caramel smile

I was at a coffee shop. Drinking a cup of caramel latte while reading a good book. A little later, someone asked me if he could share a table with me, I looked around and the shop was actually full so I said yes. He gave me a smile as he take his seat right in front of me. He too ordered a caramel latte, and I smiled for no reason. I continued reading until I noticed him looking at me, until I asked why. He said that not all girls are of the same kind of book. He is actually referring to the book I am reading, Valentina by Evie Blake. Valentina is somewhat erotic in genre, same as 50 shades of grey. I smiled at him and said “so what?”. He looked down, embarassed. I chuckled when he do that. He opened his bag, and got a journal, he is somehow into writing I think? “A writer, nice.”, I said, he smiled a little wider and said “Yes. Actually I write short stories and poems.”. We both continued to what we should really be doing, but there is something in me that makes me want to talk to him, know him. I put down my book, opened a topic and to my amusement, he actually felt the same way too. We both smiled and laughed with our topic and of course, during the coffee. But as usual, not all will stay long in a coffee shop. “Sorry, but I have to go.” He said. “I’ll be staying coz I’m waiting for a friend.”, I said. Its a lie actually, I just don’t want to see people go, it hurts. Before he leaves, he opened his journal, wrote something in it. Even if he’s in a hurry, he still found time to write something for me. He ripped, smiled and run away. I turned my head, but he’s already gone. I read whats on the paper, and it made me smile. “She’s as sweet as caramel, exciting as coffee. I hope one day, she will belong to me.”, maybe an excerpt to his story. At the back of it was his name, number and a note that says: Lets meet some other time, I’ve enjoyed your company, a cup of coffee isn’t enough for our story.

so this is what its like to. die

Assurance - 7 (Harrison “Harry” Wells Reader)

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Sequel to Distraction

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“Oh my…” You leaned back in your chair, “That was delicious…”

“And your groaning…I assume that means you don’t want dessert.” Harry smirked at you taking a drink from his wine glass.

You looked at him rubbing your belly frowing, “Oh…you’re a bad man…”

He chuckled putting the glass down, “It’s always there for breakfast.”

“Well what is it?” You leaned forward looking at him.

“Apple pie, vanilla ice cream, with caramel.” He smiled at you putting his hand over yours before glancing at the empty chair next to her, “It was nice of Jesse to give us dinner alone.”

“It was very nice.” You looked into wonderful eyes getting lost for a moment. You’d forgotten how blue they were. Finally you licked you lips, “She’s very perceptive.”

“Oh?” He started to pour himself another glass.

“Yes, she figured me out pretty quickly.” You smiled, “She’s figured out us pretty quickly too.”

He reached for you glass but saw that it was full. He’d been enjoying your company so well he hadn’t noticed, “You don’t like the wine? I thought it was your favorite.”

“Oh it is…I’m…just not drinking right now.” You stood up picking up your plate bringing it to the sink.

He watched you as apprehension fell over his features, “Y/N…”

You looked back at him taking in a deep breath, “Harrison, there’s nothing wrong so please get that anxiety ridden look off your face.”

He sighed standing up collecting his plate walking it toward. He spoke slowly as you filled the sink with water for the dishes, “All day…you’ve had something on your mind…”

“Why do you say that?” You reached for the soap, but his hand reached out stopping you. You looked at him, “Harrison…”

“Y/N, I know you and I can see it in your eyes that something is going on.” He stared down at you, “I came here with the intention of just amending things. I knew that you made a choice to break away from Central City and I was learning live with that choice…but I love you and I want to be here. I want to see you…I-”

“I’m pregnant.” You blurted out getting him to stop talking.

“What?” He asked his mouth opening and closing.

“Apparently I have a really bad habit of sleeping with men named Harrison Wells in the heat of the moment…” You swallowed as you started to play with your hands, “And apparently you’re all very straight shooters and-”

He cut you off by taking your face into his hands kissing you fervidly. His arms wrapped around you pulling you closer to him. Finally he pulled away enough to look at your face, “You should be sitting.”

“Oh my god…you’re gonna be that guy…” You smirked pushing away from him.

He pulled you back kissing you again before he spoke again, “How far?”

You smiled a little as his hand found your stomach, “About two months.”

“This is what you and Jesse were talking about when I came up on you, isn’t it?” He couldn’t stop smiling.

“I…yes…I asked her if she’d be okay being an older sister.” You teared up a little, “At first she just thought I was talking about Ronnie and she said yes instantly…but afterwards…it sank in…that’s when you came back.”

His heart was racing as he just looked at you. Could he do this? He was free here…no press…no fans…no Zoom…He could just be a father to Jesse, Ronnie, and this new comer. It was appealing.

“You’re okay…you’re not like freaking out?” You finally asked him.

“I…” He let out a small sigh before a smile crept to his face, “I never wanted children after losing Y/N…it hurt too much to think that I could lose something precious. Then Jesse was here and my life changed…priorities changed. Then I lost my wife and I had to change my life again…”

“That doesn’t answer…” He held up his hand stopping you.

