First Look: The 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition

The first Corvette rolled out of the factory on June 30, 1953. Chevrolet is commemorating the 65th anniversary of that debut with a new Corvette Carbon Edition 65 package offered on 2018 Grand Sport and Z06 models.

Limited to only 650 vehicles, each with a unique vehicle identification number, the distinctive package blends visible carbon-fiber exterior elements similar to the Corvette Racing C7.R with a new Ceramic Matrix Gray exterior color and unique interior appointments that include a carbon fiber-rimmed steering wheel.

Check out the full 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition options & details below.

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Just had the Seibon carbon fiber hood professionally pinstriped by the great ElRoy of Abq. N.M. Fantastic job as always! Wanted to give Lucy some added style.

(El Roy Pinstripe @facebook) @screamingcars @moparteam-sa@jacdurac @jegsperformance@justmusclecars@daeganboy08@southernsideofme@h-o-t-cars @hotamericancars@texashammer713@dodge @musclecarshq@nitrogen @onlymusclewilldo@patrioticmoparguy@rebelmotorhead@russellmoore@redbeard71 @ronin134@texasinmyrearviewmirror@vegaskittycat @taisummer7@whiskeyracer @x10zion@americanmuslcecars@bigboppa01 @classicscene @challengerparty @diamondaves-bestpics@fullthrottleauto @iokua8411 @takesabeating @discotracker @madmusclegarage @beastpress

First Look: The NOT Mid-engined 2019 Corvette ZR1

Let’s get this out of the way, Chevy has made mid-engined Corvette concepts since 1964. Every year there is a new rumor about a mid-engined Vette that is ‘for sure’ in the works as a production model. Every year, it turns out to be bullshit. Automotive sites seem to love to run with this rumor repeatedly & every year, they just go back and delete the claimed year in the title of whatever fake Vette image someone found on Deviant art and submitted to them which they failed to source. Google search results still show the original title though. People don’t care to research anything. They just forget and move on to the next rumor. We work hard to verify rumors and avoid wasting your time if they are bullshit. 

There MAY be a mid-engined “Zora” Corvette in the works to be a production model. We don’t know. We can confirm that there are mid-engined Corvette test mules as we have personally witnessed 2 of them. We can also confirm that the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Covrettes will NOT have a mid-engined version in production. 

If you want to see the details on the 755 Horsepower, 210+ mph front-engined 2019 Corvette ZR1 coming next spring, check them out below. 

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秋山 渉 Akiyama Wataru’s Toyota Levin GT APEX (AE86)

Phase 1 (2nd stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, TRD N2 Aero Kit, Toyota OEM Door Visor, Blitz KKK K26 Turbo 280 PS, HKS Boost Meter, SSR Dori Dori Mesh wheels, Nardi Classic Steering Wheel, TRD Sports Seat, and a 6-point roll bar.

Phase 2 (4th stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, 6-Point Roll Bar, TRD Carbon Fiber Hood, Intercooler Grille, Toyota Door Visor, AE92 4A-GZE engine swap (stock supercharged 4A-GE), TRD N2 Aero Kit, Wataru-Made Mesh Rims (black) (early Arcade Stage games), Wataru-Made Gravel Rally Rims (white) (anime and late Arcade Stage games), and ItalVolanti Admiral Red Trim Steering Wheel.


I present to you Patrick Daguio’s 2006 Subaru WRX STI ladies and gentlemen; this Subie is a textbook example of fitment and function, which is not particularly common seen together. Not only does it perform well on the track and earn street-cred on the road, but it looks amazing, too! Scoobies come out of the factory nimble and capable with an AWD system put with a turbocharged 2.5L flat-four “boxer” engine, but Patrick felt as if he had to take his STI one step further.

Like with many car owners, interest in this vehicle came from a ride Patrick took with his good friend Daniel in his Subaru. Daniel’s WRX was packing fire with 400 whp which made Patrick catch the Impreza bug. Patrick, under much admiration and peer-pressure, decided to pick up his own in May of 2009 and has loved driving and building it since.

Patrick said that his favorite thing about the car are the wicked Karlton fenders and the 250mm wide tires. That’s pretty rare and ballsy considering the 350 wheel horsepower to the ground. The 295/30R18 Toyo R888 tires are wrapped around some sexy, custom anodized 10-inch wide MTechnica Aero wheels. Patrick said that fitting the wheels was the hardest part about building the car thus far, but the work clearly paid off. Patrick also had help from David at MemoryFab to get the correct width, offset, and dimensions.

