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Sheltered pt. 1

Sheltered  – Engraved
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Short: Law student and intern Kim Jongin uses his charms for a dangerous pastime behind the screens, but he falls for the most normal girl.
Words: 3080
Type: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Kai x Miyong (oc)
Warnings: mentioning of an accident
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

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Kai pov

The office was in it’s usual bustling state of busy. Sounds of rustling paper, the copy machines, nails on keyboard filling his ears while he was going over his merger case. The two companies had a lot in common but their client was trying to get more out of the deal. He was searching through databases and e-mailing people to try and get the information he needed to let everything go as smoothly as possible.
His booth was at the far corner of the room, and he had the wall on his left and the rest of the room on his right. He liked it, this way he could see everything. It wasn’t too big of a room, there were about 10 paralegals and interns in here. Everyone knew each other by now, much to his tries of keeping to himself. The people were nice and it was nice to be around them, sometimes they went out for a drink after work, or all got lunch together.
The girl beside him leant over the booth, her head on her hands on the small wall. “What are you working on?” she asked, warm caramel curls falling over the edge and framing her face.

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most ardently- chapter two

Clarke Griffin has been forced to abandon her name and her family. She is desperately hiding in her new role as lady’s maid to Lady Lexa, fumbling through her duties and hoping to become invisible, when she realises that her heiress mistress is caught firmly under the thumb of her overbearing uncle. As Lexa suffocates under the expectations of her remaining family, she and Clarke slowly realise that they may be each other’s safe haven.

or: Clarke is hiding a secret while struggling to seem like an experienced lady’s maid for Lexa, who is painfully glad for a friend.

2/6, 5.4k words

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Lady Alexandria’s cousin does not appear until Clarke’s third day of work for the Woodward family. Her uncle Clarke has spotted, stalking through the halls in a smart suit, swinging a cane from his hand and speaking with Lexa in serious tones when they take tea together in the drawing room. He is a frequent visitor, often bringing with him a trail of others, members of large families determined to make Lexa’s acquaintance, particularly the stream of young men in tails and top hats.

It’s because Lexa is the sole heiress to the family fortune, Octavia had told her on her first evening, when she was warming her feet close to the fire in the small apartment that the Blake siblings share.

“Her uncle is determined that she will make a good match,” Octavia’s eyes gleamed with interest over the stocking she is patching.

“Her ladyship seems less keen,” her brother had commented darkly from across the room, where he is carefully filling in their personal accounts book.

Octavia had huffed at him, pursing her lips and shaking her head, “Bellamy is upset because Lady Alexandria is inheriting as a woman,” she told Clarke loudly, “and up until now she seems to be certain not to take a husband. A woman managing all of that land, can you ever imagine.” She had rolled her eyes so hard that Clarke that expected them to roll out of her head.

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Vernon/OFC: But darling, would you still love me in the morning?

Genre: Fluff/Humor

Word Count: 915

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Summary: Waking up Vernon is a long, difficult journey. 


“Vernon? Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.”

She poked his cheek, frowning. Talking to Vernon at 6 A.M. was just as well as talking to a block of concrete.


“Good morning baby, good morning!” she sing songed, for the sun decided to bless the both of them with its presence. This time, she decided to ruffle the sheets, exposing his legs.

He growled, shutting his eyes tighter, and pulling the warm sheets over his body. “What do you want, woman.” he half-hissed, the intensity of last night’s schedule practically eating him alive.

“I want you to wake up and spend the day with me.”

“We are spending the day together.” he grumbled, reaching for her waist. “By sleeping.”

“I don’t want to sleep.” she huffed, tugging the blankets once more. “Now, do you want scrambled or fried—Vernon?”

His light snoring was her reply.

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Written by: spencerreidsmiles

A story about Spencer comforting you after you leave your abusive boyfriend. For @sarahcrystalheart

Trigger Warnings: mentions of abuse

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kollektivet + kittens

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Eskild: Heiiii Sana!!! I know this is probably an odd message for you to receive, but Noora told me that you have kittens? And me and Linn were wondering if we could come and see them?

