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K-Pop Group BTS Reveals Its Biggest Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin

Last month, BTS, a K-Pop group from Seoul, cemented itself in American pop culture by winning the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. The second the boy band hit the magenta red carpet, thousands were exposed to the wonders of K-Pop. Since then, people have been quick to call BTS, which is short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English), the One Direction of South Korea. However, that’s just an easy way to give them some context. In reality, BTS is actually completely different. Why? The seven-piece group’s performances are complete with flawless choreography, expert rapping, high-fashion looks, and insanely catchy vocals. Oh yeah, and they look damn good while doing so.

No matter where BTS is, their skin is forever smooth and has an enviable glow to it. Their eyes are typically adorned with a subtle smoky eye look, which both Jin and Jimin told me is their favorite part of wearing makeup. Their lips always have that popsicle-stained look that everyone’s been craving lately. Their hair colors are constantly changing, too. In 2017 alone, Jimin’s hair has been bubblegum pink, silver, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and caramel brown. If they had to choose just one shade, though, Rap Monster tells Allure that he prefers “ash gray and ash blue because these complement my skin tone well.” Agreed. Also, Suga added that his favorite hair color is blonde because “I just need to de-color and that’s it.”

The beauty aspect of BTS’s fame alone separates them from the likes of One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, and the Backstreet Boys. And their legions of fans, lovingly called A.R.M.Y., live for it. YouTube is filled with makeup tutorials inspired by looks from BTS’s music videos. A whole Tumblr account called Dewy Bangtan is even devoted to tracking down the beauty products BTS uses based on screenshots from behind-the-scenes videos.

If the names I mentioned above didn’t ring any bells, let me give you a quick summary of each of the seven members of BTS.


At 24, Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but he doesn’t act like it. He has a very specific skin care-related reason for that. In a recent video, he said, “I have a motto of my life, ‘If you behave young, your face becomes young, too.’” Noted. His good looks went viral after the Billboard Awards. On Twitter, he was called the “third one from the left”, accompanied by dozens of heart-eye emojis. His response? He’s “worldwide handsome.”


Many will identify with Suga, one of the group’s rappers, on a spiritual level, as I do. When he isn’t working his ass off producing, writing, and composing songs, he just likes to lay. Same. Just as his hair color preference suggests, he’s the most low-maintenance of the Bangtan Boys as far as beauty routines goes. He’s basically a granddad trapped in a 24-year-old’s body.


V’s interests lie in the finer things in life like Gucci, Van Gogh, and photography. The 21-year-old also makes some of the most hilarious facial expressions and has the most velvety voice in BTS. Some consider him to be the most handsome in the group, but I’ll let you decide.


Jimin is the king of selfies. BTS’s Twitter is filled with evidence of this statement. In their music videos, you can pick him out by his sharp dance moves. In a group photos, you can pick him out by his seriously adorable baby face. Don’t let it fool you — he’s not the youngest. He’s 21. And if anyone was wondering, he’s what K-Pop fans call my “bias,” aka my favorite. His pink hair sealed the deal for me.


Ok, now it’s time to talk about the youngest member of BTS. Jungkook, 19, is a classic, hard-working millennial. He can do everything, including sing (in English), dance, and rap, and do it all incredibly well. When not suited-up in a dress shirt or velvet bomber jacket on stage, you can catch him wearing a white T-shirt and Timberlands.

Rap Monster

Meet the leader of the group. BTS was literally built around the 22-year-old. As you probably could have guessed, Rap Monster, well, raps. He’s also BTS’s mouthpiece. Fluent in English, he usually takes the lead in stateside interviews. (Watching Friends helped him learn the language.) He has a habit of winking in photo shoot and making people across the world melt. Cringe-worthy hairstyles from BTS’s debut in 2013 aside, Rap Monster has some of the best looks of BTS.


I’m convinced J-Hope’s ever-positive personality is the true secret behind his glowing skin. (More on his actual secrets later.) Also 22, he’s like BTS’s portable charger, giving them (and fans) the energy and encouragement. Watching him dance will give you strength, too. Trust. He’s s-o g-o-o-d.

Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s the best part: BTS took a break from their massive world tour, which has made stops in the US, Australia, and Brazil, to chat with me about their skin care routines. Yup, you’re about to find out some of their secrets.

Why is it important to you to take good care of your skin?

Jin: “Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face.”

J-Hope: “Taking good care of your skin is the No.1 rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them.”

What’s your biggest skin concern?

Rap Monster: “My skin is dry most of the time, and my biggest concern is keeping it [moisturized]. I get zits from time to time and that concerns me as well.”

Jungkook: “I get pimples sometimes, and it’s very stressful.”

You guys travel a lot. Do you do any skin-care treatments while you’re on the plane to keep your skin from freaking out?

V: “On the plane, I dampen cotton pads with toner and put on lotion twice as much.”

