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Could i request a hc or small ficlet about Genji and reader who used to work together in blackwatch reuniting at the recall and Genji is suddenly hit with feels for reader that he had brushed off in his blackwatch days because he hated himself.. i guess how would he react, would he confess? would he try get close to them again? bonus points if reader used to have a serious sexual attraction to blackwatch genji. idk if that made sense.. but yeah lol.

We Meet Again

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A/N: I got excited to work on this one in all honesty. This turned out to be 7 pgs long. ^^”

Genji scanned the room unfamiliar to him with keen eyes. The smell of oil, rust and metal filtrating into the cowl of his lower face. The sounds of whirling machinery drawing his eyes towards your general direction.

“Oh!” You popped up from behind a large stack of mechanical parts, a welders helmet staring the cyborg back. Genji cringed at the sight of himself having yet to been accustomed to his new body. “So you’re the infamous new Blackwatch recruit I’ve been hearing about?” You stood from your workbench, placing the prosthetic arm you worked on into the pile on your desk.  “Nice to meet you.” You greeted him introducing yourself with an extend of your hand.

Genji watched you, well his reflection, as you waited for him to shake your hand. An awkward silence claimed the room, his eyes locked with himself too distracted to remember you in front of him. You raised a brow under the helmet, suddenly remembering your manners.

“Oh geez,” You muttered, flipping back the front of it in order to see him face to face. “I always forget to take this damn thing off.”

He’s taken back by your appearance, gentle eyes with a bright smile awaiting his introduction. He gives you a curt nod before muttering “Genji Shimada”. He doesn’t take your hand to shake, simply staring holes down at you.

You nod back at him, pulling back your hand with snap of your fingers. “Alright Genji, why don’t you take a seat while I see what’s wrong.” You motion to a medical examination table on the other side of the room. He moves to do so as you walk to your computer.

“So, how’s Blackwatch treating you so far?” You look for Genji’s file, clicking on it when it appears on the data base. You don’t notice him not replying as you read over the technical issues Angela has written that need your fixing. “Oh that’s an easy fix but I can see why it would have Angela worried.” You look over to Genji, who sits minding his business. “Genji, can you lie down on the medical table. Face down preferably, the problem seems to be where Tracer hit you on your back.” He nods doing as you instructed promptly.

The creak of your chair signals the start of your work. The silence quickly shrouding out as you being your routine of casual conversation. Asking him the regular questions of how he is and what he’s been up too. His silence, however, turn out to be unbreakable. After a few minutes of prodding, with no reply, you pucker your lips coming to a conclusion.

“Well how about this?” You begin as you move to work on the damaged wired. “I talk and you just listen, alright?” You stop to look over at his face. The same red irises staring at you with what looked like scowl. “I’ll take that as a yes.” When he says nothing you open your mouth to begin ramble away once more.

The procedure takes about an two hours before your finally done. Dismissing him with a clean bill before turning back to your computer to update his file accordingly. “If you ever need something fixed, don’t hesitate to find me. My door is always open.” You smile. He watches you for a moment before nodding and taking his leave.

He reappears again the following week, a loose wire causing a short circuit in his arm. You’re a bit taken back by how fast he’s back in your lab but move to assist him anyway. He takes a seat on the table awaiting and you continue on similarly to the prior visit. You talk and he listens.

By his 3rd visit, you talk about some of your hobbies. Stopping every now and then to ask if he’s tried or is interested in one. For once, he nods and shakes his head when you ask him questions. It’s on the 8th that when you talk about the places you’ve been that he replies vocally, small sentences but words nonetheless. It takes 18 visits before he begins to talk back to you, asking questions of his own. About your life and your family. Your favorite will always be around his 20-something visit that you accidentally slip on oil that you make him laugh. It was short and he tried to cover it up by coughing but you heard it nonetheless.  A smile tugs your lips noting the progress you make with him.

Eventually you lose count of times he’s been here. They’ve long far stopped being for just fixing and tune ups. Sometimes he just loiters around your lab when you are present. On good days he chats with you. On bad days it’s you who mainly does the talking, recanting funny stories that have happened to you as a way to cheer him up. Every so often you have a Commander Reyes barging in to take your companion away and back to the duties he shrinks away from.

It’s after an extremely back mission that you’re overly concerned with how often you have to repair him. You aren’t fond him getting into so much trouble as much as you enjoy his company. The bruises, lashes, and stitches matching up with the significant damage to his metallic body look beyond painful. It hurts your chest seeing him with a limp, pieces of his arms or legs missing, wires sparking up and out in ways they shouldn’t. 

“It sounds as if you care what happens to me.” He speaks playfully when you decide to bring it up. You stop to move the protective helmet back and place your hands on your hips.

“I do, Genji.” You pout puffing your cheeks. “You’re important.”

“Important?” He scoffs, turning his body to look at you. The loose wires of his body swinging as he does so. Before you can protest him moving he speaks over you. “Important to who? You or this organization?”

You give him a look. “Genji, don’t be like.”

He sits up fully. You place your tools back in your toolbox along with your welders helmet seeing as he’s changing the subject.

“Just…answer me.” He sounds exasperated, as if it took all in him to ask this of you.

”Does it matter?” You stand from your seat to match him. The look in his eyes answers your question. You sigh. “You are important to this organization, yes. But” You throw caution to the wind. “You are more important to me than any file or record may say.”

