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The Inquisition Walks into a Pastry Shop

Dorian orders a Tosca. Shortbread crust, a paper thin layer of raspberry jam, frangipane and topped with caramel almond florentine. He eats it way too fast and wishes he had another, but will never go back in for seconds.

The Iron Bull gets himself a slice of chocolate cake. It’s a Jewish bakery in New York type of chocolate cake, towering 8 inches high, six layers, impossibly rich. He eats it in three bites.

Cole wants a mazerine. It’s a simple pastry, shortbread crust with frangipane, topped with a thin layer of apricot glaze. It sits off to the side of the case, and the shop doesn’t sell many, so he gets one so they don’t feel bad.

Leliana gets a slice of linzer torte. The crust has so many almonds in it, it falls apart the moment her fork touches it, the seedy raspberry jam barely holding together. She eats it with her eyes closed, remembering.

Cullen gets a big fat wedge of apple pie. Then he orders a second, claiming it’s for later. It’s not for later, it’s for right now.

Josephine loves crème brulee and eats it so slowly, you wonder how it doesn’t spoil before she finishes it.

Blackwall likes a slab of Tres Leches, soft and milky and far too sweet. The creamy drops stick to his mustache and beard. He saves the single underripe strawberry for last, dragging it through the wet crumbs.

Vivienne gets a single scoop of gelato, perched in a glass bowl. Peach is her favorite. If it’s a special day, she’ll crumble an ameretti on top, smiling after every spoonful.

Solas gets a petit four. He picks a single one, perhaps an Opera cake, or maybe a petit four sec, a crispy, buttery pastry with sugar baked into the top. He eats it, waiting for about ten minutes before ordering two more. The chestnut puzzle pastries are his favorite, especially in Orlais, where they spin sugar into elaborate loops, decorating the top.

Dagna goes for a bowl of Korean Pat Bing Su. Shaved milk ice, red beans, cubed mochi, condensed milk, and a scoop of green tea ice cream in the middle. She never stops smiling as she digs in.

Harding always orders a palmier. Puff pastry, rolled and rolled in sugar, folded and sliced, baked until the sugar caramelizes and browns, the butter puffing out the layers. She always wants to get the rainbow cake, but she puts it off, always waiting for a special occasion that never arrives.

Cassandra picks up a passionfruit tart. She selects it, blushing. The tart is simple, a chocolate crust filled with passionfruit curd. She eats it while reading her favorite story, the one where the villan finally gets what’s coming to him. She doesn’t notice that she licks the spoon as she reads.

Varric loves donuts, especially Orlesian crullers. He gets about six at a time, telling himself it’s because the shop is so far away, he has to be sure to stock up. Never mind that the crullers don’t keep. He eats them all in one sitting, always swearing he’s not going to do this next time.

Sera walks in the shop, past the case of cookies, moving beyond the muffins and scones, pushing past the cases of petit fours and gets herself a hand pie. It’s filled with blackberries, gooey and sweet. She holds it in both hands, remembering when she was younger and bought pies just like this from a friendly seller in Denerim.

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i know you literally /just/ gave some fic recs but do you have more taekook ones?? i already read most of the ones you mentioned, and i just finished the ones i haven't heard of. i trust/enjoy your choices and taste the most, and i was hoping you had more... lmao i'm such trash ugh

Of course, anything for my fellow trash. Haha!

Well, you know the drill. ***bold ones contain smut, be warned!***
Also, ones with (!!) are angst fics for when you feel a little melancholy. But know that, while they’re all really beautiful, each one absolutely wrecked me. 

