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If your kink is min yoongis neck, then welcome in the club 😉

OMYGOD!! YAAAASSS~~~ I legit have a tag for it btw… #Mok (Neck) LOL


yummm~~~ what do you think it would taste like? LOL

was that a weird question? hahaha


Oldies But Goodies:
Lucifer - SHINee
Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
Tell Me - Wonder Girls
Pinocchio - F(x)
Genie - Girls Generation
Step - Kara
Man Man Hani - Ukiss
Bad Boy - Big Bang
Keep Your Head Down - TVXQ!
Lipstick - Orange Caramel
So Cool - Sistar
O.K - B1A4
Fiction - B2ST
Heartbreaker - G-Dragon
Super Luv - Teen Top
Come Back Again - Infinite
Eat You Up - BoA
La Di Da Di - Cross Gene

ridiculously catchy non-title songs

this ended up being like 3x longer than i wanted it to be oops

Coffeeshop Gothic
  • The customer asks for a latte. You make it and hand it off. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this iced.” You remake the drink and hand it off again. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this hot.”
  • The customer asks for a shot. A shot of what? You don’t know. They won’t tell you.
  • You work at a Starbucks. A man comes in asking for a triple shot venti latte with six pumps of vanilla and two scones. “I need you to ring each ingredient up separately,” he says. “I need my points,” he says. “They have my family.”
  • A new song comes on the radio. It sounds the same as the last song.
  • A group of teenage friends come in, all shouting their orders at the same time. Every order requires you to use the blender. They want to pay separately. Two of them want you to write something with the caramel drizzle on top of their whipped cream. None of them tip.
  • The fresh pot of drip coffee has been dripping since before your shift started.
  • “Do you have soy milk?” You haven’t had soy milk for three years. “Do you have soy milk?” You ran out and management never replaced the stock. “Do you have soy milk?” You’ve given up saying no. No one ever listens.
  • Your shift began at six in the morning. Your last shift ended at five-thirty, half an hour ago. When was the last time you left this coffee shop?
  • You look at the clock, it’s 12:37. You make forty-three drinks and put a new batch of scones in the oven. You look at the clock again. It’s 12:38.
  • You’ve heard about “break.” Those who take it are oblivious to the horde of people screaming for a drink. Someone has thrown up in the middle of the floor. The drive-thru line is up to twenty-three cars. Those who are on break see none of this. You know they will never hear your cries for help.
  • You’ve seen the outside world through the windows of the shop. It is a bright place. Thousands of people pass by your shop every day. They cannot know the horrors within.

Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 15: O - Oops

The bell over the coffee shop door announced Derek’s arrival with a merry jingle a little after 11 in the evening. Derek shuffled the strap of his messenger bag higher on his shoulder and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his leather jacket.

The shop was almost empty at that hour. Only a few students writing their first papers of the new term and a couple of regular night owls were scattered through the shop. His usual seat in the far corner, where he could sit with his back against the wall and keep watch, was open.

Derek dropped his bag on the small table and shrugged his jacket off to drape over the back of his claimed seat. The young woman at the register was new, which could be potentially problematic. Derek didn’t recognize her, but she smiled cheerfully when he approached.

“What can I get you?” she chirped. Her heartbeat fluttered nervously as her scent sweetened with clear want. Definitely problematic.

Derek paused a moment. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He wasn’t sure his drink had a name.

“Oh, well, we have different speciality coffees and teas,” the barista said and gestured to the menu board behind her. “If you want something-”

“I got this!” Stiles slid out of the back room, arms flailing to keep his balance. “Yo,” he said, greeting Derek with a lazy salute, and Derek snorted. His roommate was ridiculous. “Super awesome Stilinski special as dark as your soul, coming right up.”

“Right,” Derek said, gravitating down the bar towards Stiles. “No cinnamon this time.”

“Sure thing.” Stiles flipped a large paper cup into the air and fumbled to catch it, which made Derek chuckle.

