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dan howell is a beautiful sunflower with chipped nail polish that you completely forgive him for because he did his best. his eyes are caramel and his smile is honey, which explains why he’s so sweet. his entire aura radiates gold and his smile creates beams of light that brighten up the coldest days and THAT’s the piping hot chamomile tea with honey


Aron and Raina on “Young Street Radio” promoting ‘Loop’

Bonus: Aron being the perfect reaction meme

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.6

                                                 Part S I X 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: 100 notes is the goal, lovelies! im so happy a bunch of you are enjoying this series. i love writing each part knowing that a lot of you will be satisfied to read it! gives me a ton of confidence in my writing xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                 I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 23:07 P.M. (post-concert, almost midnight)

“Hold on for a sec.” 

Those words stood still in the silence, making your bones completely freeze and stop you from joining the rest of the boys outside. The yanking of your hem became a distant memory as you looked up at the sweaty, yet stern-faced Calum right in front of you. 

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(n.) a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains”

Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook 

Warning: Fluff, Smut and so much Angst. Please don’t proceed if you are triggered easily. 

Words: 3.1k

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The night unfolded cold and dark; the November weather had casted snow and rain upon the city of Seoul. You admired the city from above the steep concrete that leads to your home. The moving cars, the tall buildings and the blinding lights all were beautiful, almost mesmerizing you would think if you hadn’t met Taehyung.

You climbed up the lazy stairs of your building, counting down the familiar number to your apartment. You reached for the keys inside your bag and unlocked the door.

“Taehyung? I’m home” you called out while throwing your jacket and bag onto the couch as you proceeded to the kitchen.

“Hey baby” Taehyung said as he walked to your frame to leave a kiss on your forehead. He was wearing a plain button up shirt that wasn’t buttoned all the way up, revealing his chiselling, sun kissed toned chest, one that you got used to sleeping on and finding comfort in along with black trousers. You leaned into his body wanting to feel more of his warm, nuzzling your head into the junction of his chest and shoulder, you placed small kisses earning a chuckle and a low moan from him.

“Is everything okay?” he asked and you could feel his worried gaze on you, making you lift your head up in response.

“Yeah, I just feel like… I don’t know… I missed you” you laughed ashamed of yourself, you had been living with him for more than you can remember, and you had seen him just before you left for work, it hadn’t even been 9 hours since then. He always had that effect on you, it wasn’t unusual he always makes you miss him when you leave his side.

“I’m right here baby” he whispered, comforting you by running his hands up and down your sides, looking at you with warm and tender eyes. You wonder how you go so lucky to belong to someone like him, so affectionate, so loving.

You reached out for his cheeks with your palms, both encapsulating him into your hold and moved your lips to capture his. The kiss was like usual, so innocent and beautiful. Taehyung was always fast to respond to your lips, as if he was always expecting them, something you’ve always loved about him. The kiss slowly grew into something more passionate laced with lust, you could see it in him and you could feel him emitting the same need as you are.
His hands guided you both to the bed without breaking the kiss, walking back till his knee found the familiar covers only to fall on his back, making you on top of him.

“I love you” you told him as you moved your lips down to kiss his chin, jaw and neck leaving behind beautiful colours of purple and red “so much”. “I love you too” he said before getting a hold of your lips with his and recuperating your actions. You had spent the entire night moaning out words of love to every thrust, every suck and every kiss. It was perfect, he was perfect.

The next morning was a repeat of yesterday’s, you woke up at 7am where the sun was outside burning bright rays through the white curtains and into the white walls, illuminating the room in a beautiful way. He was sleeping next to you, arms around your waist pulling you into his chest. You smiled at him before leaving a kiss on his forehead before getting ready to go to work.

“Y/N! Good Morning” your neighbour greeted as you were closing the door of your apartment.

“Good Morning Yeri” you greeted her back, she was a lovely person beautiful inside out. She always beamed with happy and good radiation. You always felt sorry for not showing up when she invited you to her home or when she asks you to go with her to get groceries. You were always occupied to Taehyung.

“How are you?” she asked with a smile in her face

“Good, what about you?” you asked returning her smile.

“I’m good too” she spoke before continuing “Aren’t you going to lock your door? You always leave it unlocked you might get robbed one day” she said.

“Oh, Taehyung’s inside he’ll lock it when he wakes like he always does don’t worry” you replied

“Y/N… Can you do me a favour?” she asked with her smile faltering which alarmed you a small amount.

“Yeah, sure” you replied.

“Can you meet someone for me? I-uh, they’ve always wanted to meet you and – just please? I know this is weird” she tried to laugh it off.

“Okay?” you said unsure, “Who is it?” you asked curiously.

“His name is Jungkook, he’s a friend of mine” she said looking away from you “I think, he would like to meet you” she added.

