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why are you attempting to get into the deep web? what illegal things are you trying to do?

I dont want to do anything illegal like i wouldnt wanna buy drugs or assassination contracts or whatever i dont have that kind of money i just want to be 100% privacy cuz thats the best way to be.

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shut the fuck you you useless fucking garbarge youre fucking trash and a rapist please do yourself and everyone else anfraove and fucking bur n yoruself alive u ficking gross parasite

i believe youve sent this to the wrong person

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Hey so this is totally not a question but I'm just going to go with yolo. I just wanted to say I'm really proud of you for coming out transgender and being who you are. It takes a lot of courage and I think it's awesome you can do this. There will always assholes in the world that will hate you but for real they are either douche bags or they don't understand. My advice is not to to get arrested. The legal system is fucked. And if you need any help kik me smile_out_loud I love and support you

i literally am not out as trans and coming out is not a one time thing except for cis white gay men (literally) but like thanks for the helpful advice such as “dont get arrested” i guess, i was about to go turn myself in for speeding. real close call there

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Dont you get tired of having the same icon for like 66666 months

are you kidding me not at all it makes me much more recognizable and if people know who i am and stuff it leads to better interactions

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It makes you a fuckin pedo. U like a minor of any age romantically sexually any fucking age yes even sixteen u are absolute scum and no I will not unfollow u but I'll want to vomit when I read ur posts from now on u disgust me

Considering that I myself am only one year older than the cutoff age for minority are you sure that this argument is valid?

To rephrase the question more clearly, do you really think that ‘minor/nonminor’ automatically signifies a pedophilic relationship? I could hit you with an example of an 18 year old and a 17 year old, would you call that pedophilic then?

I just don’t believe that you actually internally believe what you are saying. And I want to point this out not to accuse you of being a hypocrite and therefore wrong, but rather to get you to rethink your practice based on your beliefs, which I think can be good.

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you should seriously consider moving out and stop hogging your parents money

believe me i want to and am working towards it. but anyways please get out of my inbox with your hater attitude if you are just going to be a hater what is your reason to follow me?

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is it ok if non mutuals like your personal posts 0_0

of course! i can appreciate it even, feel free to reply as well if it strikes you (but you have to follow me for 2 weeks for reply button to show up)