You can see where his shoulders drop, the tension in them vanishes. He looks at you carefully, the red in his irises dim and his gaze sending chills down your spine. Carefully, he raises his hands up towards his head. It then you can see the last of the walls he’s built crashing down before you. He leaves himself open you and only you.

His lower chin guard comes off with a click. A wave of sorrow runs through your eyes at the scars on his full face. He’s missing his lower jaw, replaced by a synthetic one made of dark grey carbon fiber.  His lips ,although plump, are dried out and cracked. His eyes watch your expression and immediately he regrets his decision.

“This was foolish.”

You grab at his face, forcing him to look at you. “No it was not.” Your fingers thumb over his cheek bones and he closes his eyes enjoying your touch. “I’m just…surprised is all.” You smile. “You kept all this handsomeness hidden from me? How rude of you, Genji. To think after all the time we’ve spent together.”

He snorts softly, you catch it in time before he masks it with the resting angry face he’s come to carry. Silently, you look him over and he does the same. Your thumbs continuing to softly swipe at his cheeks. His gaze wonders to your lips and you can see how he inches towards you. You call his name before closing the gap between the two of you.

It’s a sudden rush, one moment your standing with him at your lips the next your sitting on a lab table. The gadgets and projects pushed aside to make room for you while he kisses you vigorously. Your hands tangle in his hair while his momentarily wander your back and hips only to end up clenching at your inner thighs. His tongue teases your lips in as you open your mouth to welcome it. His body moves to be pressed tightly close to yours spreading your legs for him to stand between them. He bends you back slightly, his kissing becoming desperate as touch starved as he is.

“Genji…” You moan, the sound of your voice snapping something within him.

This is wrong. He thinks. He doesn’t deserve you. You deserved a man that is whole. Not a man who can’t even look at himself without seeing a stranger. The rush of passions turns to anger. He hates himself. He hates himself for craving someone as you, you don’t deserve to settle for him. As fast as he was on you, he pushes himself off. Your hands leaving his hair roughly.

“Genji?” You ask a bit breathless. He looks at you a bit lost for words before his gaze shifts down at himself with an angry expression. His fingers twitch and the muscles of his arms flex, aching to grab and pull away the false skin and metallic plates of his body. The red lights of his body begin to glow angrily while his eyes move over his body rapidly.

He bolts out of the room.

You sit at your work desk, shocked. The heat of your lower stomach has yet to extinguish as you shift around still hot and bothered. A frown crosses your lips as questions run through your mind. Did you do something wrong? Had you read the situation wrong? Did you overstep his boundaries?

Your head spins in a mess of thoughts as the heat of your body remains prominent. You groan, hoping off the table and busing yourself with work instead. A small but futile attempt at distracting yourself.  You’ll apologize to Genji the next time he comes around.

Genji doesn’t return in the weeks to come. Quite frankly, you haven’t seen in him around the base either. It’s not until you ask Angela where he is that you find out he’s left without a word as to where he’s gone.

It’s been years.

Genji knows this better than anyone.

It took him years to finally be at peace with himself. To learn the mechanics of his body, the limits of what it can withstand and to love himself knowing that he is worthy of this second chance.

But yet he hesitates at the door. 

The sounds of chatter and machinery at work coming from the other side. It sends a wave of nostalgia through him. Remembering how he would wait long minutes gathering the courage to see or even speak to you. Now, however, he knew it was different. He was older, at a better place with himself.

But, oh god, he’s so nervous. It’s been this way since he first saw you step foot off the drop ship with a smile on your face and bag of tools in your hands. The sound of reintroduction’s as you hug Mercy tightly with excitement. He could feel his heart begin to race. The resurface of old feelings bubbling in his stomach and mind. He needed to speak with you.

There’s moment when the whirling stops and all he can hear is the sound of your laughter emanate through the door. He decides then, he cannot wait any longer walking towards the automatic door. 

“Yes, and then it turns out I switched the wires by accident. He started speaking another language and we were all confused!” You laughed loudly, the sound tugging at Genji’s chest. His eyes move from you to Zenyatta who lays before you on the table, something similar to medical examination table.

“That sounds like quite the predicament.” He chimes in with chuckle. You nod, switching tools as you quite yourself down. It’s then the monk notices the new presence in the room. “Ah, my student. “He chimes happily.

“Oh, master.” He seems a bit embarrassed, walking in while you are working but doesn’t make a move to leave. “Is everything alright?”

“I’m sure.” He states while gesturing to you. “I am in good hands.”

You smile, taking the small wrench you held clench between your teeth out after adjusting a screw. “Just one more screw and you’ll be good to go.” You purse your lips in concentration. “Do be careful next time Zenyatta. I was able to fix the dent but I had to replace a few of the metal plating.”

“I understand.” The monk nods. “My thanks for your assistance.”

You shake your head. “No need, my friend. Just glad to be able to help.” You tighten the last bolt before motioning to him that you have finished.

The omnic floats on and off the table, giving you a proper thank you with a bow before leaving the room. You lift the sanitary paper off the table before throwing it away.  “So what can I do for you?” You ask placing your hands on your hips. Genji stands awkwardly as you give him a once over. “Hm…nothing looks broken. Do you need some tweaking? A tune up?”