You were sceptical. Who was he? “Yeri, this is kind of weird for me you kn-“

“Just please?” she begged making you unable to reject her request.

“Okay… When?” you questioned

“Tonight, 7pm in Santiago it’s a local café just next to Raven’s park” she cut off making you laugh, she appeared almost desperate for you to meet this man.

“Okay, okay I’ll meet him” you said as you excused yourself before you were late to work. You work as an accountant. You deal with complex transactions that take a significant focus of your mind, respond to client emails and answer calls with occasional meetings throughout the week. You didn’t mind your job much.

At 6pm, you attempted to tidy up your desk and put files into place before turning off the light of your office in order to leave, not forgetting the favour you owned your neighbour. In all honestly, you never enjoyed meeting new people just like Taehyung, and grew anxious, maybe that’s why she told you to do this favour you thought, maybe she picked onto your bad habits. You chose not to dive too much into it and just try to be your normal self.

You know you found the right place when you spotted the baby blue café, right next to the park as Yeri described. It was near to 7 and decided to walk in and find a table. The place was cozy and small, it had only a few people and it smelt of the amazing scent of coffee. As you were approaching a table, a man appeared your age tapped your back.

“Are you Y/N?” he asks shyly.

“Ah yes! You must be Jungkook” you replied, “Sorry was I late?” You asked awkwardly.

“No… No not at all” he smiled, “I found us a table there, it much warmer”.

“Sure” You nodded before walking to the table and settling into a chair the faced his.

“Here you go, this is the menu choose what you’d like to drink.” He spoke before adding “Although I do recommend their caramel chai latte, I’ve tried everything here and nothing seems to beat it” he grinned.

“Alright then, one caramel chai latte” you smiled back.

“Great choice” he said before walking up to order for the both of you.

He returned with two of your drinks, handing one on your side of the table before taking his seat again.

“I take it you were told by Yeri to meet me, correct?” he proceeded as he took a sip of his drink.

“Yeah, I have” you replied, “She didn’t tell me why though” you confessed.

“Oh” his expression changed “I guess this makes it a little bit awkward, isn’t it?”

“Slightly, yeah” you laughed before taking a sip to try and dissolve the heavy air.

“Okay tell you what, how about we get to know each other?” he proposed.

You both finished your cups of coffee while learning more about each other. He was so easy to talk to, he learned about most of your life which included where you grew up, your age, your work and Taehyung, while he told you about his. He was a good guy, handsome and had the most charming bunny smile and you enjoyed his company. You knew it was getting late when you received a call from Taehyung.

“Hey baby? Where are you?” he spoke from the other side of the phone.

“Ah Taehyung! I’m with a friend” you said biting the inside of your cheek to prevent your mouth from cracking a smile as you see Jungkook smirk at the title you had so quickly given him.

“Friend? Who?” your boyfriend asked.

“Jungkook, he’s a friend I met today” you told him

“A guy? Y/N be careful of meeting guys you don’t know late at night” he sounded worried making you smile at his unnecessary worry.

“Don’t worry, he’s a good guy” you nodded at your own words “I’ll see you in a bit, okay?” you told him before hanging up.

You placed your phone on the table, before returning your attention to the man in front of you.  

“Is it okay if I borrow your phone?” he asked hesitantly. “My battery died as I was playing some stupid games on my phone and I need to call somebody, if that’s okay?”

“Sure” you said before handing him his phone.

You watched him dial whoever he wanted to call and heard a short conversation, before distracting yourself by looking outside at the by-passers.  

“Thank you” you were interrupted by the words of the man in front of you, returning your attention to him once again.

“It’s okay” you said shyly.

“Actually, Y/N” he spoke quietly “I need to be honest with you” he said instilling anxiousness that dissipated when you thought he had been honest with you all along.

“What is it?” you asked as your eyes shakily looked into his, mentally preparing yourself for multiple scenarios running through your head.

“I`m- I’m a psychologist” he said making you laugh.

“Psychologist? So?” you laughed in confusion.

“No Y/N… Yer-… I’m meeting with you today because I am a psychologist, I’m a mental health counsellor”

“Excuse me?” you said confused.

“Why are you coming to meet me as a… wait, what?” you asked astonished.

“I know, this, Yeri told me about you. She told me you needed my help” he said carefully, trying to not hurt you with his choice of words.

“I don’t need your help” you said as you got up angrily, how dare she ask you to meet a counsellor, did she think you were crazy? So many thoughts ran in your mind making you grow angrier.

“Y/N please! Listen to me” he called out as you walked away, making him walk after you.

“Let me explain okay? Please?” he said and you had no reason to be angry with him, he didn’t lie about who he is and you didn’t want to go back home confused on why the hell they think you’re crazy.

“Let’s go to a quieter place? The park?” he suggested and you nodded, he didn’t seem like a person who would try to do anything to you and you trusted him.

