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Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar

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First off, this title is the best title I have come across so far. It’s what got my attention and kept my attention because every time I’d look at the book, I’d laugh. This was my face when I saw the book at Leviosa Con this past summer…

This past summer I also had the privilege to meet Lindsay Ribar and she is the absolute sweetest. Lovely author and was absolutely stoked that she signed my copy. Yes, I died when I saw that I was a stick figure.

Cover Art:

I really didn’t love it. The title is what caught my attention (as you know), not the cover. I did like the warning sign but think it could have been better. 

Book Description:

The Quick family is weird. Mainly because they have the power to reach into other’s mind and steal shit. From your greatest fears, memories and love-the Quick family can take it away. Aspen Quick has never truly cared nor understood how stealing these precious moments/feelings from others could change someone so drastically. Aspen is sent to his grandmother’s house for the summer, it is there that he learns the family’s secret and receives the biggest bitch slap of them all. 

The description on the cover fold is accurate and interesting. It stayed true to the story without giving too much away. 

Overall Story:

The overall story is unique, I enjoyed the subtle details such as the family being named after trees (Aspen, Holly, Willow, etc). Some of the characters I was not in love with, I just didn’t feel a personal connection with them (mind you, the Quick family members were the most interesting). I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick read with a twist that makes you go…

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Aspen Quick is the horny teenage boy we wish didn’t have super powers. You’re basically reading this kid’s downfall/destructive path. He’s a little bit whiny but I assume most horny teenage boys are (??). I enjoyed the ending for him but I want to know how he would be after all that has happened to him…I want more, dammit! His character’s journey is like caramel popcorn (by the way I say CAR-MULL…this has been an ongoing fight with my other half for seven years) you can’t have just one piece. 

Brandy is Aspen’s dream girl and essentially the most annoying character in the book. It’s not that the author wrote a bad character, it’s how this character is viewed by Aspen that makes Brandy meh to me. 

Leah was the voice of reason for Aspen. She was like the voice in your head that says, “you should probably slow down before you fall down Koko Head” (a story I will save for another time) or “you probably shouldn’t eat this much cotton candy without having some kale for lunch.” Leah is the epitome of sweet, sweet candor.  

Holly Quick is Aspen’s Aunt. She’s in the midst of dealing with her own tragedy which causes her to be an alcoholic which then causes her to be a snot head. However, I cannot blame her for being a snot head to Aspen. 

Last but not least, there’s Grandma Quick. 

I might give too much away about Grandma Quick so I suggest reading the book to know more about her. You won’t regret it! 

When that twist came…

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Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote would give away part of the twist sooo…my SECOND favorite is, “The Cliff wasn’t just some pile of rocks. It was a sentient being. It felt hunger, it preferred certain energies over others, it bargained, and it threatened.” 


What’s next?? I enjoyed the story and although there is some closure…I want more. I think having a second book that discusses how he’s developed would be nice.