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I saw some posts floating around the other day of Anakin Skywalker stuck in a Groundhog Day situation (which is how I learned what that movie is about, but that's another story) and I woke up this morning with the thought: "What if Luke woke up to find himself back reliving the Bespin confrontation over and over?"

Oh noooo! My poor baby! He tries so many things to make it work out better, but it keeps resetting on him, and he doesn’t know what to dooooo…

The first time it plays out much the same, because he doesn’t understand how this could be happening and thinks that maybe the whole thing was a dream or deja vu, but then it becomes clear that no, he’s definitely lived this before and how can this be happening?!

He wakes up again and this time leaves earlier, before the vision, just packs up and leaves and Yoda doesn’t understand why, Luke’s explanation doesn’t make a lot of sense, he’s babbling and very upset. Yoda can only conclude that Luke had some sort of dream that he’s acting on. He shows up early enough to stop Han from being frozen in carbonite, but Boba Fett still drags him off, and Luke still can’t defeat Vader.

He tries everything, but nothing works. He keeps waking up again on the same day. He even tries staying on Dagobah once, but he can feel Han and Leia’s pain in little flickers all day and it just keeps getting worse and he can’t stand it. He doesn’t try that again.

He’s getting better against Vader because he can anticipate his moves now. He knows what he’s going to do and say and when he’s going to do it and say it, but each time Luke changes something, the rest of the duel changes. He goes through about two weeks of days slowly changing one step of the duel at a time to try to nudge it towards a more favorable end, but it doesn’t seem to work and even though he’s been getting a lot more practice because of this, he’s still not good enough to defeat Vader. He ends up frozen a few times too.

He stops trying to change the outcome of the duel by means of fighting and starts focusing on trying to talk his way out of it. In desperation, one time he even opens by calling Vader “Father.” That startles Vader, certainly, but it isn’t enough.

He gives up on confronting Vader at all and instead focuses on freeing his friends. He successfully rescues Han from Fett a few times, and they all end up getting away together. The first time it happens, Luke is sure that this time, they’ll make it. This time he won’t wake up to the same day again. He’s wrong.

It finally stops when instead of going to fight Vader, he leaves his lightsaber behind and goes to talk. Just to talk. He walks into the carbon freeze chamber unarmed and calls Vader “Father” and begs him to come with him. He’s had a lot of time to think, to contemplate his father and what he’s been through and what he is. He comes to the conclusion that he ultimately reaches in ROTJ. His father is a slave, and Luke can save him. It takes a few tries before he figures out exactly what words to use and what topics to avoid, but he eventually convinces Vader. He refuses Vader’s offers to rule the Galaxy, but he does agree to help his father destroy the Emperor. He agrees to go with his father, because he’s not really afraid of the outcomes anymore. He’s figured out that this is definitely the Force trying to guide him down the best path, and if the outcome isn’t what it wants, the day will reset. So he takes his father’s hand and follows him up to his ship willingly (stopping by his X-wing to get Artoo and his lightsaber, because he’ll probably need that when he confronts the Emperor). A large part of him expects to wake up back on Dagobah like every time he’d ended up with Vader before, and he can’t help the mix of excitement and fear when he wakes up still in the large quarters next to his father’s on the Executor, en route to Imperial Center.


Princess Leia Organa Hoth costume displayed at the Star Wars Identities exhibition, London.

Today we lost a princess and a general, so what better time to look back at one of Leia’s most understated leadership looks. Empire Strikes Back showed a princess who was giving her everything to the Rebellion, maintaining moral and hope in the harshest of environments and in the face of absolute destruction, abandoning her post only when absolutely forced. Remember: She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

The first costume worn by Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back, this costume continued Leia’s familiar iconography whilst firmly placing her in an active and practical role. Unlike the gowns of the previous film, Leia now wears a combat snowsuit. This is the most identifiably ‘real world’ costume worn by Leia in the original trilogy. She both blends with and stands out from the rebels around her, maintaining her air of regal leadership even as she mucks in. The stand collar of her suit and the padded collar of her gilet both echo back to the collar and hood of her famous hero gown in A New Hope. The clean silhouette of this costume, with subtle quilting details and the simple lines of the waistband a zip-line continues the refined, understated Alderaanian elegance already established.