Sana: Sure!

Eskild: Yas! Thank you Sana!


Sana hasn’t been to Noora’s in a while, at least not while Eskild has been there, and she has almost forgotten how, well, flamboyant he is. When he arrives at her apartment, he sweeps into the place, exclaiming about how nice it is to see her, and how lovely her apartment is.

He blows her a kiss, as well, and when she looks confused, he explains. “Well, I would normally kiss you on the cheek, you know, but Noora says you wouldn’t like that.”

Sana smiles widely at Noora, standing at the edge of the room with Linn, neither of them having managed to get a word in edgeways yet because of Eskild’s nonstop chatter.

“Do you want to see the kittens?” Sana says. Eskild’s face lights up, and even Linn seems to smile a little.

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Sugar Daddy Part 2

Continued from @curlytomholland ’s collage from Instagram! 💕 A bit of smut (hardly lmao)
We’ve been together for almost two years now, Harrison acting as our somewhat scary bouncer as we robbed casinos and their money.

I guess you could call him a third accomplice. He did act as our getaway man or he helped Tom distract the ladies.

I got all dolled up, wearing a black laced and long sleeved dress, complimenting my light caramel skin tone.

My curls were let loose, framing my face perfectly and I wore a natural lipstick, staying away from any other makeup.

“You don’t need that lipstick doll.” Tom said, cuffing his sleeves and eyeing my in my mirror.

I stopped applying to answer him.

“I know Tom. But it’s for the occasion.” I replied, filling in my bottom lip.

He came up from behind me and his hand slowly rubbed my right thigh, resting on my hip. His mouth pressed into my ear.

“You don’t need it.” He growled. I smiled, setting the lipstick down and sauntering away from him.

“Well I want it Sugar.” I said, casting a glance behind me and leaning my arms against our hotel balcony, the cool air crisp on my skin.

I felt his arms snake around my waist, his lips pressed to my neck.

“Sugar what?” He said in between kisses. I chuckled.

“I’m not saying it.” I said, ignoring his tempts.

“Say it.” He said, biting my skin. I bit my lip and shook my head no.

He began to rub my thighs, and moved the hair away from my neck, exposing it to the cold and to his lips.

His mouth brushed my neck with soft kisses, moving below my ear lobe. He turned me to face him, making me gasp quietly.

He smirked.

He lifted me up, my legs wrapping around him.

“Say it…” he whispered. I shook my head no again and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“Wrong answer.” He said, carrying me to the bedroom.

“Tom.. now is not the time. We’re going to be late.” I said as he plopped me down onto the bed.

He undid his tie, unbuttoning his shirt and climbing on top of me.

“Then I guess I won’t stop until you call me by my name.” He said, licking my neck. I shivered and he chuckled in my ear.

“Will you say it?” He asked, unzipping my dress slowly.


“Shhh… we have plenty of time before we need to go.” he whispered, slipping my dress off my shoulders.

I let if fall and he smiles at me.

“I guess we do..” I say, feeling the crevices of his stomach.

He takes his shirt off, exposing his body to me and hovers above me.

“I love you Sweets.” He said, his hands sliding down to the brim of my underwear.

My breath hitches in my throat as his hand goes lower.

“I love you too Tom.” I say, his hand finding its way into my underwear.

“I won’t do anything until you say my name.” He whispers in my ear, biting the lobe afterwards.

“I hate you so much.” I say.

He starts to tease me with his thumb and I bite my lip, a small and quiet gasp escaping my mouth.

“Say it… and I’ll do it.” He whispers again, stopping his actions.

“Sugar Daddy.” I breathe out.

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The trees are starting to change colors. do you think the crunch of a leaf is it screaming out in pain when you step on it? For Peter Parker ?

Title: In The Air.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader.
Words: 848.
Rating: K. (fluff).

