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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.6

                                                 Part S I X 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: 100 notes is the goal, lovelies! im so happy a bunch of you are enjoying this series. i love writing each part knowing that a lot of you will be satisfied to read it! gives me a ton of confidence in my writing xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                 I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 23:07 P.M. (post-concert, almost midnight)

“Hold on for a sec.” 

Those words stood still in the silence, making your bones completely freeze and stop you from joining the rest of the boys outside. The yanking of your hem became a distant memory as you looked up at the sweaty, yet stern-faced Calum right in front of you. 

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[PD101 S2] MY PICK’s reaction to a sudden backhug (3/3)

part 1 with big woojin, wink boi and daehwi here

part 2 with kaneki bae, daniel and our precious muel 

the asterisk sign (*) means that it’s requested!

JOO HAKNYEON: haknyeon was walking towards the bathroom when you suddenly wrapped your arms around him. “guess who?” you smiled.

“uhm uh i don’t know who this is… let me guess” he cheekily faked a reply while looking around quickly, as if he’s thinking of an answer.

laughing, you nuzzled your nose into his back and breathed out in a content manner. “i’m so lucky to have you”

“haha yeah i feel so lucky too….” a few moments passed as you kept on holding him.

his voice cracked as he muttered urgently to you, “… but i think that i’ll be really lucky if you let me go to the toilet now”

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ONG SEUNGWOO*: he noticed your figure from his peripheral vision and smirked slightly. as you tried to grab onto his waist, he pops out of your grasp, spun around and swoop you up into his arms. “hello beautiful?”

you giggled at his greeting. “hello handsome”

seungwoo nuzzles into your neck, “how have you been? i haven’t seen you in a long time~”

you pat his head, “good! but since we haven’t done much these days… should we catch up with a pizza night?”

“if it’s hawaiian then i’m in!” he gave you a high five and swung his arm around your shoulder.

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IM YOUNGMIN*: "whoa- babe, i’m holding your coffee!“ youngmin yelped as he swiveled around your grasp to stabilise the drink.

"oh! sorry” you apologise meekly. “thanks for the caramel macchiato though!”

youngmin smiled at your bright expression. “you’re welcome~” he hummed while watching you as you take a sip.

“thank god i said that i wanted cream on this” you licked your lips.

youngmin glanced onto the corner of your mouth. “and thank god you’ve got me to wipe it away hey?” he closed in on you and swiped his thumb over the fluffy residue.

blushing, you held onto your cheeks and shook your head. “t-thanks”

youngmin tapped your nose and sipped on his drink. “you’re welcome baby alpaca”

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so this is what its like to. die

anonymous asked:

THANK YOU for blessing us with so much new writing for mxh... :D you improved my day by 1000%. if you're still taking word prompts, how about 'daze'?

NO PROBLEM I love this au so so sooooo much, I’m more than happy to write for miraculous x hunter ^-^ I’m glad I could make your day better with all my little drabbles!!!

This is a bit longer than the other requests I’ve answered, mainly because I wrote this during my mxh discussions with @emthimofnight back when this whole thing started a few months ago. So I’m sorry if this is bad hahaaaaaa

In this drabble, Killua and Gon are already dating and it’s the first time Killua is seeing Ladybug after their true identities have been revealed! The whole idea behind this is that as civilian and superhero, Killua and Ladybug should not be flirting/kissing bc Ladybug is dating Chat and Killua is dating Gon. But they have a hard time keeping their distance….


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

It was Ladybug standing in front of him in that red and black spotted suit. But all Killua could see was Gon’s dazzling smile, Gon’s caramel eyes and Gon’s flop of messy brown-black hair.

It was Gon who was beaming at him, directing all of that sunshine-brightness towards Killua and Killua alone.

“Gon,” he choked out and Ladybug’s eyes sparkled.

“It’s Ladybug, stranger,” his best friend teased.

Killua’s affection fell away immediately. Eye twitching, he snarled, “You-!”

An explosion erupted suddenly to their right, spewing stone and glass and blocks of cement.

Killua had less than a second to register what had happened before something warm wrapped around his middle. He didn’t have time to gasp before he was flying away from blast and flying debris.

His back slammed into a wall and he saw stars. It took him a few breaths for his head to right itself, and when it did, he nearly stopped breathing altogether.

Gon’s face was a mere centimeter from Killua’s. They were so close their noses brushed, hidden from civilian sight in the dark alleyway Gon must have shoved him into, and Gon’s eyes glowed like twin suns in the dim light.