The colour palette worn by the rebels of Echo Base sits in shades of tan, beige and off-white. Leia’s shades of white and ivory are all her own, making her stand out and easy to follow on-camera on Hoth, and making her an isolated figure of light in the carbon freezing chamber when the snowsuit is worn again on Cloud City.

We followed the colour palette of the first  one. It was just creating the winter variants of the same things.
John Mollo, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy

Note the difference in boots between this image from the set of Empire Strikes Back, and those displayed at SWID. The higher-wedge, grey boots are clearly visible in the infamous hallways scene with Han Solo (along with the cunningly disguised box Fisher was standing on) and in a number of other scenes, whereas the lower mukluk-style boots from the exhibition are clearly worn when Fisher is running towards the Falcon during the Echo Base evacuation. Skimming quickly through Empire, the darker boots show on camera more often giving the impression that the exhibition boots are Fisher’s stunt boots and the grey pair are the hero boots. However, the grey boots appear to be modified purchased boots. The exhibition boots have been made to specification. The most likely explanation is that the grey boots were intended to be off-camera boots to lend Fisher height, but they ended up being established on-camera against design (due to change in angles/shot order etc. before changes could be made or noted.) However, in Star Wars Costumes book, the mukluk-stye are described as the hero boots. A mystery!

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Long, Miserable Han/Leia Angst post

I’m just. I’m still crying over this, guys. I know I already touched on this in my TFA reaction post, but I really can’t get over it. I can’t.

I mean. Han Solo and Leia Organa had one of the most beautiful relationships ever. And obviously two characters finding love against impossible odds has been done countless times, but the very nature of their individual characters and the circumstances of their love set against the timeless backdrop of the Star Wars story was just…. so beautiful.

Take Leia. Leia is strong. Leia is inspiring. She’s a female character that women can identify with, that young girls can look up to. She’s brave and selfless and fierce and intelligent but she’s also real and human and flawed. She has suffered. She has fears. We see a girl who has sacrificed her youth for a truly righteous cause–democracy. Freedom from oppression. A battle which the world we live in still has not won, and here is this teenager in a galaxy far, far away with an understanding and selflessness beyond her years. A senator. A girl making a difference. And a princess, to boot. But she’s no superhuman. She’s not invincible. She’s got her weaknesses–her scars. She’s got the Death Star. Imperial Torture. Interrogation at the hands of Darth Vader himself. Watching Alderaan be destroyed before her eyes. The very likely notion that she held herself responsible. That is pain. That is anguish. But she keeps going. Her planet is lost but the war is not, and Leia Organa will fight tooth and nail to see it won. It’s the kind of strength that’s almost alienating, except–except–when you read between the lines.

Do we see Leia grieving Alderaan? Do we see her mourning her loss? Do we see her tumultuous emotions? No. But what we do see is a woman who is fighting with everything she has against letting herself feel, against making herself vulnerable, against setting herself up for pain. We see a woman terrified of loss, of abandonment. We see a woman afraid to love. And OF COURSE SHE IS. Who wouldn’t be? She’s had everything she loved torn away from her. She lost everything. Her entire WORLD–literally. Just imagine the psychological trauma she must have suffered. Imagine the grief. TORTURED BY ONE OF THE MOST TERRIFYING MEN IN THE GALAXY. WATCHING HER PEOPLE BE BLOWN TO DUST. And then she has to cope with all that while still trying to hold herself together, while maintaining a respected position within the rebellion. Now THAT’S a character people can relate to. THAT’S complexity. THAT’S a character to love.