“I…uh…” He takes a deep breath. “Wished to speak to you.”

“Oh?” You raise a brow when the man in front of you simply stares back in silence. Genji finds it hard to find his voice. He feels nervous, the same nervousness he felt under your gaze so many years ago.

“Um…” Your beginning to feel uncomfortable, shifting the tool in your hand awkwardly as your eyes shift around the room. “Look, if it’s not important do you think we can discuss this later?” You move another work bench and begin rearranging your tools hoping he’ll leave.

He calls your name bringing you to halt. Something about it is familiar and it grabs a hold of your attention. The cyborg takes a deep breath. “It’s…It’s me,” He nears you slowly. “Genji.”

There’s a clatter of tools. He sees where your eyes widen and your mouth goes slightly agape. “Shimada?” You ask. “Genji Shimada?”

He nods, hands reaching to the clasp behind his helm. A puff a steam is released and his brown eyes meet yours. You note how he no longer has red irises but his eyes are the same. Though, where there was anger, there is now kind warmth. The scars of his face have faded slightly but remain every present.


A mix of embarrassment and anger blushes your face remembering your last encounter. There’s an awkward silence between the two of you as he watches for your reaction. Awaiting what you will say or do. 

“I wished to apology-”

“Look Genji, I shouldn’t have-”

There’s a pause as you both look at each other a bit surprised. A light laughter from you at the way you two talked over each other.

“Forgive me,” Genji motions to you. “You wished to say something?”

You smile a bit sheepishly with a nod. “I wanted to say sorry for what happened before. I read the wrong signals and I shouldn’t have pushed myself on you like that.” You rub the back of your neck, heat beginning to rise over your face. “I was in the heat of the moment and I took advantage of it and I really shouldn’t have.”

Genji shakes his head. “No, it is not you that should be apologizing.” You tilt your head. “I…did like you. Very much so, I was very…” He lowers his head down slightly, his eyes scrunching up as he smiles. “I was very attracted to you. It was one of the main reasons I always had you patch me up but I was still at a very bad place with myself, with who I was.” He looks back up to you, his face switching to such a saddened expression. “I shouldn’t have done that to you. Given you such hope and then leaving without even offering an explanation or apology.”

“I was upset.” You confirm.

“I apologize for upsetting you as well.” He hangs his head.

“You don’t have to apologize, Genji.” You assure him. “I was upset, for a time at least. But I remembered our time together. The way you listened to me ramble on and on without question. The times I’d made you crack a smile even though you thought you hid it well. Hell! Even when you kissed me like no tomorrow.” He looks up when you place a hand on his shoulder. “I knew you wouldn’t hurt me on purpose. That there must have been a reason  as to why you left.” His eyes look at you as if you are some godly being. “I’m happy you sought help. That you learned to love yourself as I loved you.”

His face heats up, eyes dipping to your lips then back at your eyes. He’s so happy he could kiss you all over. However, you release your hold on him drawing the Shimada out of his thoughts. 

“Is there…a chance we can get to know each other again?” He asks, hopeful.

You opt looking away to wipe the grime off your tools with a rag. “We’ll we’ve both grown.” You hum. “There is more we can discover about one another.”

His head perks up seeing as you’re on board with the idea. “…and we can see where it goes from there?” He asks, leaning close to try and catch a view of the smile on your face.

You tilt your head to spare him a teasing glance. “And we can see where it goes from there.” You affirm. The cyborg claps his hands together, startling you slightly. The lights of his suit glow brightly as he beams joy.  You giggle at his antics before waving your hands to shoo him away playfully.

“Now go, I have a lot of work to do.” You stop to lean on your desk. “We’ll talk more late, alright?”

“Alright.” He smiles, clicking his face plate back in place. He moves towards the door hovering by it for a moment. “Thank you.”

You let out a content hum, moving to work behind a different lab desk. “Oh and Genji,” He turns from the door at his name. You lean on your forearms, a smile on your face “If you ever leave me bothered and wanting like that again,” You squint, your smile suddenly mischievous. “I’ll see to it that your next full body tune up is with Torbjörn.”

He flinches slightly at the thought but laughs nonetheless.

“Understood.” He assures before taking his leave.

Lost ~ Kim Taehyung ^ 김태형

Description: The infection had taken control. It’s clasp on the world tight, too strong to let go. With all hope lost on survival, who can you turn to?

Word Count: 4197

Genre: fluff, angst, some tiny tiny smut (but like no NAKEDNESS BECAUSE THAT’S BAD) Apocalypse au! Taehyung

A.N: Hi again! this is my new story and i hope y'all like it!! <3  sorry if it’s too short it’s only, like, 4000 words. oops

Since the infection began, winters seemed to be harsher, meaner, as if Mother Nature could sense the shithole her pride and joy had become. Winds whipped and cracked at the beaten parka one could get their hands on, the streets were either covered in the thickest layer of snow possible or in the tiniest width of ice, still slippery enough to send the unfortunate and weary Lost to the floor and left to nurse the broken bone.

Lost. That’s what Hyerim was, to the government at least. The Lost were people that the government deemed ‘unworthy’ to have been evacuated when the epidemic first began. The Lost were left to wander the streets, searching for signs of life aside from the madness crawling between alleyways and sewers. Searching for family members who had long succumbed to the insanity or friends who had been torn apart limb from limb, only to be found as discarded bodily parts.