  • 뽀뽀 (Kiss Kiss) — Taehyung pressed the shutter button and scrambled to check the photo. It was blurred and the lighting made his face too shiny but for once Jungkook didn’t mind. The photo was so raw, so different from the usual carefully taken selcas and Taehyung didn’t bother to add any effects. (Jungkook wanted a copy of the photo just to make it his phone’s home screen)
  • elephant moles — in which taehyung annoys jungkook with his usual antics. A QUICK AND CUTE READ AAAAHHHHH
  • Fix You (1/3) — Taehyung’s a doctor. He can fix anything, including Jungkook.
    clocks (2/3) —  jungkook doesn’t know when ‘you’ became ‘us’ and ‘us’ became everything.
    paradise (3/3) — Taehyung and Jungkook always make it work
  • Horeumon Ttaemune (From Your Head To Your Toes, You’re The Best — Taehyung can immediately feel a frown beginning to form on his mouth.Yes, that’s right. He remembers. How can he forget? He is in love with his stupid best friend Park Jimin, who has the biggest crush on their maknae Jeon Jeongguk. Now, who’s really fucked?
  • ideal type — jimin thinks he knows jungkook’s ideal type and is hellbent on playing matchmaker for his best friend
  •  it’s you, it’s you (it’s always been you) (½) — Honestly, Jeongguk considers, it could’ve gone worse.(This is how they got together.)
    i’m falling for you (maybe this is love) (2/2) —Jeongguk isn’t used to feeling this protective, but he’s not complaining. Not if this is how Taehyung chooses to reward him for it.
  • Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) — In his realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding about love.
  • !!  Paper Hearts — Jungkook had always wanted to be a famous singer. The goal was so well known, that many people had supported his decision to join BigHit as a trainee, making him leave his hometown of Daegu to Seoul. However this didn’t come without harm. He would have to leave the person most important to him, Kim Taehyung.
  • !! postscript — “for life is not a paragraph and death i think is no parenthesis” THIS WAS SHORT BUT I CRIED FOR MUCH LONGER
  • Premeditated   Jeongguk’s not sure when the case became about getting back together with Taehyung instead of finding out who killed his fiancé.
  • Sentimental Refraction — Every click of the shutter was a new beginning for Jeongguk, especially the one that led him to an estranged Kim Taehyung.
  • spin me ‘round again and rub my eyes — Everyone in BTS thinks they’re courting each other, or something like that.
  • Stop My Heart — “What does it feel like?” “What?” “Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?”
  • Take Me Home (Take It Slow) — Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.
  • !! The Man Who Can’t Be Moved — He is always late. There is never a day. There is never a day where Jungkook gets anywhere on time, let alone to meet Taehyung on time for their date.
  • These Tides Fall Over (shades of blue and you) — In which Taehyung calls Jeongguk “Prince Eric” every chance he gets, and Jeongguk suffers.
  • Warmth — Taehyung has the flu. Jungkook is overprotective.
  • what you like and what i love — “What did Jimin tell you?!”Jeongguk’s lips part into a smug grin, and even if he has his eyes closed, Taehyung feels the urge to smack him.“Nothing,” He says, “Just that you used to write lyrics about my thighs.”
  • workin’ on my tan — jeongguk is annoyed. it’s the hottest day of summer so far and he’d love to go outside to enjoy it, but he can’t. because of his neighbour.
  • you’re my sun (one and only in this world) —  He’s sworn off dating but he thinks that maybe he could give up that oath, just so he could see smiles like that every day.
  • You’re My Type — In which Taehyung has a crush on the lifeguard of the local pool, and his thirst cannot be contained. Especially not when eye-candy like THAT is walking around.
  • you’re the caramel to my macchiato — ‘It’s both guilt and regret. But for the most part he thinks it’s funny.’
  • you’re the night sky, the fire in my eyes — Taehyung has a large stick of pale pink cotton candy in his hand and an equally large grin on his face. The tips of his fingers are red, and his nose is borderline runny. Jungkook has never felt his heart go from zero to a hundred in such a short span of time. 

(Oh wow. Maybe I should make a fic rec page????) 

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What is everyone's favorite candies?

Mikasa: Chocolate
Reiner: cream Pies
Bertholdt: Wine gums
Annie: Chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate on top
Eren: Caramel
Jean: Sour gummy drops
Marco: Baklava
Sasha: Nutella
Connie: Marshmallows
Historia: Sweet victory over mankind/ Jawbreakers 
Armin:  Bubblegum
Ymir: Minty stuff
Levi: Raisins
Hanji: Skittles
Erwin: Those chewy caramel thingies
Nanaba: Strawberries will have to do
Mike: Black licorice 

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yes! please recommend some

I feel like I can only rec taekook fics cause they’re the only pairing that I read tons of fanfics of……. I AM A TRASH YES I ADMIT AND I THINK I NEED HELP

These are from my browser’s bookmarks so I’m sure these aren’t everything, haha! Maybe I’d make a page for my fanfic addiction…..??? ALSO, I barely read fantasy!au and angst so these are probably mostly fluff and smut lol. (I’m a sucker for romance I obviously don’t experience myself.)