When Stiles called him earlier that year, it had been a bit of a shock. Derek had been living in a cabin upstate that he and Laura had bought years ago. He had finally achieved vengeance for his family when he ripped out Kate’s throat and burned her body deep in the woods, but Beacon Hills wasn’t home anymore, so he hadn’t gone back. Now he wished he had.

At first, Derek hadn’t been sure the small voice on the other end of the phone had actually been Stiles, and not something trying to lure him back to Beacon Hills because the Stiles on the other end of the line had been quiet, almost hesitant, and unsure. As if Stiles hadn’t believed he deserved Derek’s help. Definitely not at all the hyperactive, chatterbox he had left behind. They both carried heavy scars, but that was fine.

Before Derek knew it, he had a new roommate and was driving across the country to pick Stiles up the day he got his diploma. Stiles hadn’t been home since, and the Sheriff was worried.

The barista asked Derek what the drink was so she could ring it up as Stiles ducked out of sight to retrieve milk out of the fridge below the counter.

“I don’t know,” Derek said again. “Something chocolate?”

Derek always had the same drink whenever he came in, but he didn’t know what it was because Stiles had never told him. It probably didn’t have a name. The first time he picked Stiles up, Stiles had whipped something up and shoved it into his hands.

Stiles’ head popped back up over the espresso bar. The steamer hissed to life, and Stiles laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Sam. It’s on me,” he said and winked at Derek.

Derek hadn’t paid for a drink yet.

The drink Stiles handed off to Derek smelled overly sweet and chocolatey, and was piled so high with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel that the topping threatened to spill over. He wasn’t sure how Stiles knew about his sweet tooth, but he shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Here ya go, big guy,” Stiles said and grinned. “Extra sweet and fluffy. Just like you.”

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sushi || pjm (f)

Going out on a date with some guy you met at a café could bring more with it than meets the eye.

❀ genre: fluff.
❀ word count: 5,3k+
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With slow steps, you dragged your feet towards the bathroom, feeling really tired from the nap you just woke up from. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to sleep before a date, but you couldn’t help yourself as you had woken up really early for work. A small smile played upon your lips as you thought about it, work. It’s where you met him.

‘’Y/N! A caramel macchiato!’’ your co-worker yelled from the counter as you hastily wiped away the mess you just made.

‘’Coming right at ya,’’ you just told him, still wiping the counter and now also the floor, as coffee dripped from the edges. Brown droplets splashed in front of your white shoes, almost making them brown too, but with a few more wipes it looked like nothing was ever there.

A heavy sigh left your mouth and you heard a shy voice speaking a few metres away from you.

‘’Please, t-take your time,’’ the voice said as you whipped your head around, gazing at the guy to which the voice belonged with surprised eyes. When you met his eyes, your heart was about the burst and you could feel your head getting lighter.

Warm, chocolate brown eyes, a bit puffy and a face handsome as hell. Lips plump at first, but when his mouth went upwards, the cutest smile ever appeared, making his eyes smile as well. You had no idea how a stranger could make you feel all giddy, but he did. His ash blonde hair fell in front of his face in various ways, and it gave him this chill and cute vibe.

‘’Oh Jesus, Lord, save me,’’ was the only thought going through your mind,

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You know for the palest, skinniest, dark haired kid I have ever seen, you've got some high goals for a summer look. Good luck!



Slow cooked barbecue jackfruit pizza with Miyoko’s vegan mozzarella. Topped with caramelized onion, roasted garlic and spinach on a homemade garlic herb crust. All deliciously vegan.


Harry was a health freak. Everyone knew that! He was obsessed with anything related to green juice, protein shakes, vegan substitutes… The one time he let himself go was when he made a batch of nice cream - Which was literally just a frozen banana blended up. You, on the other hand… That was a whole other story. You could survive if the world’s kale supply disappeared. You could survive on pizza, pasta, tacos… Anything that was high in carbs, you were rooting for. (No one really knew how you two started dating. It seemed like the opposites attract theory was actually real in your guys’ case.) It always baffled Harry whenever he’d watch you spoon mouthfuls of sugary cereal into your mouth while he sipped at his breakfast smoothie.