Being one of the Lost herself, she knew firsthand how ridiculous the infection was, especially how the authorities dealt with it too. The ones the government deem fit to be saved were called, cliché enough, The Found. Not only due to the fact they were saved, but also because their ‘quarantined zones’ had been invaded by runners. Their precious safe havens had been completely overrun within weeks, days for that matter. Let’s just say, the things they were trying to keep out had forced their way in and found those responsible.

Being Lost was exceedingly difficult during this time, trying to scavenge abandoned buildings became increasingly hard. Infected had wedged their way into any form of shelter to barrier against the deathly cold. Sneaking inside was suicide, even the slightest noise and she’d have well over twenty runners tailing after her within thirty seconds.

Hyerim needed to think this through thoroughly. She was alone - was anyone ever really alone? Infected were crawling around anywhere, anytime - Standing in the middle of a suburban crossroads. Houses to her left, houses to her right. There was bound to be something of value to her inside one of them, the trouble was, how was she supposed to get inside without notifying any infected?

Screw it. She’d just attempt to sneak her way in, and if anything goes wrong? Let’s hope nothing does go wrong… Taking a deep breath, Hyerim silently trudged through the thick mass of snow around her ankles. Letting out little puffs of carbon dioxide from her lips, the gas igniting in the freezing oxygenated atmosphere, creating a soft cloud of warmth in front of her face. Her hands were shaking slightly, whether from nervousness or the cold, Hyerim didn’t know.

She started towards the closest house, its windows had long since been shattered. The remaining glass around the windowsill was jagged, and appeared to be stained with something, probably blood. The door had been caved in, hanging off one hinge and starting to rot around the edges. Paint was peeling off the garage door and the main entrance. This place had definitely seen better days. Small grunts of effort flew

past her chapped lips, the snow was way more difficult to move through then anticipated. The door appeared to be the only way to get in the building, the windows were too dangerous to climb through, the glass would surely cut her hands. Hyerim eventually reached the door, her legs aching slightly and her cheeks rosy from the frosty air. Pushing the door away from her small stature, she cautiously worked her way inside, on high alert for any infected to pounce on her without a second thought.

Rummaging through the vanity in a bedroom, of which appears to be that of a teenage girl, no younger than Hyerim herself. She feels a pang at her heart, this was once the place a girl who had so many dreams for her future. Probably planning on going to an ivy league university once she’d graduated and finding love during her college days. Letting out a sigh, she hit lightly at her chest, right above her heart to try and make the emptiness disappear again.

A low groan made Hyerim falter in her search. Her doe eyes widening the tiniest fraction, a sound gurgled in the back of her throat, she was positive it was supposed to be a gasp but she knew better than to make any more noise. Turning ever so slowly to scan the room, her eyes skimmed past the neatly made bed and the swivel chair to her right. Her face slacking at what caught her eye next, in the far left corner of the room stood a girl, probably the owner of the room she was in. Her hands pulling at her matted hair, it was blonde, long and definitely shiny, if only it wasn’t tainted by blood from her scalp and pieces of flesh ripped from her face and neck. Little holes littered her small face, the once smooth porcelain skin now streaked with dried blood and little ditches of gaping flesh. Her eyes were empty, one missing, leaving only a grotesque socket in its wake. Her arms and legs were decorated in a similar fashion, covered in sores and scars, bloody patches of skin and dirt on her thin limbs. Her clothes were still mainly intact, the occasional tear here and there, a hole in one sleeve and missing from the other. Skirt high up her waist, once a soft pastel purple but now a stained mess. The worst part was the way she stood there, whimpering in pain, and Hyerim could only guess, insanity. Her head was moving slowly and then would whip to one side so fast Hyerim felt dizzy, indistinguishable sounds fell from her ripped and wounded lips, small pleas and gasps of terror leaving her every few seconds.

Hyerim could only look on in horror, fear cramping her muscles so much she had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out. Reaching into the small backpack on the floor for any form of a weapon to defend herself if need be. Her hand flailed inside the scratchy material of the bag for a few seconds before she realised, there was nothing inside of it to help her. She ripped her hand out of the flimsy bag and attempted to stabilise her breathing. Her panic reaching an all time high, Liquid anxiety was coursing directly through every artery and vein she owned, being pumped ridiculously fast by her racing heart. The chances of her falling into cardiac arrest was highly likely. A heavy, static like feeling took over in her skull, almost as if her brain had melted and a cleaning lady had stuffed some paper towels in there to clean it up. She was going to faint, she was going to faint.

Deep breaths. In, out. In and out.

Hyerim was still frozen, the infected girl mere metres away, standing right next to the door out. If she attempted to make a completely insane dash for the door, she’d be charged before she’s even made it half a metre to her hoped destination.

In and out.

But then again, the monster in front of her would make a move eventually, whether Hyerim had tried to escape or not. There was no way in hell this was going to end without some sort of struggle. The thought caused a violent shudder to run down Hyerim’s spine, causing a slight sigh to tumble unwillingly past her lips.