As you walked in the park, you spotted a free chair where you both can talk.

“Let’s sit here, shall we?” he said as he sat down.

“I know this is going to be hard to hear” he looked up at you “Please sit down” he asked while glancing a worried look at you before looking down to the floor. You sit down warily.

“Like I said… Yeri called me a while ago and sh-she told me you needed my help. I didn’t know what she meant but she told me you-“ he looked at me “You… You’re not okay.” He sighed, and you were more confused.


“Let me finish okay? I just don’t want to shock you… I’ve been following you around for a while thinking you were a danger to yourself like many of my other patients, I didn’t know what was ‘wrong’ with you because you seemed fine”

“Yeah, that’s because I am fine. I’m not crazy” you laughed.

“No, no y/n… You’re not okay” he replied sternly cutting your laughter short before you erupted into more laughter.

“Okay, okay… So what? I’m crazy?” you laughed more

“Y/N, I know this is hard to hear I’ve seen the way people react to my diagnosis but they all expected something to be wrong with them, which is why they come to my office. But you, you don’t even know that there’s something wrong and for me to break it down to you is hard for me too” he sighed again.

“What’s wrong with me then?” you asked looking at him carefully.

“You’re schizophrenic.” He said while maintaining an intense eye contact.

You analysed him carefully, looking for the smallest sign that can give away the big fat prank he’s trying to make on you. There were none. What the hell is he talking about?! You tried to keep your mouth shut and refrain yourself from erupting into another fit of laughter, but you failed and laughed hysterically.

“Sorry to break it down to you Jungkook but I’m not hallucinating shadows or hearing unordinary noise but I appreciate the talk.” you said as you were getting up only to catch his hand around your wrist pulling you back into your position.

“Please listen to me, I’m not finished talking” he said “I promise I’ll prove It but don’t make it hard on me to do that” he sighed for the third time.

“Give me your phone” he instructed,

“Why? To let Yeri know that her neighbour isn’t the crazy bitch she thought she is?”

“No Y/N, let me prove it to you” he said

“Fine” you said as you handed him the phone “Prove it” you challenged him.

You saw his finger ghost the screen before he clicked onto the contacts and clicking on ‘Love’ which was what you saved Taehyung as on your phone. You were so confused, how is he going to prove you were crazy by calling Taehyung? Only then it hits you.

“The number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please try again” What the hell? This is Taehyung’s phone number?!

“What the fuck?” you questioned before snatching the phone to see if the phone number was the one you recognised as Taehyung’s and it was. What the hell is going on? Why is his phone number not recognised? He only called you minutes ago!

“Look, see… I’m so sorry Y/N” Jungkook spoke slowly before shattering your heart into pieces with what he claimed next “Taehyung isn’t real Y/N”.

“What?! What do you mean?!” you panicked “I’ve known him for years Jungkook, how dare you even say that?! This isn’t funny” you tried to get up again.

“I know I told you it’ll be hard to hear, but if I was lying why is his phone number not being recognised?! Forget that, why is his phone number not on your recent call list? He never called you! You were hallucinating it!” he tried to explain but you only grew more furious.

“Don’t you dare tell me who Taehyung is, I don’t even know you don’t you dare pretend you know me let alone him!” you shouted before running away. What the hell is happening?! You were heartbroken by the fact that someone told you the man of your life was just an imagination, that’s not possible! You see him, you hear him and most importantly you can feel him! How can he claim such thing.

Deep inside, you were panicked, what if he was right? You needed to confirm this! You need to return to Taehyung and ask him about this whole entire nonsense” You were so busy with your thoughts that you didn’t notice that Jungkook was behind you, calling out your name while trying to keep your pace.

You reached the familiar tall building and hurried up the stairs. When you reached your familiar door, you were praying silently that it was locked, that there’s a smallest of a confirmation that Taehyung is here. But like Yeri told you, it was unlocked, just like you left it.

“Taehyung?!” you called out frantically as you pushed the door open. “Taehyung?! Where are you” you tried your hardest not to cry.

“Y/N? What’s wrong baby?” he said as he hurried from the door frame you always seemed to find him where you returned from home.

“Thank God! Taehyung you won’t believe this, a man I met said yo-“

“Y/N!” Jungkook called out to you at your door way.

“See?! He’s real Jungkook! He’s right here” you pointed at him.

“Y/N… I don’t see him…Please just list-“ Jungkook said as he held onto your arm.

“Don’t touch me! Stop lying! Taehyung please tell him I’m not crazy! You’re right here!!!” You shouted as tears fell down your cheeks as you saw a defeated Taehyung.

“I’m sorry baby…” he said while approaching you. “I’m so sorry…”

“Why are you sorry?! What does this mean?!” you were torn apart, not knowing why he was apologising broke you because you knew something was wrong.