And how can we see all of this? Through her reaction to Han Solo, and through his reactions to her. She cares about him. Han knows that. She knows that. Everyone around them knows that. The beginning of Empire Strikes Back makes that abundantly clear. And it also shows us her fierce denial. She pushes him away while yearning for him to stay close. She berates him for leaving, reacts to his plans of departure with disproportionate ire because she wants him to stay. She pretends she doesn’t have feelings for him even when he practically throws them in her face–when he all but dares her to admit to them, to ask him to stay because she doesn’t want him to go. Leia Organa is afraid of loving a man who’s going to leave her. Leia Organa is afraid to keep losing what she loves.

And then, even after kissing Han, even after holding his hand and yielding to his “Sweethearts” and his forehead kisses and his “everything’s gonna be fine”s, what’s the point that still comes back up? What’s the thing that’s still clearly haunting her, that she wields as her final, aching defense?

“And then you’re as good as gone, aren’t you?”

That push and pull, that struggle between her wanting and her fear of loss is the major factor in the development of their relationship right up until the last, crucial moment that forces it all over the edge. Because when it all comes down to it, when they find themselves in Vader’s custody and Han has been tortured and he’s about to be at the very least frozen in carbonite and sent to his death or else killed on the spot and Leia KNOWS she’s going to lose him, when they both know that they’re not going to be getting another chance, Leia stomps on that fear and admits it. Admits it to him. Admits it to herself. Admits it to Darth Vader for fuck’s sake that she loves Han Solo. She loves the man who infuriates her, who teases her, who scares her to death because of the vulnerability he incites in her, but if it’s the last thing he’s going to hear, she’s going to tell him that she loves him.

So Leia has been spiraling towards this moment the entire time–loving a man against her will, terrified of the death that seems to touch everything that she holds dear and scared to let herself feel something that will result in more pain. And what happens? Exactly what she feared. She loved him and she lost him. Turned into a living statue while she watched on helplessly, sent to the crime lord whose threat has been hanging over their heads the entire time, almost certainly facing a gruesome death. Just considering what that must have felt like is staggering. The pain of that loss must have been even more crippling than she had feared, and once he’s gone she’d have to worry everyday that she’d be too late to rescue him. But, by some miracle and no small amount of tenacity, Leia gets him back. And the pain isn’t over because there’s still Death Stars to be destroyed and of all people she must come to terms with the fact that Darth Vader is her father, that the man who tortured her and violated her mind is her flesh and blood, that the being who sent the love of her life to die and killed countless people gave her life. An incomprehensible nightmare, but despite everything, she has Han. Their love prevails. The strong and broken and vulnerable and rock-solid rebel princess is capable of healing, of loving, of opening herself up to happiness and safety even after all that she had to live through. 

And that’s just ONE SIDE of it. Because Leia wasn’t the only one fighting and struggling and straining. Han Solo is no less dynamic. No less real. He’s handsome and dashing and reckless and bold and smart and brave, but he’s so much more than that. Here’s a man who wields his false apathy as shield and sword alike. The uncaring smuggler. The mercenary. Only in it for the money. Doesn’t care about anyone or anything, and that’s the way he likes it. Except it’s painfully obvious that he’s lying. He cares. He has a conscious and a heart, because heartless men leave. Heartless men don’t come back, and they don’t put their lives on the line for others because of silly things like friendship and honor and loyalty and love. But Han Solo does. Again and again and again he proves that he’s not the jaded, selfish man everyone thinks he is, but he never ever draws this to anyone’s attention. No, he’s perfectly happy to let everyone assume the worst. Han is as wary of letting others in as Leia is, but then she comes into the picture and throws him through a loop and he cares about her but she’s a princess and he’s a smuggler. And so Han Solo has to cope with the irony that the very persona he’s constructed to hide behind is now his own sabotage. And he sees people like Luke–people who radiate optimism and “doing the right thing” and wholesomeness and he’s so insecure and so jealous because now for the first time he wants to be that man, he wants to be worthy of Leia and it comes back to haunt him again and again and again.