Gon’s face was the least of Killua’s worries, though. Gon’s hands were pressed to the wall on either side of Killua’s head, trapping the silver-haired teen between it and him, while the entire length of Gon’s body pressed snugly against his own. Gon was all around him: Gon’s strong arms brushing his, Gon’s muscular and firm chest aligned with Killua’s, and even lower where his hips-

“Something the matter, Mr. Zoldyck?” Gon asked, voice deep with hidden meanging. The slight smirk he gave Killua made Killua’s legs go weak and he screwed his eyes shut, trying to breathe normally.

His whole face was burning.

“I’m f-fine,” Killua whispered and cursed inwardly when Gon’s smirk only grew.

“Is that so…”

He leaned closer, and Killua shrunk back into the wall, nails scraping brick.

Gon pressed his face into the fluff of Killua’s hair and Killua’s heart took off like it was trying to fly out of his chest. He was so lightheaded he could barely think straight.

He heard Gon inhale deeply, felt the swell of Gon’s chest, and nearly fainted right there.

He couldn’t believe it; Gon was freaking smelling him. As Ladybug. What the hell happened to keeping their distance from each other when only one of them was a superhero?! What if someone saw?!

“W-What the fuck?!” he stammered out as Gon pulled back again.

Gon looked like he was trying to hold back laughter. But goosebumps rose across Killua’s skin at the sound of Gon’s low and velvety confession, “You smell delicious, Killua. I couldn’t help it.“ 

Gon dragged a hand down the length of Killua’s bare arm- slowly, tortuously- and that was when Killua decided he had enough.

Because, fuck it, if Gon could have fun, why shouldn’t Killua?

Without warning, Killua roughly grabbed both of Gon’s cheeks and smashed their mouths together.

It was’t a gentle kiss. Far from it. Their lips were anything but soft on each other, teeth clacking together while Killua’s nose was shoved uncomfortably into Gon’s cheek. His nails dug into Gon’s skin, leaving tiny streaks of red.

But the kiss was totally worth it. Because the complete and utterly dazed look on Gon’s face when Killua pulled back was enough to send a rush of savage satisfaction through his entire being.

That should teach Gon not to mess with Killua any more.

 “See?” Killua growled, hands skill gripping Gon’s face and thumbs digging into a black and scarlet mask. “I’m fine. You, on the other hand-”

With a single shove, he pushed Gon off him and back into the open street.

“Go stall the akuma, Ladybug!” he shouted. “Chat will join you soon!”

Chamber of Secrets - Part 2

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m literally in tears of joy seeing the response from the first part, I never thought so many people would read it, let alone enjoy it! Ah, you guys make me so happy, I love you guys so much it’s insane! 


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Wings [Part 2] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary - Your eyes land on one of the most devastatingly charming customers you have ever served.

You were busy wiping the table at the café you worked in, when you felt somebody staring at you. You looked up and searched, your eyes finally landing on a jet black haired guy, with a pale complexion. You quirked an eyebrow at him, as if to ask if he wanted something but he just looked away.

Shrugging your shoulders, you walked back to stand behind the counter and sat down on the stool beside the cooler. You began chatting with your co worker when the bell at the door jingled.

‘Hey, look, the hot Blondie is here,’ Your co worker whispered to you before turning to take the customer’s order. You just chuckled at her, not really taking interest in the situation, but you couldn’t help but steal a glance.

A very smartly dressed blond haired, 20-something man with brilliantly captivating eyes was speaking to her, possibly placing his order. She gestured to you for a large cup of cappuccino, snapping you out of your trance.

You saw him taking a seat two tables away from the black haired man. Making a mental note to not make a fool of yourself, you took his cappuccino and proceeded towards him. You sketched his face roughly in your head while he was looking out the window.

It wasn’t hard to notice a slight depression in his gaze when he turned his head to face you. Just as soon as you saw it, it went, making you rethink about what you saw. His eyes turned to crescents, as he smiled at you, something you noticed he didn’t do to your co worker.

Score one for me, you thought.

Smiling back gracefully, you placed his cup in front of him before bowing and leaving. Only once you had reached behind the counter did you notice your heart was beating at an unbelievable speed.

You felt a strange pull towards that man, that you didn’t know how to decipher. You thought of Jin; Maybe he could help you, but then again, he was the same guy who cracked a pun with cows and bread that morning and called to tell you he was gay. You shook your head, eliminating that option and decided you would just forget about it like it was just another one of those stale stages of attraction.