“Because… I’m not real…” he said as you witnessed tears running down his cheeks too, he looked exactly like you, then everything clocked. You were looking at another version of yourself, someone that knew you well, someone that had gave you everything you wanted without asking for it, someone that was too perfect to be true.

You couldn’t handle the shake in your legs and fell onto your knees, you were defeated. Life as you know it was over. You had been living in your own lies and delusions, how were you to live? You didn’t know life without him. You were broken as more evidence of your delusions hit you one by one.
The unlocked door, the none opened messages you send him, the marks of love that you saw on him but not on you. It all made sense, and you wish it didn’t. You will never be able to move on from this. How do you accept that he isn’t real? That your love isn’t real?

The last thing you heard before darkness invaded your vision was Jungkook saying “I got you, you’re going to be okay”.

so this is what its like to. die

[PD101 S2] MY PICK’s reaction to a sudden backhug (3/3)

part 1 with big woojin, wink boi and daehwi here

part 2 with kaneki bae, daniel and our precious muel 

the asterisk sign (*) means that it’s requested!

JOO HAKNYEON: haknyeon was walking towards the bathroom when you suddenly wrapped your arms around him. “guess who?” you smiled.

“uhm uh i don’t know who this is… let me guess” he cheekily faked a reply while looking around quickly, as if he’s thinking of an answer.

laughing, you nuzzled your nose into his back and breathed out in a content manner. “i’m so lucky to have you”

“haha yeah i feel so lucky too….” a few moments passed as you kept on holding him.

his voice cracked as he muttered urgently to you, “… but i think that i’ll be really lucky if you let me go to the toilet now”

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ONG SEUNGWOO*: he noticed your figure from his peripheral vision and smirked slightly. as you tried to grab onto his waist, he pops out of your grasp, spun around and swoop you up into his arms. “hello beautiful?”

you giggled at his greeting. “hello handsome”

seungwoo nuzzles into your neck, “how have you been? i haven’t seen you in a long time~”

you pat his head, “good! but since we haven’t done much these days… should we catch up with a pizza night?”

“if it’s hawaiian then i’m in!” he gave you a high five and swung his arm around your shoulder.

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IM YOUNGMIN*: "whoa- babe, i’m holding your coffee!“ youngmin yelped as he swiveled around your grasp to stabilise the drink.

"oh! sorry” you apologise meekly. “thanks for the caramel macchiato though!”

youngmin smiled at your bright expression. “you’re welcome~” he hummed while watching you as you take a sip.

“thank god i said that i wanted cream on this” you licked your lips.

youngmin glanced onto the corner of your mouth. “and thank god you’ve got me to wipe it away hey?” he closed in on you and swiped his thumb over the fluffy residue.

blushing, you held onto your cheeks and shook your head. “t-thanks”

youngmin tapped your nose and sipped on his drink. “you’re welcome baby alpaca”

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Pete's Coffee

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: In which a boy orders coffee and a girl makes them.

Part 5: Caramel Macchiato

Side Note: This is the last part to Pete’s Coffee, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Therefore, welcome to Pete’s Coffee.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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There were certain times in Queens where you cherished certain moments, one of them was the season of Autumn, you loved everything about it, the way the air was a bit chillier in the morning, the way the dew glistened on the grass from the morning sun, the way the leaves on the trees were the beautiful yellow-orange color, it truly did make you a happier person.

You were walking to work, a scarf around your neck, jeans and a t-shirt on as you rounded the corner, observing the scenery on your walk.

However, your morning walk to work got interrupted as you felt a vibration in your pocket.

From Caffé Parker: hey it’s peter! i mean, you probably already know that right?

From Caffé Parker: wow i sounded rlly stupid in that last message, but anyways, i was wondering if u were working the morning shift? :)

To Caffé Parker: hey, of course i knew it was u, u dork ;) & yes i am working the morning shift, i’m actually walking there as we speak.

You smiled down at your phone, sending the message to Peter before taking a quick selfie, hoping nobody was paying attention to some random person standing on the sidewalk and taking a picture of themselves.

You then sent it to Peter, proving you were actually walking to work, the background had a nice Autumn look to it, which only made you happier.

Peter on the other hand was a love struck mess, the picture you sent him nearly made him fall over.

You were gorgeous to him, and the fact you actually sent him a picture made his heart race even quicker than he ever thought it could.

“Dude, you’re sweating so bad what happened?” Ned chuckled, watching Peter quickly pack his backpack up before brushing his hair.

“It’s Y/N, we’re texting and well..” Peter showed Ned his phone, your selfie still on the screen, watching as Ned’s eyes widened slightly.

“Damn Pete, you really have a stunner of a girlfriend.” Ned whistled, making Peter roll his eyes slightly.

