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I'm not going to insult you, but I will like to say that you've made a rather foolish action to reporting a confessions blog. There's hundreds of thousands of confessions blog, and if Tumblr banned one confessions blog, they'd ban all the confessions blog. Before you say anything else about it, you should know that ALL the confessions blogs have this sort of drama around them because of the confliction of opinions. If someone went to MLPAC and said that I'm a bitch, I shrug it off and move on

I didn’t report a confessions blog.  I reported a blog earlier that had child porn on it.  It was summarily removed.  I also reported people who were sending hate messages to this blog.  I have not reported any confessions blog, nor will I.

As I said before, I do not give a damn about MLPAC.  I do not give a damn what they said.  I am not reporting them, I haven’t done anything against them.  

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IF employment has been treding upward since his election, why does it keep dropping lower and lower?  About 5 years ago, we were at 20% of the US being unemployed, today, that number is over 50% and it’s not getting better.

What the hell are you talking about? Unemployment skyrocketed during the transition between Bush and Obama to around 10%, and has since dropped down to 8%. Unemployment is not now, nor has it ever been, (going back as far as 1948) over 50%. I don’t know where y'all get your information. 


$5 Commissions!

$5- Anything you want.

You can have up to 3 characters in the picture additional characters may be added with possible price increase

Picture can be Traditional Sketch outlined in black marker so sketch can be visible with details added in-SHADING NOT INCLUDED

Picture can be Traditional colored A mix between Colored Pencile, Marker, or both of your choosing-SHADING NOT INCLUDED

Picture can be a group image, Digitally done. Up to 3 characters only, additional characters may cause for additional price increase

Picture can be detailed scene, characters, or profile shot.

Picture can be an action pose

Picture can be a kissing scene

You get all of THIS avalible at your selection for $5 and I will say, that is NOT a bad steal!

As I’ve told you in the text header, this is for a scanner. I just need $30 and it’s all going to be with PayPal. ABSOLUTLY NO DA POINTS ALLOWED! Since Paypal has that 5% charge, I’ll be accepting up to 8 customers. Please hurry up and message me via e-mail so I can add you to my list below. Samples of my work will be listed below that.

NOTE: I’ve taken a couple of pictures out since I’m worried about really long posts but i tried to still show your variety of work.

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How can I not know of your Tumblr!? *Follows now*

B-because I don’t advertise it XD Just a warning, I don’t post a lot of art on here (reason why I don’t advertise it) just occasional art;;; and a ton of reblogs about things that interest me.

But welcome!!! <333 Thank you for following ><;;

Alright i'm back.

I took a walk like i said called a friend of mine to talk with because i knew she was awake and would give me some advice which at this point i needed, i just gave her the general idea of whats going on and that was it no names no specifics just that it started because of something i did, and her advice was to say one thing, what happens after that is what happens all i know is i stand by my choice.

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Castiel would get addicted, and then Dean would be the one to help.

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I think Cas would be addicted, and Sam or Dean would help. I’d like to see Sam though. I need more Sastiel broship.

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WELL I think Cas wins for the getting addicted.

And I was thinking about Sam being the helpful one (Sorry Waifuu, it was already in my head before I saw yours)