Carastuck Otakon 2012 Shoot!!!


Welcome back everyone from Otakon. It was tons of fun, I know, and now we’re all desperately trying to catch up on our dashes and relax a bit from the hectic weekend.

It was a lot of fun meeting everyone, and everyone had such good costumes this year!! Really! You guys were all amazing, and I’m glad that – at least I personally – didn’t have or hear about any real conflicts or anything! So that’s good!!

Now! This order of business is about CARASTUCK!!  Which was the small carapace and Felt shoot on Saturday, 6PM on the 4th floor. It was TONS of fun, and I’m really surprised at how many people were able to show up, considering how last-minute it was! Sorry about that! I know people had spoken of a Felt shoot earlier in the year, but that never really came to be, but I’m glad that Myself and Derples were able to invite so many people!
Sorry to anyone who wasn’t able to come, or didn’t know! We tried to tell everyone we could.

First, I would like to thank everyone.
Second, I would like to request and remind everyone to tag their pictures as #carastuck if they were from the shoot!  It’ll help people find this particular shoot much easier.

And lastly, I am going to list all the users and cosplayers who signed the tumblr masterlist sheet. 
If somehow you were there, but didn’t get a chance to sign, and want your name here – Send me a PM! I’ll all you to the list no problem (( For instance: The Cans!! Or the second WV!! )).

So! Here we go!

Thank you again everyone who showed up. It was a lot of fun, and I hope us two hosts weren’t too obnoxious or awful. I hope you guys had fun there, and I look forward to seeing pictures!
Don’t forget to tag things as #carastuck !

Hey I was that Clover saturday of otakon

I’m too tired to go look for pictures just yet but I might as well at least throw something in the tags

is there some kind of post somewhere for all the people who were at the Intermission photoshoot, you were all amazing and I want to find all of you