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Tumblr’s Safe Mode is a piece of garbage lmao

- Not a single one of our posts show up as flagged NSFW on Desktop

- On Nikki’s phone, nothing is flagged as NSFW

- On Kelly’s phone (the exact same, carbon copy of Nikki’s phone), there are posts flagged NSFW

- None of the those posts are actually posts that we’ve tagged NSFW

- The common denominator among all the posts: dragons

- But not all the posts with dragons

- Just some of them


- (is tumblr censoring Bad Dragon and we’re just in the crossfire? who knows)

So anyway we’re going through Kelly’s phone and asking for review on everything mistakenly flagged NSFW. If there’s anything we’ve missed, let us know and we’ll try to find it lol

Sanvers Week Day 5: Domestic

I’m late afffffffff with this but here’s domestic. Big thanks to @jiemba for taking a look behind me and just being the very best in general.

Heads up for racism and light homophobia.

Maggie sat on the park bench watching Elena tear around the playground. At barely three, her legs were a little wobbly but she was still able to navigate the entire small play structure on her own.

Alex had had some trouble getting pregnant but once she did, the pregnancy ran smoothly and their little girl was amazing. She was a carbon copy of Alex, from her crooked smile to her brilliant mind, and she was the light of their lives.

Noticing she had been playing alone for awhile, she ran over to Maggie for reassurance; a quick hug and a “te amo” from her mom and she was running back to climb back up the short stairs to the slide.

A woman sitting at the next bench gave her a small smile.

“Mommy!” Elena yelled, as Alex walked up to greet her.

“Hey baby!” Alex cried back, giving her a hug before she ran back off to play. “Just a few more minutes until and then we’ll get ice cream, okay?”

Alex sat down by Maggie on the bench. “Sorry I’m late, paperwork took longer than expected. I told Elena we have to go in just a few minutes.”

Maggie nodded. “Look at her, she’s really getting the hang of the steps.”

They both stared off at their daughter until the woman sitting at the next bench addressed Alex.

“Your daughter is so beautiful,” she said smiling.

Alex returned her smile. “Thank you.”

“And this one,” the woman indicated toward Maggie. “You’re so lucky to have found her.”

Alex smiled bigger. “Yeah, I think so, too.”

“Where did you find her?”

Alex laughed at the question. “Well, I picked her up at the airport, actually.”

The woman shook her head. “Well I’m sure you did. But where did you actually find her?”

Alex cocked her head at the question, but Maggie just looked down, knowing where this was going and wondering if it was worth it to set this woman straight.

“Um… no really, the airport.”

“You’re so lucky,” the woman continued. “I mean, to have someone who speaks English and Spanish so fluently. That’s not so easy to find. Your daughter will have such an advantage.”

“Yeah,” Alex said. “I guess that’s true. We’re glad she’s growing up bilingual.” She looked at Maggie, not noticing that Maggie’s eyes couldn’t quite meet her own.

“Well,” the woman began, rising to her feet. “It was lovely meeting you. I’ve seen your daughter here before, but not you. Maybe I’ll see you again soon?”

Alex smiled. “Maybe. Have a good day.”

Alex watched Elena climb for another minute, then turned to Maggie. “We should probably get go…” She paused as Maggie’s eyes finally met hers. “What?”

“Do you not know what just happened here?” Maggie asked, astonished.

“Um, a stranger complimented my wife and daughter?”

“No, a stranger complimented your daughter. And your choice in nannies.”

“What?” Alex asked again, genuinely confused.

“She thought I was the fucking nanny, Alex.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, for starters, I was here for thirty minutes and she never spoke to me, not even after you got here and she started a conversation with you. You, not me. She looked at you and complimented your daughter. And she asked where you found me and how lucky you are to have someone bilingual.”

Suddenly, it all hit Alex. “Ohhh that’s why she wanted to know where I found you. Fuck! How did I not see that?”

Maggie was quiet for a minute before responding.

“I think there’s a lot you don’t see.”

Alex was taken by surprise by the comment. “What do you mean?”

Maggie sighed. “Look, it’s easy for someone in your position to do. You spent your entire life as an upper middle class white girl, and straight, or so you thought until relatively recently. It’s easy to overlook casual bigotry when you haven’t spent your whole life being on the receiving end of it.”

Alex said nothing as the weight of the words hit her.

“You’re right.” She moved closer to Maggie and took her hand in her own. “You’re right. I see the world through my own eyes. But I want to do better. I want to see the world through your eyes, too, as much as I can.”

