carb up

Watermelon is amazing!

One medium watermelon also contains:
99% of your daily Vitamin B1
55% of your daily Vitamin B2
40% of your daily Vitamin B3
99% of your daily Vitamin B5
101% of your daily Vitamin B6
33% of your daily Folate needs
31% of your daily Calcium needs
514% of your daily Vitamin A
609% of your daily Vitamin C
144% of your daily Potassium
113% of your daily Magnesium!

Not to mention water and fiber, too!


Vegan power bowl for dinner: White rice with olive - oil and onion sautéed beetroot and white beans next to some organic raw red bell pepper. Spiced everything with freshly grounded pepper and curry powder plus lemon juice and  creamy white balsamic vinegar. So delicious and filling after a day full of studying! :) xx 

Dinner tonight 😁 this salad was also 5x bigger than it looks.
2 heads of romaine lettuce
Handful of pea sprouts
Cup of raw, chopped baby broccoli
Roasted sweet potato with paprika

1 super ripe mango
1 cup fresh basil leaves
¼ medium avocado
½ tsp chopped garlic
Squeeze of lemon


I always make a 1.5L-2L smoothie in the morning! I drink part of it at home and take 1 litre to work with me! My jars are only 1L 😢
Todays smoothie was bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and maca with lots of water! All ingredients were organic! 💪🍌🍓

If one more person tells me to eat a lot of salads and good fats and only two drinks while I'm on vacation I'm going to freak out.

Listen I know I’ve been doing the best doing no “hard carbs” but I didn’t pay $114 a day for a meal and drink plan to not eat some things I normally wouldn’t. If I want a freaking waffle at breakfast I’m getting one. Tacos are happening and the night the we go to the swizzle I’m getting nachos! I’m still going to get in cardio and weights in the gym and try my damnedest to not binge. I just want to relax and induldge and get back on the horse when I come home. I know how I lost close to 20 pounds in two months and I may come back up but I’m not going to stress myself out and not enjoy myself.