The trees are starting to change colors.” Peter said rather observantly, his eyes scaling from your face, upwards towards a few golden crisp, lined with green trees that were scattered on the side of the street. One tree, every ten feet or so. They were there for decoration purposes, or so he figured. Because really, in a city like Brooklyn, why else would there be trees on the side of a busy street? Well, other than to supply some sort of shade during the hell of summer. “That means I guess Fall is officially here.” To confirm his statement, a bit of a breeze rushed through the air, leaves scattering around your feet, some getting caught on the sidewalk, and some getting lifted and blown elsewhere. It had been unseasonably hot ever since Fall began, and this was one of the first days where it actually felt like it. Hell, it even smelt like it as the scent of wet leaves hit your nostrils.

You laughed, something that caught his attention and drew his eye line back to your face. The Styrofoam cup in your hands, full of hot chocolate warmed your fingertips as you looked up at your boyfriend with playful eyes. “Fall is officially here the second September 21st rolls around.”

“Ohhh, you’re one of those people.” Peter sang quietly, readjusting his book bag on his shoulder. The smile that he shot at you with nothing short of boyish and full of youthfulness, and his eyes surely held adoration as he watched you walk beside him.

“One of what people?” Biting your bottom lip, you watched Peter’s face shift into thought for a brief moment. You couldn’t help but think how cute that face was. He’d scrunch his nose before letting a small puff of air leave his mouth. The infamous thinking face.

“One of those crazy Fall people,” His voice was amused, “Oh my god, I need my PSL, like stat.” He chuckled, digging his hands through his slightly curled caramel brown hair to get it out of his face. The heat attacked your face as you heard him say that. Denying it would make matters worse, and so would accepting your fate that yes, you were like that. But, not crazily so. “Let me go shove a pumpkin up my a-”

“There’s nothing wrong with like this season,” You huffed and took a sip of your drink. It scorched your tongue, and then your throat. “It’s really nice. The weather is cool, I mean, Halloween is right down the corner, not to mention cuddle weather. And then, we got the Holidays coming too.”

“I gotta admit,” Peter started happily, plucking the cup from your hand and taking a drink himself. This made you gasp softly, for it was something you weren’t expecting. You tried to grasp the cup from his grip but he held it above his head and continued, “The cuddling is probably my favorite part. We do it very well.”

“Keep tellin’ yourself that,” You joked as he took another sip. His eyes never left yours though. “You’re always the little spoon.”

“I can’t help it,” The cup was handed back to you, which you accepted gracefully for now your fingers were warm once again, “being held by the most beautiful girl has always been a dream of mine.”

You rolled your eyes and threw your head back rather dramatically with a small groan, the sound of a few leaves under your weight crunching into your ears. It was a satisfying sound, and you weren’t even trying to intentionally step on them. “Keep your dreams to yourself, Parker. That was cheesy.”

“Yeah it was,” It was a good thing that he could admit it without a second thought, “But, can I ask you something that isn’t cheesy? Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it since we started walking home.”

“Depends what the question is.” You straightened your head and gazed at him again.

Do you think the crunch of a leaf is it screaming out in pain when you step on it?” Peter’s face was completely stoic, and that made it difficult to tell if he was being serious or if he was just playing around.

“If that’s the sort of stuff that geniuses think about, they’re truly revolutionary.”

“Not going to lie, I was going to say ‘What made you fall in love with me?’ but I don’t think you’d appreciate that.”

“I’d have pushed you into the street.” You balled your face up in fake disgust, though the pick-up line was cute.

“I made the smart choice then.” Peter laughed, urging you to hold hands with him as his fingers traced yours on the cup of hot chocolate. You gave up, your fingers intertwining with his. Giving your hands a small swing in the air, he sighed, the burning sensation of the cold air washing inside of his nose, “But, if we’re being honest here, you’re the only girl I want to… fall in love with.”

“Do you really want to end up like a pancake in the middle of the street?”

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“How Dare You!”

A/N: This is based off of @unkindnessofone ‘s writing prompts (It’s number 52) and Ashton’s recent haircut. I hope you all like it! Feedback is always welcome:) masterlist

How dare you!

Ashton’s smirk faltered a bit at your exclamation. He was expecting shock when he returned to your shared flat with the sides of his head missing several inches of hair, but he wasn’t expecting you to be angry.