A pause. “So why did you just let her get away with it?”

Maggie looked back out across the playground.

“If I argued with every racist, sexist, classist, homophobic asshole I met, I’d never do anything else.”

“So how do you decide when to?”

Maggie sighed. “I don’t know. When I’m in a good mood, I tend to let it go. When I’m in a bad mood, I usually find that I can’t. I’m sure it’s different for other people, but that’s what I do.”

“Well,” Alex began. “I guess I need to get better at recognizing it, to start. And then we need to figure out the best way to respond.”

“I think part of it is that people don’t always know we’re a couple. Then they start making racist assumptions and it spirals from there.”

“Well maybe we need to start setting people straight more often. Maybe they’ll think before making the same kinds of assumptions about other people.”

Maggie nodded soberly. “Maybe. Sometimes I get tired of being the one teaching clueless people. But either way, we should figure it out before Elena notices. We can’t let her get caught in the middle of it.”

They gathered their daughter and walked to the car when Alex noticed the woman in the car next to theirs.

“Look, she’s still here. I’m going to say something to her.”

Maggie grabbed her arm. “No, Alex. I appreciate your righteous indignation on my behalf but Elena is right here and honestly I’m not in the mood to argue with her right now. I just want to spend a nice day with my family.”

Alex nodded and watched Maggie strap Elena into her car seat. Then she caught the attention of the woman in her car, waving to her with a big smile before pushing Maggie against the hood of their car and kissing her senselessly. She pulled back and looked at the woman whose mouth was hanging open with a shocked look on her face. Alex gave her a wink.

“There’s one assumption down,” she said, turning back to Maggie and smiling. “Come on, let’s get ice cream.”

I’d like to dedicate this fic to all the people who’ve asked if I’m the nanny, the woman on a flight to San Diego who thought my wife was the nanny, the servers in restaurants who ignore me when I try to order for the kids and look around for any adult who looks like them instead, and the lady in Whole Foods who kept insisting I tell her where the kids are REALLY from.

*Has a power they can’t quite control yet
*Leadership skills
*Befriends an icy classmate with a scar over their eye
*Are at the schools they’ve always wanted to go to, mainly through luck and having what it takes
*Has someone they’ve looked up to their whole life, even adopting their fighting style from them
*Absent parent in life
*Popular shipped with aforementioned icy classmate
*Is someone others look to as a leader (Jaune, WBY, Midoriya’s classmates)

*Associated with ice
*Color scheme white with some red
*Scar over left eye
*Has an older sister and other siblings
*Father is an asshole
*Came to school while intending to defy said asshole father
*Said father is trying to push a legacy onto them
*Shipped with the adorkable
*Gets Major Character Development ™

*Animal-like in some ways
*Associated with shadows
*In fact, uses said shadows in battle
*Has respect for the adorkable one
*Kinda brooding
*Good at long-distance attacks

*Blonde haired, red eyed (sometimes)
* 1.73 meters tall
*Mainly uses hands/fists in battle
*Can cause things to explode
*Possibly suffering from PTSD
*Participated in tournament and got to the final rounds
*Had to be restrained at said tournament
*Can get quite angry
*Looks like carbon copies of their moms
*You think I’m joking????



this is entirely a joke please don’t take this seriously

Imagine the Inner Circle’s children.

The little boy that has Rhysand’s face but Feyre’s personality. He’s always covered in paint for he paints things he loves: his family. Sure he’s strong, power coursing through him, but he’s more than that. He’s dedicated and full of the passion that rages inside of his parents. When he fell in love, it burned so fiercely that there were people who believed it would burn down the sorld

The girl they have sometime after that. She’s said to resemble her mother, due to her coloring, but hers is a face that resembles the aunt she never met: Rhys’ long dead sister. She masks herself with humor to hide that calculating mind. Only a fool would think her older brother is the automatic Night Court heir. They would never betray eachother, for they love eachother unconditionally and are best friends, but they are each aware that the day it’s time to ascend. It could be either of them.

And then the twins born many years later. The darlings of the Night Court. Even in the Hewn City, they are adored. The boy with his mother’s looks and the girl with Rhys’, only their eye colors being switched. They are strength, they are power, but most importantly they are good. It was their birth that began the patch up between the CoD and CoN.

Mor adopted her son after the birth of the first two heirs to the Night Court. She was determined to do it alone, though Azriel and Cassian eventually stepped in one night when the child recounted the horrors his family put him through. Mor cried all night, hugging the Autumn Court boy. He had lived in a harsh court, a court that brutalized her, and yet he was a survivor as well. Her son was fond of his friends, though none as much as the eldest daughter of Nesta and Cassian.