“She’s not my girlfriend.. Yet..” He muttered, making Ned snort, before they both walked out the door, obviously on their way to see you.

You glanced up, hearing the bell ring, for a second you thought it was Peter, which made your face light up, but quickly vanish as the person you last expected walk in.

“Hey Y/N, nice to see you again.” The man spoke, a faint smirk on his face as he approached the counter.

“Flash, how unfortunate it is to see you again.” You plastered a fake smile across your lips, watching Flash’s eyebrows raise in amusement.

“Now, now, we know you don’t mean that, I mean come on, we make a great couple.” Flash winked, making you roll your eyes and take a deep breath.

How you so wanted to punch his perfect teeth out right then and there.

“Flash, if you aren’t going to order anything then you need to leave, I have customers.” You placed a hand on your hip, an annoyed expression clear across your face.

“Aw does Y/N want to get rid of me? That’s a shame, I thought we really had something darling.” He grinned, as you made a fake throw up face, rolling your eyes.

“We had a one time thing, that’s it.” You exclaimed, watching as his brows furrowed.

“I found it more than that, I thought we had something.” Flash crossed his arms, leaning against the counter as you shook your head laughing.

“We never had something, maybe in your mind we do, but in reality we don’t, plus, I’m seeing someone.” You shrugged, picking up your notepad and pen, watching out of the corner of your eye to see Flash’s jaw clench, his hands balling into fists.

“Oh really? I don’t see anyone.” He snapped, making you smile as you glanced up, seeing Peter and Ned walk in.

“Well he’s right there.” You motioned to Peter, who’s eyes locked with yours, before looking at Flash.

You quickly sent him a quick message, hoping Flash wasn’t paying attention.

To Caffé Parker: i need u to be my fake boyfriend, pls, i promise i’ll pay u back!

You watched as you saw Peter lift his phone up, his eyes widening before sending you a quick message back.

To Y/N: don’t worry, i got u ;)

You smiled, shaking your head as Peter and Ned approached you and Flash, Flash of course sending daggers at Peter.

“Hold up, you’re dating Penis Parker?” Flash spoke in disgust, making you glare at him.

“In fact, I am, and it’s Caffé Parker get it right.” You snapped, winking at Peter who grinned at you, which of course, melted your heart, the things that boy did to you.

“I can’t believe this, there is no way this is true, no way!” Flash exclaimed, looking between the three of you.

“It’s true, she made me a coffee and then we just hit it off.” Peter shrugged, licking his lip slightly before sending you a wink.

“If you guys are really dating, then prove it, kiss.” Flash smirked, crossing his arms as Peter’s face paled.

You glared at Flash, before walking out from behind the counter.

“Fine, you want proof? Here’s your proof.” You snapped, shoving past Flash before grabbing a fistful of Peter’s shirt, pressing your lips against his.

Needless to say Peter was stunned, he couldn’t believe this was happening, but soon he snapped out of it, kissing you back, his hands resting on your waist.

“Damn, go Peter.” Ned chuckled, making Flash groan and storm out of the shop, shouting who knows what.

You both eventually pulled away, faces flushed, breathing heavily, as you both stared at one another.

“You know, you make a really good fake boyfriend.” You teased, a smile on your lips as you moved a curl out of his face.

“You make a really good girlfriend.” Peter mumbled, making your eyes widen slightly, did he just say girlfriend, as in not a fake one?

You blinked a few times, unable to find words to say, watching as Peter bit his lip nervously, before letting out a deep sigh.

“Y/N, I really like you, I have ever since I walked into this Coffee Shop, hell, even before that, ever since I called over the phone, I heard your voice, and I knew I was screwed.” Peter chuckled nervously, his cheeks red, as were yours.

“Peter, you’re so delusional sometimes.” You giggled, making his eyebrows furrow, his eyes locking with yours.

“You said my real name.” He smiled, making you laugh and nod, cupping his cheek with your hand.

“I’ve liked you the second you got flustered over the different milk options.” You laughed, making him roll his eyes playfully.

“So, that being said, Y/N, will you go out with me?” Peter smiled hopefully, his heart beating erratically in his chest.

“Yes, Peter, I will go out with you.” You smiled, as he grabbed your hand, rubbing his thumb over it gently.

“YES! I knew this would happen, god I’m so happy right now!” Ned cheered, recording the whole thing on his phone, fist pumping the air.

“NED!” Peter screeched, his eyes wide as Ned realized he had shouted that out loud, his own cheeks reddening slightly.

“O-Oh, s-sorry..” He mumbled, laughing as he went to sit at a table, you on the other hand gave Peter a kiss on his cheek before returning back behind the counter.

Peter would shake his head laughing as he saw you get situated, before walking up to the counter.

“Hello, welcome to Pete’s Coffee, what can I get you today?” You’d smile, your pen and note pad waiting as Peter watched you in amusement.