“I said How dare you! What did you think you were doing, getting your head shaved.” Ashton noted your hands clenching the air like he imagined they would squeeze his neck if you weren’t a relatively controlled person.

“Well,” he began timidly, his earlier confidence with his new ‘do practically dissipated, “it’s not all shaved, just the sides, to change it up a bit.” His fingernails dug into his palms as his stomach turned nervously. Ashton had wanted to try a new look, and he figured you would love it. You were constantly raving about his “floof” and you would always run your fingers through it when you cuddled in bed. He thought that the new cut accented his caramel curls well, so he expected you to be excited, but he had clearly miscalculated, and now he was worried for his well-being.

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin, a vast majority of your hair is gone. How do you expect me to properly get ahold of you while we kiss if there’s nothing there?”

Ashton internally had his aha moment. You were just frustrated because the curls your wrapped your fingers in during steamy make out sessions were back in the salon trash can instead of on his head, and you didn’t above anywhere to tangle your fingers. “Aw, you can still use the top!” Your eyes narrowed,

“You want me to grab the top of your head while we kiss? Do you even know how awkward that is?” Ashton’s cheeks became rosy as he pictured the scene, you on your tippy toes, trying fervently to maintain a grip on the top of his head while your lips messily pressed together. He giggled at the image before responding, “I don’t know! Maybe we should try out some stuff, see where your hands fit now. Plus, we can always use kissing practice.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively, hazel eyes bugging out comically, while you rolled your own eyes dramatically.

“If we must, then I guess we should get started. It could take me a while to find a new position for my hands.” You wiggled your fingers at Ashton before you advanced toward him, smiles on both of your faces. Ashton looked visibly more relaxed than he had when you first raised your voice at him, and you were happy to kiss your boyfriend as you fingers trie to find purchase in Ashton’s freshly clipped hair.

After an enthusiastic make out session disguised as a trial for hand placement, you cuddled on the couch. Your arm was stretched up and your fingers carded through Ashton’s remaining curls. He smiled at the feeling, the repetitive motion bringing him contentment and relaxation. “Hey, Ash, just so you know, I think you look really attractive with your haircut.” His hazel eyes lowered, focusing on your head resting against his chest. He wasn’t sure that the words were really necessary, you had been very into kissing him before. He suspected you would be less enthusiastic about it if you found his hair repulsive, but a compliment from you could always boost his confidence. “Thanks. For the record, I think your hair looks great all the time.” You smirked at his flattering remark. “Thanks, Ash. You never know, maybe I’ll come home one day with a new style, and we’ll have to do some more kissing practice.” You winked up at Ashton, and saw a blush covering his cheeks. “We could always start now,” He said suggestively, spinning you around to face him. You giggled in response and leaned forward to press your lips against Ashton’s.

someday we will | skimmons


Words: 416

Rating: General

Type: Drabble

Fic Tags: Romance, Fluff, Cuddling

Pairing: Skimmons/BioQuake/Daisy x Jemma

Fandom: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Jemma, d’you think we’ll be married someday?”

The question startles Jemma out of her trance. She twists around in her desk chair to look at Daisy, who is sprawled out casually on her ivory bedspread.

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Changes (Bucky Barnes x Reader) (Part 1)

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

Summary: (Y/N) has powers and wished to be part of the Avengers but the opportunity appeared in the worst moment possible… when she became the only guardian of her best friend’s daughter.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1392

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Changes (Part 1)

“Shh, honey. You’re gonna be ok. I swear it, baby.”

You hold the little girl tight around your arms as she cried her heart out. Your hands made your way to her hair and you started to comb her caramel brown curls in a soft pace.

You both were at her father’s funeral and his coffin was being buried next to the one that belongs to her mother, your best friend who died 7 years ago. You felt your heart squeezing in your chest to the memory of her death but now you had a little angel in your arms with the same name as her mother and who you had to take care of alone.

When the ceremony was over, all the members of his family reached you to greet the kid.

“Auntie (Y/N), there’s a man watching us over there” she whispered in your ear once there were only a few people left.