'Y/N!’ You heard a familiar voice. You turned around to see Jimin and your younger brother, Jungkook walk in.

'Hey boys, what’s up?’ You greeted them as they sat down at a table.

'Nothing much really, another tough day at practice again, that’s all. We were just passing by and thought we’d drop in for one of those amazing cups of Caramel Macchiato.’ He smiled at you angelically, making you think why you hadn’t fallen for him in the first place. You silently chuckled to yourself at the puerile thought.

'By the way,’ You said as you walked over to the counter, them being the closest, so it was easy to talk to them across the counter.

'Yeah?’ Jungkook asked.

'Did you boys, by any chance, ask Jin Oppa to tell me he was gay?’ You questioned, making them look at each other quizzically.

'Jin Hyung’s gay?’ Jungkook asked you with sincere shock and surprise in his voice.

'That’s what I want to know,’ you said, chuckling before handing them their drinks. 'He just randomly called me and blurted out “I’m gay” before laughing obnoxiously and cutting the call. I heard another laugh in the background. I figured they could be yours.’

'Noona, he dropped us at the agency and left for University. It either was another pun he recently discovered or his friends must have dared him to say it.’ Jungkook said before taking a bite off his croissant.

'Yeah, I guess. I’ll ask him later,’ You said as you cleaned the counter, not knowing what else to do, when something struck you.

'Oh, boys, 9 o'clock, don’t you think he’s hot?’ You whispered as you dragged a chair to sit in between them.

'I bet Jin Hyung would,’ Jimin joked before raising his hand to high five Jungkook.

'I’m being serious. Doesn’t he? I mean, look at him - work of divine art, he so looks out of place in this ordinary shop.’ You said as you rested your cheek on your palm, while you goggled at him not-so-discreetly.

'What, are you trying to say he’s royalty?’ Jungkook asked, munching loudly on his croissant.

'No, you air head. Just answer my question before I kick you both out.’ You glared at both of them.

'Okay, Okay… Let’s see-’ Jimin said as he literally checked him out, gave a nod and a sigh before looking back at you, this time shaking his head.

'What?’ You asked, raising an eyebrow. He shook his head again, making you grab his hand. 'What is it?’

'You could never afford that Chanel coat he’s sporting,’ Jimin whispered seriously before him and Jungkook burst out in roars of laughter.

'Oh God, seriously Jimin?’ You smacked his hand before getting up, 'You know what, forget it.’

'Don’t worry, it’s not hard to.’ Jungkook said, laughing, but stopped just as you turned your head to glare at him.

'I think we’ll leave now, Y/N,’ Jimin chuckled nervously noticing the change in your demeanor before paying the bill and almost sprinting out of the café with Jungkook at his tail.

Just then, you noticed the Blond haired man standing up and leaving, and you felt the disappointment creep in that he hadn’t called you for another order.

Well, he did have a large cappuccino, you reasoned.

Almost instantly, you saw the black haired man also leaving the café. You wondered if he knew the other man but thought it would just be better not to think about it.

You looked at the clock and saw it was time for you to leave, so you went in to grab your coat and bag.

When you reached for the coat, you remembered what Jimin had said, “You could never afford that Chanel coat he’s sporting.”

Bullshit. It’s no big deal. As far this keeps me warm, I’m completely okay with it, you thought, silently cursing at Jimin for joking about your allowance.

You conveyed to your co worker you were leaving and walked out of the door. The sudden gust of wind got you numb almost instantly and wondered if you should have taken the car instead of letting your classmate take it.

You considered calling Jin but again decided against it and reasoned it was just a fifteen minute walk.

'Piece of cake,’ you mumbled before sticking in your earphones and playing the music on full volume, dancing along to the beats as you walked.

[Part 3 on Thursday]

Sebastian Aho #2.2 - Romance

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A/N - part two wooo! if you haven’t read girl problems you can find it here, but to be honest it is not imperative that you read that first

for the anon request: can you do a girl problems part 2?


“I’m telling that story at your wedding you know.” your friend commented casually referring to the night you met Seb, from her position on the couch in your flat.

“Who said anything about marriage?” you called from your bathroom where you were getting ready.

“Come on. You can’t pull that one over on me chica. It’s common knowledge that you two are going to get married one of these days. It’s only a matter of time.”

