Lately I’ve been posting a lot about RodaGira, but nothing surpasses this one.

This is the first time my work is represented in a bike frame, and for me it’s HUGE, for this I’m grateful to Nuno Sota, the owner of RodaGira.

Arrogante was created by RodaGira, designed by me, hand made with Columbus Airplane tubing and painted in Italy.

Based in the pattern that I most like (CMYK), Arrogante will be also available in other colours. Check out RodaGira page for more info.

Now for the geeky stuff about the frame: Handmade in Italy, Columbus airplane tubing, Columbus Tusk straight carbon fork, three color combination option (soon), frame weight 1550g (size L), fork weight 400g (uncut), internal headset 45, BB baa threaded, seat clamp 34.8mm, seat post 31.6mm, no rear brake hole (exception on request).

And about the build: Wheelset Mavic Ellipse, tires Hutchinson Intensive, seatpost Deda, saddle Selle San Marco Mantra carbon fx, stem Deda, handebar Deda, bartape Deda.


Finally installed the new carbon fiber jewelry for my bike. And this weekend with the help of my friend Christoph, we were able to install it, somewhat.

Over the Christmas break I bought a Carbon Niner fork for my bike. Stiffer, lighter, but really it’s just prettier. I wasn’t expecting the difference to be so much though. We weighed it as 540 grams, and the old fork came in at 1.2 Kilograms. So the new fork is less than half, and I was amazed at how heavy the old fork felt in my hand after having fondled the new fork for several weeks. It’s like playing with a crowbar.

Although putting the fork in the head tube went flawlessly. There was one little detail that I didn’t anticipate. We weren’t able to put on the front brake caliper. I have 185mm discs, and the fork (like all forks) is configured for 165mm forks. The adaptor on my old fork didn’t work because it was an ISO to post-mount adaptor, and I needed a post-mount to post-mount one. No worries, one has been ordered and it’s coming Wednesday.