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There’s no Waffle House here in China.

Not an IHOP anywhere either.

What we do have is Mr Pancake, Shanghai’s premiere breakfast food chain!

I’d never been to one until yesterday, when some colleagues and I popped in after an early morning meeting. And ask expected, the menu was filled with all sorts of pancakes. Eggs and bacon and breakfast burritos too, but as the name makes clear, pancakes are the star here. Like this stack of sweetness…

Nutella and Caramel Popcorn Pancakes!

This was not my order, and I did not try them, but that plate was clean in no time!

I did have an order of plain pancakes with butter and syrup, and they were quite good. I’m not the biggest pancake eater, but the place definitely does its name proud.

However, is it just me or is that Mr. Pancake logo kind of creepy?

Mr. Pancake has locations all around Shanghai.

I’m half way through reading my current read, The Night Circus. And, oh goodness! This book is truly enchanting and magical! It’s everything one can hope for, better actually! It has that perfect put-you-under-a-spell vibe to it. It’s a magnificent blend of a dream & a nightmare that makes it extremely exquisite.
Anytime I read it, I get so engrossed into it that I don’t want to stop. It traps me in a world that I feel is made just for me.
I don’t yet know the entire story because I’m still reading it but I’m sure it’s going to have one great ending! Its so beautifully expressed, and written, every single movement or gesture is described in the most beautiful way.
There’s not one character in this book that I don’t like, every character has one’s own life and personality. All the characters are extremely mysterious and make me wonder.
I don’t have words to express this novel. It’s a true work of art! It’s absolutely lovely from caramel popcorn to apple cider!
If any person out there is looking to read a book which is truly magical, suspensive and filled with magic, Black & White tents, smoky caramel, flickering lights, and illusionists; then this book is made for you.

The Signs at the Movies
  • Aries: *Taking their caramel popcorn and putting it in the good twins hair*
  • Taurus: *Actually watching the movie w/ Cancer& Virgo*
  • Gem Twins: Good Twin// ARIES WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!
  • Bad Twin// *Tipping the soda in the other twins lap*
  • Cancer: *Trying to not be so annoyed w/ Aries & the Bad Twin, overall enjoying the movie until Leo throws popcorn all around*
  • Leo: *Throwing popcorn around the movie theater & singing w/ the movie-REALLY FREAKING LOUDLY*
  • Virgo: *Successfully avoiding all the messes until Pisces shoves M&M's down Virgo's pants*
  • Libra: *Pushing peanuts up Capricorn's nose*
  • Scorpio: *Setting off the fire alarm*
  • Sagittarius: *Messing w/ the workers by pulling their pants down*
  • Capricorn: *Trying to avoid Libra's peanuts but ends up with 8 in their nose*
  • Aquarius: *Sitting and watching the movie*
  • Pisces: *Shoves M&M's down Virgo's pants*