She did have a point. Two years ago today you were studying for your final exams and ran out to the grocery store in the dead of night when you happened to run into Sebastian Aho. And by run you literally meant bowled him over in the middle of the feminine hygiene products aisle. After that night, Seb learned how to live with girls, you learned that you have never loved a human being more than that awkward Finn and you had been dsting ever since. Now you were getting all gussied up for your fancy anniversary dinner before moving into an apartment together tomorrow. You swiped on your favourite red lipstick and smoothed down your black, open-back dress. You checked your reflection in the mirror and smiled.

“So… what do you think?” you asked your friend as you stepped out and around boxes so that she could see you.

“Smokin’ (Y/N).” she grinned and took another sip of her rosé, “I’d be surprised if you two even made it to the restaurant.”

Your cheeks flushed and you laughed while retreating to your room and grabbing your go-to black pumps. You heard a knock at the door and you went to open it while putting your earrings in.

“Oh no need to get up.” you teased your friend who didn’t make any indication that she was going to move from her spot watching reality TV and drinking wine on your your couch. She stuck her tongue out at you and you opened the door revealing a suit-clad Sebastian Aho obviously hiding something behind his back.

“Sepe,  you have a key to my place ____. Why didn’t you just walk in?” you grinned and kissed him quickly.

“Because then it wouldn’t be as dramatic when I did this,” he pulled his arm from behind his back and revealing the large bouquet of your favourite hydrangeas with a flourish.

“Aw, I love them!” you kissed him once more and took the flowers from him. You quickly found a cup to put them in because you knew that you didn’t have a vase and grabbed your purse off of the counter.

“Are we going back to your place after?” you asked and Sebastian nodded, “OK, I’ll see you tomorrow Meg for a fun day of moving”

She gave you a thumbs up, not moving her gaze from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode. You laughed and grabbed Sebastian’s hand as you walked out.


“Seb, what’s wrong? You’ve been fidgeting all night.” you asked once you had both finished your meal.

“… What?” he snapped out of whatever reverie he had been in pretty much since your plates got put in front of you. “Oh, I’m sorry ____, just zoned out for a second there.”

You didn’t buy it, “Are you feeling feeling okay? We can just go home and cuddle if you want.”

“No!” he said a little too forcefully making your eyebrows shoot p your forehead, “No, I am all good. Just thinking about plan for tonight.”

“Oh? Does lover boy have a romantic surprise in store?” you giggled and sipped the last of your drink.

He returned your bright smile with one of his own, “ Oh yes. Will knock your socks off.”

“Well you are on the right track already.” you grinned and stuck your foot out from under the table, emphasizing the fact that you weren’t wearing any socks to begin with.

He laughed brightly at you before motioning for the cheque. You and Sepe continued your pleasant band and forth until the bill came. He paid it quickly, leaving a large tip for the waitress, before holding his hand out like a gentleman to help you up from the table. You walked out the restaurant with his hand on your lower back, guiding you through to the exit. As you got outside you went to go call an uber but Seb protested.

“No, now is when I blow you away with my romance.”

“Okay, show me what you got.” you smiled at him. He led you down the street away from the busy city street lights and into the park he took your after your very first date. You took a familiar turn away from the main path and towards the tried-and-true gelato truck that you always seem to find your way back to after dates.

“Hey Laura,” you smiled at the familiar face in the truck

“Hey, (Y/N) and Seb!” she returned your grin when she recognized her ‘favourite couple’, “Long time no see! I guess tonight is a special night?”

“Yeah, well there isn’t much time for date night during the season,” you explain.

“Tonight is 2 year anniversary.” Sebastian supplied.

“Oh, that’s a big one! Usual?” she asked

“That’d be perfect.”

She quickly turned away and grabbed you a medium strawberry and Seb a large chocolate with caramel drizzle. You smiled and let Seb lead you farther into the park. He reached over and grabbed a spoonful from your cup making you protest and swat at him. Finally when you came to the fork in the path, you moved down the right hand side to the one where you usually went to sit by the fountain. Instead Sepe grabbed you hand and tugged you down the path less-travelled without saying a word of explanation.

“What are we doing Sepe?” you asked.

“Romance.” was the only thing he said, a little knowing-smirk tugging at his lips.

You finished your cups of gelato and you noticed briefly that Seb started to fidget almost nervously as you continued on your walk. You were content to walk in near silence, enjoying the sounds of the city at night and the warm presence of Sepe beside you. All of the sudden, Seb nudged you over to turn down a little path that was strung up with white fairy lights in the trees and along the gravel path. He led you down a couple steps and all of the sudden you turned a corner and gasped at what you saw.

There, hidden amongst the trees was a beautiful gazebo lit up with the same fairy lights the path had been. But what really shocked you was the question laid out in strategically placed pebbles on the path.