The infected girl’s head snapped directly up. Soulless eyes staring straight into Hyerim’s wide ones. The girl’s mouth twisted into a snarl, a rabid and slobbery growl leaving her. Hyerim didn’t wain another second, snatching her backpack of the ground and taking off in the direction of the door as quickly as a flash of lightning. Thankfully the infected was the thunder, delayed and slightly slower than her. It took the infected a good two or so seconds to realise that Hyerim had made a rushed sprint to the bedroom door. Ripping it open Hyerim came face to face with an abandoned hallway, her feet slapping hard against the wooden panels of the second floor of the house and only to thunder down the stairs made a cocktail of ridiculous noise. She could hear the low, animalistic growls and snarls of the infected directly behind her. She knew the racket she was making was definitely stupid, but panic was clouding her mind so thickly that it wasn’t until she’d made it back outside she’d realised just how loud her escape had been. Hundreds of infected now littered the streets, gazes all set on the door of the house she’d previously burst from. Slowly but surely they set their eyes on her, starting to move their legs in difficult ways, stiffness in their joints affecting their steps, but they still managed to stay surprisingly swift under the circumstances.

A loud squeal escaped Hyerim’s lips, and with one final glance at the hoard in front of her, she took off in the opposite direction. Weaving through debris and overgrown bushes and weeds, tripping on the occasional surfaced tree root and stumbling over her own two feet. Her legs now numb and wobbly, threatened to giveaway underneath her. Hyerim let out a moan of pain, but only pumped her legs harder and faster. The snow was making the fast pace almost impossible to keep up with, the thick blanket stopping the momentum in her shins the moment it sinks to the bottom, forcing her to quickly rip her foot up and forward again.

The infected were right in her tail, she could feel their breaths on her hair, teeth snapping in her direction, just desperate for one little taste of her skin and blood. She’d just about made it to the end of the street, a turnoff in sight when a cold hand with stiff fingers snatched at her wrist. A loud, gurgling snarl coming from directly behind her ear made her shudder, the monstrous creature throwing her to the soft snow and jumping on top of her. A terrified scream came bursting from Hyerim’s lungs, the thing on top of her was huge, once muscular and strong, but now its limbs had deflated leaving just empty pockets of skin. Its face was creeping towards hers slowly, teeth rotten, and on full display. Hyerim was hysterical, screaming and writhing under the infected. Her arms had been trapped, pushed up directly against her sides and kept there by its thighs. She kicked her legs to the sides, because if she were to kick directly up like she so desired to, her bones would surely snap. The infected was sitting just at her knees and was leaning over to stare at her face.

Its face was so close to hers, they were breathing the same air. Terrified, shaky breaths left Hyerim’s mouth as the creature brought its tongue to roughly trace a pattern against her cheek. Hyerim grit her teeth at the the infected’s acidic breath and the disgusting feeling of it swirling its tongue against her face. It appeared that the other infected once on her tail had disappeared with the knowledge that she belonged to the one above her at that moment. It was only Hyerim and the thing on top of her. Just as the infected scraped its teeth against the smoothness of her cheek, the loudest sound she’d ever heard ripped through the suburban street. The infected on top of her stiffened and collapsed against her, its face against her neck. Hyerim scrambled to push the thing off her and to regain her footing. A sigh of relief falling from her lips when she took sight of the person who probably saved her life.

He was tall, almost lanky looking. His caramel hair falling against his forehead and tickling the tops of his eyes, it was fluffy and soft. His eyes were onyx and squinted in concentration, staring down the barrel of the shotgun in his hands, and she could only assume he was looking directly at her. His long finger still poised over the trigger, the small breaths of air leaving his mouth left tiny clouds in the cold air. His features were stern in concentration, his nose wide but with a thin bridge, a small freckle just above his nostril. Lips thick and billowy, a certain softness about them that had Hyerim wondering if she’d ever be lucky enough to feel them against her own. Another freckle on the left of his top lip. His eyes were big and almond like, one adorning a double lid. Another freckle resting on the waterline of his right eye. His eyelashes kissed the tops of his cheekbones, and just under his eyebrows. The apples of his cheeks and tip if his nose were rosy in the cold, causing a faint blush over his smooth skin, almost giving the illusion of embarrassment. His shoulders were broad and his collarbones were very prominent underneath his thick neck. It was needless to say, but he was absolutely breathtaking.

“Let me see your hands.” Dear god, his voice was as deep as the Indian Ocean. It was velvety and smooth, calming almost. Hyerim rushed to do as he’d instructed, her arms flying out to raise above her head. Proving that she was in fact, unarmed. Her breath hitched in her throat when he started towards her, shotgun still raised and finger still hovering over the trigger. His eyebrows were furrowed and his tongue was teasing at his bottom lip in thought. She guessed that he’d come to a decision when he shook his head and released his lip from the pearly straightness of his teeth, the hardness returning to his face.

“Were you bitten? Have you been infected previously?” He sounded like a emergency services dispatcher, the questions robotic and rehearsed. He’d definitely done this a few times before. It was only when he raised his eyebrow in a confused question that Hyerim realised he was waiting on an answer.

“Oh- uh, no. I’ve never been bitten, infected or anything.” Her voice cracked on the last syllable, a hot embarrassed flush taking over her cheeks. Her hands still raised, his still on the gun. He seemed to let out a relived breath, only to suck one directly back in. His eyes squeezed shut tight in what can only be described as regret. Hyerim frowned at that. What had he done wrong in this situation?