The exterior isn’t just nice wheels and over-fenders. Patrick’s Subaru boasts a VOLTEX front bumper with canards, VOLTEX front CF under-tray diffuser, VOLTEX side skirts, and VOLTEX rear diffuser. This STI also has a SEIBON carbon fiber hood with an ARC hood scope and a SEIBON carbon fiber trunk. Patrick also replaced the 2006 tail lights with the 2005 model’s; a good choice.

Patrick’s main focus for the future of his Impreza is to improve the vehicle for auto cross racing. He currently is utilizing Stance GR+ coilovers which already keeps the car low and aggressive on corners, but Patrick would like to add Cusco parts on all corners to tighten up the car further for cornering and to add the ability of adjustment.

Patrick’s EJ25 2.5L STI motor has been modified with horsepower and daily reliability in mind. He added a Blouch 20g TD05 Turbo, Deatschwerks 850cc Side-Feed Injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Perrin Short-Ram Intake, Gruppe-S Unequal-Length Header to keep the Subaru “rumble”, Titek Cat-less Downpipe, and HKS Carbon Fiber Turbo-Back Exhaust. Patrick also added a GReddy 13-Row Oil and Perrin Front Mount Intercooler to keep his engine temps in check. Patrick’s STI is also equipped with an Exedy “Stage 2” Clutch and COBB Accessport. Patrick had the COBB Accessport tuned by Mike over at GST with a conservative and reliable E85 tune pushing right around 350whp.

Patrick said that he’d like to thank his wife for putting up with his Subaru addiction, his “brother from another mother” Daniel for first getting him involved with Scoobies, Devin and “the crew” at SPEED ELEMENT, and David and “the guys” from MemoryFab for building his wheels. I hope the future bodes well for Patrick Daguio and his wonderful STI.

Thank you StanceNation for the amazing post. For more pictures, please check the source. Here is the parts list.

VOLTEX front bumper with canards
VOLTEX front CF undertray diffuser
VOLTEX side skirts
VOLTEX rear diffuser
ARC hood scoop
SEIBON rear trunk
2005 STI Rear headlamps

Stance GR+ Coilovers
ARP extended studs
18×10.5 +5 MTechnica Aeros in custom anodized red.
Project Kiks R40 lug nuts
295/30/18 Toyo R888

Blouch 20g TD05
Cobb Accessport tuned by Mike of GST
E85 350 whp, conservative tune.
Deatschwerks 850cc sidefeed injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
Gruppe S unequal header
Titek Catless Downpipe
HKS Carbon Fiber TBE
Greddy 13 Row oil cooler kit.
Perrin front mount intercooler and pipping
Perrin short ram intake

Innovative A/F gauge
DEFI Oil temp, EGT, and BOOST gauge


The carbon fiber hood on the all-new 2016 CTS-V optimizes its weight distribution, giving it a more dominant presence on the streets than ever before #CTS #VSERIES

It says 8/6/2015 at 1:59 AM on my laptop, so I guess I can now post this.

Be advised: THIS IS GOING TO GET REAL NERDY REAL FUCKIN’ QUICK. Skip past the first paragraph if you don’t want a brief history lesson on a Japanese metal box with wheels you wouldn’t exactly care about. The second paragraph explains the styling cues I used, hopefully that bit will be easier to stomach for everyone else.

I drew up originally for 86 Day and ended up doubling as Vent Art (I was reasonably angry at the time I was drawing this, channeled all me energy onto this car). Anyways, we pretty much know that what an artist will draw correlates to certain days/events/seasons and all that jazz I sort of do the same with my car art. Mind you, I’ve missed several opportunities to draw cars for certain events; there was a stillborn, Midnight Purple, Nissan Stagea I planned to finish on the first day of TX2K15, I also missed GATEBIL Rudskogen last month, at least I finished this on just in time for 86 Day. Around the globe August 6th has become the de facto worldwide holy day for honoring the Toyota Corolla AE86–or affectionately called “Hachi-Roku”, essentially what was once a rather mundane economy car now turned darling of the car community made famous by a certain manga and anime *cough*Initial D*cough*. No mistake though, the AE86 was popular for racing; Toyota fielded several “N2″ AE86s in circuit racing, and some were used for rallying. As of now–and was in the 90′s, these cars are real popular in drifting circles.

For inspiration and overall theme, I went with a Track Car/Canyon Carver setup, as much as I could have given it the appearance of a drift car, that would have been too predictable; for styling cues, the paint and general appearance is a nod to the AE86 featured in Initial D, with it’s white/black two-tone paint, black wheels, carbon fiber hood and headlight cluster. The body work is the same (or at least identical to) the ones used by Toyota’s N2 AE86 Corollas, utilizing widened fenders; with exposed bolts to emphasize it’s intentions as a racecar.