‘Marry me?’

You turned around and saw Sebastian down on one knee, diamond ring sparkling in the low light.

He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t get the words out because you had already cried out yes and captured his mouth in a kiss. Sepe sighed out happily and, after slipping the ring on your finger, wrapped you up in a big hug and spun you all around. When he put you down, he didn’t let you go just simply said, “Told you I was romantic” and kissed you once more.


Cute eh? Next up: Jakob Chychrun

Spoiler warnings

Some Akira/Akechi here on Novemer 19th…

I’ve wanted to write about this time in the game for a bit now…

I love the cat and mouse game of Akira and Akechi. This whole part of the game was amazing.

When Akechi even states on tv that he tried to woo and seduce Akira… Gah. It was so spot on.

As soon as the interrogation room door clicked shut… Akira released a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

He wasn’t out of the clear yet…

Sae had his cell phone… all he could do was trust his comrades, trust the plan…

And pray to any holy deity that may be listening that Goro Akechi did not walk through that door.

It was hard to ignore his often overactive imagination. A flash of brown eyes under a mess of soft caramel brown waves. That smile, so sweet, just a flash of teeth…

He could even hear Akechi’s sweet lilting tenor. ‘Akira-kun…’

Akira shook his head, clearing the vision. He was still alone…

The drugs were starting to clear from the fog of his mind. He was so tired…

Slumping down in his chair… grey eyes shut. He had to stay sharp… Sae had to deliver his phone…

‘This is the end of your ‘Justice’…’

To think just a couple days ago Akira had brought the boy up to his room, with soft touches and coy smiles.

‘Come upstairs,’ Akira had whispered against the shell of the detective’s ear that night, having returned to the cafe from an evening spent with Futaba, and their schemes, to find Akechi making idle chit-chat with Sojirou at his usual place at the bar.

‘Lead him on,’ Futaba had looked gleeful as she talked about the subject. ‘We need him to stay distracted and off his game. Act like he’s in charge. Let him think he’s won.’

Like a cat playing with its prey, Akira’s smirk had been seductive, voice low, rough, his grey eyes hidden under heavy dark lashes…

He had felt Akechi’s warm breath on his face, Leblanc’s house blend with a hint of sweet mint behind it. Akechi had been waiting for him… was always waiting for him to return, to speak his riddles and try his best to wrap Akira around his finger…

Completely unaware of how the thief had absolute control.

Akira took the initiative, leaned forward, reached out and tugged, coy smile still in place, as their lips met.

Akechi was far from coy. His hands steadied himself against the back of the loveseat Akira was sitting on, standing between the dark haired boy’s spread knees. The kiss had deepened almost immediately, the senior showing his obvious inexperience, his sudden eagerness.

Akechi thought he had won.

The thief felt a little guilty. He could see the sincerity in Akechi’s eyes. Just flashes here or there. He could hear the falter of breath, the stutters of half truths. The quiet loneliness of a broken boy.

Akira didn’t know the whole story… but he ached with the need to save this boy. This boy who at times seemed so lonely… So misguided…

And he swore to himself that after all of this was over… he would do just that. That Akechi was not beyond salvation. His heart could be changed.

In the meantime, it was time for the seducer to be seduced. with kiss swollen lips, Akira raised his dark grey eyes to the detectives, watching the pupils dilate in desire and whispered, begged, ‘please…’

Goro Akechi was his.

Akira was jolted awake as the locked door was opened. Fear raced through his body thinking it was Akechi. Their plan failed. It was over.

Standing there instead was Sae. Her brown eyes wide in bewilderment. In her hand was his phone, the metanav open on the screen.

Akira fucking loved his friends.

“Alright” his voice was rough. He had talked more than he usually did today, getting Sae on their side. “Let’s go. The others are waiting.”

Sorry Akechi. You haven’t won yet. But let’s play for a little longer. I swear to you I’ll save you.

Vitamin Me

Anon: Doyoung fluff please ~ Anything is fine, I just need more Doyoung. Thanks!

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Doyoung x Reader

POV: First Person

I stared at my cup in amazement. “I think you’re tired because you lack in Vitamin me” The writing was smudged in black ink, the texture of the cup warm in my hands. When I looked up to see the barista, he was entertaining another customer. A shy smile plastered onto my lips as I took a sip. He looked to see me and the moment our eyes locked I lost my breath. He had the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen. Orange hair sat on head and his shoulders stretched wide beneath his neck. I quickly pulled myself together and hurried out of the cafe. The cup was still warm in my hands as I ran towards the bus stop, my heart beating fast with excitement. 

