My most recent (and currently favourite) character.

Drawn by my luv, Eya :3

More close up of the vents:

Piper, affectionately known as Pipes, Pip or Pie (like Pied Piper).

(She can be in the canon universe but she seems to want to be in the Binary!verse instead)

She was created by a car and aeroplane engineer (the engineer was around 22 when she was created) in 1934 who was inspired by SPG to try and create his own bot. As she was created purely for music, she has bellows and multiple harmonica like pipes in her throat so that she can ‘sing’ music. She therefor has no voice box, and cannot speak. However, she can communicate through Morse Code. (This is also why Comm and her are such good friends; they’re both musical and he is one of the few people she can talk to without a problem. I’m still figuring out exactly how she meets Comm.)
When the engineer (he has no name yet) joined the army for World War Two he brought her along as from the time she was powered on to that time he had taught her engineering to help him with his job and so she helped repair engines and such as well as helping entertain the troops with music.
Unfortunately near the end of the war her creator went out onto the battlefield to fix some sort of vehicle and went missing, presumed captured or dead.

Sometime after being so alone after the loss of her creator and friend, she decided to create a friend of her own to keep her company. Pip created a small griffin like creature, perhaps a little more catlike in design. He is only about a foot in length and his name is Caraid. The nice thing about Caraid is that he CAN speak and so is a translator of sorts when she’s around people who don’t understand Morse code. Most of the time he likes to perch on her shoulder or curl around her neck like an ornate choker.