You looked in the direction that she said to find a tall man in a black suit staring at you.

“I’m going to talk with him. Stay with your uncles for a few minutes, Emily”

The distance between you and the man was short to reduce, and you find yourself shaking hands with him faster than you had imagined.

“Miss (Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you despite I would prefer a meeting under other circumstances. I’m from S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“I’d prefer that too, but I’m afraid that right now I can’t be useful. I offered my help and you didn’t take it. I have a kid under my responsibility now.”

“The Avengers do really need your abilities this time. We can protect you, and the girl.”

You sighed. He was telling the truth, you knew it. Even if he wasn’t, you would know, that was one of your gifts… You can tell when something was a lie.

“I’m afraid that I will have to decline your invitation this time. Maybe postpone it… give me a couple weeks, we are having a hard time. Come again with the details and it would be great if you could come with the Black Widow. Emily’s a big fan.”

“I will do my best. My apologies for the inconvenient”

Before you could give a reply, a little hand took yours.

“Hello, sir.  Auntie, can we go now?”

You noticed how she was rubbing her red eyes with her free hand.

“Of course, sweetie. I was saying goodbye” You smiled at her and returned your attention to the other man “Will see you soon, agent”

Almost 20 days passed before you had news from the Avengers and from S.H.I.E.L.D. You finished the papers for the custody of Emily and moved a few of your belongings to the guest room in her house. You didn’t want the main room because it felt like an insult to the memory of your best friend and Samuel, her husband; that’s why you decided to leave it like you found it.

You were starting to think that they won’t need your help anymore and, despite having a job with the Avengers was your dream about 3 years ago, maybe it was for the best. You already had a stable job with a good pay anyways. It was a really big surprise when the bell of the apartment rang one Friday morning when you were making breakfast.

“I’ll go!” you heard Emily scream from her room.

You turn off the stove and hurried to the door.

“Who’s there?” she asked aloud to the closed door.

You giggled watching as she tried in vain to reach the peephole and the shirt pulled out of the red checked skirt of her school uniform.

“Let me,” you said as you looked through it. You smiled at what you saw. She was going to freak out “You can open the door, Em.”

“Woooow” she exclaimed once she opened it.

Three people were standing in front of you… a tall blond guy with blue eyes who looks towering but gentle at the same time; a red-haired woman that you knew was analyzing you but looks friendly at the same time; and a tall man with long hair and a metal arm.

“Auntie! They are the Avengers!”

You just smiled, trying to not catch her excitement, something that was being difficult as you were an empath. But you gave your best to use your energy to the people that were in front of you. A nostalgic aura coming from Bucky.

“Good morning ma’am. My name’s Steve Rogers, she’s Natasha Romanoff and he is Bucky Barnes. We are here because of the meeting that you had a few weeks ago” 

“Yes, I remember. Nice to meet you. Please, come in. I’m (Y/N) and the girl that is having a meltdown is Emily. You can have breakfast with us if you want”

“OMG” Em got out of her shock and run to hug Natasha, you tensed a little but relaxed when you saw that the woman was hugging her back.

“I would like a cup of coffee if you don’t mind.”

You guided them to the kitchen and placed three plates more and turned on the coffee machine and the stove to made the pancakes.

“Bucky, can I touch your arm?”

You felt his fear to the question.

“It’s not a good idea, honey,” You said placing a cup of coffee before him and another in front of Natasha. “You’re making him uncomfortable. Why don’t you try with his hair? But only if he’s fine with that.”

“Okay,” she said defeated as he smiled at you and muttered a thank you. “Can I touch your hair, Bucky? Auntie, your hair is pink”

Oh, shit. You changed it to its original color before everyone could see it but you knew that Bucky took notice of that without the help of your empathy just by his cheeky grin.

“Yes, Em. You can touch my hair if you want.”

You placed a cup of coffee in front of Steve and one in your place before you put the pancakes for everyone in the dishes.

“These are so good” Natasha praised chewing a bite of the food.

“Thanks,” you said with a smile before you took a sip of your coffee.

