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Acoustics and Coffee

Characters: Jungkook x You

Jungkook steals glances at you as he busks with his guitar, and you’re an art  student looking for something to draw. (1 660 words)

Genre: Fluff 

“One hour passes by faster than the people who stop to listen. Jungkook pauses after singing his rendition of Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts. He bends down to pick up a bottle of water over his guitar. His jaw strikes you as he tilts his lips to the bottle. Too focused on hastily sketching down his features you feel your heartbeat choke when you notice his eyes on you. Your throat tightens. Flustered, you look around and pretend to draw the general scenery, causing him to chuckle as he screws the lid back on.”

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Title: We Were Shoveled Up Like Muck (Set The Night On Fire)

Word Count: 1,950, for this chapter

Warnings: Drug use, swearing, slightly sexual themes and mention of vomit

Summary: Skins AU in which Phil is the pill-popping party animal, Dan is the quiet musical genius, Peej steals from houses, Hazel is his sarcastic girlfriend, Louise chews gum and Jack is just along for the ride

Disclaimer: None of the events in this piece of writing are real to my knowledge, this is a fictional work. I don’t own the people or companies mentioned in it.

Author’s Note: This will be a chaptered fic, the first one I’ve written and I’ll try to update as often as I can! This chapter itself is pretty short and not much happens but bear with me and the other chapters should be longer and more interesting. Thank you for taking the time to read! owo

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