caramel albino

The only axanthic ball pythons at the Reptile Show. The guy practically threw her in my hands… probably because i squealed when i saw her haha he saw my excitement. I dont like the breeding of caramel albino because of their kinking and fertility issues… but i love axanthics and I’m always excited to see them.

She’s a TSK axanthic caramel albino. $1200. I held $1200 in my hands today.

It felt good.


Since fattyfatpythonsforever and I were talking about Caramel Albinos the other day, I figured I’d post some pretty ones.

These are VPI’s caramel albinos.

Caramel albino is a Tyrosinase-positive (T+ for short) type of albino and, as far as I’m aware (and I’m a big SSTP person), is the only morph that exists in the SSTP market right now.  (Though a dealer friend of mine told me there’s more info coming soon on that pied that was imported a couple years back!)

You can see the variety in the hatclings to the adults in the pictures, and then the bottom shows siblings, one is het. and the other is expressed.  Even the het. looks better than a normal orange head for some reason, haha.


i bought her from the same guy who gave me nova! i was so happy he was there i was hoping to see him and he saw me and we exchanged pictures of nova and stuff and he was like do you see anyone you like and i was like well that 1000 dollar one ( it was a paradox albino)  and he was like for you 800 and i was like well i dont have that much with me sorry and he goes i have some caramel albinos behind the counter for 200 ill give you the female for 150 if you take as good of care of her as you do to the pastel and i was like damn yea i swear