caran d'ache luminance

Haha! I love to draw cats they are just so pretty :3

Faber castell polychromos+ Caran'dache Luminance + white prismacolor with Brush and pencil powder blender, titanium white, touch up texture and textured fixative (pfew a whole mouth full there XD) on 13x 19 cm pastelmat.Reference photo with permission from Susan Freeman (PMP)

“Child of the sun” Faber Castell polychromos and a bit of luminance and neocolorII from caran'dache +Zest-it solvent and white ink on Pastelmat (A5-ish). Ref photo used from paint my photo website (photographer Glennis Weston), background i created in photoshop.

Was my first try at pastelmat and i really love this paper too, you can just keep on layering (almost endlessly) causing to get really rich colors and saturation
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The only down side is that it really devours your pencils at a high rate……so which kind of paper shall i try on colored pencils next? Ampersand pastel board or suede board…..

Also this is not a tribute to resent event’s, if it were to be a tribute i’d rather make it one for all innocents (animals and human alike) that are murdered and abused/suffer senselessly, as this problem is much bigger then just one famous lion and one trophy hunter….