“Good morning!” You chirped, popping a kiss to Harry’s cheek before making your way to the cabinet. You were in the mood for a hearty bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cinnamon Toast Crunch always made you work more productively. 

“Morning.” Harry hummed, his spoon clinking against the sides of his mug as he stirred his butter into the coffee. He was currently bandwagoning on a new trend - ‘Bullet coffee’, as he called it, was disgusting in your eyes. Who the hell would want to drink a cup of lard-flavoured coffee in the morning? 

“How’s your coffee?” You turned back to glance at Harry before rummaging through the cabinet for your cereal. Odd. Very odd. You swore you bought a new box last week - and it was the huge family sized one too so you couldn’t have finished it in the span of five-ish days - but for some reason, it wasn’t there. The rest of your cereal wasn’t there either. Your Fruity Pebbles, your Cocoa Puffs, your Cap’n Crunch… All gone! In their places were cereals such as Cheerio and cornflakes - And they weren’t even the glazed kinds! 

“S’good. Yeh lookin’ for something?” You shut the cabinet doors, flipping around to give your boyfriend a pointed look. “No cereal today?” 

“What did you do?” You scowled, walking over to lean against the kitchen counter. “Where’s all my cereal?”

“I’m not sure. But since your cereal supply is gone, and since you’re a breakfast person who currently has no breakfast…” Harry paused, pulling out three apples out of nowhere with a wide grin on his face. “How about them apples?” 

“Wha- where were you hiding those?” You furrowed your brows in confusion, Harry shrugging casually before raising the apples up a little. 

“C’mon, give them a try. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, y’know.” Harry smiled when you reluctantly took one of the apples from him. It was a success! Finally, you were going to eat something healthy for breakfast. “They’re much better than your Apple Jacks.” 

“At least my Apple Jacks taste better.” You frowned, pouting at the apple in your hand before you thought of something. “Ah, I know!” Harry watched as you walked over to the fridge and rooted through some things before- 

No. Y/N, no!” Harry whined, letting out a groan and holding the remaining two apples up. “I jus’ wanted you to have apples, not apples with bloody caramel sauce on top!” 

“You’re the one who took my cereal away, so it’s technically your fault.” You shrugged, drizzling some of the sauce on the apple before taking an obnoxious type. “I might eat an apple for breakfast every day! Aren’t you proud of me?”

“You’re impossible.” 


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One of the great fad desserts of the 19th century, the Dobostorta, Dobos torta or ‘torte Dobosh’ was invented by the famous Hungarian confectioner Jozsef C. Dobos in 1884. Dobos owned a far-famed shop in Budapes,t that specialized in gourmet foods generally: at a time when shipping food over distance was usually unreliable, his shop routinely featured as many as sixty imported cheeses, as well as foreign wines, breads, and occasionally cakes.

The fame of the torte to which Dobos gave his name was probably at least partly due to its extravagant use of chocolate buttercream / buttercreme, at a time when most cakes were iced or filled with cooked creams, whipped creams, or custards. Dobos had brought the buttercream recipe back with him from one of his many exploratory journeys – in this case, a trip to France – and shortly thereafter introduced the cake at the National General Exhibition of Budapest in 1885, as well as featuring it in his shop. Due to all this publicity (for it became a favorite of the Emperor and Empress of Austro-Hungary), people in cities across Europe began clamoring for it: but Dobos refused to license out the recipe. Instead Dobos developed a special container in which it could be safely shipped, and “the cake with the secret recipe” soon started appearing in all the great European capitals. In fact, Dobos actually toured with the cake, personally introducing it in city after city, until the early 1900’s, when he retired.

The cake itself is straightforward to make. It involves either five or seven individually baked layers and these must never be sliced from a single cake: chocolate buttercream made with the best available chocolate: and a layer of caramel-glazed cake on top. Commercially available versions may taste nice enough, but cease to become authentic the moment there are more than five layers.