“Yes…I’m freaking out.” He smirked, “I’m freaking out…that this house is not near baby proof as it should be. I’m freaking out that I’m might have three girls to raise instead of just two…which means triple the boy issues…I’m freaking out that I’m going to be a dad again…and I have 7 to 8 months to convince you to not buy something from IKEA again…”

You had teared up listening to him talk, “Harrison…”

“Y/N, I love you and you’re back in my life for a third time…” His eyes were filled with so much emotion, “I’m not going to screw this up. I wasn’t before and I’m certainly not now.”

“Well…” You swallowed looking down to your feet, “I should probably teach you how to paint my toenails, because in a month I won’t be able to see them.”

He laughed a little, “Jesse, beat you to that…but I’m happy to oblige.”

He smiled watching you step away from him to clean the table. He’d never felt so full of joy since Jesse came into the world. This was more then he could ever ask for.

Belizean male, 33, 5′4″, Brown eyes, smooth caramel skin with a smile that won’t quit :).  I’m seeking any woman who thinks treasures can’t exist amongst trash.  I believe that a true friendship is a safe haven for the heart.

As I put together this introduction, please allow me to greet you with best wishes and humility for taking time out of your daily routine to read my profile. I understand this isn’t the conventional way of establishing a friendship, I can only hope that you will give me the opportunity to open your mind and heart to the possibility of making a new friend.

My name is Budd and I am looking for friends to correspond with.  Under the Zodiac sign I was born a Capricorn. My family and close friends say I have infinite patience and a way to see things through. I was born in Belize, Central America and raised in Los Angeles, California.

I consider myself to be a respectful individual, kind hearted, considerate of others and extremely open minded to life in general. My hobbies or interests are keeping my physical in shape, reading, writing, music, sports, and, I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in the world.

I understand my situation may weigh heavily against me and I’ve come to realize that my present situation is like numerous smudges that hinder my “true reflection”. I am in constant pursuit of growth while wiping away those smudges, so that one can see past the foolish decisions made yesterday and have a clear view of today’s changes embodied within the man behind this pen.

If by chance any of what I said has piqued your interest, then I extend a sentimental proposal of friendship, filled with honesty, understanding, and sincerity. I hope this will be the beginning to a wonderful friendship, so with that being said, again I send best wishes to you and yours in the comforts of your humble home.

Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite TV Show: Scandal
Favorite Quote: I am not perfect
Favorite Music: Rap, R&B
Favorite Movie: Training Day
Favorite Book: Anything by Eric Jerome Dickey
Heroes: My family
Incarcerated Since: 2003
Inmate Release Date: 2099
Incarcerated For: Murder
Serving Life Sentence?: Yes
Correspond Overseas?: Yes
JPay: Yes
Corrlinks: No

If you decide to send a picture of yourself, please write my full name and DOC # on the back of it or I won’t get it.  “Glenford Budd #90043″

Respectfully and sincerely yours, Mr. Budd

Glenford Budd #90043
Ely State Prison 
PO BOX 1989
Ely, NV 89301

Bias 10 Tag

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Term Bias Defined:


*In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived from “having a bias towards a particular person.” *

Okay so here’s my list: W/ a brief description of why I love them…

#1~ Kyuhyun Cho (Super Junior) *ULTIMATE BIAS* Gorgeous, Awkward and extremely talented. Has a voice that stops me dead in my tracks and gives me goosebumps. I love him now and always.

#2~ Yesung(Super Junior) With a voice of soft salted caramel and a boyish smile that forces you to say “Awww”  How could you not love Yesung?

#3~Lee Joon Gi  This beauty not only has a smolder that could burn a hole through your heart, but an adorable warming smile and a goof streak longer than any maknae, he is also known for being the sweetest and most generous person to be around.

#4~ Jimin (BTS) This one hit me hard out of left field.  You have to watch out for these BTS guys, they steal your heart before you can even blink. This cutie, ridiculous grin particular, has so many fangirl wins going for him. Freadiculous(freakin ridiculous) grin, his semi-soft and gritty voice not to mention the boy’s got moves. OMO and the lip bite…..

#5~ Jungkook (BTS) Don't even get me started on this bias. He is just too cute for words but also has a smokey side that makes you go… “ WHAT?”

#5~ Jhope/Hobi(BTS) I don't know how this happened either. I first fell in love with Hobi’s incredible dancing then his crazy endless energy…finally, he pushed his way onto my list and I was helpless to stop him.

#6~Jin(BTS) OMG this little jerk won me over and its all the MV DANGERS fault. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PUT THIS GUY IN EYELINER… EVER> PANTS.

#7~NamJoo Hyuk. I fell in love with him in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and my heart Won't let go!!!! Damn is adorableness…

#8~Lee Joong  Suk. 2 words EYE FRECKLE.  Also a damn fine actor and cute as hell…

#9~ Leo(VIXX) The shy and awkward panda that he is… how could you not like him?

and finally… 

#10~ RAVI.(VIXX)  SO fierce and smoldery. YES ILL TAKE ONE PLEASE>

 SO yeah this is my list…

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