And then there’s the fact that he has to leave. There’s a price on his head, and Han Solo has to face that because not only is it endangering Leia of all people, but because it’s the right thing to do. So all the while Leia is simultaneously pushing him away and begging him to stay, not wanting to want him but unable to help it and furious with herself and with him because he’s going to do the unthinkable and leave her, Han is fighting the exact same battle. He doesn’t want to love her because he has to leave, and he doesn’t want to leave because he loves her. What a frustrating, hopeless circle. But he throws caution to the wind because this is right and they know it, and he will rescue her from execution and besieged bases and asteroid fields and he will throw himself between her and Darth Vader and he will allow himself to be lowered into a carbon freeze chamber without saying a word for his own sake, only thinking of her and advocating for her safety and reassuring her. Han Solo will stare death in the face for Leia Organa. And if that’s not selfless enough, if that’s not sacrifice, if that’s not love, then he will, despite his insecurity and his jealousy and his desire, stand aside for the one man who, in his eyes, has been his competition the entire time. He’ll let her be with Luke–Luke the hero, Luke who she had confided in, Luke who wasn’t connected to the shady lifestyle that Han had lead, Luke who deserved a princess like her. And why? Because he just wanted her to be happy.

And so here are these two people who drive each other crazy–who bicker and fight and lash out. Here are two people who we love not only for all their strength of character and heroism and determination, but for all their weaknesses and flaws and humanity. Two souls who lock their feelings away in the deepest parts of themselves, hiding behind their respective roles, too stubborn to admit to their feelings and too afraid to act but even more afraid of losing each other–these two people go to the ends of the galaxy and back for each other. They save each other. They suffer for each other. They face impossible, impossible odds. They fight tooth and nail to keep away from each other but then they fight even harder to stay together because they need each other. They’re both broken in their own ways but they love each other anyways and in the end, they make it. That’s what makes it so beautiful. That’s why it resonates so deeply. There was anguish and sorrow and fear but it wasn’t all in vain, because in that galaxy far, far away those too seemingly incompatible people find each other and don’t let go and after it’s all over they can finally, finally, be happy. They can heal. They can move on with their lives. And isn’t that what they fucking deserve? Leia who doesn’t crack under the Empire’s worst methods, who watches her planet die, who gives her all to the rebellion and fights for those who cannot–Leia who is so afraid to need someone and who has more pain in her young life than we can imagine and who will do anything to save the man she loves–and Han who takes up the fight, Han who nobody ever expected to be a hero, whose heart is bigger than even he realizes–don’t they deserve to be happy? Don’t they deserve to make it? If there’s any light in the whole galaxy, the answer is yes. Their love should be enough.

But it wasn’t. And now we know that they don’t make it at all.

That fear that Han would leave Leia? His desperate wish that he didn’t have to go, and everything that they had to go through to get past that? Well, now we know that he leaves her anyways.

All the pain they endured at the hands of Darth Vader? The torture and the death and then that last, final knowledge of his identity and Leia’s identity and the coming to terms with that? Well, now his legacy lives on in their child, so that they never really escaped that anyways.

Their character development throughout the whole story–him away from that cold empty life as a smuggler and hers away from the unfeeling role as rebel leader? Well, they’re back to that anyways.

Their fight to hold on to each other, their fight for their love, their battle against all those impossible odds?

That battle is over. Han Solo is dead, and I guess those two people didn’t get what they deserved after all. They got nothing but loneliness and tragedy and pain. They got loss. The loss of each other. The loss of their son. After everything that they went through, they ended up in a place a million times worse.

And it’s not fair. And my heart is broken.

“what we are living for” - fic

fandom: Star Wars

stuff that happens: the Skywalker language fic I’ve been meaning to write—aka an expansion of mother tongue, the one I did write, but never finished.

characters: Luke Skywalker, Beru Whitesun, Leia Organa, C-3PO, Anakin Skyalker, and in absentia, Shmi Skywalker

warnings: references to slavery and genocide; also I am not a linguist

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I rewatched The Empire Strikes Back the other night and noticed a lot of little things I hadn’t before.

♤I’d forgotten that Veers has more screen time than I thought. I literally didn’t recognize him without the helmet.