 All the classes proved to be a blur as the cup sat on my desk. I kept on staring at the curvy letters and the corny idea behind his strange pick up line. Did he do this to everyone? Or just me? But the way he looked at me. That definitely meant something. 

 After school, I went to the same coffee shop, hoping to get a glimpse of his ethereal face. He was still there, chatting with the much shorter cashier and laughing. His smile was radiant, it shone brighter than any light that adorned the white ceiling. I was paralysed before I felt a tap on my shoulder. An old lady grimaced at me and I quickly moved to the side. “Kids these days,” she hissed as she eyed me with contempt. 

 "May I help you?“ He asked. I turned around to meet the familiar eyes that arrested my heart. 

 "Hi yes.” My words clogged up my throat as I struggled to form a coherent sentence. He rested his weight on the glass counter and stared at me. His ogling gaze ceased my heartbeat. I wanted to leave. “Can I have a Caramel Macchiato please?" 

 He beamed at me and nodded. "Not what you ordered this morning, or all other mornings.” He actually kept a record of my orders? I blushed at his comment and smiled. 

“Your little message today was cute,” I finally said. He chuckled and set the cup in the counter, working with the machines. 

 "It was a bit lame to be fair.“ 

 "No! It was so cute!” My voice came out louder than expected, earning stares from the rest of the people. “My name is Doyoung by the way,” he said, swirling the cream on top of the drink.

 "I’m Y/N.“ I smiled at him and he reciprocated the expression. He scribbled something on the cup and handed it to me. Our fingers touched, the sensation tingling my skin. He had written down his number along with a dainty Call Me :) 

"I guess we’ll be seeing each other a lot,” he remarked. I threw him another smile and skipped happily out the shop. I could still feel his gaze from the window and when I looked back, behind the glass, he was looking at me.

How Will I Know [6/17]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

You’re engaged to James Barnes, at your fathers request and you always did as your father asked. That is till Steve Rogers waltzed into your life one night with those blue eyes haunting your dreams and the life shattering grin of his. Your families at odds, refusing to get along, the ring on your hand binding you to another man when you just might be falling for another set of blue eyes. Are you willing to say I Do in white and take this to the grave, or are you ready to defy your family and live something you’d only heard stories about?

Miss Something?

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The CEO and her assistant

The CEO and her assistant by merinxd
Written for Day 11 of ssfest17 :) 


By the time the board meeting was finished Sakura Haruno was tired. She looked at the time on her phone, and to her dismay, it was only 10 am. Friday was the best and worst day of the week. It was wonderful because she stayed up late and slept in on Saturday mornings. It was horrible because people tried for impromptu meetings all day – likely due to the fact that it was the last day of the business week and Sakura’s contact hours were Monday through Friday.

She simply wanted to sit at her desk in peace, hot latte in hand, with the promise of a relatively easy day. She wasn’t in the mood for appointments.

“Sasuke.” She said as she walked into the office. He was wonderful, always dressed in a suit, uncompromisingly long black hair, and a stern expression.

“Yes, Sakura?” Her assistant appeared at her side with a takeaway cup in hand. “It’s caramel.” He said.

Sakura smiled in relief. “Thank you.” She took the latte happily and strode to her desk. Once there she kicked off her heels immediately. They clunked to the floor and Sasuke covered his mouth in amusement.

“Don’t judge me.” She glared half-heartedly. She added, “You and I both know I’m going to be walking too much at the banquet tomorrow night.”  

Sasuke nodded and his smile faded. It wasn’t lost on Sakura and she found herself standing again. She took a large gulp of coffee and padded over to the man who was much taller now.

“Sakura…” He said as if a warning. “You don’t have to worry about me.”

She raised a brow and came closer. Once his personal space bubble was breached he gave in and let her hold his hand for a moment.

They were very close yet he kept the distance they imposed on themselves at work. If they didn’t have boundaries things would get out of hand.

“Are you sure?” She asked, looking up worriedly. “I don’t like taking a man that isn’t you. I promise he’s just a mannequin. I don’t even know his name.”
Sasuke chuckled darkly, “His name is Shima. I chose him, remember.”

Sakura stepped closer so that his body was warm against hers. He exhaled deeply in relief and closed his eyes. Sasuke wrapped his arms around her, breaking his own rule happily.