Nesta and Cassian’s daughter was an unstoppable force of nature. With her father’s golden brown skin, her mother’s cold blue eyes, and waist length dark hair, she was a beauty all would grow to worship. But it was not that that people feared her for. She changed the Illyrian ways, forcing the women to train. It was she that made them realize that they were worth more than being fucked and bearing children. She was a living legend. People came to preferring to deal with their High Lord and Cassian than with the daughter of the General.

It was Nesta and Cassian second daughter that pulled hearts. Her beauty was similar to that of her sister’s, but gentle. Her blue eyes lit up at romance, but she wasn’t weak. No, she burned. Burned so much that few could capture her heart. She wanted something all consuming, like the love surrounding the Inner Circle.

By contrast, Azriel’s son was quiet. He didn’t often speak his mind, but when he did, people stopped and listened. He was the carbon copy of his father in looks, though shadows didn’t clothe him. No, light did. His light drove away the shadows in his father’s heart and in the heart’s of others. His kindness burned bright and he was intolerant of people that showed anything but. When he found his mate, nothing stopped him. People still feared his father and the sight of Truth Teller, but they relaxed at the sight of him. What they didn’t know was that he could be worse than his father in terms of temper, but he didn’t let those bad days ruin the good ones.

i had a spare moment so i tried to figure out what my lone wanderer’s parents looked like

su critics need to chill tf out. its a kids show. it was made for the kids. filler episode packed with moral lesson stuff? kids arent usually obsessed with the plot like you all are and the lessons are good lessons most kids shows dont even hit on. height difference issues? kids dont notice that shit and god forbid a creator have a touch of individual creativity. bright colors? yep thats for kids too. kids. like. bright. colors. yeah the majority of the people who watch su are older teens and above but kids are the target audience. this show was created for children. now can we all respect that please.

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Destiel brokeback mountain anon here! Seriously I watched the movie yesterday after yeeeaars and OH BOY! the parallels dude just the clothes alone, there's such scenes... just imagine what did Dean do with Castiel's trench coat after he died, just imagine future!destiel frustration "I wish I knew how to quit you" JVIRJUIERJFOEIFJ

Same… I mean, it is an amazing movie in it’s own right and there are so many parallels that are clearly on purpose that @margarittet posted see here, such as:

But I just love how they so blatantly made these additional parallels that were so UNNECESSARY in season 12, such as:

And even cast the waitresses as carbon copies of the women they get with at exactly the same narrative moments.

The bull riding moment :

BTW, Elka means “oath to God”. This is the episode right after we find out about the Angel’s sacred oath not to have relationships with Humans and Dean says it’s “like it never happened…figures”. 

Just saying.

The ‘I’m having really bad family issues and I miss my boyfriend who is so far away’ moment.

She’s a waitress, called Cassie:

I mean REALLY???


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I am so incredibly proud of William Magnusson. All of his life he spent trying to please his parents, but especially his father. A father who had already drilled into him from a young age that he would never amount to anything unless he was a carbon copy of himself. The sad reality that William grew up in is that his parents could not have given a shit about him and his happiness. Yet, William continually tried to please him. William turned out to be a great guy with a huge heart even if its hard to see on the outside.

Why I’m proud of him is because today he made a decision. Today he finally chose himself. He chose Noora. He chose happiness. His family was never a family. William chose Noora because she is his family. William finally realized that nothing he will ever do will make his father love him the way he deserves to be loved. So he chose the girl who will and has. 

William is giving up everything he knows to be with Noora because she needs him and he needs her. He loves her so damn much and its beautiful. Not to mention, he’s giving up everything toxic in his life to become the best person he can be. His father literally told him that he’s being cut off and William doesn’t care. Because money does not equal happiness. William would be happy living in a cardboard box if that meant he could be with the woman he loves and make something of himself, He signed himself up for Law school. The boy who didn’t trust the legal system! Do you know how far he has come? When he had messed up and confessed, he chose to believe that it would all work out and it did. That’s true inspiration. Also, I am sure that the whole situation with Noora and NIco sparked that fire inside of him to make sure that never happens to anyone else ever again. William once wrote, “People need people.” and he’s dedicating his life to being a person that can be counted on. A  boy that has always been there for the people who needed him most. 

You don’t have to like William, but he has grown up in more ways than you can imagine. At least give him the credit where its deserved.