♢when Yoda suggests that Han and Leia be left to their fates, the Ghost of Obi-wan gives him a rather sharp look. Understandable, considering Padme was his friend and he wouldn’t be quite as willing to sacrifice her daughter just to mold her son into a sith-killing weapon.

♡the Hoth battle had a pretty high body count. How many of their forces did they actually lose, I wonder?

♧When Chewie breaks loose in the carbon freeze chamber, Boba acts like he’s going to shoot him, but Vader forces his gun down (perhaps because it’d be harder to sway Luke if his friends died). I’d noticed that before, but this time I noticed Leia turning and making eye contact (so to speak) with Vader as he’s still holding Fett back.

♤when Luke and Vader first start fighting, Luke gets shoved back and lands on the stairs. Vader is holding his saber in his right hand, but I noticed that with his left hand, for just a moment, he makes this short little aborted gesture, like he was about to reach down and haul Luke to his feet.
I almost wonder whether that was the stunt man almost breaking character for a moment, or whether that was in-character as Vader?

Fisher: Harrison was here while you making changes and I always feel like it’s behind my back, that you’re rehearsing.
Kershner: No, no, no. This we haven’t rehearsed yet. This we’re going to rehearse.
Fisher: Yeah, but I don’t know that, I –
Kershner: See, I couldn’t tell you before.
Fisher: I’m just talking about the other thing that you guys started to rewrite and I wasn’t there. I always feel like, “It’s the bimbo again.” They can’t do anything with me, I guess.
Kershner: No, it’s not the bimbo.
Fisher: [irate tone] I would just like to be there. I don’t even need to say anything…
Kershner: You weren’t here, you weren’t here!
Fisher: You’ve got to know I’m here in the studio.
Kershner: Okay, alright, okay.
Fisher: And then I yelled at Harrison.
Kershner: Yeah, don’t yell at him, yell at me.
Fisher: I did and now Harrison’s angry at me.
Kershner: No, he’s not angry at you.
Fisher: Well, he thinks I’m angry at him for no reason and I’m not angry…

Fisher: His assistant was coming to me, but I mean, it’s all because of a mistake. It’s like I’m a day worker.
Kershner: No, you’re not a day worker.
Fisher: I know that. But then I get mad at him and then it fucks us up.

Fisher: So now he’s pissed off because I’m pissed off, because I have no right to be pissed off at him. And that’s totally valid.
Kershner: Because he feels very insecure about coming up with any ideas at all.
Fisher: He’s not insecure – I never even speak!
Kershner: No, he feels insecure. You can speak at any time, with any scene at any moment. You can stop a scene in the middle at any time.
Fisher: I don’t know. As you can see, he is very angry, as he has a total right to be because I would not speak to him. I’m sorry. So it may play well for the first part of the scene, but if we have to kiss each other, there might be trouble.

– Irvin Kershner’s recording during rehearsal on the carbon freezing chamber set in February 1979

Imagine: Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader

For anon…. Enjoy!! Fun fact: I watched all of the original trilogy’s lightsaber duels to help me write this :D

It was dark. The carbon-freezing chamber was eerily cold, red light illuminating from a short flight of stairs leading up a small platform. Mist rose from it’s floor, swirling around a black figure that stood as still as a stone, their arms at their sides. The figure was staring right at you, a familiar expressionless mask with dead eyes boring into you. It wasn’t until you heard their raspy breathing did your heart leap into your throat, pounding frantically.

“Vader.” You whispered, your hand sneaking to your holster and pulling out your blaster pistol. It’s metal exterior shone red as the light reflected off of it.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” Darth Vader growled, his voice monotone.

You fidgeted, your legs starting to shake.

“Luke isn’t here.” You replied unconfidently, pointing your blaster pistol at the Sith.

Vader remained motionless.

“Do not lie to me. I can sense his presence. He is here, on Cloud City.”

Your hand started to shake.

“You won’t get to him. We won’t let you.” You snarled, blinking rapidly.

Vader just stared.