***bold ones contain smut, be warned!***

  • can you be (mine?) — Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.(i saw you at starbucks once and immediately started crushing on you and oh shit did you just talk to me? fuck im so weird you’re probably weirded out im so dead kill me now au)
  • come on, lattice bond — lab!au
  • cut out all the ropes (let me fall) —  Being Korea’s most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.
  • cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) — taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best. fake dating!au
  • Date Me —  Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.
  • Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste —  Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.
  • Hit and Run —  Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.
  • I feel safe in the 5 a.m. light (love in my arms and the sun in my eyes) — And Taehyung thinks he’s never loved anyone more in his life than the boy above him who’s a little bit rough and sometimes a bit insensitive and maybe a little bit mean, but he’s also so soft and so gentle, and he treats Taehyung like he’s something so precious to him.
  • Kiss Me Hard Before You Go — fake dating!au where jeongguk and taehyung pulled the biggest prank on their friends. guess the joke’s on them! 
  • law & order —  innocent jeongguk gets distracted by cute tae in the office he’s currently working at
  • maybe we’re all just fools —  Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.
  • Pucker Up —  Admit One: Kissing Booth Ticket
  • Riptide — fwb!au + college!au + fake dating!au combo
  • Serve & Protect — After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.
  • Will you be my Forever? —  From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist. soulmate!au.
  • you can leave a toothbrush (at my place) — fwb!au


Wizarding World: Professors

Snape goes up to the counter and orders the same thing he’s ordered every day from Starbucks for over a decade. “After all this time?” asks the barista. “Always,” he replies.

Umbridge likes the red holiday cups, but wonders if they come in pink.

Gilderoy Lockhart insists that he is a naturally gifted barista. He starts a small fire behind the counter.

Professor Sprout orders a herbal tea. It’s so hot that it emits a high-pitched whistling. Several patrons of the Starbucks keel over.

Professor Sinistra orders a dark roast, but the baristas forget to make it.

Minerva McGonagall usually orders a grande non-fat latte, no whip, half-caf every morning at precisely 7:40AM, but it’s game day, so she gets a red velvet frappucino with caramel bits on top to match her red and gold outfit, complete with face paint. She’s grown attached to the trophy in her office and isn’t keen on giving it up to Professor Snape.

Firenze goes into the Starbucks, and the centaurs will never let him back out.

Professor Quirrell orders a caramel brulee latte and a dark roast. “Two coffees just for you, sir?” asks the barista. “I… I’m addicted to caffeine,” Quirrell responds nervously while simultaneously coughing, somehow.

Professor Trelawney orders hot tea for everyone in the Starbucks, then proceeds to read everyone’s leaves. Unsurprisingly, 100% of the patrons are doomed to die within the fortnight. She puts the drinks on Dumbledore’s tab.

Dumbledore orders the phoenix latte. The baristas follow his instructions carefully, only to have it explode upon completion. They can’t believe they trusted him for so long only to have this be the end goal after all.

Coffeeshop Gothic
  • The customer asks for a latte. You make it and hand it off. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this iced.” You remake the drink and hand it off again. The customer comes back and says, “I wanted this hot.”
  • The customer asks for a shot. A shot of what? You don’t know. They won’t tell you.
  • You work at a Starbucks. A man comes in asking for a triple shot venti latte with six pumps of vanilla and two scones. “I need you to ring each ingredient up separately,” he says. “I need my points,” he says. “They have my family.”
  • A new song comes on the radio. It sounds the same as the last song.
  • A group of teenage friends come in, all shouting their orders at the same time. Every order requires you to use the blender. They want to pay separately. Two of them want you to write something with the caramel drizzle on top of their whipped cream. None of them tip.
  • The fresh pot of drip coffee has been dripping since before your shift started.
  • “Do you have soy milk?” You haven’t had soy milk for three years. “Do you have soy milk?” You ran out and management never replaced the stock. “Do you have soy milk?” You’ve given up saying no. No one ever listens.
  • Your shift began at six in the morning. Your last shift ended at five-thirty, half an hour ago. When was the last time you left this coffee shop?
  • You look at the clock, it’s 12:37. You make forty-three drinks and put a new batch of scones in the oven. You look at the clock again. It’s 12:38.
  • You’ve heard about “break.” Those who take it are oblivious to the horde of people screaming for a drink. Someone has thrown up in the middle of the floor. The drive-thru line is up to twenty-three cars. Those who are on break see none of this. You know they will never hear your cries for help.
  • You’ve seen the outside world through the windows of the shop. It is a bright place. Thousands of people pass by your shop every day. They cannot know the horrors within.
Two Sugars, Extra Cream

Hello, lovelies! 

