaha
Mitsuba : Shinoa stop moving, I’m going to beat you up!!
Shinoa : I’m not going to ~
Guren : Go back to your seats, you troublesome kids!

* not sure if it’s a typo, but the word after Mitsuba’s name means carbon?

Carbon Fiber Heaven by Matt Loiacono
Via Flickr:
Sure, local car meets are filled with tons of Subarus with basic modifications, some American cars, and plenty of other tuners. But the real fun is when someone brings in their special little toy. I’ve never seen anything like this before. An old-school roadster look with all the joys of modern-day cars. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to drive! 5D Mark II 35L <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Follow me on Facebook.</a>

mcrdeviantclub asked:

Is there anything in Cherri's past that he still struggles with?

when he was a teenager in the zones he was, to put it bluntly, an ass. he thought the life was about partying hard and having no rules. while he’s made amends with a lot of people (he vandalized some of tommy’s merch once and was gonna work off the debt but tommy decided to keep him around) he still feels bad about who he used to be

How I came up with my characters

A while back I attempted to make fantrolls based on the seven deadly sins but it didn’t turn out. Later on I was mentally yelling at myself for eating all the time and being lazy and then it hit me. I came up with a design for Sinthia, the main character and my persona. She turned out to be Hear no Evil based on how my mom is always mad I cant hear her from having my earbuds in.

At first he was going to be the mother with three eyes, long blue hair, and a flowing night gown. That idea was scrapped and replaced with a tall lanky man with short blue hair, stubbley face, and four eyes and a mole on his neck. He would ware pajamas and slippers and literally just sleep or chill around. At first he was going to have bipolar disorder but that later was given to Wrath.

Next I made Gluttony. She was inspired by my own mom with her body shape and personality. First she was going to have a more midevil tavern wench kind if outfit but later I gave her a white dress and apron. When I draw her you can’t see hot horns because of her hair overlapping them. Her horns go down to her knees and curl up to her her thigh. Her hair, as I said, hides her horns.

Next came Lust. I reused the outfit from the lust fantroll but gave her a different hairstyle and a more curvy figure. I added small bat wings to her and gave her sharp teeth.

Wrath was going to be this hellish warlord with armor and scars but then I realised I won’t ever be able to draw that so I changed him to look like a drug dealer…. Well this turned around… Anyway he has bigger bat wings and scars everywhere.

Pride and Envy I made the same day. They are twins, looking identical apart from hairstyle and colors. They have dark skin and short Nubby horns. While Pride is a stuck up ass, Envy is self loathing and kind of a brat.

Greed was originally based on Kingpin from the Marvel comics as a wealthy miser and all tricked out in gold chains and rings. Later on though I changed Greed to be more of a spoiled princess with feathery wings and a tiara. She looks sweet but really she’s just lookin to take your things.

Last of the hell squad.. Is Satan. He is completely black with large horns and wings, sharp piercing red eyes and claws. He can take many forms but I’m only discussing his real form.

Dexter Nomacon is the son of the Necronomacon. Unlike his father, Dexter is a huge nerd and just wants to live a normal life. He plays videogames and reads comics, Crys about his waifus and makes jokes no one understands.

Erma Kjuit is a Gorgon. She is super shy and usually shuts everyone out. She wares a hijab over her snakes and she usually wares a robe or dress. I still have a lot of work to do on her.

Mik was originally going to be a cherub but ended up being a griffin. Shes the character I need to work on most.

Lina/Heather. A fawn with split personality. She is the Seen no Evil due to her eyes literally being white noise. She actually belongs to brokenpan so ask her for more info.

Lilly Mascord is half guinea pig half chihuahua all gay. I based her completely off of hazardously-lesbian.

Last is the best. Our Speak no Evil Sarah. She’s a cute zombie with tape over her mouth. She keeps it there to prevent herself from saying something she might regret. She was made by carbonated-unicorn


Mount Kimbie - ‘Carbonated’

Director + DOP - Tyrone Lebon
Art Director - Lotte Andersen
Producer - Jordan Stokes @ Ladoja & Sons
Talent - Adwoa Aboah, Tim Craig, Chingis Guirey
Club DOP - Joe Alexander
Club 2nd Unit - Joseph Ridout, Alex Reid
Focus Puller - Alex Reid
Loader - Annette Remler
Editors - Joseph Ridout, Tyrone Lebon

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated [Download]