“We? Don’t amuse me. Solo has been frozen in carbonite and the princess and the Wookie have been taken prisoner. There is no more we. It is only you.” He said, his voice like ice.

Almost unconsciously, your finger pulled down on the trigger, which sent a red laser blast exploding in Vader’s direction.

As if it appeared out of thin air, a red beam of energy erupted from Darth Vader’s hand, deflecting the blaster fire and sending it back in your direction.  Before you could react, it hit you in the chest, making your lungs scream out in panic and terror.

You fell backwards, your pistol slipping through your fingers. You couldn’t breathe, or move, or scream. You hit the floor hard, a sharp pain erupting in the back of your head.

As soon as it had come, the burning in your chest subsided and you were swallowed up into eternal darkness, light fading from your vision.


Luke’s scream echoed around the chamber, piercing Vader’s artificial ears. The Sith spun on his heel to his son standing before him, anguish making his face red. His blue lightsaber was ablaze and his knuckles were wrapped around it’s hilt tightly. They were white.

“Skywalker. It’s a pleasure.” Vader drawled, raising his own red lightsaber.

Luke charged at Darth Vader, his mouth opened in a hoarse yell. He brought his lightsaber down on the Sith, swinging with extreme force. Vader blocked his attack, their lightsabers sizzling as they clashed.

Luke drew back and swung at Vader again, blind with fury and agony. He slashed at the Sith relentlessly, exerting precious energy with every swing.

Vader blocked Luke’s clumsy advances almost lazily, pushing the young boy back effortlessly.

“You think you’re a Jedi?” Darth Vader taunted, leaping backwards and landing several feet away from Luke, making no sound as he landed. “You may be strong with the Force, but you are no Jedi, Luke.”

Luke heaved in deep, rattling breaths as he glared daggers at the Sith, his hair plastered to his forehead with sweat.

“I don’t need to be a Jedi.” He snarled. “At least I’m not Dark Side filth!”

Vader stood rigidly in front of his son, yearning to tell him the truth. If only.

“Your petty insults do not affect me, Luke. You are weaker than I had imagined.” He growled quietly, his lightsaber’s tip hissing as it kissed the ground. 

Luke straightened up, sheathing his lightsaber. His eyes were ablaze.

“It is you that is weak, Vader. It takes strength to resist the Dark Side. Only the weak embrace it!”

The Sith glared at his son, his own lightsaber disappearing into it’s hilt. 

“This is not the last time we will be seeing each other, Skywalker.” He said monotonously before spinning abruptly and leaving Luke to himself.

Luke didn’t go after him, and he had no idea why. Vader had his back turned, he could strike him down right then and there. It could be over. 

Luke remembered you, lying on the cold ground, the light that had died from your eyes.

He raced to your side, dropping to his knees as he desperately felt for a pulse. There was no sign of life.

“No.” He whispered, pressing his ear to your chest hopelessly, tears starting to run down his cheeks.

Luke started to say your name over and over again, muttering endlessly into the darkness. Your blaster pistol was still hooked around your finger.

The Princess Strikes Back: A Carrison Story

This is a Carrison Real Person Fan Fiction, a fictional story about fictional representations of real people. No profit was made from this work. If you do not approve, do not read. It’s a work of fiction based on real life events with a sprinkle of my imagination thrown in for good measure. If you do read, please send a message. Writers love feedback. And that’s why I write these things, to hone my skills. Thanks!

RATED: M (MATURE MATERIAL) Contains adult themes (sex, language, violence, etc.)

VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO @hewouldve Erin for all your help and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without you! To all the Carrison girls in the Slack group for your support. And, all the readers who took time to comment. This is for you. 