“One Medium Caramel Macchiato please.” Peter smiled, watching as you wrote down his order, this never got old to him.

“Is that all?” You questioned, resting your chin on the palm of your hand, watching the brunette haired boy in front of you.

“Actually no, can I also have a date with you?” He grinned cheekily, making you laugh and cover your mouth.

Since when was he so bold and confident? -Not that you didn’t absolutely love it.

“I thought you’d never ask.” You’d smile, biting your lip slightly as you saw Peter’s grin widen, before taking a seat next to a window waiting for his ‘order.’

As you were creating his drink, your mind couldn’t help but wander, you always knew the season of Autumn brought the best for you, and it certainly wasn’t letting you down.

That morning was one of the best you’d had in months, Ned had convinced Peter to start the date right away, leaving you both to bond, therefore, you had your first coffee date that morning, both of your Caramel Macchiatos sitting in front of you on the table.

You’d be laughing at a dumb joke he had told you, his eyes lighting up at the sound of your laugh, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I’m so glad I called this coffee shop, because meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Peter smiled, rubbing your hand gently as you smiled softly.

“I’m glad you did too, even if you did get overwhelmed with milk options.” You’d laugh, watching him roll his eyes playfully, before laughing along with you.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever..” He’d mumble, making you laugh even harder, he was definitely one of a kind that was for sure.

Weeks would continue to pass, and Peter would continuously visit you at the coffee shop, except this time he’d have a coffee for you, which of course peaked your curiosity.

Your eyebrows raised with interest, as Peter smiled innocently, walking up to the counter before handing you the cup.

I may get flustered over different milk options, but I am confident about one thing, Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?

Yes [ ]

No [ ]

You’d smile, grabbing your pen, placing an ‘X' on the cup, before handing it back to him, his eyes lighting up at your answer.

Of course, you had checked yes.

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🎃 ( ur blog is so nice im crying idk why i wasnt following you before im a fool), any fall eddie hcs! congrats on the follows!

 oh my god thank you?? i love your blog so much im crying 

autumn is my all time favorite season this is the best thing you could’ve asked of me

- autumn is the season when richie and eddie officially confessed their feelings for one another, so it’s very special to them

- one time the losers made gigantic leaf piles behind mike’s farm and at one point eddie fell on top of richie. they ended staying up like that for a while, just lying with each other in the leaves while richie stroked eddie’s back through his fleece

- richie doubles up on wearing dark flannels under his jackets so he can stay warm when he inevitably falls victim to eddie pressing his cold nose against richie’s neck and gives him his jacket

- at derry’s fall festival, eddie complains that his hands are cold so richie buys him apple cider with a shy smile. eddie of course thinks this is adorable, but since richie didn’t get the hint, eddie slips his fingers through richie’s as they’re getting in line for caramel apples (and smiles into his cider when he richie immediately grips back too hard)

- they go to their first high school party together after a football game and end up ditching the party in favor of climbing out of the house’s second story window, just to sit on the roof and stargaze

- that’s the first time richie earnestly tells eddie he thinks he’s more beautiful than any star in the sky

- eddie’s fingers are cold on the back of richie’s neck when he leans in to kiss him

- they wake up the next morning in eddie’s bed, to the sound of rain softly hitting the windows, both of them wearing one of richie’s hoodies. they smile sleepily and give each other eskimo kisses with their cold noses

- until richie puts his cold toes on eddie’s bare thigh and he screams

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THANK YOU for blessing us with so much new writing for mxh... :D you improved my day by 1000%. if you're still taking word prompts, how about 'daze'?

NO PROBLEM I love this au so so sooooo much, I’m more than happy to write for miraculous x hunter ^-^ I’m glad I could make your day better with all my little drabbles!!!

This is a bit longer than the other requests I’ve answered, mainly because I wrote this during my mxh discussions with @emthimofnight back when this whole thing started a few months ago. So I’m sorry if this is bad hahaaaaaa

In this drabble, Killua and Gon are already dating and it’s the first time Killua is seeing Ladybug after their true identities have been revealed! The whole idea behind this is that as civilian and superhero, Killua and Ladybug should not be flirting/kissing bc Ladybug is dating Chat and Killua is dating Gon. But they have a hard time keeping their distance….


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

It was Ladybug standing in front of him in that red and black spotted suit. But all Killua could see was Gon’s dazzling smile, Gon’s caramel eyes and Gon’s flop of messy brown-black hair.

It was Gon who was beaming at him, directing all of that sunshine-brightness towards Killua and Killua alone.

“Gon,” he choked out and Ladybug’s eyes sparkled.

“It’s Ladybug, stranger,” his best friend teased.

Killua’s affection fell away immediately. Eye twitching, he snarled, “You-!”

