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Style Sheet

This is a style sheet for the game I’m currently prototyping to help me understand the concept of the world and the overall feel of the game. The artists/developers for each peice are in the captions.

I’m really interested in developing a very geometric world with strong colours in the red-orange-blue palette and this style sheet really reflects that. The two characters with bladed weapons shown in this are very close to the concept for the character I currently want to work with.

The collection of items gives me a good idea of the style of cards or ‘Artifacts’ you’re going to collect as you explore the world.

Full resolution can be found here:
Zoom in and explore those details!

She’s done! My take on the female Mechari race - created by Carbine Studios. She’s all dressed up in her fancy gown for the one-month-anniversary party! Hope you all enjoy it just as much as I enjoy making this. <3 See you in Nexus!