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Threepio said something that didn’t register, because she was thinking of the last time she’d seen Han - of his eyes as he stared up at her from inside Cloud City’s carbon-freezing chamber. And then of everything else they’d shared in the few weeks before that. How she’d begun to tremble when he’d taken her hand aboard the Millennium Falcon, drawing steadily closer until he’d finally kissed her. He’d been right about her - she did need a scoundrel in her life, someone who wouldn’t salute her, who didn’t care about her title or role in the Alliance.
—  Moving Target

now that I’m sliding further and further down this carrison garbage dump I’m thinking about how they definitely broke up right before or right after the carbon freezing chamber scene (3 months my foot) and how much more weight that gives the “I love you” / “I know” lines because harrison improvised it at least partly because the scene wasn’t working and was taking too long and they needed to get out and “I love you” / “I know” and

marissastardust  asked:

A mediation teacher of mine told me how when you eat meat you ingest the fear of the animal and absorb that into your body. And when you eat and digest vegetables you're sort of releasing the energy of that plant through you. Have you heard this before? And do you know how dairy and eggs would effect someone energy-wise through digestion? (Sorry if this seems a little far fetched)

Hi there marissastardust! As weird at it seems, is something that actually happens:

According to research at the University of Purdue Animal Sciences Department, emotional stress has an effect on meat quality. Some of these stressors can include extreme weather, pain, hunger, thirst or most commonly slaughter methods.

Conventional slaughtering methods are done in 1 of 4 ways:

  • Chemical (carbon dioxide): uses carbon dioxide gas chamber before being bled
  • Captive Bolt Stunner: a forced blow to the head leaving the animal unconscious before they are bled
  • Gunshot: animal shot in head and presumed dead before being bled
  • Electrical current: provides surgical anesthesia throughout the bleeding of the animal

It’s no wonder so many people are turning Vegan.

Slaughter Methods Effect Meat and You

Research by Dr. Temple Grandin from Colorado State University has found that inhumane treatment and conventional slaughter harm meat quality. (She also has a fascinating story, check out her presentation at TED) Several stress hormones can be released if the animal is “stressed” during or right before slaughter.

Here’s the technical breakdown of what that “stress” does:

Epinephrine (adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol can flood into the blood stream and break down glycogen which increases lactic acid which will create a more acidic pH. The evidence of this meat quality is referred to as Pale, Soft, Exudative (PSE). Another form of poor animal treatment can be found when meat is Dry, Firm, Dark (DFD) and can often be caused by malnourishment or sickness of the animal being slaughtered.

Epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine are “stress hormones” that when released into the bloodstream will stay in the body and the effect the quality of the meat.  When you eat this excited animal meat, you are ingesting those hormones and hormone-induced byproducts in your body.  Consuming this type of meat can cause unwanted health problems in your system.

When we stop consuming animal products and start eating more vegetables, fruits and clean foods, our body starts to liberate all the bad toxins, more if combined with regular exercise. 

As for your question on digestion of meat and eggs, energy wise they take more energy as for example a green smoothie. The green smoothie is obviously raw and comes with all the enzymes from each food you added and it’s easier for the stomach to digest it since your pancreas don’t have to create as much enzymes to break the food down, causing you to feel with more energy, your organs are working less, contrary as when we digest animal protein. 


I wanted to share my current project. I have been re-creating the 1980 Sears Exclusive Bespin Playset in a drawing program. Over the last week, in between projects at work, I have redrawn each line and shape. (except the sky backdrop and the smoke interior of the carbon freeze chamber. Vapor is hard to draw in vector format).

The finished product you see above is a prototype to test how I did. It’s rough, and doesn’t quite fit together correctly. It’s printed on regular paper, so it’s flimsy as well. But after I correct the alignment issues I will print it out on cardstock and then I’ll have a nice little (not so little) display for my Bespin figures.

achrmy  asked:

I've been frequenting the Jedi Council Forums recently and I have noticed a fair number of posts stating Kylo Ren should not/cannot be redeemed. In a poll 43.6% of the 202 voters state that Kylo Ren cannot be redeemed. Why do you think there is this opposition towards a Kylo Ren redemption arc? I've appreciated all your meta commentary on Star Wars; thank you for your words!

Thank you! 

There are … various reasons, and I’ve gotten into a lot of the nonsensical ones before. However, I do think there is one perfectly legitimate one.

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