carbide tips


Sorry I’ve been AWOL almost all this summer, Techblr!

I took an amazing/crazy/awful job at a show in SF, that essentially consumed my entire life for the past two months. It was an interesting mix of theatrical electrics, and up-to-code work, as the immersive piece is intended to run for several years. Of course, this was WAY out of the normal wheelhouse of a theatrical electrician like yours truly, so I had a lot of learning to do along the way.
A big part of that was expanding on my knowledge of electrical installs, and working as somewhat of an electrical contractor. With this came a whole new set of tools, and A NEW KIT!!

I thought I’d share the cool new pieces I got, that made an awful show a lot easier to do!

Doing normal theater, I used to be able to carry all my tools in that little hip pouch you see in the bag. But for this show, I had to expand out and buy a TON of awesome new things. For starters, I’m loving this new Husky zip-top bag I got to hold it all. Being a commuter, I needed it to be small enough to carry with me to work every day, and this guy (and its padded handles) are perfect! Lots of pockets, but still has room for bigger items. The zip-closure accepts a small padlock, which is great, as someone just recently stole my Ultimate Focus Tool, and buying a new $100 wrench sucks!
As for the new stuff inside:

•Linemans Pliers, from Commercial Electric. These guys are so worth the money. With wire strippers, cutters, and crimpers built in to this seriously strong plier, you hardly need another tool for wiring!

•Channel Locks. Having two pairs is great for when you really need to wrench down some pipe!

•Milwaukee Inkzalls: These are the greatest invention ever. Crazy strong ink that won’t smudge, and writes on dusty and grimy surfaces. The whole building I worked in was always covered in sheetrock dust, so these were invaluable.

•Tap Driver: Ever strip a hole that a screw was supposed to go into? These handy little screwdriver like things re-thread the hole, or thread new ones. Unlike tap/die sets, these have multiple thread sizes in one tool, too!

•Milwaukee Angle Cutters (Dykes): Awesome little tools that are super resilient for their size and weight. The carbide tips are both really strong and great at holding an edge. I literally don’t understand how I functioned before getting these.

I also added a bunch of little things, like a new folding knife with built-in wire strippers, and a better pair of needlenose pliers, in addition to basics like my wrenches, flashlights, and multitool.

What are your favorite additions to your kits?