I do not expect chapter 2 of Bid Ye Soft Farewell to be up until next week (My SO is in town and I haven’t seen him in a while). SO, I’ve created this silly little ficlet in the meantime. Kind of crazy, kind of out of character. But I had a hell of a good time writing it! Hope you enjoy!

Caramel-Nut Latte, extra hot. Okay, 2 pumps caramel, 3 pumps hazelnut. 2 shots of espresso. Steam milk for extra 20 seconds and a caramel drizzle on top…

Beautiful, Beauchamp. You’re a goddamn coffee wizard.

“Caramel-Nut Latte for Duncan!”

I had been working for Mrs. Fitz for nearly a year at this point while putting myself through school. Though I loved the work that I did at university, there was always something so comforting and homey about the café. Perhaps it was the mismatched green walls, the exposed brick. Perhaps it was the baubles thrown haphazardly on the shelves, or the odd paintings Mrs. Fitz liked to pick up at second-hand shops. (The one with the chimpanzee queen was my favorite). Perhaps it was just the constant smell of coffee that reminded me of my Uncle Lamb– God rest his soul. It was an odd little place, but it was mine. I belonged here.

As if conjured by my own thoughts, I heard the tell-tale backfire of Mrs. Fitz’s ridiculously old car.  She really needed to upgrade.

“Ooooh, Claire, lass! Come help me with the milk! I heard we were runnin’ low, so I bought three crates full!!” Mrs. Fitz was terribly excited about that milk. I, however, did not share in that joy. I knew “helping” in this case meant “carry them all in for me.”

“Aye, aye, Captain Fitz,” I saluted her before going into the trenches. Or the trunk of her car. They looked similar at any rate.

She was making herself a latte when I walked back in with the third crate of milk.

“Mrs. Fitz! I’m utterly shocked that you would waste company products for your own use!” I placed my hand over my heart dramatically.

“Ach. I bought the stuff. I’ll do wi’ it what I please.” And with that she took a sip, smiling the whole time. Should I tell her she had foam on her lip? “Help yourself? I need to speak wi’ ye for a moment.” I waved her off.

“I’m all right. What’s going on?”

“My nephew is moving back into town, and he was needin’ a job. I told him he could work here. Could ye train him a bit? Show him how everything works?”

“Mrs. Fitz…” I was feeling extra dramatic today.

“Claire, dinna…”

“I am appalled that you would use your position as owner and operator of this establishment to hire those you are close to. Where is the democracy?”

“Tis no a democracy. Tis a dictatorship.” Mrs. Fitz was the great-auntie I never knew I wanted. I couldn’t help but laugh at her wit.

“Of, course I’ll help. When is he coming?”

“This Saturday, he’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here. Oh, and Mrs. Fitz?”


“You’ve got some foam on your lip.”


Saturday mornings were slow mornings. No one had to be at work. Well, besides me, I suppose.

I was leaning against the counter when the overhead door bell jingled. Perk up, Beauchamp. Don’t look like a slacker.

“First customer of the day! Congrats! What can I get for you?” I looked up at the man. I mean, really up. Could a man really be that tall, or were two kids pulling a Little Rascals on me? He leaned down, elbows on the counter. Now, I could really see him. Red curls. Blue eyes. Freckled nose. Was he made out of marble? I had never seen features so sharp.

“Are ye Claire?” His voice was like the honey I put in my Darjeeling.

“Yes, I am. Who wants to know?”

“I do. I’m Jamie. Mrs. Fitz is my great-auntie. She said ye’d be helping me? Learn, I mean.”

“OH! Of course! I’m sorry. Come in, come in,” I said as I lifted the flip-counter. He ducked under my arm to get through. “Sorry, that was a bit awkward. You could have lifted it yourself.”

“Aye, it’s all right. I appreciate the chivalry, madam.” He drew out the word ‘madam’ as long as he could. I bowed in return. He chuckled. We were off to a good start, here.

“So, Jamie what to you know about coffee?” His cat-eyes went totally round at the question.

