caramel sandwich cookie


Sunshine Sweets Bakery is having its grand opening on Sunday, March 20th, from 6-9pm EST! Come and try some free samples and enjoy some sweets. The bakery is located in the Goblet at Ward 4, House 42, Room 19.

(An NPC bakery employee miqo’te is present to take orders and serve on anyone who wishes to roleplay in the bakery, 24/7)

Free samples include:

Dark Pretzels - Savory twists of bread, sprinkled with coarse-ground salt and served with a side of dragon pepper mustard.

Honey Muffins - Moist, fluffy cakes made with generous portions of honey and served with whipped honey-orange butter.

Apple Tarts - Small, round flaky pastries filled with softened, sweet faerie apples and fragrant spices. Lightly drizzled with caramel sauce.

Ginger Cookie Sandwiches - Creamy ginger, cinnamon buttercream frosting between two melt-in-your-mouth, sweet and spicy cookies.

( @crescent-ffxiv )


Tonight Navyy took me to a cooking class to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. It was a bunch of fun!! The menu was: Mexican Tortilla Soup with Cojita Cheese and Avocados, Brazillian Black Bean and Mango Stew, Cuban Rabbit Stew with Bacon, Sherry, and Almonds, and Argentinian Caramel Sandwich Cookies. We each worked on one dish, so Navyy and I were paired up with another couple and did the rabbit stew all together while the other groups worked on the other dishes, and then at the end we all got to sample everything.

Making the rabbit stew was pretty fun. I’ve never cooked with rabbit before, nor had I used a pressure cooker before tonight, but it was all pretty slick, and not only were the directions easy to follow (and our fellow co-cookers generally helpful), but the instructor was good about stepping in with guidance when we had questions. Everything was fairly simple (ie. I could easily make this at home with similar ingredients), but flavorful and definitely not something I would normally cook on my own. Plus, we didn’t have to do our own dishes or anything, so that made it all the better.

All in all it was a very fun night, and a great night together for the two of us. Tomorrow will probably be pretty low-key. Both Navyy and I are working, so aside from maybe inviting a couple folks to stop by for a drink after dinner, I can’t imagine I’ll be doing too much with the day. But this was a great way to celebrate my birthday. Hope we can do another one of these cooking classes again in the future!