caras brows

Body image and outer beauty is becoming more and more of an issue and a cause of much stress and self-hate. This is made even WORSE because of social media. Somewhere and somehow, whether it be on Instagram or Tumblr, a photo of a seemingly perfect girl with all the right curves in all the right places, subtle muscle definition, and an angelic face, most likely clad in a bikini, will pop up one way or another. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO THESE PEOPLE PLEASE.

You see, us mortals can never win.

Society’s ‘ideal’ image of beauty is constantly changing. Take eyebrows for example. Eyebrows, guys. Never used to be a thing. Everyone in the 90s/early 2000s was plucking and tweezing them, trying to make them as thin as possible. And now? Well, you probably know. Bushy, dark, defined, statement-making eyebrows; the Cara-Delevigne-brows-on-fleek movement was relatively recent. Nobody wants thin eyebrows now. Likewise, becoming ‘strong not skinny’ and toned was an extremely recent movement- even 5 years before girls simply aimed to be extremely waifish and thin.

I know you must hear this all the time, but please, please, please, PLEASE LOVE YOUR BODY AND THE WAY YOU LOOK AND ACCEPT YOURSELF. Because once you start doing this, life will become so much easier. Because you will start to see what a happy, vibrant and BEAUTIFUL being you truly are. Now, I’m not saying that aiming to improve the way you look is BAD- it’s GREAT! Yes, these beautiful people serve as good motivation and working hard at your body FEELS GOOD, especially when results start to show. But be realistic. Don’t set yourself the goal of looking like Candice Swanepoel or Alexis Ren. Because let’s get real; their bodies are not the bodies of a regular, average human being. I know it’s difficult, but try not to compare yourself to other people. Focus on being the best version of YOU and no one else. Because you are so worth it. And you deserve every drop of love that you have to give, because in the end, only you have the power to determine your happiness. Why spend your life wishing you had someone else’s body when you have your own perfectly functioning body tailored PERSONALLY to you that loves and adores you- it’s waiting for you to love it back.

yo but y’all notice how those two dorks are the only ones matching, right?