An explosion erupted suddenly to their right, spewing stone and glass and blocks of cement.

Killua had less than a second to register what had happened before something warm wrapped around his middle. He didn’t have time to gasp before he was flying away from blast and flying debris.

His back slammed into a wall and he saw stars. It took him a few breaths for his head to right itself, and when it did, he nearly stopped breathing altogether.

Gon’s face was a mere centimeter from Killua’s. They were so close their noses brushed, hidden from civilian sight in the dark alleyway Gon must have shoved him into, and Gon’s eyes glowed like twin suns in the dim light.

Gon’s face was the least of Killua’s worries, though. Gon’s hands were pressed to the wall on either side of Killua’s head, trapping the silver-haired teen between it and him, while the entire length of Gon’s body pressed snugly against his own. Gon was all around him: Gon’s strong arms brushing his, Gon’s muscular and firm chest aligned with Killua’s, and even lower where his hips-

“Something the matter, Mr. Zoldyck?” Gon asked, voice deep with hidden meanging. The slight smirk he gave Killua made Killua’s legs go weak and he screwed his eyes shut, trying to breathe normally.

His whole face was burning.

“I’m f-fine,” Killua whispered and cursed inwardly when Gon’s smirk only grew.

“Is that so…”

He leaned closer, and Killua shrunk back into the wall, nails scraping brick.

Gon pressed his face into the fluff of Killua’s hair and Killua’s heart took off like it was trying to fly out of his chest. He was so lightheaded he could barely think straight.

He heard Gon inhale deeply, felt the swell of Gon’s chest, and nearly fainted right there.

He couldn’t believe it; Gon was freaking smelling him. As Ladybug. What the hell happened to keeping their distance from each other when only one of them was a superhero?! What if someone saw?!

“W-What the fuck?!” he stammered out as Gon pulled back again.

Gon looked like he was trying to hold back laughter. But goosebumps rose across Killua’s skin at the sound of Gon’s low and velvety confession, “You smell delicious, Killua. I couldn’t help it.“ 

Gon dragged a hand down the length of Killua’s bare arm- slowly, tortuously- and that was when Killua decided he had enough.

Because, fuck it, if Gon could have fun, why shouldn’t Killua?

Without warning, Killua roughly grabbed both of Gon’s cheeks and smashed their mouths together.

It was’t a gentle kiss. Far from it. Their lips were anything but soft on each other, teeth clacking together while Killua’s nose was shoved uncomfortably into Gon’s cheek. His nails dug into Gon’s skin, leaving tiny streaks of red.

But the kiss was totally worth it. Because the complete and utterly dazed look on Gon’s face when Killua pulled back was enough to send a rush of savage satisfaction through his entire being.

That should teach Gon not to mess with Killua any more.

 “See?” Killua growled, hands skill gripping Gon’s face and thumbs digging into a black and scarlet mask. “I’m fine. You, on the other hand-”

With a single shove, he pushed Gon off him and back into the open street.

“Go stall the akuma, Ladybug!” he shouted. “Chat will join you soon!”

Chamber of Secrets - Part 2

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m literally in tears of joy seeing the response from the first part, I never thought so many people would read it, let alone enjoy it! Ah, you guys make me so happy, I love you guys so much it’s insane! 


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There seems to be a higher spirit in a form of a 3 meters tall man following me, with a smiling face, caramel colored hair and caramel colored aura.

I noticed him yesterday. I felt a presence in a bedroom where I sleep while I’m visiting mom’s home (I’m heading back home next week). I made cleansing, closed again the tiny spirit portal which opens up to the one corner of the room every now and then, and also sealed bedroom cupboards as energy tends to gather there in clutters.

I still felt a presence in the room but I knew it’s not harmful if it stays after proper cleansing. When I got a bed I saw him, smiling. Very friendly spirit and very strong in energy! By the morning he was gone but it seems he’s returned back again. I guess I need to have a little chat with him this time :3

I suppose he’s a messenger of something good and life changing, as earlier this week I had a dream of Buddha and Quan Yin, both protecting me. Yesterday after seeing the spirit I woke the first time to look at the clock and it was 11:44am.

Wings [Part 2] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary - Your eyes land on one of the most devastatingly charming customers you have ever served.

You were busy wiping the table at the café you worked in, when you felt somebody staring at you. You looked up and searched, your eyes finally landing on a jet black haired guy, with a pale complexion. You quirked an eyebrow at him, as if to ask if he wanted something but he just looked away.

Shrugging your shoulders, you walked back to stand behind the counter and sat down on the stool beside the cooler. You began chatting with your co worker when the bell at the door jingled.

‘Hey, look, the hot Blondie is here,’ Your co worker whispered to you before turning to take the customer’s order. You just chuckled at her, not really taking interest in the situation, but you couldn’t help but steal a glance.