Jimin: “I don’t really do anything extra special for my skin on the plane, but I try to drink as much water as possible.”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

V: “I’ve been looking for my absolute favorite beauty product for a long time because my skin becomes dry and oily relatively fast. I haven’t found the right one, but I’m not giving up! Any recommendations?”

What is your skin routine like?

J-Hope: “[In the morning, I use] toner and face cream. [At night, the steps are] toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream.”

Jungkook: “Toner and cream for night and morning routine.”

A lot of people find skin care routines to be a form of self care. Do you agree?

Rap Monster: “I totally agree. My favorite brand is Mediheal, and it has a variety of sheet masks you can choose from after a long day of work.”

Jimin: “I do agree because I try to clear my mind by cleansing my face after performances.”

Do you have any bad skin care habits?

Suga: “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin.”

V: “I don’t particularly have a bad habit, but I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Are there any Korean beauty trends that you particularly love?

Jin: “I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin.”

Do you have any go-to skin care tips for clear, glowing skin?

J-Hope: “I try to go to the dermatologist when I have some free time after work.”

Jungkook: “I wish I had one! Let me know, and I’ll try.”

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Hot & Handsome @death-is-only-everlasting tagged me to post a selfie. (Thank you!✨)
So, it’s a nice opportunity to torture you all with my pics again. :D
Here I’m trying to correspond to the style of the charachters of Miami Vice and my favourite melodic rock/AOR musicians from the 80’s.🌴🌃🌌

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I was crying about the yoonmin harmony part in spring day the whole week but i didn't expect them to actually make it part of the choreo and have jimin sing his harmonization line with their backs pressed to each other and the way jimin's leans his head back and yoongi leans into him slightly. I legit teared up.. their clothes are each other's hair colors, their voices are rough and soft, everything is opposite and it's so beautiful to watch omg they really match so well GIVE US THE SUBUNIT

i wanna know which of their stylist is a ym shipper and send them a fruit basket cause ym have legit been pink-blue matching throughout ynwa… jimin’s pink hair/yoongi’s blue-streaked/blue hair… yoongi’s pink sweater/jimin’s blue sweater in the mv… jimin’s shirt had blue stripes and yoongi’s had pink in the spring day choreo @ the con… like really doing the absolute Most 

yoongi and jimin really do complement each other in every possible way,,, visually, musically, stylistically, they want the unit, we want the unit, WHEN

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Hi viria! I recently made a post about Calypso's hair color, saying her hair was supposed to be brown. I looked at the Battle of the Labyrinth, and it said her hair was caramel colored, and in the House of Hades, it says her hair is golden brown, almost the same as Hazel's. Sorry about that, I thought her hair was just brown, but I was wrong! Ack! Her hair is just some kind of caramel brown blonde mix, I guess ^_^

ahah, I think that’s the problem with descriptions like “caramel” and “cinnamon” :D every person imagines it differently, ahah, so it’s fine!

Though I have to say I’m still a bit in doubt over Hazel’s hair colour. I imagine cinnamon as a reddish brown, like a chestnut, meanwhile I’ve seen a lot of people picturing her with very light cinnamon hair colour? What I want to say, is that I think it’s okay to imagine characters however you like and how you have pictured them. Even following the description it’s hard to make up to the expectations of every single person since we all are so different!

So! If I draw something you don’t agree with, don’t worry and keep on your own version! Everyone pictures characters in the way they can relate to the most, while trying to stay in the borders of canon, so!:”D Hope that makes sense. Don’t let my art cancel your vision even if now it’s considered “official”.

If you agree with my depiction, it’s amazing! Even if you don’t, it’s still good! Keep what makes it fun to you! ;) 

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hey! i’m really sorry if i sound confrontational, but i’m really just asking a question: isn’t sadie described as white and carter as black? or is she just described as blond? i’m really sorry, i don’t remember! it’s been a pretty long time since i’ve read tkc.

no, she isn’t, and frankly even if she was, i would expect you to be smarter than that. sadie and carter are brother and sister who have the same set of biological parents. i don’t mean to go after you specifically. this is a widespread misunderstanding which i am sick of, particularly since it seems very disingenuous to me that people apparently cannot understand the easily observable and relatively common existence of biracial or mixed people.

as for her actual description, she’s not, actually, even described as blond (“caramel” is in fact the description, unfortunately). the only description (that i can find, or have ever seen, as per her first introduction in the red pyramid) of sadie’s skin color is that she is “much lighter than [carter].” this =/= white, or even “white passing” (as people are very fond of calling her).

both kanes are biracial, and sadie is light skinned while carter is a dark skinned. this dynamic is absolutely critical and, quite literally, necessary to the plot. i am not suggesting to disregard their descriptions. what i am saying is that it is tiresome and, at this point, deliberately obtuse, to depict the kanes with skin colors that fly blatantly against their description or their life stories and situation. even people who are trying to be accurate screw up: depictions of sadie and carter as both being very light are blatantly inaccurate. depictions of sadie as white are inaccurate. depictions of carter as anything but dark skinned are blatantly racist. depictions of carter and sadie as both being dark skinned does not make any sense, to the point where the plot becomes incoherent and needs to be completely reworked (sadie was adopted by her grandparents because she was light. carter does not have a relationship with his grandparents because he is dark. sadie does not have a relationship with her father, who is dark skinned and black, because her grandparents are racist. carter is repeatedly racially profiled, sadie is not).

