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Just imagine after all those years I would wonder how Moon would react to seeing Toffee?

There are so many possible flavors of this reunion I can imagine… Of course they would depend on what exactly caused them to become separated in first place, so… just off the top of my head:

Dark Chocolate, where Toffee did something very bad while trying to win her and failed, so in the end they hurt each other, and now there are mutual grudges and bad memories. Reaction would be something along the lines of “How dare you make threats to my family!”

Salted Caramel, where they were friends, but political differences caused them to fight each other. Toffee was imprisoned/presumed dead. And in my opinion it would be something like “Toffee? But I thought you were…” “Well, things change, Your Highness”

Red Velvet Cake, where Moon went though similar challenge as Star with Marco in “Storm the Castle”, only she chose wand over Toffee. Or at least Toffee thinks that she chose the wand. (darth-alinart​ shared this idea with me and wow, this would be so deliciously sad… I love it so much.)

[The following scenarios now that I think about it are kind of unrealistic, considering “You’re not the first monster to fall victim to their magic”, but is still nice to speculate.]

Tiramisu, (basically, what we explored yesterday - not that “You’re not like them” is unrealistic, but rather the accident part). They argued but never stopped being friends. Accident happened. Moon thinks that Toffee’s dead because she wasn’t there. He thinks that he’s the only one who can actually break the cycle and, desperate times call for desperate measures. It would be cute, very awkward and somewhat ridiculous… Along the lines of “Why didn’t you called me, you bastard, I thought you were dead, for fuck’s sake!” “Damn, Moon, I was busy growing my fucking spine back! Also stop with the hugs, you gonna break it again! And I’m kind of in the middle of overthrowing your magical monarchy here and you’re making it awkward”.

Moon Pie, where they never really separated but more like faded out of each other’s lives cause adulting is hard, different stuff to care about, you promise to call someone and than never really do and in the end it’s just awkward to try and go back. Hm, I sort of want to explore this possibility in a comic which I sketched yesterday, but the general direction would be something like “Toffee? And what the hell are you doing here?..”


New favorite tambayan ♥

It was my first time yesterday to try out Epic Cafe. I always pass by it, a lot of people has been telling me they sell really great coffee and scrumptious breakfast meals but for some reason whenever I want to grab a cup of coffee I still choose to have Coffee Bean. 

My friend slept over at my place last Saturday night. She wanted to have some coffee as soon as we woke up and it was around 9am. She wanted to go somewhere affordable. I was going to suggest Cab Cafe but it wasn’t open at the time and when we passed by Epic Cafe it was already open. 

Epic has a really nice interior and ambiance inside. I love its rusticity and somehow vintage feels. They have a collection of cameras inside a glass shelf. I also found bicycles inside.The baristas were really friendly and so accommodating. 

I had their caramel macchiato and I loved it! What I love about it is the foam mustache you get to have after every sip. Hahaha. Lol. But seriously tho, it was good. We didn’t order food though because we planned on eating somewhere else. But still, I had a great time at their cafe and I would definitely come back. If you’re planning to visit them it is located in Baranggay Kapitolyo here in Pasig City :-)


I saw a post the other day about how to put on a binder, but I’ve never seen a post about taking one off! So I thought I’d spread the knowledge with a little demonstration from Caramel Latte - they’re cuter than I am, haha.

This is a method I learned from a guy on a trans reddit thread in my desperate searches for ‘how to get out of a binder’…while stuck inside my new binder, unable to figure out how the hell to take it off.  (In my defence, I’m used to Underworks ones! I was fine with shimmying those things down off my hips for all my college years, but turns out you can’t do that with a lot of other tank-top style binders, the neck opening just doesn’t have enough stretch.)

Now, just a little disclaimer time - I can’t promise this works for everything. My only tank top binder that fits me is my GC2B one, but it works a charm with that one.  A modified approach would probably work for short binders too! But yeah, basically I’m not the expert and this is basically me parroting another dude’s advice, haha. I hope you find it as useful as I did!

(Seriously. I’m a huge clothing claustrophobe and I nearly died when I first put my new binder on and discovered I had no idea how to get out of it without my girlfriend around to yank the damn thing off of me.)


1) I hear rash guards are awesome to wear under your binder to make them easier to take off.  I’ve heard guys swear by talcum powdering themselves under their binders to give the binder less grip on removal, as well.

2) If you’re like me and freak out over being stuck inside things, do try not to panic.  Getting all worked up = getting sweaty = welp, now that binder’s gonna cling to you like a mofo.  Breathe slow, take a second to relax, and don’t start struggling around aimlessly because that is gonna get you a grand total of nowhere.

3) I don’t actually have any more tips.  I’m just going to plug GC2B’s binders mercilessly, because they’re AWESOME and actually comfortable to wear.  Do check them out!  And remember to always bind safely, wear binders the right size for you, and try not to wear one for over 8 hours at a time.  Look after yourselves, okay?  I want you all comfy and safe.