“I’m a trust fund baby with fuck all qualifications. It won’t be long till I graduate.” He reasoned bravely, even though waiting was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Then you’ll get a real job with my recommendation,” Sakura said against his chest.

Sasuke’s chin rested atop her head and he smirked.

“And then I’ll be your date, publically.” He shifted to whisper in her ear, “And maybe we’ll fuck in a cleaning closet.”

“Sasuke!” Sakura exclaimed, smacking his shoulder playfully.

Sasuke raised his hands in surrender stepping back once.

“What, a coat closet?” He joked and she smacked him again. He laughed, dodging the assault.

When he sobered and she had stepped toward her desk, Sasuke cleared his throat.

“We need to go through your day.” He said, pulling out a notepad from his breast pocket.

Sakura sighed, leaning her chin upon her hands.

“Are you sure you need to get another job?” She smiled cheekily, only half serious. “I like having you here.”

Sasuke looked up from the list, “I like being here. But I’ll like being with you better.”

Sakura understood completely.

“Soo –“ She sat up straighter. “What’s the agenda for today?”

It was back to business.


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You’re Gorgeous: Josh Dun x Reader fanfic

A/N: Okay if any of you are anything like me, you’ll still be wishing it was Halloween and you’re not even ready to think about Christmas. Sorry this took so long to get too, geez. Lol it’s snowing right now, but Josh fluff is perfect for any season, so let’s just roll with it… love you guys and thank you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Since it’s getting colder out I was wondering if I could request a Josh Dun x reader where the reader wears his sweaters and they cuddle and play outside with the leaves or something. Everything you write is so amazing and I’m a big fan or your work!

“Wake up babe,” Josh nudged you lightly. You had fallen asleep on the couch together eating leftover Halloween candy and watching a horror movie. While the movie kind of freaked you out a little, Josh’s arms were so comforting, and you couldn’t help but slowly drift off into sleep. “Hey y/n, it’s time to get up.”

“I’m comfy,” you whined, snuggling up beside him. “Don’t want to move.”

“But then how are we going to get caramel apples?” he raised an eyebrow. Your eyes opened, you sitting up, staring at him, excited.

“Caramel apples?” you raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Josh laughed. “That woke you up alright.”

“Come on, let’s get dressed,” you decided, tugging him off the couch and traveling to the bedroom. You decided to put on some leggings, a tank top, and you slid on one of Josh’s sweaters, earning a playful glare.

“Is that mine?” a smile curled on the side of his lips.

“Maybe,” you admitted. “But it’s so cozy and it’ll keep me warm.”

“It is a bit chilly out,” Josh sighed, slipping on a sweatshirt himself. “I guess I’ll let you slide.”

“Thank you,” you giggled, and he hugged you tight.

“Let’s go,” he suggested. “Maybe we can even get pumpkin pie while we’re at it.”

“That’s a lot of sweets,” you reminded.

“There’s never too much,” he argued. You guys drove to the farmer’s market downtown, something your town had set up every time it got to be around autumn. Josh turned up some of your favorite music, you leaning back in the shotgun seat, one of his hands holding yours, both of you humming along to the song. Something caught the corner of your eye, the Starbucks sign at the side of the road, and you tugged on Josh’s sleeve.

“Hey, I hear it’s PSL season,” you hinted. “Aren’t you tempted just a little?”

“Fine, one small detour,” he agreed with a smile. After picking up delicious Starbucks, you finally arrived at the farmer’s market. There were little children with their families picking out pumpkins, scouts selling baked goods, and a light chill in the air. Red, orange, and golden leaves littered the ground, warm apple cider being sold in mugs, and plenty of scarves and boots. It was definitely fall.

“Everything’s so pretty,” you grinned, taking in the sight. “It’s like stepping into a fairy tale.”

“Yeah, it’s really gorgeous,” Josh nodded, putting his arm around you as you walked down the street. “But it will never be as gorgeous as you.”

“Shut up,” you teased, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re such a flirt.”

“Sure,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m the flirt.”

“Whatever,” you laughed. “Let’s go find the caramel apples.”

After passing by the kettle corn, cobbler, pork roast, sweet potatoes, and soups, you finally spotted the table full of caramel apples. “Awesome,” Josh smiled. “Go pick out four, that way we can give some to Tyler and Jenna.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to eat them all?” you joked, picking up one and holding it out to him.

“I’m sure,” he promised, pulling out money from his pocket and handing it to you. “I’m going to go buy a basket and grab a pumpkin pie.”

“Great,” your eyes lit up. “Let’s meet by that tree over there when we’re done. Okay?”