the moral of the story: colorism is pervasive, and just because sadie is lighter than carter, and that difference between their skin colors is seen and felt, does not mean that she is white. i don’t like or believe in bringing genetic probabilities into racial discussions and so i’m not going to, but you don’t even have to do that to realize that it’s impossible that sadie did not inherit anything from her biological father. & i’m just a bit bored of people refusing to understand this by either making carter and sadie the same skin color or pretending sadie is white.

Alpha Across The Ocean

For @sadlullaby640 who requested Omegaverse. I hope you like it, I made it a little longer than I meant to because I got kind of carried away oops 

Arthur is an introverted omega sent to America for the school year. His foreign exchange program is designed for omegas to connect with each other, but Arthur finds himself closer to his assigned omega’s alpha brother instead. Omegaverse. Usuk. //

Arthur was far too introverted. At least, that’s what everyone always said. He was far too grumpy and off-putting for an omega, and people remarked that if he didn’t change soon he would end up alone for the rest of his life. He was already seventeen, after all. Most omegas his age were mated already, or at least had suitors or partners that they planned to end up with. At first, he’d dismissed the claims, and although he still didn’t put much thought into them, his parents were now terrified. Their only omega, and rumors were floating around that he’d never find his match.

His parents had come to the conclusion that he needed to get out of his comfort zone. The Kirklands, never ones to do anything halfway, chose to send him off in the most extreme way possible. Once Arthur’s summer break had ended, they sent him off to America, to spend the year there as a foreign exchange student. They enrolled him in a special program especially for omegas, which would send him to a family with an omega of their own for him to connect with.

This was how Arthur found himself standing in an airport in Maine, a duffel bag over his shoulder and a rolling suitcase at his side. His scent, which usually smelled like roses and rain, with the slight hint of apples, was now clouded with confusion and annoyance. People bustled past him, and were either annoyed or apologized as they bumped into him.

He exhaled, and visibly relaxed as his gaze settled on a group of three. Two parents, and a teenager that looked around his age. They  held up a sign with his name, and he walked over, rolling his suitcase behind him. He waved politely. The parents seemed friendly enough. The Alpha mother sported wavy, caramel blonde hair, and freckles across the bridge of her nose that matched Arthur’s. Her eyes were blue and sparkly, and her Omega husband had pale blond hair with a similar eye color.

The teen stood between them, and he resembled his father more. His eyes were a pretty lilac, and although his hair was pale like the dad’s, it was wavy like his mom’s. He had large, round red glasses, and wore a clunky red sweater to match. He extended his hand to Arthur first, and smiled, shuffling in place.

“Arthur Kirkland, right? It’s nice to meet you, I’m Matthew..” He introduced, his scent of pancakes and a crisp winter breeze muddled by nerves.

Arthur took his hand, and nodded. “A pleasure.” He smiled at him, and Matthew seemed to cheer up. Happy he was able to help, he introduced himself to both parents. They were friendly to him, and the annoyance evaporated from his smell. He struck up a conversation with Matthew on the way to their car once everything had been sorted.

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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 25 - The Bathtub

Originally posted by onlylostmemoriesx

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 25

Blake gave a breathy gasp of air as she slipped into the hot, soapy water….which burned and caused her bruised skin to tingle.

Blake had walked in a daze for a long while….silently wandering the cool, gloomy corridors, having headed out of the evening sunshine and into the darkness beyond.

She was tired. Exhausted and breathless….the realisation of what she had just done not fully hitting her, until she had found where she wanted to be, that was.

Blake had shoved open the, already-ajar, door, and blinked, gazing around.

Everything was quiet here.

Calm and quiet….as her bloody fingers slipped quietly away from the door handle.

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Finally got my hair back to a color I’m happy with

Will Solace

Round/full face

-TONS of freckles on cheeks and nose

-looks innocent but can tell the dirtiest jokes ever

-smile that can light up the whole room

-His hair has many different shades of gold/blonde/caramel

-Baby blue/sky blue eyes

-his freckles glow when he is feeling any positive emotion

-Tall (6′0-6′3)

-Lanky but strong

-self-conscious of his cheeks (idk)(Nico always tells him he is adorable)

-Nice skin, never any acne?

-CANNOT sing

-but good at guitar

-likes 60s-70s rock/pop

-surprisingly hates country music

-once tried to sing “Wild Thing” by the Troggs to Nico (At least he got Nico to laugh)

-Is good at reading poetry (NOT writing it)

-southern accent

-Big appetite

-but eats very healthy


-has OCD

-needs stuff a certain way