A very smartly dressed blond haired, 20-something man with brilliantly captivating eyes was speaking to her, possibly placing his order. She gestured to you for a large cup of cappuccino, snapping you out of your trance.

You saw him taking a seat two tables away from the black haired man. Making a mental note to not make a fool of yourself, you took his cappuccino and proceeded towards him. You sketched his face roughly in your head while he was looking out the window.

It wasn’t hard to notice a slight depression in his gaze when he turned his head to face you. Just as soon as you saw it, it went, making you rethink about what you saw. His eyes turned to crescents, as he smiled at you, something you noticed he didn’t do to your co worker.

Score one for me, you thought.

Smiling back gracefully, you placed his cup in front of him before bowing and leaving. Only once you had reached behind the counter did you notice your heart was beating at an unbelievable speed.

You felt a strange pull towards that man, that you didn’t know how to decipher. You thought of Jin; Maybe he could help you, but then again, he was the same guy who cracked a pun with cows and bread that morning and called to tell you he was gay. You shook your head, eliminating that option and decided you would just forget about it like it was just another one of those stale stages of attraction.

'Y/N!’ You heard a familiar voice. You turned around to see Jimin and your younger brother, Jungkook walk in.

'Hey boys, what’s up?’ You greeted them as they sat down at a table.

'Nothing much really, another tough day at practice again, that’s all. We were just passing by and thought we’d drop in for one of those amazing cups of Caramel Macchiato.’ He smiled at you angelically, making you think why you hadn’t fallen for him in the first place. You silently chuckled to yourself at the puerile thought.

'By the way,’ You said as you walked over to the counter, them being the closest, so it was easy to talk to them across the counter.

'Yeah?’ Jungkook asked.

'Did you boys, by any chance, ask Jin Oppa to tell me he was gay?’ You questioned, making them look at each other quizzically.

'Jin Hyung’s gay?’ Jungkook asked you with sincere shock and surprise in his voice.

'That’s what I want to know,’ you said, chuckling before handing them their drinks. 'He just randomly called me and blurted out “I’m gay” before laughing obnoxiously and cutting the call. I heard another laugh in the background. I figured they could be yours.’

'Noona, he dropped us at the agency and left for University. It either was another pun he recently discovered or his friends must have dared him to say it.’ Jungkook said before taking a bite off his croissant.

'Yeah, I guess. I’ll ask him later,’ You said as you cleaned the counter, not knowing what else to do, when something struck you.

'Oh, boys, 9 o'clock, don’t you think he’s hot?’ You whispered as you dragged a chair to sit in between them.

'I bet Jin Hyung would,’ Jimin joked before raising his hand to high five Jungkook.

'I’m being serious. Doesn’t he? I mean, look at him - work of divine art, he so looks out of place in this ordinary shop.’ You said as you rested your cheek on your palm, while you goggled at him not-so-discreetly.

'What, are you trying to say he’s royalty?’ Jungkook asked, munching loudly on his croissant.

'No, you air head. Just answer my question before I kick you both out.’ You glared at both of them.

'Okay, Okay… Let’s see-’ Jimin said as he literally checked him out, gave a nod and a sigh before looking back at you, this time shaking his head.

'What?’ You asked, raising an eyebrow. He shook his head again, making you grab his hand. 'What is it?’

'You could never afford that Chanel coat he’s sporting,’ Jimin whispered seriously before him and Jungkook burst out in roars of laughter.

'Oh God, seriously Jimin?’ You smacked his hand before getting up, 'You know what, forget it.’

'Don’t worry, it’s not hard to.’ Jungkook said, laughing, but stopped just as you turned your head to glare at him.

'I think we’ll leave now, Y/N,’ Jimin chuckled nervously noticing the change in your demeanor before paying the bill and almost sprinting out of the café with Jungkook at his tail.

Just then, you noticed the Blond haired man standing up and leaving, and you felt the disappointment creep in that he hadn’t called you for another order.

Well, he did have a large cappuccino, you reasoned.

Almost instantly, you saw the black haired man also leaving the café. You wondered if he knew the other man but thought it would just be better not to think about it.

You looked at the clock and saw it was time for you to leave, so you went in to grab your coat and bag.

When you reached for the coat, you remembered what Jimin had said, “You could never afford that Chanel coat he’s sporting.”

Bullshit. It’s no big deal. As far this keeps me warm, I’m completely okay with it, you thought, silently cursing at Jimin for joking about your allowance.

You conveyed to your co worker you were leaving and walked out of the door. The sudden gust of wind got you numb almost instantly and wondered if you should have taken the car instead of letting your classmate take it.

You considered calling Jin but again decided against it and reasoned it was just a fifteen minute walk.

'Piece of cake,’ you mumbled before sticking in your earphones and playing the music on full volume, dancing along to the beats as you walked.

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