JhoJho’s Bizarre Hunt: Capital-C Crusaders

I had this Idea Months ago and spent WAAAAY to much time trying to finish it. Ah well, Perfect timing for JoJo Part 4 I suppose. OH MY GOD -Boo

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Aaand it’s Linitaa’s turn.

It’s been a while, but @hihihimmel actually helped again, when it came to her second design’s colors. At the time he suggested a few palettes and I picked this one.

I wanted some blue in her last outfit (mostly instead of purple) but it reminded me too much of Superman/Wonder Woman, so I refrained from it. =P In the end she has some purple in every outfit haha.

Her haircut from the second look is pretty much taken from Milla Maxwell (beach outfit I think?) In-story, it was first made by Délia, and Linitaa realizes she looks ok with tied hair too. So in the end she does it herself again later, though it’s a less complicated haircut and quicker to do haha.

Like Roy, she’s 16 in the beginning and it’s her first year as caravanner too.

Only Ramsey and Weylin remain now, but I haven’t started them and I’m still lacking two outfits so it might take another decade before I post them. =P

Let’s get started with my FFCC characters designs~ Luu Kah’s the first I’ve completed.

For the first two years of their journey, I always start with one of the game default outfits then make up two others. Except in this case, @hihihimmel designed the second one. Thanks a lot again! I only picked the colors and changed a few details. I’ve been lazy with how drafty it is and how it’s the same pose as the third design lol.

He’s 17 at the begininng (tho it’s not his first year as a caravanner, but his third) so he’s 22 at the end. He takes just a few inches between the first and second design. =P And his hair gets shorter for the last years.

Still subject to some change, but here it is for now.

It’s Délia’s turn!

Wasn’t too hard for her since I already had her two other designs for a while. I even just used an old pic for the second one, just made it look a bit better on some parts.

Went back to her original colors for the last design, ‘cause well, it seemed to fit more this way. Like Luu Kah, she has shorter hair at the end.

When it comes to her, the beginning of story is her first year as a caravanner. She’s 15 at the start, so 20 at the end.

I didn’t draw them here (forgot aha) but she has some additional armor on her elbows and forearms for the first design, and probably for the last one too.

Forgot to do it last Sunday, but here’s Lylia.

It’s actually less tedious to come up with outfit ideas for Lilties, probably because they’re short haha. I posted the second design a while ago already, so I didn’t have much to do here.

Within the story she’s the one coming up with the group later outfits, since she’s a tailor and love making new clothes (she can do bits of leather armors too, but usually the metal armors come from Edan’s family.).

In the beginning, she’s 20 and it’s already her third year as caravanner. So she’s 25 at the end. Lilties hardly look old, huh. =P

She and Luu Kah often bicker, kinda like siblings (tho they’ll always deny this).