“Well, ye drink it.”

“Mmhmm. And have you ever made coffee before?” I was skeptical that he had even heard the word coffee before today.

“Aye! I make it every day in my Bunn coffeemaker.”

“Bunns are for shmucks. This is the big league. Can you handle it?” He faked a look of concern before turning his attention back on me.

“Aye, I think so.” He nodded as if trying to convince himself.

“Can you take the heat?!” I was starting to sound like a coach, and he, my star player.


“All right! Let’s start with espresso, shall we?”


“So, you’ve grinded the espresso beans. Now what?”

“I put it in the machine…”

“No, no! You’re missing a step!”

“I tamp it!”

“Yes!” Jamie was a quick learner, his brain absorbing the things I said and did. Like a big ole ginger sponge. “You’re really getting the hang of it, especially for someone who didn’t even know what a tamper was when he woke up this morning.”

“It looks a bit like a weapon.” He rolled the bell shaped instrument in his hands.

“Perhaps to people with violent tendencies,” I said, giving him a pointed look. He just rolled his eyes. “How about you try to make yourself a latte or cappuccino?”

“Nay. I dinna drink lattes,” he answered distractedly, still playing with the tamper.

“Have you ever tried one?”

“No. I’m a simple man. Dark roast. Two sugars. Extra cream. These other drinks, they’re much too fancy for me.”

“Oh, Jamie,” I whined. “Be adventurous. Live a little!”

“Aye! All right! If it’ll get ye to stop squealing like a wee hog!”

“Did you just call me a hog?” I should be offended shouldn’t I?

“No, I said ye were like a hog. Big difference.” Yeah, definitely offended.

“Oh, well. Of course. Huge difference.”

“Oh, come, Sassenach. I was only teasing ye.” Oh, no, Mr. Fraser. You would not get off that easily.

“I know,” I mustered to most dejected voice. “No, big deal, right?” Could I fake cry right now? That would be the icing on this revenge cake.

“Claire, lass. Truly. I dinna mean it. Ye’re no like a hog. Ye ken that right?” God, that sincerity was killing me. I’d have to put him out of his misery…

“Oh, I know,” I perked up with a huge smile on my face. I’m pretty sure I was showing top and bottom teeth. Realization cam over his face.

“You wee-“


“Ye’ll pay for that. Make no mistake.”

“Bring it on, Fraser,” I crooked my fingers at him, and then quickly let them fall. “Later. We have a task to accomplish.”

“Which would be…?”

“You. Drinking some frilly, fancy coffee you wouldn’t have otherwise.”



               I decided to make Jamie my favorite specialty latte. 1 pump chocolate. 2 pumps almond. 2 pumps coconut. 3 shots of espresso. Extra hot. Whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I handed it to him hesitantly.

“What did ye put in this potion?”

“Just drink it, Ron Weasley.”

He took a small sip, smacking his lips a bit and licking cream off his mouth. That motion was a bit distracting.

“So…?” He contemplated for a second, eyes studying the ceiling.

“Weel, tis a bit sweeter than I like…”


“But, it’s no bad. Well done, Sassenach.” I blushed prettily and batted my lashes.

“They do say I make the best coffee in town.” This wasn’t a lie. Some people did say that.

“Do they now? Well, I’m glad I was adventurous and tried one of your frilly lattes.”

“Good.” We sat in silence for a few moments, as customers milled around. He was sipping coffee. I was day dreaming about that argument I had with a customer last month… What an arse.

“Claire.” Jamie broke me from my reverie.  

“Jamie,” I answered just as formally.

“Since I’m being daring, I’d like to ask ye a question.”

“Um, sure.” Weird, but okay. He took a deep breath.

“Would ye like to go to dinner wi’ me sometime?” That was definitely not the question I was expecting. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Not to be rude, but why does your hair look like that?’ or ‘Can you help me bury a body?’

“I’m sorry?”

“Dinner. Wi’ me. Tonight, possibly?”

“I wasn’t expecting that, but yes. Jamie, I would love to have dinner with you.” I pleasant surprise, that was.

“Aye? Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Thank God. That could have been embarrassing. Is 7 okay?”

“7 sound perfect.” Jamie Fraser, prepare to get the pants charmed off of you.

Hopefully literally.

ridiculously catchy non-title songs

this ended up being like 3x longer than i wanted it to be oops