When you all finished your breakfast, Steve asked you for a private talk, you agreed, leaving the kitchen and going to the living room.

“Going to the point, I need to explain to you why we need you to become part of our team, to become an Avenger.”

“I hope you don’t mind… but I think is fair to tell you that I’ll know if you’re lying”

“I know,” he said “We’ve read your file and that’s the reason we are here. Besides, I avoid lying”

You nodded.

“Like I said, I’m this kid’s guardian. I can’t leave her and this job is too dangerous.”

“We can offer you protection and a new home in the Tower. There’s the safest place I can offer for her.”

“What about my job? What would I’d have to do?”

“We need you for the interrogatory because of you’re an empath and because you can know when something is not true. And we would probably need you for undercover missions. I don’t know about field missions, but that’s something we could discuss if you accept. I have to tell you that you would have training even if we agree to not send you to the field.”

You think about it for a few minutes in silence. It sounds reasonable and that was your dream, maybe you won’t have to give up on that.

“I agree with that, but only if Emily agrees with moving out. I will talk about this with her after school and I will let you know”

“Auntie (Y/N)! Can I missed school today?”

You rolled your eyes.

“Of course you can’t. You missed school yesterday.” You said entering the kitchen.

“But auntie! We’re having fun!”

“What about this…? We can take you to school if (Y/N) wants to. Is that ok?” Bucky said looking at you with a smile and a wink.

You nodded, knowing that that smile was going to be your perdition. 

“That sounds great, don’t you think Em?”

“I supposed, but my idea was better”

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Wolfstar prompt: sirius and remus aren't dating yet but it's obvious they both have feelings for eachother. One night for some reason or another sirius asks remus to pierce his ears and sirius is a super scared baby and remus has to calm him down. In the end there are kisses

Sirius is sitting upside-down on a common room couch staring into the fireplace. James is in their room sulking after a particularly bad detention with Slughorn and Peter is in the library, frantically trying to finish a runes paper. Remus is curled up on the couch beside him, his legs tucked underneath him, reading a book.

Sirius sighs loudly. “I’m bored.” He moves his body in one swift motion, resting his feet on Remus, his head several inches from the arm rest.

Remus mumbles in response, turning the page of his book.

Sirius studies his face. A caramel curl dances in front of one of his green eyes, which are dialed from concentration. A slight wrinkle has formed between his eyebrows as he reads. Sirius tries to keep himself from tracing the scar that runs from the side of his eyebrow, curving up through the brow to his forehead, then arching down, ending bellow his cheekbone. Remus’ ears are so small compared to the rest of his long, lanky form - like they never caught up with the growth spurt that had stretched the rest of him two years ago. Sirius admires it’s smallness and the intricate details of it: three multicolored studs rest on the top of his cartilage, two small hoops sit on his lobe alongside a slightly larger dangling paw print, and a black curved rod through his tragus has a silver spike on either end. Before he has time to think nibbling the bare space where lobe meets cartilage, Sirius finds words falling out of his mouth.

“You know what would really piss of my parents, Moony? Your tiny studded ears.”

Remus looks up from his book, squinting. “I’m sure my entire body would be enough to piss off your parents even without my… ‘Tiny ears’.”

“Fair enough. But if I had those, it would piss them off just on principal.”

Remus nods, shrugging, his eyes never letting go of Sirius’.

“How confident are you in your piercing abilities?”

Remus sets his book aside and shifts his weight as he turns towards Sirius, scratching the back of his head before setting a hand on Sirius’ calf. “Well, Lily taught me a couple of years ago and I’ve done two on the bottoms of my ear… I don’t think I’d mess with anyone’s cartilage, but I’m fairly confident elsewhere. Why?” As if he needed to ask why.

“Well, what are we waiting for, then? What is my punk aesthetic worth with bare ears?” Sirius sits up, crossing his legs. His stomach flutters slightly from the proximity of their faces now. He notices color flushing across Remus’ cheeks.

