carbon nano tubes

Power Felt!

Is the (oversimplified) name chosen for this (much more complex) product (to placate the masses).  Luckily you and I can get down to the details, cause that’s where God Science is. Created by researchers at Wake Forrest University, the “felt” is actually a composite formed from layers of carbon nano-tubes surrounded by polymer fibers. A thermoelectric, this textile harnesses and converts heat into electricity.

The original article notes interesting applications, charge your portable gadgets! But, actually the applications and implications of this work are far more fascinating and far-reaching. (read: 2nd law of thermodynamics). I am literally boggled as I sit here and contemplate an effective counteraction to entropy. Just take a moment and chew on that, there is nothing for me to add.


The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution!


Nanotechnology Mirage Effect

Texas Scientist’s Invisibility Cloak Prototype

The device created by Ali Aliev, a researcher at University of Texas Dallas, uses threadlike carbon nanotubes. When rapidly heated, they create a mirage effect similar in principle to a stretch of highway on a very hot day. Perfect for keeping a small object hidden: