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ninazaenik  asked:

if i were to only get one product for each part of the face (face, lips, eyes, etc) what would u recommend?

this is so hard, so i’m gonna break it down by category of makeup if that’s okay??

  • primer: laura mercier hydrating primer
  • foundation: makeup forever water blend foundation
  • concealer: nars radiant creamy concealer
  • powder: rcma no color powder
  • contour: kat von d shade and light palette
  • blush: mac blush in “sincere”
  • highlight: becca shimmering skin perfecter in “pearl”
  • brow product: anastasia brow whiz
  • eye primer: mac paint pot in “soft ochre”
  • eye shadow: tarte “tarteist” palette
  • eye liner: kat von d tattoo liner in “trooper”
  • mascara: l’oreal voluminous carbon black mascara
  • lip product: kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in “lolita”

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Fastest Ever Audi S8 Sets New Benchmark

Blistering performance more commonly associated with low-slung supercars can now be enjoyed in the lap of luxury in the new Audi S8 plus. Ramping up power from the 520PS offered by the ‘standard’ S8 to an intoxicating 605PS, the Audi S8 plus is also capable of producing up to 750Nm of torque on demand - the highest output of any Audi in the current model range. 

The V8 TFSI engine boosted by 85PS and up to 750Nm of torque endows flagship Audi S8 plus sports saloon with a power output equivalent to almost seven A1 1.0 TFSI models

  • 4.0 V8 TFSI engine produces 605 PS and up to 700Nm in normal operation – overboost function increases to torque to 750Nm
  • S8 plus has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any premium sports saloon with all-wheel drive at 293 PS per tonne
  • 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds, making the S8 plus the fastest accelerating Audi S model in the range and the fastest S8 ever
  • Electronically limited 155mph top speed can be derestricted to 189mph
  • Sports exhaust, power door closure, 21-inch alloy wheels and carbon fiber front spoiler lip and side flaps form part of standard UK specification

The Audi S8 plus will open for ordering in October, priced from £97,700, and first UK deliveries are expected to commence in January 2016.


Coolest grocery getter out there today!

produced 275whp/270wtq @ 18.5psi and ran 12.911@105 on the track…


  • VF-48 turbo
  • 2008 STI TMIC
  • Turbo XS 4” Downpipe High Flow cat and RFL cat-back
  • Walboro Fuel Pump
  • Cobb Accessport and dyno tuned
  • B & M Trans cooler
  • P&L high flow intake
  • Perrin turbo inlet
  • SPT Battery tie down
  • SPT oil cap
  • Secondary air pump system removed
  • Intake manifold powder coated wrinkle red


  • Ravspec Carbon front lip
  • Canadian spec OEM HID headlight assemblies with working manual leveling switches
  • Hella off road lamps behind the Grill
  • 2008 Forester Sports XT black tail lights
  • Tint to legal limits including moon roof
  • OEM HID headlight sprayers that have not been installed yet
  • Red pinstripe around front grill
  • Red pinstripe around rear bumper


  • STI pedal set
  • WRX Seats with OEM heaters swapped
  • 3m Carbon Fiber wrapped console
  • STI shifter surround and boot
  • Custom made gauge mount for 60mm Defi Boost and EGT
  • Smoked lexan in the OEM radio location,
  • Clarion VX-400 DVD/ Navi unit remote mounted to the top of the dash using OEM parts
  • Custom made airbag monitoring LED system for passenger airbag indicator
  • Homelink mirror
  • LED underdash kit.


  • DM STI control arm
  • Whiteline forward control arm bushings
  • Whiteline caster control arm bushings
  • Turn in Concepts Lateral link bushings
  • Turn in Concepts forward and rear trailing arm bushings
  • Kartboy subframe lock bolts
  • Kartboy endlinks
  • Whiteline 27mm Front sway bar
  • Whiteline 24mm Rear sway bar
  • KYB GR-2 WRX specific struts
  • WRX STI OEM springs
  • Legacy GT front and rear calipers and rotors with Akebono pads
  • P&L stainless brake line
  • Superblue brake fluid
  • Kick ass Turn in Concepts custom alignment and rear fender roll.
  • Rota T2R 18x9.5 +38 in Hyperblack
  • 245/40/18 Dunlop SP Sport 600 tires

@robs_evox Amazing evo build so far
Tag your friends and take notes. This is one clean mean evo

2011 EVO X GSR SSS package

-Turbo back exhaust
-K&N intake w/ upper charge pipe
- ID 1000 injectors
- AEM 320 E85 fuel pump
-on E85 daily
- 380whp
-competition clutch stage3
-COBB V3 Accessport
-Evans tuning