“Err - um, okay? Just let me - maybe we should head upstairs then.” He gets up, letting his hand brush against Sirius’ leg. “It’s best to do in the bathroom… Better lighting and better in case there’s blood…”

Sirius’ smile wavers slightly at the thought of blood, but he let Remus take his hand and lead him up the stairs.

They crept quietly through their room to the bathroom.

“I guess Prongs went from brooding to sleeping finally,” Sirius jokes as he shuts the door.

Remus chuckles as he goes to open his cabinet.

Sirius perches himself on the edge of the sink closest to the door, letting himself slide slightly into it. He watches Remus shuffle through his cabinet. His elbow leans on the open door, his hand resting on the nape of his neck. His face obscured by his forearm, but he can see the curve of his back and the small bit of stomach peaking from his raised sweater. His dark jeans rest low, hugging his ass in an impossible way -

Remus turns and closes the cabinet. Sirius shakes his head as he yells at himself internally to get his shit together.

“So, I’ve got a few steriles in here still, so we should be good to go. Are we going for both ears or just one?”

“I can’t mess with this perfect symmetry - both.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that,” Remus playfully remarks. He walks up to Sirius’ left and sets a handful of items in Sirius’ lap. “Hold.”

Sirius snorts. “Thanks for the warning.”

“Keep your head straight… If you can manage.”

Sirius snorts again. Remus brushes a lock of hair away from Sirius’ ear, the light touch sending a shiver down Sirius’ spine.

“Okay…” Remus sees Sirius’ face scrunch, anticipating pain. He marks Sirius’ ear before laughing. “I have to mark where I’m going to stab before I do anything, you berk.”

Sirius smiles slightly, shrugging his shoulders. “Git.”

“A git that is going to have a needle next to your face in less than a minute.”

Sirius rolls his eyes as Remus slips himself between his seat and the sink beside him to reach his other ear.

He walks back to face Sirius, who is still symmetrical save for his smirk. “Well, I think sideways suits you. Shall we?”

Sirius - again - snorts and rolls his eyes. “Maybe I trust you too much, Rem.”

“Maybe.” Remus reasons as he walks to Sirius’ left side again. “You may want to control your mane.”

Sirius sighs and throws his hair up, using one of the many hair bands on his wrist. The smell of cinnamon and leather tinged with cigarettes hits Remus strongly as he moves he whips his hair to bring it all into his hands. Remus tries to calm the butterflies in his stomach, concentrating on the spot where the wall meets the ceiling. “Better?” Sirius asks, glancing up at him.

Remus nods, that those grey eyes aren’t turning his insides to mush. Sirius straightens his head and braces himself. Remus sets a cork behind Sirius’ ear lobe and steadies the needle against the mark. “One… Two.” He sticks the needle through and the ring following. “…Three. Not so bad, right?”

Sirius lets out a shiver. “Yeah.” It comes out as a squeak. He clears his throat. “Yeah. Not so bad.”

“One more.” Remus tosses the needle into the bin before situating himself again between Sirius’ sink and the one beside them. He casts the cleansing spell again and pierces the ear (this time, actually moving on three). “Alright, you alright?”

Sirius nods and looks over at him. “It’s better the second time around.”

He feels his breath on his face and Remus’ breath hitches. Sirius blinks. He looks pensive for a moment. Before he thinks about what he is doing, Remus leans in. Sirius’ lips are smooth and soft. They contrast with the scruff that Remus could feel against his chin.

Sirius leans into him. The back of Remus’ legs press against the sink behind him as Sirius slices his legs towards him, situating a leg on either side of him. He sets a hand on Remus’ hip, standing, but pulling Remus towards him. Remus rest his hand on Sirius’ face. Sirius’ tongue begins to slide across Remus’ lower lip when the door slams open.

The pair jump and turn to see Peter, wide eyed, mouth slack. After a moment of vacant staring, he raises his voice. “Prongs, wake the hell up! You owe me ten galleons!” He turns on his heal and walks back into the bedroom.

Remus and Sirius look at each other and laugh. Remus stares into his steel eyes before looking back at his pink, gently curved lips. Sirius licks his lips and gently giggles before leaning up on his toes to press his lips to Remus’.

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