“I need to check for any possible weapons or anything that could potentially harm me or yourself. So, just raise your arms to the side and, yeah. Just do that.” Oh. That’s what was wrong. He couldn’t look her in the eye, and rightfully so. This was horribly embarrassing. The colour on Hyerim’s cheeks only deepened when she swung her arms to the side, her gaze falling to the ground at his feet. His Reeboks were old and no longer white, but still did their job in this weather.

He approached her with caution, as if she would suddenly rip out a knife, stab him and run away. Hyerim tried not to roll her eyes at that picture. Once he’d reached her, he stuck his hands under her arms. Squeezing lightly at the ridges of muscle and bone around Hyerim’s ribs and torso he started to travel lower, and lower, and lower… Hyerim let out a yelp that sounded similar to that of a strangled cat when he finally reached her thighs. He looked up at her with a blank face, an eyebrow raised in amusement and his head dangerously close to the material of her jeans. Hyerim blushed hotly and averted her eyes to his hands instead.

Bad. Idea.

His hands were fucking huge. His pinky would’ve been the size of at least her ring finger. His digits were slim and oh so long. They were clasped loosely around the scratchy material of denim on her jeans, her thighs clenching under the feeling of his fingers still smoothing around to check for weaponry. She could feel her palms getting slick with sweat even in this weather. God, how was she so nervous around someone she met five minutes ago. The boy looked up at Hyerim once more before letting her go.

“You can put your hands down you know.” The small tinge of amusement in his voice made Hyerim want to melt into the snow under her feet.

“W-who are you? Why did you help me?” Her voice was small and pitiful, she winced from the lack of umph in it. She’d wanted to intimidate him… He let out a small laugh, the corners of his mouth widening to give the illusion of a box. His eyes disappearing into his cheeks. He was pretty, very pretty.

“I’m not telling you my name. Why should I have to?” He’d done a complete one-eighty on Hyerim. No longer smiley or bright but stone like. His features had hardened and the glare coming from his dark eyes was venomous. Hyerim shrunk under his scrutiny, her eyes fluttering to his jacket. It was way too small for him, and had small little rhinestones on the pockets. Frowning, Hyerim reached out to touch the smooth material. As fast as she’d outstretched her hand his was there to smack it away, a cold scowl twisted into his features. She looked up in shock, he was for sure wearing a girl’s jacket.

“Who do you think you are, huh? You can’t just go around touching people’s things and asking them questions!” His voice had dropped and octave, suddenly it wasn’t calming anymore it was menacing and intimidating. He’d grabbed Hyerim by the shoulders and was currently staring right at her face. His brows drawn in and lips turned down, eyes narrowed in anger.

Hyerim attempted to backtrack. “I’m sorry! It just looked strange so I thought I could check it out! I didn’t mean to-” He roughly shoved her away and raises his shotgun to aim directly at her head.

“Listen here girl, I work alone and I don’t have time for little brats going around trying to get themselves killed! If it were any other day i would’ve shot you on sight, got that?” The malice in his voice was clear as crystal and had Hyerim quaking in her boots. A resonating click had her stiffening, he’d just loaded a bullet into the chamber, he was going to shoot her.

A small sob flew past her lips, her hands shaking so hard she had to grip onto her coat to keep them from gaining his attention. His eyes narrowing further in concentration on where his bullet was going to end up, in her brain most likely.

“Keep real still girl, I’m going to go through your bag, and your going to keep quiet. Got that?” He hissed. “What’re you waiting for? take it off and put it on the floor.”

“No.” The word was out in the air before she could even stop to think about the consequences. He looked completely shocked that she’d decided to talk back to him.

“No? Is that so? Ok then, Guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.” He threw his shotgun to the ground and roughly grabbed Hyerim by the waist, turning her around and shoving her to the snow.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing? Get the hell off me!” Hyerim wasn’t scared anymore, she was pissed. Thrusting her elbow back she was pleasantly surprised for it to hit something soft and a small moan of pain to leave his lips. Flipping onto her back she aimed her fist at his nose, swinging it back to give the momentum needed for some significant damage she thrust it forward. Imagine her surprise when he caught her fist in his and pushed it to the ground next to her head, completely trapping her under him.

“What the fuck is your deal? First you’re all cute and shy and shit, asking me to do stuff nicely. And now you’re trying to take my fucking stuff and beat me up? Are you kidding me?” This time her voice was as strong as she’d hoped, maybe even more so. She spat the words at him as if they were disgusting sitting on the tip of her tongue. He frowned at her, his eyes boring into her own.

Because, I told you i work alone, once this is all over you’ll probably be begging me to 'team up’ so i can save your ass every time you almost get yourself killed! So, why not just kill you and take your things if you’re just going to die eventually anyways?“Hyerim couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his piss poor explanation. How dare he say that her life was basically worthless right to her face. Like, c'mon who the hell did he think he was?

Letting out a scoff of offence, Hyerim rolled her hips up, meeting his own with a certain strength she didn’t know she possessed. A strangled gasp left his throat and Hyerim felt a smug smirk form on her lips. With a huff, he yanked her wrists up, causing her whole upper body to rise as well, and used the momentum of the lift to throw her back against the ground. This time the compact snow felt like solid concrete against her back, the breath flew straight out of her in a pitiful whoosh! and she was left wheezing and gasping underneath him, sputtering for air to fill her lungs again.

