caramel art


Ok these took WAYYY too long to finish, but they’re finally done. This is a follow up to my last Asriel Appreciation picture, but with 6 more Asriels. It was originally going to be the first pic only, but then I remembered several others I like. I am way too obsessed with this goat.

Caramel from @ask-caramel-prince by @cha-ray
Asriel from Endertale by @xxtc-96xx
Asriel by @katelynntheg
Adriel from @ask-the-chariskriel-dreemurrs by @pokemonfreak387 (AKA Me)
Asriel from @determination-and-discomfort by @nuclear-lalafell
Pie from @askassriel by @hn41
Maverick Chaosdragon from @askfriskandcompany by @chamomilekitten @comikatva and @cluttercommander
Storyshift!Asriel from @ut-storyshift by @voltrathesparking
Tiny from @askassriel by @hn41
Asriel from @dreemurr-reborn

Whew that is a lot of tags but I want to give everyone credit! Enjoy the goats!

Girl on the Keys

Elegantly she sat on the piano
Fingers playing across the keys
Hair only as wild as her wildest dreams
Never too far out of reach..
Caramel skin and coffee brown eyes
A heart full of love A heart full of life,
A heart full of music and full of
So much so that she lit up the night with just her smile and gleaming eyes…

That and her voice produced a harmony
That spoke volumes as she played her melody
No one could ever forget
The feeling they got when they went
To hear her performance on that mic.
Something only that can be described

As Bold as her unruly curls
As Smooth as her caramel skin
As Strong as her coffee brown eyes


April 20 2017
(Written 2016)