caravan bedroom

New World

A/N: long time no see, I’m sorry I haven’t written in like 2 months I’ve been so busy with work, but I’ve finally had a chance to sit at my laptop and it feels soooo good. 

Jughead X Reader


Summary: Jughead becomes a Serpent and steps into a new world of gang life and crime but can y/n keep up with his new life?

This could possibly have a second part to it…

The Day Juggie put on that leather jacket on, something inside him changed. He practically spent all of his time with the serpents, learning their ways, learning the ‘trade’. I didn’t know what he’d become. We barely saw each other anymore, he made an exception once a week to meet me at his fathers caravan just so I could make sure he was alright. 

I received a text message from Jughead asking me to meet him at his dad’s, telling me he had something to tell me. I walked across town tugging my jacket closer to my body as the wind picked up and rain started to drizzle from the sky. I had a bad feeling about seeing Jughead, I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen when I got to his house. 

I get to the front door and stand there with my fist raised ready to knock for a few moments when Jughead opened the door and smiled. I had to admit he did look good standing there with a smirk on his face his body covered with his leather jacket. I just hated what it represented. Crime. The sort of crime that had his father locked up for 20 years. 

“Well come in then, we have lost time to make up for” Juggie smirks towards me, there’s another thing that’s changed in him. His confidence towards me, he’s a lot more forward, not that I mind but I do miss my awkward beanie wearing boyfriend. 

I step through the front door and take a place sat on the couch, Juggie comes and sits besides me and leas in for a brisk kiss. I kiss back hesitantly and place my hands either side of his face, his reside on my hips pulling me closer to sit in his lap. I pull away slightly and lean my forehead against his.

He smiles at me for a second but his smile soon drops. 

“What’s wrong, Juggie?” I ask holding his face, worry spreading quickly across my face. 

“I’ve been given something, from the serpents, something that could get me in a lot of trouble.”

“What? what have you been given?” I ask frantically getting off his lap and standing up. He shakes his head standing also turning his back to me, running his fingers through his raven hair. 

“I’m afraid that if I tell you, I’m going to lose you.” He whispers, more to himself than to me. 

“Just tell me Juggie, Please!” I practically beg him turning him to face me. 

He walks through the caravan to his fathers bedroom and retrieves a package, she shamefully brings it closer to me. “I’ve been ask- told, to deliver this to someone in Riverdale” He hands me the package and I inspect it fully noticing the unusually heavy weight for a package of its size. I look inside and instantly drop it once I realise what it was. 

“Drugs!?” I gasp, wide eyed stepping back away from the content. He picks it up and places it on the coffee table saying nothing. “I have to, they won’t trust me if I don’t” he sighs looking me in the eye for only a moment. 

I shake my head and let out a short breath. I couldn’t bare the thought of him turning into his dad. The thought of him behind bars frightened me, I wouldn’t have anyone to go to. 

“And if you get caught..what you think they’ll let you share a cell with FP?” I ask sarcastically. 

“I won’t get caught, I’m meeting the buyers at Sweet Water River tomorrow morning, early hours there won’t be anyone around” he says taking my face in his hands. 

“you don’t get it do you?” I say shaking my head leaving his grasp and sitting back down on the couch. “You’re letting them change you into a completely different person, you’re not the same person I  fell in love with Juggie, I didn’t sign up to stand by a gang member” a few stray tears fall down my cheeks. I look at Jughead and notice him shaking his head, anger striking his face. 

“You think I chose this!I did what was best for me! They protected me, they looked out fr me when no-one else wanted to! I’m just returning a favour that doesn’t mean you have to abandon me!” Juggie whines out thrashing his arms around. 

More tears fall down my face as I look between him and the package. 

“When did I leave your side? I have always been here Jug. I’d never let anything happen to you. It was you who distanced yourself, and know you’re doing this. I’m sorry but I just don’t think I can cope with you becoming this different person.” I sigh. I get up and walk towards him. I lean up and place a single kiss on his lips before pulling away. 

“Goodbye Juggie, I love you. Call me when you’ve come to your senses.”

“No Y/N wait, please-” I hear Jughead say but I had already left. Stepping outside letting the cold rain hit my face.