"I’m getting really sick of your games sweetheart. Are you really that desperate to have a bullet in your skull? Because trust me, that can definitely be arranged.” His words were spoken through clenched teeth and moulded into a growl. Hyerim let her smile falter for a second, a small wave of fear running through her body, a shudder following right after it. A groan caught her attention once more, her eyes shooting open at the sound. The boy straddling her was slumped over, and for one long second Hyerim thought he might be dead, she relaxed slightly when she saw him take a breath through his perfectly straight teeth. It was then when she realised just how affected he was by that little roll of her hips. A perverse satisfaction settled in her chest, a soft snort of laughter resonating in the back of her throat.

“Are you kidding me? You’re hard at just one little twist of my hips? What are you some hormonal little teenage boy, that doesn’t know what his right hand was made for? Judging by how hard you’ve gotten I can only guess I’m ri-” A sharp sting on the side of her face cut off Hyerim’s little victory speech. Her jaw slackened and she stared up at him in shock. Did he seriously just slap her?

“Shut the fuck up before I make you. And as you can tell, I’m not afraid to hurt some little girl.” He was staring directly at the her cheek. The flesh swelling slightly and blood rushing to kiss the stinging skin. A wave of regret seemed to take over his features, but within a blink of her eyes, it was gone.

“Get up, and grab your bag too. I’m pretty sure the boys are going to want to meet you. Yoongi will have a field day staring at that ass of yours.” His tone was still deadly, but light. A sort of knowing laughter filtering through his words. But Hyerim couldn’t help but freeze at the name.


He was already at least three metres ahead of her before noticing she wasn’t directly behind him. But instead staring at the snow under her feet.

“Yah! What’re you waiting for girly? I said let’s go!” He called out. Hyerim could only look up at him with a sense of longing in her eyes. Stumbling to catch up to him, she grappled at his sleeve. He whipped around, hand poised just above the shotgun tucked into his belt, of which had been retrieved from the ground while she stood completely stunned a few moments ago.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t-” He halted at the sight of tears in her eyes. After everything he’d put her through moments ago, she was only crying now?

“Y-yoongi. You said Yoongi.” Her words were shaky and small. He gripped into her shoulder, scared she was going to collapse.

“Yeah? What about it?”

She took a deep breath and let it out through her nose.

“Is it Min Yoongi? Is he the one with you?” She was staring straight at him this time, her eyes pleading.

“Yes. Does it really matter? Who’s he to you?”

Her legs seemed to give out underneath her and he visibly panicked. A sob escaping her lips and wracking her body.

“He’s my brother! I-i’m Min Hyerim! Min Yoongi is my brother!”


A.N - hi again! this is my new story and i hope y'all like it!! <3 sorry if it’s too short it’s only, like, 4000 words. oops

Gangsta: Death of Anosmic Stray Dogs, chapter 3

We’re well over half the book now, with only 2 chapters and the epilogue remaining. The plot is clear now, too, with only some minor details to work out.

Chapter 4 is longer and wordier so will probably take more time to translate though. The original Japanese text is still provided by valgerdrgodiforseti.

Gangsta: Death of Anosmic Stray Dogs by Kawabata Junichi

Chapter 3 (pages 103-140)

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Coolest grocery getter out there today!

produced 275whp/270wtq @ 18.5psi and ran 12.911@105 on the track…


  • VF-48 turbo
  • 2008 STI TMIC
  • Turbo XS 4” Downpipe High Flow cat and RFL cat-back
  • Walboro Fuel Pump
  • Cobb Accessport and dyno tuned
  • B & M Trans cooler
  • P&L high flow intake
  • Perrin turbo inlet
  • SPT Battery tie down
  • SPT oil cap
  • Secondary air pump system removed
  • Intake manifold powder coated wrinkle red


  • Ravspec Carbon front lip
  • Canadian spec OEM HID headlight assemblies with working manual leveling switches
  • Hella off road lamps behind the Grill
  • 2008 Forester Sports XT black tail lights
  • Tint to legal limits including moon roof
  • OEM HID headlight sprayers that have not been installed yet
  • Red pinstripe around front grill
  • Red pinstripe around rear bumper


  • STI pedal set
  • WRX Seats with OEM heaters swapped
  • 3m Carbon Fiber wrapped console
  • STI shifter surround and boot
  • Custom made gauge mount for 60mm Defi Boost and EGT
  • Smoked lexan in the OEM radio location,
  • Clarion VX-400 DVD/ Navi unit remote mounted to the top of the dash using OEM parts
  • Custom made airbag monitoring LED system for passenger airbag indicator
  • Homelink mirror
  • LED underdash kit.


