Carbing up like it’s my job before tomorrow’s marathon. It really feels like I’m on some business trip for runners world or something since I’m flying solo, but sadly this is all out of pocket. I think tomorrow’s going to be a super tech run. Gonna try out my new Garmin live track thing since the race wants something like a buck fifty for tracking (WTF!). I’m also gonna strap on my new go pro. The battery like is something like 2 hours so I’ll only start it somewhere around the half. Hopefully it doesn’t weigh me down to much, but this is a “to finish” race so I’m not that concerned. Also, can’t forget to stay hydrated!

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How to bulk #vegan edition. Choco berry smoothie, a pile of fakin strips on top of maple “sausage”, potatoes O'Brien, blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese, black coffee. Boom. #carbcity

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Score! Did I ever mention that at work we only use the zest of oranges so my boss lets me take the fruit home!? Today I made an oranges and cream #smoothie for my #preworkout #snack. Smashin’ in those carbs! ;) #bananas #30bad #801010 #vegan #rawvegan #rawfood #carbcity #carbthefuckup #plantbased #natural #bananagirl #rawveganlady

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Woke up with an insatiable appetite for carbs so I nuked a sweet potato and loaded it with vegan mozzarella, nutritional yeast, red onions and green onions. Also paired it with a small side salad with vegan Italian dressing and onions. Can u tell I love onions? Lol #vegan #veganism #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #thedanks #secretchef #carbcity #ineedcalories #ravenous (at ronni’s kitchen )

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