-rally art style carbon fiber lip
-Rexspeed carbon fiber hood scoop
-Rexspeed voltex
-Rexspeed carbon fiber spoiler gurney flap
-ralliart mud guards
-carbon fiber wrap roof

-18x9.5 +22 RAYS Gramlights 57DR powder coated hyper
- 245-40 R18 coopers ZEON RS3-A all season tires
- BC BR coilovers

Stock interior

The BRABUS 850 XL (based off the GLS 63) can propel itself to 62mph in 4.2 seconds! The BRABUS XL is equipped with our WIDESTAR widebody package, 850hp 6 liter engine package, carbon fiber front spoiler lip, carbon air deflectors with LED side markers, carbon rear diffuser, valve-controlled exhaust, lowering module and 23" forged Monoblock Y wheels.
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I. Don’t throw away the memories you had together. They happened, you can’t deny it. If you tossed them out like last week’s meatloaf you’re not making room for something new to fit you’re leaving an empty space where something wonderful once consumed you. It’s not something that can just be dumped out. Instead live every moment you had together in your head. With complete detail. Think of every moment, smell, thump of your heart, taste, thought, feeling. Remember everything you saw only with all the colors bursting so much greater than actually lived. Exaggerate. Retell it so vividly that there is nothing left to remember.

II. Say you love her. Not in anyway that you ever said before. But, oh God, don’t say it to her. If you hear her mutter those three words back to you, even if the sound arouse from the loneliest, most greedy part of her stomach, it will mess you all up. Tell someone you love her, though. Admit it to the air, remind your pillow, inform the mirror. Make sure you annunciate each word slowly, you do not want to forget to pronounce the meaning. Emphasis. Say each word over again until it fits how you feel. Say it until the phrase is just movement of your lips and carbon dioxide exiting your body. Say it until the meaning is left on the floor from the words that lost their value.

III. Don’t try to love another. You think that maybe someone else will make you feel less pain, but it will burn every inch of you when you pull someone else into your grip. The bottle and any amount of smoke will not fill up the spot she left in your life. She was your world and now it’s slowly dying, do not kill yourself with it. Taking refuge of a new planet will not help you either. You’re alone now. Another girl will not change how much you need her right now. You will only want her more. Seeing the bottom of a bottle will not erase the memories. They will just pound against your head all night. So sit and cry about everything that once had is now gone, find the comfort in being alone for no one will see you so vulnerable.

IV. Know that you’re going to feel something for her forever. She is a human with a mind like no other this world has ever seen and a body like no other you have seen. You cannot just forget someone so beautiful. The only thing that is promised is the pain in your chest will subside one day. You will go days on end without craving her, and soon you won’t even think of her. Her place in your life will always be somewhere in your mind, but you will forget how it felt to love her and every color in her eyes and just how bright her smile actually is. One day she will just be the first girl you truly loved, no depth or emotion or regret. Be scared for that day to come.

—  How To Forget Her
Aston Martin Vantage GT3

So, let’s say you love Aston Martin, but you also really love race cars. Who’s to say that you can’t have the best of the both worlds?  Aston Martin certainly isn’t and that’s why for a cool £250,000 you could be the proud owner of 1 of only 100 Vantage GT3’s.

Under the lightweight bonnet you will find the 6.0-Litre V12 engine from the standard V12 Vantage producing 592-BHP and 460 pound ft of torque. But the GT3 model uses an array of Magnesium components including the inlet manifold and the torque tube. The exhaust is also a straight system made from lightweight Titanium. The kind of figures that you can expect from the vehicle would be 0-60MPH in just 3.5-seconds and a top speed of 180-MPH.

Overall the GT3 is 100-KG lighter than the V12 Vantage fat boy version which creates a big bridge between the road and the track. 100-KG is dropped by a full Carbon Fibre body bar the doors, with the option for Polycarbonate rear quarters and windows. You could even have the standard battery replaced with a Lithium Ion battery! With all weight saving options added that car could weigh as little as 1565-KG.

Even more track magic is bought to the road legal car with all the aero that create a visual feast. The addition of a massive rear wing, big front lip and carbon canards lead to twice the aerodynamic force that can be achieved with the Vantage GT4 and 7 times more than the standard V12 Vantage-S. All of these factors culminate to create Aston Martins second fastest accelerating car, only to hyper One77. If you have the money, and the contacts then I would seriously get your name on the list for one of these bad boys.

Hit play to watch further coverage and hear the sound of the beautiful Titanium exhaust thanks to our friends over at XCAR!

-Abraham Akbareian