  • DM STI control arm
  • Whiteline forward control arm bushings
  • Whiteline caster control arm bushings
  • Turn in Concepts Lateral link bushings
  • Turn in Concepts forward and rear trailing arm bushings
  • Kartboy subframe lock bolts
  • Kartboy endlinks
  • Whiteline 27mm Front sway bar
  • Whiteline 24mm Rear sway bar
  • KYB GR-2 WRX specific struts
  • WRX STI OEM springs
  • Legacy GT front and rear calipers and rotors with Akebono pads
  • P&L stainless brake line
  • Superblue brake fluid
  • Kick ass Turn in Concepts custom alignment and rear fender roll.
  • Rota T2R 18x9.5 +38 in Hyperblack
  • 245/40/18 Dunlop SP Sport 600 tires

Fastest Ever Audi S8 Sets New Benchmark

Blistering performance more commonly associated with low-slung supercars can now be enjoyed in the lap of luxury in the new Audi S8 plus. Ramping up power from the 520PS offered by the ‘standard’ S8 to an intoxicating 605PS, the Audi S8 plus is also capable of producing up to 750Nm of torque on demand - the highest output of any Audi in the current model range. 

The V8 TFSI engine boosted by 85PS and up to 750Nm of torque endows flagship Audi S8 plus sports saloon with a power output equivalent to almost seven A1 1.0 TFSI models

  • 4.0 V8 TFSI engine produces 605 PS and up to 700Nm in normal operation – overboost function increases to torque to 750Nm
  • S8 plus has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any premium sports saloon with all-wheel drive at 293 PS per tonne
  • 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds, making the S8 plus the fastest accelerating Audi S model in the range and the fastest S8 ever
  • Electronically limited 155mph top speed can be derestricted to 189mph
  • Sports exhaust, power door closure, 21-inch alloy wheels and carbon fiber front spoiler lip and side flaps form part of standard UK specification

The Audi S8 plus will open for ordering in October, priced from £97,700, and first UK deliveries are expected to commence in January 2016.

I. Don’t throw away the memories you had together. They happened, you can’t deny it. If you tossed them out like last week’s meatloaf you’re not making room for something new to fit you’re leaving an empty space where something wonderful once consumed you. It’s not something that can just be dumped out. Instead live every moment you had together in your head. With complete detail. Think of every moment, smell, thump of your heart, taste, thought, feeling. Remember everything you saw only with all the colors bursting so much greater than actually lived. Exaggerate. Retell it so vividly that there is nothing left to remember.

II. Say you love her. Not in anyway that you ever said before. But, oh God, don’t say it to her. If you hear her mutter those three words back to you, even if the sound arouse from the loneliest, most greedy part of her stomach, it will mess you all up. Tell someone you love her, though. Admit it to the air, remind your pillow, inform the mirror. Make sure you annunciate each word slowly, you do not want to forget to pronounce the meaning. Emphasis. Say each word over again until it fits how you feel. Say it until the phrase is just movement of your lips and carbon dioxide exiting your body. Say it until the meaning is left on the floor from the words that lost their value.

III. Don’t try to love another. You think that maybe someone else will make you feel less pain, but it will burn every inch of you when you pull someone else into your grip. The bottle and any amount of smoke will not fill up the spot she left in your life. She was your world and now it’s slowly dying, do not kill yourself with it. Taking refuge of a new planet will not help you either. You’re alone now. Another girl will not change how much you need her right now. You will only want her more. Seeing the bottom of a bottle will not erase the memories. They will just pound against your head all night. So sit and cry about everything that once had is now gone, find the comfort in being alone for no one will see you so vulnerable.

IV. Know that you’re going to feel something for her forever. She is a human with a mind like no other this world has ever seen and a body like no other you have seen. You cannot just forget someone so beautiful. The only thing that is promised is the pain in your chest will subside one day. You will go days on end without craving her, and soon you won’t even think of her. Her place in your life will always be somewhere in your mind, but you will forget how it felt to love her and every color in her eyes and just how bright her smile actually is. One day she will just be the first girl you truly loved, no depth or emotion or regret. Be scared for that day to come.

—  How To Forget Her
Aston Martin Vantage GT3

So, let’s say you love Aston Martin, but you also really love race cars. Who’s to say that you can’t have the best of the both worlds?  Aston Martin certainly isn’t and that’s why for a cool £250,000 you could be the proud owner of 1 of only 100 Vantage GT3’s.

Under the lightweight bonnet you will find the 6.0-Litre V12 engine from the standard V12 Vantage producing 592-BHP and 460 pound ft of torque. But the GT3 model uses an array of Magnesium components including the inlet manifold and the torque tube. The exhaust is also a straight system made from lightweight Titanium. The kind of figures that you can expect from the vehicle would be 0-60MPH in just 3.5-seconds and a top speed of 180-MPH.

Overall the GT3 is 100-KG lighter than the V12 Vantage fat boy version which creates a big bridge between the road and the track. 100-KG is dropped by a full Carbon Fibre body bar the doors, with the option for Polycarbonate rear quarters and windows. You could even have the standard battery replaced with a Lithium Ion battery! With all weight saving options added that car could weigh as little as 1565-KG.

Even more track magic is bought to the road legal car with all the aero that create a visual feast. The addition of a massive rear wing, big front lip and carbon canards lead to twice the aerodynamic force that can be achieved with the Vantage GT4 and 7 times more than the standard V12 Vantage-S. All of these factors culminate to create Aston Martins second fastest accelerating car, only to hyper One77. If you have the money, and the contacts then I would seriously get your name on the list for one of these bad boys.

Hit play to watch further coverage and hear the sound of the beautiful Titanium exhaust thanks to our friends over at XCAR!

-Abraham Akbareian