“Yup,” Josh nodded. He gave you a kiss on the head before taking off, leaving you to choose a couple of caramel apples. You picked out several before going to the register, greeting the old lady before handing him the cash.

“I saw you with that young man with the pink hair,” she chuckled. “You two seem very friendly.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” you informed with a laugh.

“He must be very sweet,” she gave a fond smile. “It’s so nice to see young love in the air. Young couples are so adorable to watch.”

“Yeah, he’s extremely sweet,” you agreed as she handed you the apples in a small crate and your change. “Thanks so much. You have a great day.”

“You too, sweetheart,” the old lady waved you goodbye. You walked over to the tree, spotting Josh sitting underneath it, basket beside him, talking to a couple little kids. A smile spread on your face as you approached him.

“I want to play drums too,” a little boy in a sweatshirt told Josh.

“That’s awesome,” Josh grinned. “I bet you’d be great.”

“Who’s this?” a little girl with pigtails wondered, looking up at you as you sat beside Josh.

“Y/n?” Josh laughed, turning to face you. “This is the love of my life.”

“What?” the girl tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“Josh is my boyfriend,” you rolled your eyes.

“Oh,” her eyes lit up. “Are you married?”

“No,” you frowned.

“Hopefully one day,” Josh replied, nudging you slightly.

“Yeah,” you giggled. “One day.”

“You should play with us,” the boy in the sweater decided. “It will be fun.”

“What do you think, y/n?” Josh raised his eyebrow. “Up for a little bit of playtime?”

“Absolutely,” you chuckled. You placed the candy apples in the basket and the little girl helped pick you up from the ground and led you guys towards a small park. Josh carried the basket, as well as the little boy on his shoulders, and you glanced at him. He’d be such a good dad. He was so good with kids and full of laughter and love, you’d love to start a family with him one day.

“Do you love Josh too?” the little girl wondered, tapping on your leg. “He said you were the love of his life.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I love Josh very much.”

“That’s really nice,” she beamed. “I hope I fall in love one day too.”

“You will,” you reassured. “Everyone does eventually.”

“That’s gross!” the little boy exclaimed overhearing your conversation. “Girls have cooties.”

“Oh just you wait,” Josh laughed. “You’ll change your mind about that later.”

“Here we are!” the little girl exclaimed, spinning around in circles happily, racing towards a pile of leaves before jumping in it.

“Come on,” the little boy begged when Josh put him down. “Play in the leaves with us.”

“I don’t know, buddy,” Josh contemplated it. “It might get a little messy.”

“Please?” he gave him sad puppy dog eyes, and Josh couldn’t resist.

“Okay,” he complied. “Let’s go play in the leaves. You going to join us, y/n?”

“Of course!” you giggled, letting your little kid side out for a bit.

“Yay!” the little boy laughed, racing towards the leaf pile and jumping in it.

“You ready?” you turned towards Josh, extending your hand.

“Heck yeah,” he smiled, intertwining his fingers with yours as you both raced towards the leaf pile, barely big enough for the two of you to jump in. You laughed as the leaves crunched underneath the two of you, the two kids cheering happily, the little boy sprinkling leaves on the tops of your heads and the little girl trying to scoop up the leaves on the sides to make the pile even bigger.

“You have a little something in your hair,” you joked.

“No kidding,” Josh rolled his eyes playfully. He moved closer to you, surprise tackling you until you were covered in leaves.

“Ah! Josh!” you cried, both of you laughing as he kissed you on the lips. He pulled away and the two of you grinning. “You’re so sneaky.”

“You’re so gorgeous,” Josh smiled.

“Whatever,” you smirked, deciding to get revenge and you tackling him this time, pushing him into the leaves with a hug.

“Oh gosh, y/n!” he shrieked, and you giggled, before feeling someone else hug you from behind, and another person.

“Group hug!” the little girl announced.

“Dog pile!” the little boy insisted.

“I think there’s a huge difference between a group hug and a dog pile,” you chuckled.

“It doesn’t matter,” Josh shook his head. “We’ve got little friends and lots of sweets, comfy sweaters and fall leaves, and love is in the air. And I’ve got you, that’s all I could ever ask for. Right?”

“Was that an attempt at a really shitty poem?” you raised your eyebrows and tried not to laugh.

“An attempt,” Josh blushed.

“You’re ridiculous,” you laughed, kissing him on the cheek.

“You’re gorgeous,” he insisted.

“I love you,” you giggled.

“Love you too, y/n,” Josh grinned.